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My Favorite KISS Song From “SONIC BOOM” Is…

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I’m on a KISS high right now, thank you very Metal much. Sonic Boom is a tremendous album from the legendary KISS. Anyone who slams KISS and Sonic Boom either has never liked KISS to begin with or they are extremely constipated or they just don’t get it at all.  Sonic Boom is rooted with a Classic KISS sound from the 1970’s… I don’t hear any influence from the KISS Asylum or Animalize albums from the roaring ’80’s – nope. This is one hell of a legitimate album of Heavy Metal songs from KISS. Tommy Thayer is unreal good on lead guitar, (I didn’t expect anything less), Gene Simmons sounds great on bass and vocals and Eric Singer is his usual outstanding self on drums. Onward with my favorite song from Sonic BoomNever Enough. I always liked Paul Stanley’s vocals the best, (my personal preference), plus this song’s lyrics are upbeat as hell. Paul Stanley f***n nails it down on vocals with this song. Never Enough psyches me out of my Metal mind and that serves me right. I listened to this song at least six times before I continued forward through Sonic Boom… holy Metal crap is this song great. The whole Sonic Boom album is great. I am such a happy KISS fan right now, I am farting rose scented happy faces all over the place. Long live KISS Rock and Roll!

KISS "Sonic Boom" x-large album pic 2009

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