ADORNED BROOD – Finish Recordings, Reveal Album Details For ‘Kuningaz’

ADORNED BROOD have finished the recordings of their upcoming album!

“Kuningaz”, which is the Germanic term for king, is going to be available in late November and will also be available as limited digipak with an exclusive bonus track.

The album was recorded at the Kohlekeller Studio in Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany, with producer Kai Stahlenberg.

Mario Pontigo, Moritz “Mo” Stübing (All Will Know) and Florian “Blutaxt” Tamm (Black Unicorn) are featured as guest musicians on “Kuningaz”.

Rumor has it, that fans will hear more acoustic instruments, more blast beats, complex riffing and various sound effects on the album.

You can watch the first studio trailer below!

Further visual impressions from the studio are available on the band’s facebook page:



For more info on ADORNED BROOD, click on the links below!



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