IRON CLAW “A Different Game” – Long Awaiting and New Studio Album From Heavy Rock Pioneers: Releases October 4th, 2011!

(Photo courtesy of Iron Claw)

IRON CLAW – Scotland’s pioneers of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, IRON CLAW, are gearing up for the long awaiting release of their new studio album: A Different Game. This is the studio album of new material that fans have waited nearly forty years for and… IRON CLAW is BACK! This legendary band shall have no difficulties recruiting  new legions of Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Old School Heavy Metal fans with A Different Game, which releases on October 4th, 2011, on Ripple Music. What Love Left, Southern Skies, Love Is Blind and The Traveler are among 13 new songs on A Different Game.

Physical and digital copies of A Different Game will be available for purchase at: The Ripple Music Store – Ripple Music, CDBaby, Amazon and Ebay. MP3 sales will be available through iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, etc..

Recently, I asked IRON CLAW guitarist and co-founding member  Jimmy Ronnie: “How excited are you about this new comeback album A Different Game and what can the fans of yesteryear and today expect?”

Jimmy responded: “We couldn’t be more excited about the album release. Everyone involved in the project is buzzing about this now. If current Iron Claw fans are expecting Hard, Heavy Rock then they will not be disappointed. We have stayed absolutely faithful to the original spirit of the band. The decision was taken right at the start of the recording process not to over produce the work. Capturing a really live feel was the intension and I’m pleased to say that we’ve done that. There’s enough highly polished, squeaky clean Rock Music out there already and we have no desire to add to it. This is the best studio work ever done by the band and our new singer, Gordon Brown is sure to impress. Can’t wait to get it out there and to start playing live again”.

* To download your free copy of the new single from IRON CLAW, What Love Left, just click on the cool link below:

Ripple Music – IRON CLAW – What Love Left/Free Download

* Pre-order’s for A Different Game will begin around September 1st, 2011, at Ripple Music.


Gordon Brown – vocals

Jimmy Ronnie – guitars

Alex Wilson – bass

Ian McDougall – drums

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Ripple Music



2 Responses to “IRON CLAW “A Different Game” – Long Awaiting and New Studio Album From Heavy Rock Pioneers: Releases October 4th, 2011!”

  1. Great review. Looking forward to you doing the whole album.

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