BORNBROKEN – Post New Track ‘A Nation of Ignorance’ Protesting Canada’s Federal Election; Announce New Vocalist Pepe Poliquin (ex-Endast)

BornBroken - A Nation Of Ignorance - promo single cover pic - 2015 - #030033MSSMMOSC

Montreal’s Death Thrashcore rippers BORNBROKEN have added new vocalist Pepe Poliquin (ex-Endast) to their line up and have just unleashed a new whopper of a tune featuring Peloquin entitled ‘A Nation of Ignorance’ for metal heads gearing up to vote in Canada’s federal election this week.

‘Nation of Ignorance’ –

Guitarist Mike Decker comments:

“Doesn’t it seem that there are more lies exposed than truths being revealed and are we are letting it happen right before our eyes? Our latest single talks about a nation of ignorance we elected into power, that conceals everything behind a cloak of secrecy, conspiracy and silence. Well it’s time we expose the incompetence, stop the confusion before it all turns into chaos. The best way to protest and raise your voice is by voting. Make yourself heard and not be one of the forgotten.

We also like to add, we like to welcome into the band Pepe Poliquin (ex-Endast) on vocals. Pepe stepped down from playing guitar (for health reasons) and has given everything he’s got to be the voice for BornBroken. We also like to thank everyone who hung out along for the ride since our debut album “The Healing Powers of Hate”. It’s been a long a bumpy road, since our last single “Watch the World Unwind”, with lots of curves and dead ends, but we always seem to pull through. In the immortal words of Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) “You Cant Bring Me Down!.”

Its time to hear the cry once more, and feel the rise again! The battle hasn’t just begun and it will never be over, unless we raise our voices together as one. Keep in touch and most of all keep it real.”

About The Band:

BornBroken are a Montreal-based Metal band uniting the world through their unique take on explosive Death/Thrashcore. The band is three parts vocals with Pepe Waitforit Poliquin as the lead singer and Mike Decker and Simon Savard performing double-duty on guitar and vocals, one part low-end bass crafted by Tommy Vaillancourt and one hundred percent integrity.

BornBroken is the sound of the beaten and the fallen overcoming their outlook of a blackened tomorrow through the medium of aggressive, galloping Metal. Lyrically, the focus remains on taking sorrow and anger and rising up from the ashes to rebuild and heal a new world from one that’s crumbling down around us now. Lyrics have had a very personal connection for the band since their beginnings in 2008. Much of the band cut their teeth playing in local groups like Endast, Burn Unit, Dilute the Poison and Mort au Combat.

Bornbroken - The Healing Powers Of Hate - promo cover pic - 2013

Track Listing: The Healing Powers of Hate

1 – Can’t Quiet The Riot

2 – Old News

3 – Anger of The Day

4 – I Will Rise

5 – Control

6 – It Has Begun

7 – Birth of The Broken

8 – Bleed The Sky

9 – Reborn From The Ashes

10 – The Healing Powers of Hate

Contrary to their raw, aggressive music they are incredibly passionate about truth, integrity, perseverance, loyalty and faith in humanity’s struggle for equality, which is all exposed on their debut album ‘The Healing Powers Of Hate’ released in 2013. The album was nominated for Metal Album of The Year at the 2014 GAMIQ Awards (Gala Alternatif de la Musique Indépendante du Québec), fan voted as Album of The Week (June 10th, 2013) on Revolver Magazine, along with debuting #8 on Canadian College Loud Charts, plus was named one of the best unsigned Heavy Metal Bands for June 2013 by Drago’s Dungeon on – Heavy Metal.

The band is planning a heavy follow-up for 2016 and after months of writing and hours spent in the studio, BornBroken has managed to take every emotion they felt, put it to music, build on past battle scars and create a record where listeners will feel they are part of the story line. The band continues to create grinding, heavy music inspired by the likes of Hatebreed and Sepultura. Get ready to experience the monumental shift when the broken shall finally rise.

To order their incredibly designed physical copy of ‘The Healing Powers of Hate’ plus comic illustrated booklet (pic below), please visit the following link:

Bornbroken - CD and Comic Book - The Healing Powers Of Hate

For more info, tour dates and updates on BornBroken, please visit these links: 


Source: Asher Media Relations

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5 Responses to “BORNBROKEN – Post New Track ‘A Nation of Ignorance’ Protesting Canada’s Federal Election; Announce New Vocalist Pepe Poliquin (ex-Endast)”

  1. Wow. That was INTENSE! Fun listening to it as the election results roll in.

    • Hell and yeah!! \m/\m/

      • Back atcha! \m/ \m/ 🙂

        And thanks for the Follow! I’ve Followed yours for a while now, reading but rarely commenting (I’m a lurker hahaha).

        If you check out this week’s Sunday Service over at the KMA, you’ll see I’VE GOT IRON MAIDEN TICKETS! Yup, Toronto on April 3, 2016. To say that I can’t wait for that show just might be understatement of this year! 🙂 Up The Irons!

        • Thank you for following Metal Odyssey for all this time, man, I greatly appreciate it!!

          You having tickets to see Iron Maiden is 100% kick ass!! I am hoping they come through Ohio… sometime in 2016.

          METAL UNITED \m/\m/

          • I do enjoy your blog, great writing and you introduce me to all kinds of stuff I’ve never heard of = awesome!

            Oh man, Maiden is gonna kick so much ass. It’ll be my first time seeing them, too, so I’m pumped. Especially with how good Book Of Souls is. Oh baby!

            I was talking about Maiden’s tour with Mr. 1537. He was disappointed that so far there’s only one UK gig on the whole tour, and that’s at a festival. But my buddy Wilf was saying this happened last time Bruce did the flying – they did a bunch of dates with him as pilot, and then came back around months later and did a bunch more dates in the towns they’d missed. So there’s hope for Ohio yet!!

            Cheers! \m/ \m/

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