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Primal Fear - Metal Is Forever - promo cover pic!!




PRIMAL FEAR – Metal Is Forever / The Very Best Of Primal Fear is a 16 song compilation and 9 cover song (Bonus CD) of Metal Classics that exemplifies why Primal Fear can be looked upon as Metal titans.  Germany boasts many Metal legends; Primal Fear included. Yes, this is my Metal opinion and Metal Is Forever/The Very Best Of Primal Fear is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

The Metal Classics (Bonus CD) of cover songs is nothing short of sensational! Primal Fear took these Metal Classics and emblazoned them with their own Metal potency and earth-shaking glory! The Judas Priest classic Metal Gods and Iron Maiden’s iconic Two Minutes To Midnight are amazingly covered by Primal Fear! Covering top-tier Metal legends is often times unthinkable; still I have two words for what Primal Fear accomplished with their Metal Classics: Metal breathtaking.

Just this album title alone says it all. Metal Is Forever. If you are a Primal Fear fan, you know all about the absolute power that Primal Fear brings with their Metal. In the event you are not familiar with Primal Fear, this double CD is an incredible introduction to their world of true and spirited Power Metal. The time is now to get your ears and senses into the Metal of Primal Fear. Metal be thy name.

Primal Fear - Metal Is Forever - Group Promo Pic - Logos


CD 1 – Track Listing:

Metal Is Forever


Seven Seals

Nuclear Fire

Final Embrace

The Healer



Angel In Black

Under Your Spell

Evil Spell

Running In The Dust

Suicide And Mania

Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove


Tears Of Rage

CD 2 – Metal Classics Track Listing:

Out Of The Fields (bonus track)

Kill The King (bonus track)

Speedking (bonus track)

Die Young (bonus track)

Metal Gods (bonus track)

Breaker (bonus track)

Seek And Destroy (bonus track)

Two Minutes To Midnight (bonus track)

The Rover (bonus track)


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CAGE – ‘Hell Destroyer vs. Metal Devil’ Video: Prodigious Power Metal Intensified!

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CAGE – Originating from San Diego, California, is one hell of an amazing Power Metal / Classic Heavy Metal band globally known as: CAGE. Led by frontman Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck and his Metal falsetto, both he and band are an American Metal paragon to hear!

Supremacy Of Steel, the sixth studio album from CAGE, was released back on December 13th, 2011, via music by mail distro on their own Heavy Metal media label imprint. The vinyl release for Supremacy Of Steel will be released on April 27th, 2012, via Pure Steel Records. Hell Destroyer vs Metal Devil is a blazing Power Metal song that never relents for a micro-second. The driving guitars and resounding rhythm section combine with Sean’s vocals, for a pure listen into Power Metal on high!

Listen to the Power Metal brilliance of CAGE and check out the stunning animated video below! “From the Supremacy of Steel album, the final battle between The Hell Destroyer and the Metal Devil”. This is what Power Metal is all about! Metal be thy name!


Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck – Vocals

Dave “Conan” Garcia – guitars

Pete “Hands of” Stone – Bass guitar

Steve “MetalBrog” Brogden – guitars

Norm “The Legend” Leggio – drums


For more info on CAGE, click on the links below:



SONATA ARCTICA – ‘Stones Grow Her Name’ Releases In May, More Album Details

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Finland’s SONATA ARCTICA have named their seventh studio album Stones Grow Her Name. Recorded in several studios all over Finland, mixed at Sonic Pump Studios by Mikko Karmila and mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsbäck, the album will be released in Europe on May 18th and in North America on May 22nd.

SONATA ARCTICA vocalist Tony Kakko comments:

“Our newest adventure is only a final touch short of being ready. The recordings went extremely well and the mixing is in schedule. Have to say I am enjoying myself greatly. I’ve had a very hard and work- filled two-year period writing the songs while touring extensively with our previous album The Days Of Grays, but it has all been worth it! Yet again, we are introducing new things to keep the music alive and interesting. New elements, styles and new moods, talented guest artists and ideas for the enjoyment of the loyal friends of our music. Can’t wait for you to get your hands and ears on Stones Grow Her Name! Hope to see you all again on tour! Be well!“

The track listing for the standard jewel case version will be:

01. Only The Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)
02. Shitload Of Money
03. Losing My Insanity
04. Somewhere Close To You
05. I Have A Right
06. Alone In Heaven
07. The Day
08. Cinderblox
09. Don’t Be Mean
10. Wildfire II
11. Wildfire III


(Source: Nuclear Blast News)

For more info on SONATA ARCTICA, click on the links below:



PRIMAL FEAR ‘Unbreakable’ – The Time Is NOW To Join The METAL NATION

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PRIMAL FEAR – I guess if I wasn’t listening to this new Primal Fear album so often, I would have written a review on it much sooner. Seriously, Unbreakable has made it mandatory for me, to raise my fists to the air and thank the Metal Gods for Primal Fear and Power Metal. Released on Frontiers Records back on January 20th, this album is a must to the maximum Metal degree.

Once I realized what I took in from this new Primal Fear offering of Power Metal glory, I began to wonder, could 2012 be “The Year Of Power Metal”? With Iron Savior releasing their new album The Landing, (which brought me to tears of Metal joy) and now I’m brought down to my knees from Unbreakable… how else could I describe this year of Metal thus far? Primal Fear has not only delivered an unbelievable album of Power Metal, they’ve also created some of the most amazingly memorable songs of their legendary career. To my Metal blistered ears they have.

Once I realized how unreal golden Bad Guys Wear Black and Metal Nation are for transmitting everything triumphant about Power Metal, there is Strike,Where Angels Die, Give Em Hell, Blaze Of Glory and Marching Again. Metal be thy name does Primal Fear get their point across with their new album… that Primal Fear is not a Power Metal force to reckon with, they are THE Power Metal force. Period. This album from Primal Fear is the Metal beacon that tells us Metalheads that everything is okay and we shall strike down all negative obstacles in our F’n way.

As I see it, you’re either gonna join the Metal Nation, are already a member or decide that you’re gonna take a pass. If you take that nonsensical pass, then stop reading this review now. Then, go take some ex-lax, stick your thumb in your mouth and peruse your VHS library of Shirley Temple movies.

Back to Unbreakable. Sorry about that my true Metal brethren. Hell, you want guitar driven? You want duo guitars? Trading guitar leads and solos that will shock and awe? Wanna hear guitars blazing the old-fashioned way, as in kicking your Metal lovin’ ass like there is no tomorrow? Alex Beyrodt and Magnus Karlsson will take care of it. Are you looking for a premier Power Metal vocalist, one whose name itself equates Metal? Ralf Scheepers is the modern-day Rob Halford. Yes, there is another Metal God and his name is Ralf Scheepers. Now, go take that Metal check and cash it… then tell ’em all that Stone says so.

Spread the Metal word. What word Stone? That the rhythm section of Primal Fear is a Power Metal vehicle sent to us all as a gift from the Thunder God. Mat Sinner (bass) and Randy Black (drums) sound so powerfully perfect together that it’s implausible to think otherwise. There are 12 songs on Unbelievable, (oops, I meant Unbreakable) that are a representation of how Heavy Metal was meant to escalate the psyche-you-out senses in the first place. Metal Nation members know what I mean. Screw the non-believers.

If everything I’ve written thus far sounds like a Metal temptation to you, then you absolutely won’t be able to resist hearing  a Primal Fear ballad. Yes… I stated… ballad. Born Again is the song and it’s quite Metal moving to me. Ralf Scheepers proves he can impact just as effectively singing a ballad as he does belting out extraordinary high notes on a Power Metal anthem. I will say this and not be ashamed: Born Again is a beautiful song from Primal Fear.

Yes, amongst the Power Metal domination I hear on Unbreakable, the Metal jubilation I feel does give a nod to beauty when it’s so eloquently played and sung. Still, bad guys will always wear black and the Metal Nation is a flaming juggernaut, one that shall never be contained nor controlled. Metal be thy name.


UNBREAKABLE Track Listing:

Unbreakable (Part 1)


Give Em Hell

Bad Guys Wear Black

And There Was Silence

Metal Nation

Where Angels Die

Unbreakable (Part 2)

Marching Again

Born Again

Blaze Of Glory



Backing Vocals: Ralf Scheepers, Mat Sinner, Erik Martensson and Oliver Hartmann.

For more info on PRIMAL FEAR, click on the links below:




ALMAH – Brazilian Metal Band To Release Third Album “Motion” Via AFM Records

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Formed by Angra vocalist Edu Falaschi over a decade ago, Brazilian Metal act ALMAH have transformed from simply a side-project of the top-tier Power Metal acts into an expansive entity of its own volition, language and identity. AFM Records now confirms that Motion, ALMAH‘s third full-length, will be available to North American fans on January 17th, 2012.

ALMAH‘s first two studio albums – Almah (2007) and Fragile Equality (2008) were accepted well, both by fans and media alike. With Edu Falaschi being known for choosing excellent musicians and production crew for the creation of their releases, the lineup on Motion will not disappoint. Falaschi’s Angra bandmate Felipe Andreoli joins on bass, as well as Berklee-graduated guitar wizard Marcelo Barbosa, powerhouse drummer Marcelo Moreira and a master of fast solos and gargantuan riffs, Paulo Schroeber.

The musicians tread into more modern territory while keeping ALMAH’s recognizable style intact on Motion. Recorded with 7-string guitars, tuned a half-step down (B flat), while the rhythm guitars were layered four times, the band has reached their optimal balance of heavy, modern metal and beautiful, catchy melodies. Edu Falaschi has already stated that this album is probably the best one in his whole discography.

Motion was recorded at Norcal Studios in São Paulo, Brazil produced by Falaschi and Andreoli, and mixed and mastered at Split Second Sound Studios in Amsterdam by Jochem Jacobs (Textures). The cover artwork was created by Edu Falaschi himself with his iPhone, using some applications to create that motion effect, which was later edited by Felipe Andreoli.

(Source: Earsplit PR)

MOTION – Track List:


Living and Drifting

Days of the New

Bullets On The Altar

Zombies Dictator

Trace of Trait

Soul Alright

Late Night in ’85

Daydream Lucidity

When and Why

* For more info on ALMAH, click on the links below:


HELLOWEEN “7 Sinners” Releases November 9, 2010 In U.S.! Some HELLOWEEN thoughts…

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HELLOWEEN – Power Metal pioneers and ultra iconic, HELLOWEEN will be releasing their 13th full-length studio album, 7 Sinners, via The End Records, on November 9th, 2010. (This is the U.S. release date). Originating from Germany, Helloween is an influential and important band in the history of Metal. Since their 1985 album release – Walls Of Jericho, Helloween has been an undisputed leader in the Power Metal genre. I’ll never forget buying Walls Of Jericho on cassette years ago… I thought I was the coolest dude on the block for stumbling onto Helloween. Even though I have Walls Of Jericho on CD, I never let go of the cassette version.

Kai Hansen was terrific as the lead vocalist and guitarist for Helloween. (Gamma Ray obviously gets my Metal endorsement to the fullest). Michael Kiske was formidable as the lead vocalist for Helloween, his vocals on Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I are legendary. I’d have to pick Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I as my favorite Helloween album of all time… alright, tied with Walls Of Jericho! It’s not that easy, in choosing my favorite Helloween album of all time. (Chameleon from 1993… is not my favorite).

Yes, I even liked Unarmed – Best Of 25th Anniversary, which was released on March 30, 2010. No, it was not the Power Metal force we have all come to expect from Helloween, only this album I found to be a very cool listen. Some of the greatest Helloween songs ever, were re-structured with string arrangements and a choir. Dr. Stein really gets a Rock ‘N’ Roll makeover that I find to be a fun listen. At the end of the Metal day though, I’m sure relieved and psyched that Helloween is back, with their potent Power Metal that I’m expecting on 7 Sinners.

Andi Deris is an incredible vocalist as well, he can sing Metal lights out. Whoa… can Andi carry a note and sing the roof off. I can honestly say that Gambling With The Devil from 2007 is so powerful, that having a “three way tie” for my #1 Helloween album is Metal justified. Gambling With The Devil is simply put… riveting. Plus… I’ll throw in the Metal fact that founding member and guitarist MichaelWeiki” Weikath is a super nice guy to interview, one of the “good guys” of Metal… hands down. Kai Hansen is also a super nice guy to talk to… a genuine class act.

So, yeah, I get all pumped up anytime Helloween is about to release a new album. This is a band that I could easily write 500,000 words about and still want to write more. Seriously though, how many bands have their been in Metal, or any Rock genre for that matter, that can boast having “3” amazing lead vocalists in their bands history? Not too many I would imagine. I’m really looking forward to getting my copy of 7 Sinners… and on that day I’m going to be one psyched-out Metalhead. Those are my Metal thoughts for now about Helloween… I’m certain I’ll be reviewing 7 Sinners come November, you can bet your bottom Metal dollar on that one!

* For more info on HELLOWEEN, just click on the link below:

HELLOWEEN – Official Website


Track Listing For HELLOWEEN – 7 Sinners:

Where The Sinners Go

Are You Metal?

Who Is Mr. Madman?

Raise The Noise

World Of Fantasy

Long Live The King

The Smile Of The Sun

You Stupid Mankind

If A Mountain Could Talk

The Sage, The Fool, The Sinner

My Sacrifice

Not Yet Today

Far In The Future

* The premium version of 7 Sinners will include a deluxe digpak, extended booklet and an exclusive bonus track. (Source: Helloween Official Website)




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Masterplan "MK ll" small album picMasterplan released the MK ll album back on February 23, 2007. I have never regretted with catching onto Masterplan. Half the fun of being into Heavy Metal, is knowing there are so many bands from so many genres to sink your ears into… ah, the world of Metal is a good thing. For those not familiar, Masterplan is a Power Metal Band, 100% through and through with no gimmicks. Melodic Metal and Symphonic Metal are two other labels that are just as fitting for Masterplan, the three genres I attribute to this band are adequately interlocking. Masterplan is led by former Helloween guitarist, Roland Grapow, he takes on the roles of guitarist, composer and producer. I gravitate very often to the Power Metal genre, finding this form of Metal Music to be inspiring and ultra credible. I find the Power Metal songs from Masterplan MK ll to be like a Metal soundtrack for my mind… uplifting and scenic thoughts appear for me, reflective thoughts too. Getting revved up is not difficult while listening to Masterplan either, there are plenty of psyche out moments in their songs. Masterplan goes full throttle with their Power Metal, there never seems to be a dull moment, for me.

MK ll has been a CD of choice for me, going back to last weekend. Every so often, I need to expand my Metal horizons and listen to another genre that isn’t extremely fast, hard and heavy. Masterplan are a heavy band in their own Melodic Power Metal right, only it is the symphonic side of this band that really keeps me grounded… and I like that. Diversity in the Heavy Metal universe is what makes this music so worthwhile. The longer I stop to look, listen and read, the better acquainted I get with the vastness of the Heavy Metal family tree. Discovering Masterplan on the Heavy Metal family tree is like finding and picking that almost perfect pear, you just know it’s good and juicy.

As for the songs on MK ll, there are no loafers to be found. This album has a cool, consistent flow about it, making MK ll one of those albums I can listen to from start to finish, no leap frogging is necessary! My two favorite songs on MK ll are: I’m Gonna Win and Watching The World. These two songs are #6 and #7, respectively on the track list. Both of these songs project this majestic high that just wraps around my senses and psyches me out. Mike DiMeo is everything you could expect from a Power Metal vocalist, he surely can hit the high notes and harmonizes effortlessly throughout MK ll. Mike Terrana on drums is darn great to listen to, there are moments when his playing is the focal point. Jan S. Eckert keeps the rhythm solid with Terrana, a very tight unit. The keyboards are a major musical ingredient with this Power Metal outfit, Axel Mackenrott makes his presence known by providing the atmospheric and symphonic environment within the songs. I look forward to a brand new Masterplan album in 2010, Roland Grapow has some Power Metal momentum going for him, with Masterplan.

The momentum of Masterplan will be getting even stronger, now that news has been broken, of Jorn Lande returning as lead vocalist. (You can read the official news of Jorn Lande returning by going on the official Masterplan website at I will always appreciate the vocals that Mike DiMeo brought to Masterplan, honestly, he is very good, in my Metal opinion. Jorn Lande is a premier Heavy Metal vocalist period. Jorn’s solo career and vocal contribution to Avantasia, coupled with his past Masterplan albums is proof positive he is at the top of the Power Metal pyramid. Welcome back to Masterplan Jorn!

Masterplan "MK ll" large album pic

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