IRON CLAW – “What Love Left”: Free Download From Ripple Music! This Song Is On Hard Rockin’ Fire!

IRON CLAW – Are you in dire need of hearing a heavy hittin’ and hard drivin’ song that will guarantee to make you: call it a day and shift into party mode? Well, uncle Stone has just that Heavy Rock song for you, courtesy of Scotland’s Heavy Rock legends IRON CLAW and it’s titled: What Love Left. Oh, trust me… this song will have you flying on a Hard Rockin’ high… quicker than you can say: Metal be thy name.

What Love Left is available right now as a FREE download, courtesy of Ripple Music and IRON CLAW! What Love Left is on the 1st Anniversary Ripple Music Sampler album. This new song is also on their forthcoming studio album A Different Game. Just click the link below to get your own copy of this thunderific Hard Rock gem:

Ripple Music – IRON CLAW – What Love Left/Free Download

Originally founded in 1969, IRON CLAW is a band that truly was a part of pioneering a genre of music that we all know, cherish and love today… which is Heavy Metal. IRON CLAW are back in 2011… welcomed with open Metal arms by Metal Odyssey. The Hard Rock and “Classic Rockin’ feel” that IRON CLAW administers on What Love Left is a solid reminder that Classic Hard Rock lives and thrives!

* Look for a September 2011 release of the new studio album: IRON CLAWA Different Game, via Ripple Music.


Ian McDougall – drums

Gordon Brown – vocals

Alex Wilson – bass

Jimmy Ronnie – guitars

* For more info on IRON CLAW, click on the links below:

IRON CLAW – twitter

IRON CLAW – facebook

Ripple Music



4 Responses to “IRON CLAW – “What Love Left”: Free Download From Ripple Music! This Song Is On Hard Rockin’ Fire!”

  1. Jimmy Ronnie Says:

    Thanks for the crackin review. Glad you liked it. Lots more hard heavy rock to come from us soon!

    Jimm Ronnie, Guitarist, Iron Claw.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Anytime Jimmy! Can’t wait to get the entire new album into my ears! 🙂

      Rock Steady \m/

      – Stone

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