TRILLION RED – METAPHERE Cover Art & Track Listing; Debut Full Length Releases October 23rd via badGod Music

TRILLION RED – The debut full length, METAPHERE, from TRILLION RED will be released on October 23rd, 2012, via badGod Music. The dark and sinister music of TRILLION RED has summoned your Metal soul! You have been warned. Check out the track list below!

To purchase METAPHERE and listen to some tracks, click here:

METAPHERE – Track Listing:

1          Blood Bravado

2          Trichroic Prelude : Mira Lore

3          Trichroic : Part I. In Ever Loving Shadows

4          Trichroic : Part II. In Darkness, We Cannot Be

5          Trichroic : Part III. Ephemeral Light

6          Cuts Come In 3’s

7          Bug – Id

8          Parables and Levitation

9          Sin Forecasting

10        For Pain

11        Dawn State



PATRICK – Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keys, Drums


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For more info on TRILLION RED, click on the links below!



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