AGAINST EVIL “FATAL ASSAULT” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

Against Evil - Fatal Assault - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #3300MNSSMSC9939

4.5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

Metal fists - 4.5 - album reviews metal odyssey

AGAINST EVIL are from Visakhapatnam, India and have their new studio EP, Fatal Assault, out via Transcending Obscurity. AGAINST EVIL is another fine Metal example as to why the underground Metal world rules. This EP begins with Battle Call, a 49 second intro that boasts both electric and acoustic guitars, a segue for the ripping and tearing The Enemy Within. Melodic guitar playing with clean vocals, this song has memorable seeping from its every Metal crevice.

Speedbreaker sounds like its name; all speed my Metal brethren! Can I say, memorable song number 2? Bulletproof is yet another solid showing of how this band can crunch and pound away with their brand of Metal, while incorporating clean vocals in such a non-subtle fashion. War Hero is my favorite song on Fatal Assault, due to its Power Metal meets Metal anthem and thundering style. Throughout this entire EP, the production is top-grade with obvious Thrash and Speed Metal influence. AGAINST EVIL’s Metal craft has obviously catapulted them to such a fine level of Metal creativity, in my Metal opinion.

Crank up The Enemy Within, below! Whoa!

It’s very cool that I have been introduced to AGAINST EVIL via their Fatal Assault EP. Guitarists Sravan (vocals & rhythm) and Shasank (lead) are a thrill to listen to. Noble John on drums is a lit stick of dynamite! Siri on bass and vocals is a player too, making it fun for me to crank the bass knob on maximum! Get your Metal radar turned towards AGAINST EVIL and thank the Metal Gods that this band exists. Metal be thy name. – Stone


Siri – Vocals, bass

Sravan – Vocals, rhythm guitar

Shasank – Lead guitar

Noble John – Drums

Fatal Assault – Track List:

  1. Battle Call
  2. The Enemy Within
  3. Speedbreaker
  4. Wings of Steel
  5. Bulletproof
  6. War Hero


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2 Responses to “AGAINST EVIL “FATAL ASSAULT” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review”

  1. I have to say I was very impressed. Shasank knows a trick or two with the guitar.

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