TRILLION RED: Two Tongues EP Streaming At

One of the underground’s most original duos, TRILLION RED, have teamed up with to stream their self-released debut EP, Two Tongues, in its entirety.

 A truly unique blend of hammering ambiance and dark Metallic rhythms, Two Tongues is a release that demands attention. Within the EP lie four sonic stories that pulsate a heavy, ambient and dark vibe. Visit
to experience Two Tongues for yourself.

“Two Tongues EP combines all the dark ambience, progressiveness and flirtations with Extreme Metal…I kept envisioning a trek to the center of the Earth, just a few blocks from the gates of Hell itself…”Metal Odyssey

“Doomy, dark, creepy, ambient… different. If that description interests you in the slightest then check out what this San Francisco outfit has to offer.” –

Two Tongues EP – Track List:

No Visible Help (Hold Tight)

Forging Two Tongues – A Reckoning

Right Over To The Helm



TRILLION RED is a new band in the Metal scene, but its unique style screams out as something new and refreshing amongst the plethora of redundant acts today. The band’s musical background diverges from past garage rock and dark metal bands.  The musical guts and themes to Two Tongues from written from 2007 through 2009 in San Francisco. The EP songs were completed, recorded, mixed, and mastered in 2010


Patrick Brown – vocals, keys, guitar & bass

Max Woodside – drums

(Source: ClawHammer PR)

* For more info on TRILLION RED, click on the links below:

TRILLION RED – Official Website

TRILLION RED – myspace music



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