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IRON CLAW – New Live Photos From Comlongon Rocks

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(Photo Courtesy Of Jimmy Ronnie)

Above: Jimmy Ronnie – Guitar

IRON CLAW – Last weekend, (Saturday, May 5th) the legendary Scottish Hard Rockers known as IRON CLAW headlined the Rock Stage at a charity festival in South West Scotland, Comlongon Castle, at Comlongon Rocks. As founding member/guitarist Jimmy Ronnie put it: “A great time was had by all!”

Jimmy Ronnie has shared these two new live concert photos with Metal Odyssey. Both photos taken at Comlongon Rocks. Thanks for sharing Jimmy!

Currently, IRON CLAW are busy working on their forthcoming studio album; a follow-up to their 2011 critically acclaimed album: A Different Game (Ripple Music).

(Photo Courtesy Of Jimmy Ronnie)

Above: Gary Hair – Vocals

Ian McDougall – Drums (background)


For more info on IRON CLAW, click on the links below!

IRON CLAW – facebook

For more info on Comlongon Rocks, click the link below!



IRON CLAW – “Final Hour” (New Song / Music Video): Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

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Jimmy Ronnie – guitarist, founding member of IRON CLAW

IRON CLAW – With new vocalist Gary Hair, IRON CLAW are busy recording new material and playing live. One new song that has been made public recently is Final Hour and it’s a Hard Rockin’ stomper! Gary Hair sings the daylights out of Final Hour and whoa! I am absolutely looking forward to IRON CLAW’s follow-up to 2011’s A Different Game (released on Ripple Music).

Guitarist Jimmy Ronnie shreds and his guitar playing on Final Hour is a showstopper! This song must be played at high volume, there is no other option. Gee, do I dig this new IRON CLAW song? My answer is simple: Metal be thy name, I do.

IRON CLAW – Recording Final Hour at Lovers Lane Studios in Dumfries:


Jimmy Ronnie – guitar

Gary Hair – vocals

Alex Wilson – bass

Ian McDougall – drums


For more info on IRON CLAW:



IRON CLAW “A Different Game” – Metal Odyssey’s Comeback Band and Album Of 2011

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IRON CLAW – Many bands and solo musicians make comebacks in the world of Rock each year. Notable acts the likes of Alice Cooper (The Band) and KING KOBRA made their impressive comebacks for certain in 2011. Anthrax made an album comeback (Worship Music) with Joey Belladonna returning to the forefront. BIOHAZARD is back. Beggars & Thieves are back too. The list is impressive as it is long. No, Black Sabbath can’t really count until next years album and tour. However, the one comeback band that amazed me beyond belief with their story during 2011 was: IRON CLAW.

IRON CLAW are in my mind, Heavy Music pioneers. IRON CLAW was a band on the scene when Heavy Metal was growing roots from Hard Rock. This band calls Scotland home and released an album of Classic Hard Rock in 2011 that you should know about (if you don’t know already). A Different Game made IRON CLAW the topic of conversation in many Hard Rock circles this past year. Released on Ripple Music, A Different Game was the first taste of new music from this band in nearly 4 decades!

I never, ever heard of IRON CLAW until this past year. I’ll tell you this much, IRON CLAW has served me right. Congratulations IRON CLAW on being named: Metal Odyssey’s Comeback Band Of 2011! Plus having: Metal Odyssey’s Comeback Album Of 2011! Metal be thy name!

See below the timeline of IRON CLAW posts featured on Metal Odyssey during 2011. Everything you’ve ever needed to know about IRON CLAW is right there for you! Feel free to become informed on the series of events leading up to the release of A Different Game, along with the intriguing Hard Rockin’ history (both past and present) of IRON CLAW. Each large link in this timeline will take you directly to that respective post!

Posted on June 29th, 2011:

IRON CLAW – “What Love Left”: Free Download From Ripple Music! This Song Is On Hard Rockin’ Fire!

Posted on July 6th, 2011:

IRON CLAW “A Different Game” – Long Awaiting and New Studio Album From Heavy Rock Pioneers: Releases October 4th, 2011!

Posted on July 15th, 2011: (A Different Game album review)

IRON CLAW – “A Different Game”: Bluesy, Classic Hard Rock That Points To The Past And Leads Us To The Present

Posted on July 17th, 2011:

IRON CLAW – A Metal Odyssey Interview: Part One (The Early Days and The Comeback)

Posted on October 21, 2011:

Gordon Brown – Former IRON CLAW Vocalist Reflects On His Tenure For “A Different Game” Album, Discusses Departing The Band

Posted on October 24th, 2011:

IRON CLAW – Guitarist and Founding Member Jimmy Ronnie Comments On Band’s Lead Vocalist Transition


From L to R: Gordon (vocals), Ian (drums), Alex (bass) and Jimmy (guitar)

IRON CLAW – 2011

Jimmy Ronnie – Founding Member, Songwriter & Guitarist

Gordon Brown – IRON CLAW vocalist, lyricist on A Different Game

(All IRON CLAW photos are courtesy and by permission of Jimmy Ronnie)

(Gordon Brown photo courtesy of Gordon Brown)



IRON CLAW – Guitarist and Founding Member Jimmy Ronnie Comments On Band’s Lead Vocalist Transition

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Today, Jimmy Ronnie (guitarist and founding member of Scotland’s Hard Rock pioneers IRON CLAW) commented to Metal Odyssey on the recent departure of vocalist Gordon Brown. Thank you Jimmy! Here is what Jimmy had to say:

“As far as Gordon’s departure goes I haven’t really got much more to add, beyond that has already been said by Gordon himself. There is no bad feeling between us and we wish him good fortune in his future musical endeavours. Gordon has done a fine job on the album and that remains for all to hear. It’s just that the time had come for us to go in separate directions and when it came down to it we found ourselves in complete agreement on that point”.

“Iron Claw is still very much alive and looking forward to working with the next lead vocalist. There are plans to take the live show to audiences both here in the UK and abroad and Ripple Music have confirmed their desire to release another album in a year or so. Many thanks to Metal Odyssey for your continuing support”.

Jimmy Ronnie, Guitarist, Iron Claw – October 24th, 2011

Above: Jimmy Ronnie – By permission of Jimmy Ronnie

Above photo taken at first gig after Iron Claw reformation, at “Comlongon Rocks”, a charity one day festival in South West Scotland.

Click on the large header link below, to read what Gordon Brown had to say, regarding his leaving Iron Claw, (originally posted on Metal Odyssey October 21, 2011):

Gordon Brown – Former IRON CLAW Vocalist Reflects On His Tenure For “A Different Game” Album, Discusses Departing The Band

* For more info on IRON CLAW, click on the links below:

IRON CLAW – facebook

Ripple Music – facebook





Gordon Brown – Former IRON CLAW Vocalist Reflects On His Tenure For “A Different Game” Album, Discusses Departing The Band

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Gordon Brown

(Photo Used By Permission From Gordon Brown)

Gordon Brown – Recently, Gordon Brown has decided to step down as lead vocalist for Scotland’s Iron Claw. With nearly forty years since the last studio album was released by Iron Claw, Ripple Music signed them and A Different Game was released back in early October of 2011. Without anything to lose and a bounty of respect to gain, Iron Claw surely did claw their way into my Metal soul and tore it apart for the better. An amazing Hard Rock album with old school heaviness that featured the bluesy vocals of Gordon Brown and the seasoned musicianship of Jimmy Ronnie (guitar), Alex Wilson (bass) and Ian McDougall (drums).

Many (tried and true) legendary bands have changed lead vocalists over the decades of Rock, with Black Sabbath, Iron MaidenRainbow and Deep Purple being so prominently successful at it. Gordon Brown was not the first singer for Iron Claw, nor shall he be the last. The one thing I’m certain about is, I’ll miss the heck out of Gordon’s voice fronting this legendary underground band. Iron Claw will move forward and so too will Gordon Brown. I respect this band and Gordon beyond words can express for they’re a Hollywood script, proving that Rock and Roll dreams do come true.  – Stone

This week, I asked Gordon Brown to share his thoughts regarding his recent departure from Iron Claw and what he is setting his sights on for the future. Here is what Gordon Brown had to say:

My reasons for leaving the band were really quite simple, it wasn’t working for me and hadn’t been for quite a while. My decision to leave was probably made not long after we finished recording, I thought things might improve over time (and) they didn’t!  The thing is, if it isn’t right, it isn’t right and the best course of action is to walk away. There’s no acrimony (to my knowledge), (I) think the others probably felt the same way too in varying degrees.

The making of the album was fun for me, I thought that at age 51 it would never happen, I’m glad it did and I think we made a really good album. Much is often said about vocalists and guitarists, in Iron Claw the less well sung heroes are of course the drums and bass, I’ve said it before and will again now, with Ian McDougal and Alex Wilson you have a rhythm section that sounds like a panzer division on manoeuvres! They allowed Jimmy (Ronnie) and I to strut our stuff out front.

The reviews for the album are in the main very good and positive, hopefully people will get out and buy it.  There was probably a section of listeners and reviewers who expected the Iron Claw of long ago to be brought out to play, it saddens me that they don’t enjoy this version of the band. One particular blog site didn’t think they’d had enough of a go in their review and decided to have a second go and that did kind of amuse me!  There may have been expectations that regurgitating the early 70’s thing was how it would be, my personal view is that this album represents an older band doing what they love… and doing it well. Time will tell with the album. I love it.

There’s no real sadness or regret on my part in leaving. It would have been nice in some ways to have toured the album, but if it isn’t meant to be… I do hope the band find someone reasonably soon. It will however be a bit strange listening to my lyrics being sung by someone else but hey, that’s Rock ‘n’ Roll!

What now for me, well, the future is looking bright. I’ve had a load of requests to collaborate on projects from the UK and USA, so I’ll be investigating that. Being involved in an album from the beginning and having a hand in creating the music as well as writing the lyrics is very attractive to me right now. The likelihood is that it’ll be a mixture of Blues and Southern Boogie with a hint of Bluegrass thrown in. Going back to the music I love best will hopefully allow me to create something that I’d want to release. At the end of the day though, if A Different Game ends up being my only ever released work I won’t be unhappy or unfulfilled.

Cheers, GB




IRON CLAW – A Metal Odyssey Interview: Part One (The Early Days and The Comeback)

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(Photo courtesy of IRON CLAW)

(L to R: Gordon (Vocals), Ian (drums), Alex (bass) and Jimmy (guitar))

IRON CLAW – There are comeback stories in life that sometimes seem too unreal to fathom. Then there is that comeback story that bubbles over with so many feel-good vibes that you cannot hold yourself back from telling any and everyone about it. The comeback of IRON CLAW is both unreal to fathom and multi feel-good. Their Rock ‘n Roll journey all started about forty years ago in Scotland, where they were pioneering a Hard and Heavy sound while touring with the legendary likes of The Kinks and Pink Fairies.

With no coveted record deal during those early years, IRON CLAW became an unspoken and underground legend that went their separate ways. Fast forward to 2011 where the Rockin’ and forward thinking, independent label known as Ripple Music, has IRON CLAW signed, sealed and ready to deliver. On October 4th, 2011, when their new studio album of Hard and Heavy songs is to be released, (A Different Game), IRON CLAW will have defied the odds and proven that perseverance and Classic Rock does cast a magic spell.

Founding member and guitarist Jimmy Ronnie recently took the time to answer some questions for Metal Odyssey, reflecting on the past and present of IRON CLAW. While I researched the story of IRON CLAW, chills and ostrich bumps invaded the skin that covers my entire body. So many inspirational thoughts enveloped my mind, with one thought being: life is truly about second chances. The story of IRON CLAW symbolizes that Rock ‘n Roll dreams do come true… even if it’s forty years in the making. Here is what Jimmy Ronnie had to say:

Stone: When and how did Iron Claw originate?

Jimmy: Iron Claw formed in Dumfries, South West Scotland in the summer of 1969. I was told by someone that Alex Wilson was looking to start a band so I approached him. He knew of the best local drummer, Ian McDougall and that was it! Iron Claw was born.

Stone: What happened to the original vocalist of Iron Claw?

Jimmy: Mike Waller was the original vocalist (1969 – 1971). He left the band to persue other musical interests. Sadly he died in 2008. He was replaced by Willie Davidson in 1971 and Willie stayed with the band until we split in 1974.

Stone: Who were the “well known bands of the time” that Iron Claw played with and/or shared some beers with?

Jimmy: We played with many bands over our first lifetime in the 70’s. Bands such as The Kinks, Pink Fairies, Mick Abrahams Band, Spencer Davis, Barkley James Harvest, East of Eden, the list goes on and on.

Stone: During the early days, what are some fun or bizarre moments you can recall when playing a live gig?

Jimmy: Now you’re asking! I remember turning up at a gig one night and being payed off before we even got into the venue. They were obviously shocked at the sheer sight of us! I can also remenber having to escape from a town once because the local bikers wanted to kill us. I think it had something to do with Alex telling them over the PA to “fuck off”. There was the outdoor festival in Thornhill, Scotland where it rained for hours and the stage went live. I was getting shocks off the guitar strings but the show went on!

Stone: (laughs) Jimmy, those are some very cool and fun flashbacks to share! Simply legendary.

Stone: In the years during Iron Claw’s “hiatus”, what did you and the other band members do for careers?

Jimmy: Oh, it’s a long time to cover, 35 years. I played in various bands and kept my hand in recording self-penned material. The intention was always to get the illusive recording deal but it never happened. Not until 2010 and Ripple came along that is.

Stone: Looking back on the late 60’s and 70’s time period and comparing to the present, do you feel the Rock music industry has lost that “special vibe”?

Jimmy: You could say that. Lots of changes have happened. Some of them good and some possibly not. Technology has brought the possibility of recording music to the masses. In the 70’s it was relatively expensive to record in a studio where you could get quality results. Now you can almost do it in your own living room with a laptop. The internet brings an audience from all over the world to you. These things are good. On the down side, I fear that there are less accomplished musicians breaking through. Not that I’ve got anything against electronic music but there’s a lot of bands out there who can’t play and I personally lose interest in bands like that fairly quickly.

Stone: What was “the moment” that triggered you and the other band members to make a Rockin’ comeback?

Jimmy: It was the relative success of the Rockadrome album Iron Claw that made me think it was worth considering a comeback. There were no great plans in the beginning just “Do some recording and see how it goes”. The Ripple Music offer changed all that immediately.

Stone: What advice are you just ready to give in an instant, to a young and aspiring Rock band in 2011?

Jimmy: You must find and be yourself. Cover other artists, that’s not a problem but stamp your own identity on the songs. Better still, write your own material.

Stone: Iron Claw is embarking on a brand new Rockin’ chapter in 2011. What thoughts go through your mind as your new studio album A Different Game is just weeks away from world wide release?

Jimmy: This is very exciting. Every one of us has long held ambitions to release an album that we are proud of and at last, we’ve fulfilled that dream. It’s only taken a lifetime! This is the best studio work that Iron Claw has ever done. Not to say that it’s perfect. It’s Rock n’ Roll and therefore it shouldn’t be anyway. But the songs are strong, the band is tight and it sounds great. What more can you want?

Stone: What bands do you guys admire and have been influenced by in the past? Any bands
you admire/listen to regularly now?

Jimmy: Original influences are the Electric Blues and Rock bands from late 60’s early 70’s such as Cream, Free, Black Sabbath, Led Zep, Johnny Winter and lots more besides. Who do we admire now? Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck and any other Classic Rock artists that have survived and are still playing.

Stone: Thank you Jimmy, Ian, Alex and Gordon… for never giving up on a dream!

* For more info on IRON CLAW, click on the links below:

IRON CLAW – facebook

IRON CLAW – twitter

Ripple Music

Ripple Music – IRON CLAW – What Love Left/Free Download

* To read my album review of A Different Game, posted right here on Metal Odyssey, on July 15, 2011, click on the big header link below:

IRON CLAW – “A Different Game”: Bluesy, Classic Hard Rock That Points To The Past And Leads Us To The Present



IRON CLAW – “A Different Game”: Bluesy, Classic Hard Rock That Points To The Past And Leads Us To The Present

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IRON CLAW – Step aside, Anvil… there’s a Rock n’ Roll comeback story that blows yours into the stratosphere. IRON CLAW is the Rock n’ Roll comeback story of legend. We’re looking at a band that hasn’t released new material in nearly forty years and now A Different Game will be set loose upon the Rock Music world on October 4th, 2011, on Ripple Music. For IRON CLAW, it is “a different game” and they haven’t a thing to lose, only amazing praise to gain from anyone who respects and enjoys beyond memorable Classic Hard Rock and vintage Heavy Metal.

You see, IRON CLAW was playing their brand of Heavy Rock at live gigs when Heavy Metal was just getting it’s name. The early 70’s were the building blocks for the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal that we all cherish deeply in 2011… and IRON CLAW was there… planting the seeds. Touring during the early years with the legendary likes of The Kinks, Spencer Davis and Pink Fairies, (to name a few), IRON CLAW easily can be considered an important underground player within the structure of the British Rock Movement. Without a “coveted” record contract, the Rock history books have overlooked too many silent legends, the pioneers of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock such as IRON CLAW. With A Different Game, their role in Rock history shall never go unspoken again.

Stone at Metal Odyssey won’t overlook IRON CLAW, no Metal way. If you have even a sliver of Hard Rock or vintage Heavy Metal in your Rock n’ Roll soul, you too will not overlook IRON CLAW and their forthcoming Hard Rock gemstone: A Different Game. Life is funny and filled with surprises. IRON CLAW has been my most personal biggest Rock n’ Roll surprise I’ve ever encountered in my entire Metal lovin’ and Hard Rockin’ life. With all this said, you can’t possibly short change yourself from being a part of what I consider to be “one of”, if not “the biggest” Rock n’ Roll comebacks in Rock Music history and it’s IRON CLAW –  A Different Game.

(Photo courtesy of IRON CLAW)

(L to R: Jimmy (guitar), Gordon (vocals), Ian (drums) and Alex (bass))

These Rockin’ dudes from Scotland would never have considered even an attempt at a comeback, if they felt this new album wasn’t their best work of their lives. It is their best work. A Different Game contains the thick and muscular riffs from Jimmy Ronnie’s guitar that will guarantee to make the iconic Tony Iommi nod with approval and pride. Jimmy can jam, so go spread the Rockin’ word. As I listen to Jimmy Ronnie play guitar on this album, I realize that a new page must be added to any and all coffee table books on Rock guitarists. Add a chapter for this entire band in any Rock Music encyclopedia… right now. Their songs are that fantastic.

A Different Game is a reminder that Rock n’ Roll was born from the Blues and Gordon Brown’s vocals will have you searching to see if he ever “once” sang for Deep Purple. So fluid, so classic is the voice of Gordon’s that I swear he has a famously storied Rock career, one that VH1 would have a documentary on… only it’s all heard and told here on A Different Game. Alex Wilson on bass and Ian McDougall on drums play in rhythmic old school unison, fostering those visions of a world without big brother watching you and FM programming returning to AOR formats.

The relevance of IRON CLAW lies in the Hard Rockin’ and Bluesy sound they are so gifted at playing and is what countless bands of any age are trying to capture to this very day. Before I sat down to write this review on A Different Game, I wondered how inappropriate it would be to not call out individual songs and break ’em down. Then, the realization poured over me: what in the hell is there to point out, other than this IRON CLAW album holding it’s Hard Rock merit valiantly as a whole? IRON CLAW is a band that was bred when listening to an album from front to back was second nature. My album review here is one of totality and A Different Game is the total Classic Rock package.

A Different Game must be listened to and enjoyed from beginning to end. The underlying and deliberate rawness of sound, coupled with this bands old school style and musicianship, may hopefully be utilized one day as a blueprint to a young band’s future, while also serving as a reminder to us seasoned Rockaholics that the past is never a closed book. Instead, the roots of Rock are a never ending gateway and guide to where Rock Music is today and tomorrow. IRON CLAW has returned and their unfinished business might just Rock your world… It’s Rocked mine.


Gordon Brown – vocals

Jimmy Ronnie – guitar

Alex Wilson – bass

Ian McDougall – drums

A Different Game – Track Listing:

What Love Left


The Traveler

A Different Game

Angel Woman

Southern Sky

Falling Down

It’s Easy

My Way Down

Love Is Blind


See Them Fall

Closing In

* For more info on IRON CLAW, click on the links below:

IRON CLAW – facebook

IRON CLAW – twitter

Ripple Music

Ripple Music – IRON CLAW – What Love Left/Free Download



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