TRILLION RED – two tongues ep: Take A Dark Descent Into An Ambient Metal Abyss

TRILLION RED – Comprised of 4 songs, this Trillion Red (debut self-released) two tongues ep combines all the dark ambience, progressiveness and flirtations with Extreme Metal that this Metalhead could wish for. The duo of Patrick Brown (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards) and Max Woodside (drums) from San Francisco, have formulated quite an exquisite Metal sound and style that is as sinister as it is ambient.

While I listened to these songs the first several times, I let my Metal mind journey afar to experience where it would go. I kept envisioning a trek to the center of the Earth, just a few blocks from the gates of Hell itself, discovering what Metal would sound like when it’s created there. I’m not kidding around. Music is supposed to take you places, so if my Metal minds eye has me trotting about somewhere in Middle Earth due to Trillion Red’s dark wall of Metal sound, so be it. Metal be thy name.

As a Metal bonus, there are Metal genres that scream out through the songs on two tongues ep: Stoner and Doom chugging make it’s presence heard on Lullaby. Creepy and atmospherically macabre, Lullaby is not to be confused for a song that let’s the sun shine in while sugar plums dance in your head. The opening track No Visible Help (Hold Tight!) is carried by thumping Metal bass grooves and retrospective guitar tones and riffs that should make Tony Iommi proud. Patrick’s intro vocals on this song indicates to me, an admirable taste for Black Metal.

Forging Two Tongues / A Reckoning has Patrick summoning up the spirit of Jim Morrison in his vocal tone, with a poetic vibe in his calmer verses. Oh, can Patrick switch vocal gears however, giving this song it’s maniacal beauty with his Extreme vocal range. The coda of this song only solidifies my feelings of being a few blocks from the gates of Hell too… whoa.

Right Over To The Helm begins innocently enough with a slow tempo of Stoner fused with psychedelic sound, while Patrick takes a deliberate and eloquent approach to singing, with a near spoken word. At nearly the mid-point, the tempo picks up quickly and shades of psychedelia smothered in Metallic froth boils over. Trillion Red is not delivering the same old here, they are delivering an ambient horn of plenty and I’m listening. Hell yeah I am.

Musically as a whole, Patrick displays his keen talents of being a multi-instrumentalist, while Max is downright good and very cool to take in on drums. A “less is more” style to Max’s drumming fits right into these songs. Songwriting is a plus here, while the layering of all 4 songs gives this ep it’s intriguing delight. Trillion Red have created songs to be digested thoroughly, then savored and reached for again… and again.

With bands that Patrick has looked up to, such as Triptykon/Celtic Frost to Pink Floyd, with Old School Swedish Death Metal, YES, Miles Davis and George Carlin in-between, it is no wonder he has such a savvy grasp on the music he’s created and played on this two tongues ep.

Left: Max, Right: Patrick


Patrick Brown – vocals, guitars, bass & keyboards

Max Woodside – drums

TRILLION RED Track Listing:

No Visible Help (Hold Tight!)

Forging Two Tongues / A Reckoning

Right Over To The Helm


* For more info on TRILLION RED, click the link below:

TRILLION RED – Official Website

TRILLION RED – myspace music



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