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PRIMAL FEAR ‘Unbreakable’ – The Time Is NOW To Join The METAL NATION

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PRIMAL FEAR – I guess if I wasn’t listening to this new Primal Fear album so often, I would have written a review on it much sooner. Seriously, Unbreakable has made it mandatory for me, to raise my fists to the air and thank the Metal Gods for Primal Fear and Power Metal. Released on Frontiers Records back on January 20th, this album is a must to the maximum Metal degree.

Once I realized what I took in from this new Primal Fear offering of Power Metal glory, I began to wonder, could 2012 be “The Year Of Power Metal”? With Iron Savior releasing their new album The Landing, (which brought me to tears of Metal joy) and now I’m brought down to my knees from Unbreakable… how else could I describe this year of Metal thus far? Primal Fear has not only delivered an unbelievable album of Power Metal, they’ve also created some of the most amazingly memorable songs of their legendary career. To my Metal blistered ears they have.

Once I realized how unreal golden Bad Guys Wear Black and Metal Nation are for transmitting everything triumphant about Power Metal, there is Strike,Where Angels Die, Give Em Hell, Blaze Of Glory and Marching Again. Metal be thy name does Primal Fear get their point across with their new album… that Primal Fear is not a Power Metal force to reckon with, they are THE Power Metal force. Period. This album from Primal Fear is the Metal beacon that tells us Metalheads that everything is okay and we shall strike down all negative obstacles in our F’n way.

As I see it, you’re either gonna join the Metal Nation, are already a member or decide that you’re gonna take a pass. If you take that nonsensical pass, then stop reading this review now. Then, go take some ex-lax, stick your thumb in your mouth and peruse your VHS library of Shirley Temple movies.

Back to Unbreakable. Sorry about that my true Metal brethren. Hell, you want guitar driven? You want duo guitars? Trading guitar leads and solos that will shock and awe? Wanna hear guitars blazing the old-fashioned way, as in kicking your Metal lovin’ ass like there is no tomorrow? Alex Beyrodt and Magnus Karlsson will take care of it. Are you looking for a premier Power Metal vocalist, one whose name itself equates Metal? Ralf Scheepers is the modern-day Rob Halford. Yes, there is another Metal God and his name is Ralf Scheepers. Now, go take that Metal check and cash it… then tell ’em all that Stone says so.

Spread the Metal word. What word Stone? That the rhythm section of Primal Fear is a Power Metal vehicle sent to us all as a gift from the Thunder God. Mat Sinner (bass) and Randy Black (drums) sound so powerfully perfect together that it’s implausible to think otherwise. There are 12 songs on Unbelievable, (oops, I meant Unbreakable) that are a representation of how Heavy Metal was meant to escalate the psyche-you-out senses in the first place. Metal Nation members know what I mean. Screw the non-believers.

If everything I’ve written thus far sounds like a Metal temptation to you, then you absolutely won’t be able to resist hearing  a Primal Fear ballad. Yes… I stated… ballad. Born Again is the song and it’s quite Metal moving to me. Ralf Scheepers proves he can impact just as effectively singing a ballad as he does belting out extraordinary high notes on a Power Metal anthem. I will say this and not be ashamed: Born Again is a beautiful song from Primal Fear.

Yes, amongst the Power Metal domination I hear on Unbreakable, the Metal jubilation I feel does give a nod to beauty when it’s so eloquently played and sung. Still, bad guys will always wear black and the Metal Nation is a flaming juggernaut, one that shall never be contained nor controlled. Metal be thy name.


UNBREAKABLE Track Listing:

Unbreakable (Part 1)


Give Em Hell

Bad Guys Wear Black

And There Was Silence

Metal Nation

Where Angels Die

Unbreakable (Part 2)

Marching Again

Born Again

Blaze Of Glory



Backing Vocals: Ralf Scheepers, Mat Sinner, Erik Martensson and Oliver Hartmann.

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