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BATTLECROSS – Concert Photo Gallery And Review – Oddbody’s Music Room, Dayton, Ohio – May 7th, 2016

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Above: Kyle Gunther – vocalist

All photo credits (except for album cover): Stone/Metal Odyssey

Back on May 7th of this year, I went to see the mighty BATTLECROSS at Oddbody’s Music Room in Dayton, Ohio. This venue plays host to many, many national, worldwide and local Metal bands. On this night Metal legends Suffocation and Soulfly were the headliners; with Abnormality and Lody Kong also as opening acts. I went solo to this night of amazing Metal mayhem and I also stayed in the pit for the entire BATTLECROSS set. Yes, I’m crazy at age 50. I did get pushed around pretty damn good too and I stuck it through.

Battlecross - Rise To Power - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #0528MOBC

BATTLECROSS are touring in support of their 3rd killer studio album: Rise To Power.

The next day my body felt like crap from the physical punishment it endured from being in the pit for both BATTLECROSS and Abnormality. I wouldn’t have changed a thing I did and that’s the way Metal is supposed to be if you want to be a human target in the pit. BATTLECROSS played an amazing set of songs and had their packed house of fans going crazy. Lead singer Kyle Gunther commanded the stage, never-ceasing to jump around for a second. Kyle stalked his fans and gave them their monies worth!


Above: Hiran Deraniyagala – guitarist

The entire BATTLECROSS band is extremely talented at their Metal crafts and are a Modern Thrash Metal band to reckon with. I absolutely enjoyed myself smashing and thrashing around to their Metal! I did (luckily) pause at times to take some photos of BATTLECROSS in action, thanks to a few BIG dudes at the front-line that shielded me from the carnage going on in the pit behind us. BATTLECROSS are from Michigan and are not to be missed if you worship in-your-face, high intensity Thrash Metal. Enjoy these photos I took and thank you for visiting. Metal Be Thy Name – Stone


Above: Alex Bent – drummer


Above: Tony Asta – guitarist


Above: Don Slater – bassist


In closing, Kyle Gunther is an animated, funny, very, very cool dude.

L: Kyle Gunther, R: Me, um, Stone








ABNORMALITY – Concert Review – Oddbody’s Music Room, Dayton, Ohio – May 7th, 2016

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Mallika Sundaramurthy - Abnormality - May 7 - 2016 - Oddbodys - #MOSTONE999

Above: Mallika Sundaramurthy

Photo Credit: Stone

ABNORMALITY are a young Death Metal band that exhibits the talent, energy and drive to go very far in our Metal world. Experiencing ABNORMALITY live has only solidified my previously positive Metal opinion about them BIG time. Originating from Massachusetts and fronted by vocalist Mallika Sundaramurthy, ABNORMALITY are signed to Metal Blade Records. I was fortunate to witness the live Death Metal fury of ABNORMALITY at Oddbody’s Music Room, in Dayton, Ohio, on May 7th, of this year.

Oddbodys - Dayton - Ohio - May 7 - 2016 - credit - Stone - Metal Odyssey - #MOILMFSO33

Photo Credit: Stone

With ABNORMALITY‘s new studio album Mechanisms of Omniscience just being released on April 29th, they are touring to support their Death Metal album achievement; supporting mega Metal monsters BATTLECROSS, SUFFOCATION and the legendary SOULFLY. This is quite an impressive supporting slot to have, considering the enormous influence that SUFFOCATION has had on the Death Metal family and the unparalleled Metal history of Max Cavalera’s SOULFLY. Whoa.

Abnormality - Mechanisms Of Omniscience - promo album cover pic - #MO99ILMNSOF99333

Above: Front Cover of Mechanisms Of Omniscience

Being in the pit for any Metal show at my age now is usually not that stinking easy. I do feel the hits, slaps and random punches more than I used to, say, twenty-five years ago. Despite my being older, I am more wiser; therefore being up-front and against the stage for ABNORMALITY was a no-brainer for me! I took the numerous hits! F*ck yeah. I wanted to be a part of Death Metal history, being able to say I experienced ABNORMALITY as close as I could get! This band is that fun to see and hear up-close; combined with their Death Metal assault, grooves, vibes and obvious future potential, it’s freaking bragging rights to only see them this way and not from afar.

Mallika Sundaramurthy - Abnormality - April 7 2016 - Oddbodys - Ohio - Metal Odyssey - Stone Credit - #MOMSILMFN33

Photo Credit: Stone

ABNORMALITY played to a packed house at Oddbody’s, with their battalion of fans that were unmistakably in attendance. Forget about the song list here; I was too busy taking in ABNORMALITY‘s deadly wall-of-sound, while doing my damn best to sustain the physical barrage upon my body. That’s Metal. Pure and f*%kin simple. Mallika Sundaramurthy‘s guttural vocals are eye-popping! Do not underestimate Mallika. Her stage presence is commanding, while working the fans into a Metal frenzyregardless of her petite size and seriously cute looks. Mallika’s vocals and the entire band, without a doubt, kicked my ears into Death Metal submission! Amazing.

I obviously had a blast being a part of this ABNORMALITY moment in Metal time. For thirty minutes or so I didn’t care about any other band in the world; my entire Metal soul was focused on what I was feeling and hearing from ABNORMALITY. The body hits I was taking didn’t matter; nor did my head getting dizzy spells from the entire pit encounter. This was my Metal moment with ABNORMALITY and I was going to savor every f*#kin second of it; as well I did. Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone

Pictured below is the psyched-out me, with Mallika Sundaramurthy. Metal be thy name, what a funtastic night!

Mallika Sundaramurthy - Stone - Oddbody's - May 7 - 2016 - #MO999ILMFMNSO

Photo Credit: Kyle Gunther of Battlecross


Abnormality - band logo - 2016 - #MOILMN999AF

Mallika Sundaramurthy – Vocals
Jay Blaisdell – Drums
Josh Staples – Bass
Sam Kirsch – Guitars
Jeremy Henry – Guitars






Chris Motionless Of Motionless In White – Featured On July 2016 Alternative Press (Vans Warped Tour) Special Issue

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Motionless In White - AP - Vans Warped Tour Issue - July 2016 - #MO99333ILMFGSO

From Motionless In White Facebook:

We’re stoked to be featured on the new Alternative Press Vans Warped Tour special issue. Get your copy with a signed poster from us while they last at





COMING UP FOR AIR – New Album “Between The Party Lines” – A Metal Odyssey Album And Live Show Review

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Comng Up For Air - Between The Party Lines - promo album cover pic - 2016 - #MO999ILGF

COMING UP FOR AIR is a Dayton, Ohio underground band that crosses over a few Rock genres. Their songs on Between The Party Lines are smartly written lyrically with compositions that may just pave the road to long-term success; as long  as this band stays on their current course and continues to improve, these three lads will be catching some much deserved attention within the Rock Music community outside of Ohio as well.

As a whole album, I can only state this is quite a musical feat for Coming Up For Air. Without the unnecessary polished production that seems to bring too many underground bands into the overcrowded room full of Warped Tour wannabes, Coming Up For Air play from both their heart and gut. Musical sincerity means a ton nowadays and copycats have become the uninvited norm in 2016. Coming Up For Air are oozing with sincerity and credibility on their debut album and I love that! ALL college radio stations from coast-to-coast should take note: Coming Up For Air are excellent candidates for your playlists.

With subject matter as delving into the human psyche of choosing between right and wrong, Between The Party Lines is as fine an exploratory album as I could ask for. The clean vocals of vocalist/keys/guitarist Eric Ballein are a refreshing listen; he reminds me some (vocally) of the legendary Geddy Lee. Truth. With no bass player, Ridge Higgins carries the full-time duty of giving each song their brilliant beats. Ridge plays drums like those pioneering percussionists of the classic 70’s era; there are tons of feel and knowledge of the song happening with Ridge. Dig it.

Guitarist Dylan Bailey only gives this band its extra musical boost with his colorful rhythms, leads and unique tones. If Coming Up For Air was to never add a bassist, I would be down with it. Then again, it will be exciting to hear such an addition with this band too; either way, this talented trio have a bright musical future ahead of them, as long as they continue to seize the moment.

Coming Up For Air - promo live pic - Blind Bobs - April - 2016 - #MOILMWKSO99

photo credit: Robb Nickell

Between The Party Lines – Track List:

P.S.A., Johnston Red, Serpent Song, Irrational Fear, Side Effects, Two-Minutes Hate, Doublethink, Static Faith, Violet, In Some Mode Of G


Coming Up For Air – A Live Review:

Dayton, Ohio and its surrounding metropolitan area can surely boast it has a diverse and exciting music scene. From Metal to Indie Rock, Undeground acts to numerous world-famous bands making tour stops, it’s definitely here in this very busy part of Ohio. One new and exciting band that has crossed my path and ears as of late is: Coming Up For Air. If you dig underground Rock, shades of Hard Rock, Progressive Rock and Alternative Rock, Coming Up For Air is a band you seriously want to check out for an evening of live Rock ‘N Roll. Hell and yes.

Coming Up For Air - Dylan - 2016 - #MO0999ILNMS

photo credit: Robb Nickell

Coming Up For Air have just recently begun playing live gigs in Dayton; I was fortunate to see them perform at Blind Bob’s in downtown Dayton, back on April 14th. With Metal Odyssey’s staff photographer Robb Nickell, I enjoyed a live set of songs from Coming Up For Air that left me impressed, feeling good and eager to see them live again very soon. Blind Bob’s proved to be a perfect and intimate setting to be introduced to Coming Up For Air.

Blind Bobs - Dayton - Ohio - April 14 - 2016 - #MO99099

photo credit: Robb Nickell

CUFA had their fans in attendance and the mood of the crowd was decisively upbeat at every note they heard. The sound and volume were perfect for a live setting of this size. No bullshit and very cool vibes were shared by all that night at Blind Bob’s, as Coming Up For Air played with the confidence and maturity that I love to see, especially with a young and rising band. Good times. Good people. Good club. Great band. Dig it. – Stone

Dylan Bailey - April 14 - Blind Bobs - #MO99099

Above: guitarist Dylan Bailey

photo credit: Robb Nickell



Ridge Higgins – Drums, Keys, Aux Percussion

Eric Ballein – Vocals and Guitar

Dylan Bailey – Guitar

Comng Up For Air - Between The Party Lines - promo album cover pic - 2016 - #MO999ILGF

From Coming Up For Air:

Between the Party Lines, our debut release, is now available on all popular streaming platforms! Below will be the several links to the most common ones for you all to check out. Today is momentous for us as musicians because it is the beginning of what we will hopefully continue to do. Please listen to, like, share, stream and purchase our album because each of these things support what he have crafted with love, sweat and the occasional inappropriate remark.…/between-the-party-lines…/Coming_Up_For_Air_Between_the_Par…








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Revolver - Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock Tour - promo flyer - 2015

A message from Flyleaf: We’re very excited to announce we are headlining the Revolver: Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour (2015) along with The Agonist, Fit For Rivals, DIAMANTE and Falling For Scarlet! Check to see if we’re hitting your city and if so you can’t miss this tour! Buy tickets today!

Flyleaf - promo band pic - album flyer - 2015 - #33FMO0307


Kristen May – vocals

Sameer Bhattacharya – guitar

Jared Hartmann – guitar

Pat Seals – bass

James Culpepper – drums



Loud & Proud Records - large logo - 2014 - red black white





DRAWERS And NOLENTIA Announce Cuban Tour

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Brutal Fest Winter - 2015 - promo tour flyer - #201502MO

Kaotoxin Records is proud to announce that two of its bands, DRAWERS and NOLENTIAwill tour Cuba in February. Part of the ongoing Brutal Fest bi-annual tour series, the tour will bring five international bands (also including LA HORE, SICKRET and SUPERBUTT) to Cuba in February, where they’ll play a series of gigs around the country along with local acts (Combat Noise, Darkness Fall, Blinder, Trendkill, Claim…). Check out the Brutal Fest Tour Trailer at this location.

DRAWERS are touring in support of their 2014 self-titled second full-length album and NOLENTIA in support of their 2013 sophomore release May the Hand that Holds the Match that Will Set this World on Fire Be Blessed above All.

Tour Dates:

Feb. 13 – Holguin

Feb. 14 – Bayamo

Feb. 15 – Bayamo

Feb. 17 – Camaguey

Feb. 19 – Santa Clara

Feb. 20 – Habana

Feb. 21 – Habana

Feb. 22 – Matanzas


Click here to view NOLENTIA’s official video for “On this Side of the Grave” and here for DRAWER’s official video for “Shadow Dancers.”


Source: ClawHammer PR

Kaotoxin - Label Logo - 2014 - #0002




On This Day In METAL History – December 28th… Led Zeppelin, Vanilla Fudge And The Doors

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Vanilla Fudge - Led Zeppelin - promo flyer -

On December 28th, 1968Led Zeppelin performed their first concert in Canada at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia, supporting Vanilla Fudge. Notice the above concert flyer doesn’t even have Led Zeppelin billed on it! Holy baloney! It’s amazing Metal history, to say the very least!

The Led Zeppelin lineup was of course: Robert Plant (vocals), Jimmy Page (guitars), John Paul Jones (bass) and the late John Bonham on drums. Rest in peace, John Bonham. The stellar lineup for Vanilla Fudge, on this date was: Mark Stein (vocals & organ/keys), Tim Bogert (bass & vocals), Vince Martell (guitar & vocals) and Carmine Appice (drums & vocals).

Led Zeppelin - Classic Band Logo - B&W - #016601

I’m not taking anything away from the legendary Vanilla Fudge; there have been many instances in Metal history where I can look back and chuckle at who opened for what band. Vanilla Fudge are an important and legendary band that also paved roads for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Heck, I remember seeing Metallica open for Ozzy Osbourne; it’s all part of the natural progression of any upstart band, regardless of the fame of any individual band members. The exposure that Led Zeppelin received by opening for Vanilla Fudge was more than likely immeasurable, back in the day.

You will have to zoom-in (below) to read this not too pleasant review of Led Zeppelin’s supporting performance, written by “Teen Talk” reporter Jim Allan. Hey, as I believe: any press is good press, if you’re a band. Jim Allan did dig the performance by Vanilla Fudge, however.

Led Zeppelin - Vanilla Fudge concert review - 1968 - Jim Allan - promo pic

Below is a real-deal ticket stub from this iconic night of Hard Rock and Psychedelia:

Vanilla Fudge - Led Zeppelin - ticket stub - Vancouver - 1968 Concert - promo pic

You can read much more about Led Zeppelin opening for Vanilla Fudge by clicking the link below! Whoa!

The Doors - Touch Me - Wild Child - promo 45rpm - single cover sleeve - #1968JM

On December 28th, 1968 – The Doors released their single Touch Me. This hit went on to reach #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart, becoming the third Gold Single from The Doors. This sensational song is featured on The Doors fourth studio album, The Soft Parade, released in 1969, via Elektra. Rest in peace, Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




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