THE ORDER – 1986 Is An Album Bursting At The Seams With Hard Rockin’ & Heavy Metallin’ Old School Glory!

THE ORDER – Attention all fans of 80’s Hard Rock, Arena Rock, Classic Rock and early MTV era Heavy Metal: The Order have recorded an album that ushers in the loud, proud, colorful and ultra pumped-up energy that our beloved 80’s Heavy Music had to offer and it’s titled 1986. There’s no doubt in my Metal mind that 1986 was a magnificent year for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Now there’s no doubt that this 1986 album is a priority recommendation of mine and one of the very best Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal albums I’ve listened to in 2012… or in the last few years for that matter.

Everything about these 10 songs on 1986 is huge! Huge guitars, huge vocals, huge drums, huge bass. Just a rainstorm of good-times lyrics surrounded by 80’s old school Hard and Heavy Rock ‘N Roll thunder! With 1986, The Order have taken the old adage of what once was old is new again and have written it across the sky. 1986 is the fourth album from these Swiss Hard Rockers and they’ve proven their seasoned musicianship is truly something to behold.

Gianni Pontillo on vocals should make the legendary (and fellow countryman) Marc Storace (of Krokus fame) very, very, very proud. Damn proud. To say it’s a Metal treat to take in the vocals of Gianni on this album is a gross understatement. Bruno Spring dials-in on every tiny guitar nuance that is golden about that arena-era of sound, glitz and glam! The solos, leads and all-encompassing melodic blanket of sound that Bruno plays throughout 1986 is 100% contagious to my Metal lovin’ and Hard Rockin’ senses. Holy Heavy Rockin’ shit.

Take a listen, no, take several listens to the opening track The Power Of Love below! This song is only 1 of 10 that kicks supreme Heavy Rockin’ ass like there’s no tomorrow!

If you can make it through the first four songs on 1986 without getting the psyche-you-out police breaking down the front door, then you’re in for an amazing sonic experience of Hard and Heavy Rock ‘N’ Roll! Just when I thought I’ve listened to it all, this is an album that has lifted me up, spun me around and kicked me straight in the ass with an old school Timberland boot; a boot full of Hard Rockin’ shock and Heavy Metallin’ awe. Holy Heavy Rockin shit, again.

The Order even recorded a ballad that kicks mammoth Metal ass. Under The Rain is the ballad and it’s a diamond-status moment for Gianni on vocals. Now, don’t take my Metal word for it. Take my F’n Metal word for it. The Order are a band you absolutely must know about and their 1986 album is one you absolutely must own. Metal be thy name.

1986 was released on July 27th, 2012, via Massacre Records.


Gianni Pontillo – Vocals

Bruno Spring – Guitar

Andrej Abplanalp – Bass

Mauro Casciero – Drums


01. The Power Of Love

02. Long Live Rock’n’Roll

03. Generation White Line

04. Lonely Nights

05. Fire It Up

06. A Kiss Under The Rain

07. Damn Hot Chick

08. Heartbreaking Rebel Blood

09. Why Dreaming Hollywood

10. Stop Lying In The Name Of Love


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* 1986 cover artwork by Jan Yrlund /Darkgrove Design

For more info on THE ORDER, click on the links below!

Official facebook: THE ORDER



3 Responses to “THE ORDER – 1986 Is An Album Bursting At The Seams With Hard Rockin’ & Heavy Metallin’ Old School Glory!”

  1. I’ve never heard of this band before … but with a review like this, you’ve convinced me to check them out!

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