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JADED HEART “Devil’s Gift” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

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JADED HEART – Everytime I listen to this Jaded Heart album, Devil’s Gift, I am uplifted into the high, mystical, powerful and beautiful higher realms of Heavy Metal bliss. This album is so glorious it brings tears to my eyes as I write this line. Yes, it’s one of those albums for me and it happens; I cannot control it. All I can do is let its majestic Metal saturate my Metal soul for eternity.

If you dig Judas Priest, Helloween, Iron Maiden, Metal Inquisitor, DORO and/or Iron Savior, you will be doing yourself proper by buying or streaming this magnificent Jaded Heart album. I suggest BUYING this album on whatever medium you so desire.

Riffs! Riffs! Riffs! There’s so much guitar firepower on this album that it’s insane great! Peter and Masa have that magic going on with their guitars; their tones scream with emotion and I can feel it, man! The backing vocals are wonderful, giving this album and band their Power Metal muscle on top of Power Metal muscles.

Not one average song is on this album. In my Metal opinion, this album is a MUST for every Metal lovers collection of music. Vocalist Johan Fahlberg is top-tier and belongs there. Sonically melodic, powerful and exquisitely written and arranged songs.

Devil’s Gift was released back on March 30th, 2018, via the sensational Massacre Records. There’s no question that this album was one of the very best in Metal for 2018; it’s also one of the very best in Metal, period. My favorite songs: the entire album. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Devil’s Gift – Track List:

  1. Wasteland
  2. The Enemy
  3. Set Free
  4. Scream Of Anger
  5. Tears Of Our World
  6. Phoenix
  7. One World
  8. Story Of My Life
  9. 9. Coming Home
  10. Conspiracy Of Science
  11. Final Moment
  12. Black Days (digipak)
  13. Flying High (digipak)


Johan Fahlberg – lead vocals

Peter Östros – guitar

Masa Eto – guitar

Michael “Muelli” Müller – bass

Bodo Stricker – drums

Album cover artwork: Thomas Ewerhard

For more info on this remarkable band: Jaded Heart



AGAINST EVIL “FATAL ASSAULT” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

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Against Evil - Fatal Assault - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #3300MNSSMSC9939

4.5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

Metal fists - 4.5 - album reviews metal odyssey

AGAINST EVIL are from Visakhapatnam, India and have their new studio EP, Fatal Assault, out via Transcending Obscurity. AGAINST EVIL is another fine Metal example as to why the underground Metal world rules. This EP begins with Battle Call, a 49 second intro that boasts both electric and acoustic guitars, a segue for the ripping and tearing The Enemy Within. Melodic guitar playing with clean vocals, this song has memorable seeping from its every Metal crevice.

Speedbreaker sounds like its name; all speed my Metal brethren! Can I say, memorable song number 2? Bulletproof is yet another solid showing of how this band can crunch and pound away with their brand of Metal, while incorporating clean vocals in such a non-subtle fashion. War Hero is my favorite song on Fatal Assault, due to its Power Metal meets Metal anthem and thundering style. Throughout this entire EP, the production is top-grade with obvious Thrash and Speed Metal influence. AGAINST EVIL’s Metal craft has obviously catapulted them to such a fine level of Metal creativity, in my Metal opinion.

Crank up The Enemy Within, below! Whoa!

It’s very cool that I have been introduced to AGAINST EVIL via their Fatal Assault EP. Guitarists Sravan (vocals & rhythm) and Shasank (lead) are a thrill to listen to. Noble John on drums is a lit stick of dynamite! Siri on bass and vocals is a player too, making it fun for me to crank the bass knob on maximum! Get your Metal radar turned towards AGAINST EVIL and thank the Metal Gods that this band exists. Metal be thy name. – Stone


Siri – Vocals, bass

Sravan – Vocals, rhythm guitar

Shasank – Lead guitar

Noble John – Drums

Fatal Assault – Track List:

  1. Battle Call
  2. The Enemy Within
  3. Speedbreaker
  4. Wings of Steel
  5. Bulletproof
  6. War Hero


For more Metal info:






ORDEN OGAN “Ravenhead” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

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Orden Ogan - Ravenhead - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #1123

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


ORDEN OGAN – Arnsberg, Germany’s Power Metal warriors, ORDEN OGAN, released their new 11 song studio album, Ravenhead, this past February 3rd in North America, via AFM Records. Ravenhead is a tremendous follow-up to 2012’s To The End, in my Metal opinion.

With the fittingly titled Orden Ogan, a triumphant symphonic intro with haunting chants, this compelling Ravenhead album begins. The title track kicks in with all the aural power and atmospheric energy that Orden Ogan are so gifted at creating and playing; this experience does not subside throughout the album. I cannot help letting myself being carried away by the layered songs of Ravenhead, Orden Ogan have undoubtedly turned it up a few notches between albums.

Orden Ogan - promo band pic - 2015 - #011615OOMO

Orden Ogan is a band whose albums you must really listen to and absorb, in order to take in every sonic nuance. I swear I hear bagpipes on the song F.E.V.E.R. I believe I do. Plus, as a bonus, Ravenhead can be interpreted as a concept album, if one so chooses to do so. Evil Lies In Every Man has a creepy spoken word intro of what I perceive to be a female elder from the blackest of forests; in other words a witch to my ears? Creepy nonetheless and this song soars with its Power Metal intensity. Ravenhead flows along so very fine, with the last song, Too Soon, being of the rightly chosen, moderate tempo and mood to close the listening experience out with.

Orden Ogan - Ravenhead - back cover - promo pic - Andreas Marschall

Above: back cover artwork for Ravenhead

Vocalist Seeb is a wonderful listen with his clean vocals and he also plays guitar and keyboards as well. Tobi on lead guitar, Niels on bass and Dirk on drums round out this German Power Metal band that I feel so good writing about. I absolutely love the chorus throughout Ravenhead; this is what makes European Power Metal so incredibly moving!

Orden Ogan represent European Power Metal in such an abundant way; anyone unfamiliar with this genre can tag Orden Ogan as a bullseye for a starting point. There is not only the power behind Ordan Ogan’s impressive Metal on Ravenhead; fascinating bridges lead this listener to such a dynamic listen of vast Metal sounds. Speed, ambience, acoustical, flamenco and symphonic moments, with fist raising guitar solos, European Power Metal guitar tones, and a roof raising rhythm section are all in store for you within the songs on Ravenhead.

I highly recommend Orden Ogan’s Ravenhead to any fan of Power Metal and Metal for that matter; Orden Ogan has created so much to offer here on their new album. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Orden Ogan - promo band pic - 2015 - #00333OOMO0401


SEEB – vocals, lead-guitar, keyboards

TOBI – lead-guitar

NIELS – bass

DIRK – drums


* For more info on ORDEN OGAN:

Facebook: ORDEN OGAN





TNT “30th Anniversary 1982 – 2012 Live In Concert” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

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TNT - 30th Anniversary - 1982 - 2012 - Live album promo cover pic - #2014TH

5 METAL Fists Out Of 5!


Norway’s legendary TNT released a live 19 song album and its full proper title is: 30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Live In Concert With Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. This album was released back on November 10th of 2014. With the legendary Tony Harnell being such an important member in the history of TNT, it is only fitting that this symphonic Heavy Metal concert features him on vocals. Anytime Tony Harnell rejoins TNT, it’s fine to me! With the uncertainty of TNT’s future with or without Tony Harnell aside, this live album is a steel-solid must for every TNT and Classic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock fan.

This album marks the third official live album from TNT and each one features Tony Harnell on vocals. Tony Harnell was the lead singer and co-songwriter on eight consecutive TNT studio albums, from 1984 to 2005. If you are unfortunate to not have experienced TNT in concert (like myself) then this live album (and its live predecessors) will be as close as you can get in taking in a TNT concert. It took me many listens to this album to confidently give it such high praise; the more I listened, the more I have absorbed the details.

TNT - promo band pic - #2014TNTTHMO

Photo credit: TNT Facebook

Above: Tony Harnell fronted TNT

The grandiose element of featuring all three lead singers from TNT’s legendary Hard Rock history on this album, makes for fantastic fraternity. Original vocalist Dag Ingebrigtsen and post-Tony Harnell era vocalist Tony Mills are also featured during this recorded concert. The great Tony Mills remains an outstanding vocalist and had carried the vocalist torch with TNT for more than a few years, singing on TNT’s last three studio albums.

We are always at the mercy of the live recording and rely on a conscientious and true production. With this live TNT album, there are many musical aspects to this concert; the symphony, the band, vocals, backing vocals and guitar solos. That may be nothing new, however, when listening to a live album such as this, everything needs to come together in close to perfection sonically, as if I was actually sitting in the arena where it all happened. I believe TNT succeeded in delivering a memorable live experience to my ears, anyways.

TNT - Live Concert Pic - Tony Harnell - #2014THTNTMO

Above: L to R: Tony Harnell and Ronni Le Tekrø

Tony Harnell is (per usual) top-tier vocally and these TNT vocalists could be considered to be unknowingly dueling with the symphony orchestra at times. In reality, this is still a recording and capturing for digital download or CD every vocal nuance spot-on, with so much spectacular music being performed, is not going to be an easy task. TNT as a unit are nothing short of fabulous, these are incredible musicians that seem to fit perfectly with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, this is the Electric Light Orchestra meets TNT, if you will, only super better. After so many listens to this album, it just all makes 100% sense to me.

TNT - 30 year anniversary - promo logo - 1982 - 2012

Rest assured, TNT rocks-it-out on this album and the captured sounds of the fans in attendance only elevates the rockin’ psyched out mood and atmosphere. When the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra kicks into Sabre Dance on track #11, it’s as if the musical magic can still be non-Metal at times in my life. My favorite songs on this live album are, in no particular order: Invisible Noise, Northern Lights, My ReligionEddieIntuition, Magica Lanterna, the swingin’ June and the insane grand guitar solo by the great Ronni Le TekrøNorthern Lights, Eddie and Magica Lanterna are songs that create goose bump city all over my face and arms. Yup. I will enjoy this TNT 30th Anniversary live album for the rest of my Metal life. Metal be thy name. – Stone


* For more info on TNT:

Facebook: TNT





ANAAL NATHRAKH “Desideratum” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

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Anaal Nathrakh - Desideratum - promo album cover pic - #2014ANMO

4.5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

4.5 metal-fists-4-5-album-reviews-metal-odyssey

The eighth studio album from the UK’s Anaal Nathrakh was released back in October of 2014, via Metal Blade Records. Now, say Anaal Nathrakh ten times fast! Sometimes I get into these type of silly Metal moods. Well, let’s just say that Anaal Nathrakh will never perform live on the lame-ass Grammy Awards show. This band has carved a respectable career out of playing Extreme Metal and their latest album, Desideratum, is no stray from the Extreme path.

I really appreciate the diversity of this band, with Extreme Metal leading the way; I also enjoy fully the Power Metal style vocals that compliment the Blackened, Death and Grind vocals. Anaal Nathrakh play a buzz saw and in-your-face brand of Extreme Metal; Desideratum is so delightfully overwhelming that I nearly cry out: my brain and ears are punished, no mas!! Funny thing is, I have played this album on repeat just to take in its stunning intensity.

Anaal Nathrakh - promo band pic - #2014ANMO66

L to R: David Hunt aka V.I.T.R.I.O.L and Mick Kenney

I’ve always adhered to the Metal notion that there’s a ton to be said about listening to Extreme Metal and taking in the sonic assault from Anaal Nathrakh makes me feel like I’ve punched a heavy bag when I never did; that makes me feel good inside and feeling good from any music is what matters most.

I can’t explain it, however, listening to this album has an almost mysterious addiction about it; it’s Extreme and it’s also a potent Metal statement as to how immensely memorable melodies can co-exist within the framework of an Extreme Metal album.

If you’re a fan of Abiotic, Alterbeast or The Black Dahlia Murder, (for examples), you will become an instant fan of Anaal Nathrakh. Long time fans of this brutal band should be very pleased with Desideratum; I know I’m very pleased. Metal be thy name. – Stone


* For more info on Anaal Nathrakh:

Facebook: Anaal Nathrakh









ALTERBEAST “Immortal” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

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Alterbeast - Immortal - promo album cover pic - #2014AMO

4.5 METAL Fists Out Of 5!

4.5 metal-fists-4-5-album-reviews-metal-odyssey

ALTERBEAST originate from Sacramento, California and released their debut full-length album, Immortal, back in March of 2014 via Unique Leader Records. You can call ALTERBEAST Death Metal and/or Technical Death Metal. The guitars and bass were recorded at Augmented Audio in Los Angeles, with former The Black Dahlia Murder bassist Ryan “Bart” Williams.

ALTERBEAST formed in 2011 under the working title: Gary Busey Amber Alert (GBAA). Unreal stuff. If you’re a fan of Metal that combines an extreme rhythm section with hell inspired vocals and big melodic guitars then ALTERBEAST should sonically satisfy your Metal craving. The guitars of Rusty Cornell and Andrew Lamb on Immortal are both violent and dare I say, Neo-Classical? Regardless, I absolutely love listening to these two guitarists alone.

Alterbeast - promo band pic - #1 - 2013

There is an abundance of musical substance on this album, from the lyrics to the blazing guitar solos, with the formidable rhythm section of bassist Michael Zamora and seasoned drummer Gabe Seeber holding it all together. Vocalist Cam Rogers is damn good and when I try to sing a verse along to this album it’s a total disaster. Extreme Metal singers are a breed of their own and Cam Rogers is a powerful vocalist to reckon with.

ALTERBEAST unleashed their first demo in 2012 and then officially began touring, doing numerous shows while opening for such Metal legends as Deicide, Dying Fetus, Testament, Revocation, Exhumed, Severed Savior and many others. When you open for a Metal crowd like that, it equates to Metal respect.

ALTERBEAST did create moments for the listener to catch their breath, during their sonic Death and destruction on Immortal; the sounds of (what I think are) geese can be heard as part of the outro to Mutilated Marvel. There is evil chanting that is the intro to Serpentspire. Excellent! Throne Of Maggots is the album closer and its outro is the sound of distant winds. Going backwards to the album opener, Flesh Bound Text begins with the peaceful sounds of an old 78rpm playing a strings and piano number… then ALL hell breaks loose. Love it. I look forward to great Metal things from ALTERBEAST. Metal be thy name. – Stone


Immortal – Track List: 1. Flesh Bound Text, 2. Of Decimus Divine, 3. Vile Remnants, 4. Ancient’s Retribution, 5. Mutilated Marvel, 6., Into Oblivion, 7. Serpentspire, 8. Throne Of Maggots


* For more info on ALTERBEAST:

Unique Leader Records - logo - B&W - 2013







CRYSTAL VIPER “Legends” – An Infectious Metal Album, Receives My Metal Commendation

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CRYSTAL VIPER – On February 22, 2011, Poland’s Metal vindicator’s Crystal Viper will be releasing their fourth studio album  – Legends. This date is for the North American release on AFM Records. Crystal Viper beckons me with their Classic Heavy Metal sound, swirled within a Power Metal climate of songs which illuminates melodic Metal thunder! I’m telling you right now, Crystal Viper has created an album that I won’t be filing away anytime soon.

Legends is not limited to a select few songs that are desirable, this entire album has captivated me, from it’s album cover artwork to the choice talents of vocalist/guitarist Marta Gabriel. Crystal Viper plays it’s potent style of Traditional Metal at such an impressive level, they have me thinking: this band could have fit in perfectly during the early to mid 80’s. Nonetheless, Crystal Viper are making themselves be heard in 2011 and their Metal sound couldn’t be more appreciated by this Metalhead lifer.

The strength of the Classics from Metal’s storied history and big guns has kept the Traditional sound and it’s power extremely relevant in 2011. The catalogs of Obsession, Warlock, Virgin Steele and Manowar have never collected dust in any knowledgeable Metal fans collection… Crystal Viper’s new album Legends is NOT going to be a dust collector. Crystal Viper is drawing in that classic relevancy of Metal’s past and making it succeed through their own style and sound, making me salute the Metal Gods of yesteryear while I’m jumping for Metal joy at what I’m hearing on Legends today.

Marta Gabriel will undoubtedly draw comparisons to the legendary Heavy Metal Queen, Doro Pesch. This elite comparison goes deeper than just being a female lead vocalist for a rising Heavy Metal band, Marta can unquestionably sing her Metal heart out. Doro Pesch has been an elite and influential vocalist for over twenty five years. Doro is so legendary it may be unfair and too academic to start a comparison rally between these two Metal diva’s vocals. With that said, I know what I hear and Marta’s vocals give off that special and harmonious Metal vibe that I can’t overlook or deny. Marta is very well in a Metal class all her own.

I could say with Metal confidence, that Marta Gabriel’s vocals reminds me of Bruce Dickinson’s vocal range… okay, I opened up the Metal floodgates now. One or more listens one may seek out with Secret Of The Black Water may just substantiate my stating this. Sydonia Bork is a strong ballad which does not take on any characteristic of an 80’s power ballad, instead Marta gives this ballad a sincere emotion. It’s almost as if Marta has taken this ballad by her hand and guided the music to it’s stirring splendor.

Legends starts off with a spoken word intro with The Truth, that centers it’s message on the closing words: “Evil always returns and greed is blind”. Crystal Viper reminds us of humanity’s never ending battle of good versus evil with their thought provoking intro, while setting the Metal table for what enigmatic and imaginative themes lie ahead in the songs on Legends. TV War is an ACCEPT classic that Crystal Viper covers with admirable Metal proficiency. The tempo is on high and Crystal Viper makes TV War live again through their Metal moxie.

The duo guitars of Andy Wave and Marta are a delectable Metal treat for my ears. These songs on Legends are guitar driven, with a plethora of psyche-you-out leads and solos that leave me helplessly revisiting those Old School daze in my Metal mind! Black Leviathan should be as prime of an example of what I mean by – guitar driven. Blood Of The Heroes busts loose at the midway point with such guitar splendor that it’s dizzying. The Ghost Ship blends speed and Melodic Metal to it’s melting point, with an air of European Metal glory transcending throughout, especially on this songs chorus. Goddess Of Death is a fist and horns to the sky, head banging Metal anthem. This song should turn any doubters into instant fans of Marta Gabriel’s vocals and Crystal Viper’s Metal legitimacy. Goddess Of Death is perhaps my favorite song on this album… only there are so many excellent songs on Legends.

Melodic, powerful, traditional and pure Classic sounding are all ten songs on Legends. (The Truth intro doesn’t count as an actual song). Each musician of Crystal Viper has proven to my ears and senses their incisive Metal skills. Legends is an album that can’t be ignored or pushed to the side for any Metal reason. Real Metal like I hear on Legends will always prevail and stand the test of Metal time. Crystal Viper is a Metal Band and Legends is a Metal album that you MUST check out sooner rather than later. Crystal Viper has created an album they named Legends and this said album of astounding Metal has rocked my Metal soul. Metal be thy name.

* Legends features guest appearances by the following Metal “legends”: Stefan Kaufmann (ACCEPT/U.D.O.), Mat Sinner (Primal Fear/Sinner), Rhino (Manowar/Angels Of Babylon) and Sven D’Anna & Dano Boland (Wizard).

* TV War was originally recorded by ACCEPT on their 1986 studio album: Russian Roulette. This cover of TV War will be on the first edition of Legends.

* Legends was produced by Bart Gabriel (Halloween, Metalucifer, Sabbat etc.)

* For more info on Crystal Viper, click on the links below:

CRYSTAL VIPER – myspace music

CRYSTAL VIPER – Official Website


Marta Gabriel – vocals and guitar

Andy Wave – guitar

Tom Woryna – bass guitar

Golem – drums

Track Listing For Legends:

The Truth (Intro)

The Ghost Ship

Blood Of The Heroes

Greed Is Blind

Sydonia Bork

Goddess Of Death

Night Of The Sin

Secret Of The Black Water

A Man Of Stone

Black Leviathan

TV War




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