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ANNIHILATOR “For The Demented” – New Studio Album Releases On November 3rd!

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Annihilator - For The Demented - promo album cover - 2017 - #33MO33ILMFSO

Canadian Thrash Metal warriors, ANNIHILATOR, will be releasing For The Demented, their 16th studio album, on November 3rd via Neverland Music/Silver Lining Music.


Jeff Waters (vocals, guitar)
Fabio Alessandrini (drums)
Rich Hinks (bass)
Aaron Homma (guitar)

For The DementedTrack Listing:

01. Twisted Lobotomy
02. One To Kill
03. For The Demented
04. Pieces of You
05. The Demon You Know
06. Phantom Asylum
07. Altering The Alter
08. The Way
09. Dark
10. Not All There


For more band info:





Yukon Power Thrashers SANKTUARY Offer FREE Download “Corpse Blockade” via PureGrainAudio

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Sanktuary - promo band pic - 2015 - #MO33MDFSNMS9933004E

L-R: Anders Grasholm – Drums | Cole Hume – Bass | Alan Binger – Vocals, Guitar | Glen Emond – Guitar


New Album ‘Winter’s Doom’ Out Jan 22nd

Power Thrash champions SANKTUARY are returning in 2016 with their new album ‘Winters Doom’ to follow-up 2013’s widely praised ‘Something Fierce’. Set to be unleashed on January 22nd, the Yukon warriors of the Canadian North have teamed up with for the premiere and FREE download of their second single ‘Corpse Blockade’.

Bassist Cole Hume explains the track:

“A Necromancer summons the dead and forms a wall of corpses as his entourage. Moral of the story…don’t fuck with this Necromancer.”

Get your FREE download of ‘Corpse Blockade’ at the following link:

‘Winter’s Doom’ is available for pre-order at the following bandcamp link here.

This template is for a full-size CD Digi Tray Pack (5.5" x 5").4-panel CD Tray PackFinal size: 5.53” x 5” x 0.25“0.125” bleed requiredCMYK offset printing with aqueous varnishCD Digi Tray PackGrandeur final: 5.53” x 5” x 0.25“Fond perdu de 0.125”Procédé offset CMJN avec vernis AQ

WINTER’S DOOM – Track List:

1. Space Race (4:30)
2. Wild Is The Wind (4:12)
3. Vermin Lord (6:50)
4. Winter’s Doom (3:39)
5. Open Your Eyes (4:40)
6. Corpse Blockade (4:15)
7. Maximum Authority (4:46)
Album Length: 32:55



Power Thrash champions SANKTUARY hail from the harsh and blisteringly cold of the deep far North of Canada’s Yukon Territory, situating themselves in the city of Whitehorse (pretty far north, like the Siberia of Canada eh!). They have been trekking across the country for the past 6 years to bring their fierce and dynamic high-speed riffs, catchy hooks and belted out lyrics to the Metal crowds.

A collective vision that began in high school with a group of like-minded teens fed up with the constraints of mainstream music who wanted to emulate the lifestyles of their favourite bands. Their straight-forward, no-bullshit attitudes shape their signature brand of Heavy Metal, which has led them to release the full length, 2013’s ‘Something Fierce’ that reached #19 on the national college radio loud charts, 2011’s ‘Tundrastruck’ split with Nova Scotia’s Black Moor and Montreal’s Metallian, plus two EPs – 2010’s ‘Black Magic’ and 2009’s self-titled.

Members of the band write harmoniously, basing each song off of a key riff from either Alan Binger (vocals and guitar), Glen Emond (guitar), or Cole Hume (bass) and then Anders Grasholm (drums) works his magic on the rhythm of each tune.

2016 see the band’s return with their sophomore album ‘Winter’s Doom’ set for release on January 22nd, 2016. The album features seven killer high-speed, breakneck Thrash Metal tracks inspired by the Yukon’s far North they call home, along with other issues such as politics, technology, etc..

“In the title track and album cover we portray ourselves as Heavy Metal warriors thriving in a habitat where most would perish instantaneously.That’s our homeland, the Yukon.” comments the band.

Stay tuned for what Sanktuary has to offer for fans! Visit their Facebook page for more details at:



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Mosh Pit Alert: FORWARD UNTO DAWN Take “ALPHA” On The Road

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Forward Unto Dawn - promo tour flyer - Canada - Summer - 2015

Get Ready to Mosh

Forward Unto Dawn are gearing up to ignite pits across Canada.

Halifax, Nova Scotia-based deathcore band Forward Unto Dawn are taking the heavy riffs and smooth grooves of their recently released EP ALPHA on the road. Joined by their brothers in metal, SINTHETIK, The Parallel and The Luminary, the ALPHA Release Tour is set to open up the pit, and assault all of the senses.

In the words of Forward Unto Dawn bassist, Devan Smith:

“Not only is it exciting for us to continue to push ALPHA, the album we all worked so hard on and are so proud of, but this is also our first trip out of the Maritimes. Intrepid Bookings set us up with stellar bands that we are ecstatic to work with. The gents in SINTHETIK will be along for the entire ride, while The Parallel will be crossing the Maritimes with us then passing the torch to The Luminary for dates through August. It is an awesome feeling to be able to bring Forward Unto Dawn’s music to an entirely new scene and to have the opportunity to play alongside the diverse talent that exists across Canada.”

Forward Unto Dawn - promo live band pic - 2015 - #052715FUDMO3

The ALPHA Release Tour Dates:

July 23rd – Halifax, NS – Gus’ Pub w/ SINTHETIK and The Parallel
July 24th – Truro, NS – The Split Crow w/ SINTHETIK and The Parallel
July 25th – Saint John, NB – Pub Down Under w/ SINTHETIK and The Parallel
July 26th – TBA w/ SINTHETIK and The Parallel
July 30th – Montreal, QC – Piranha Bar w/ SINTHETIK and The Parallel
July 31st – Ottawa, ON – Pressed w/ SINTHETIK and The Parallel
August 1st – Toronto, ON – Rancho Relaxo w/ SINTHETIK and The Luminary
August 2nd – Hamilton, ON – The Doors Pub w/ SINTHETIK and The Luminary
August 3rd – London, ON – The APK w/ SINTHETIK and The Luminary


Source: Dewar PR Facebook

Official Forward Unto Dawn Links:









80’s Thrashers AGGRESSION Reunite On Canadian C.H.U.D. Invasion Tour

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Aggression - Canadian CHUD Invasion Tour - promo flyer - Summer 2015

Song Stream – Rotten By Torture:

Founding Member /Bassist Yves “Dug” Duguay Rejoins

Recently celebrating their 30 year anniversary tour earlier this March on their ‘Forsaken East Coast Survival US Tour’, AGGRESSION have re-kindled their fire and hitting the road once again with not just founding member / guitarist Denis ‘Sasquatch’ Barthe who reformed the Canadian 80’s thrashers, but will have original bassist Yves “Dug” Duguay rejoin them for their ‘Canadian C.H.U.D. Invasion Tour’ that includes three festival appearances at Alberta’s Farmageddon Open Air in June along with BC’s Metallion Festival and Montreal’s Obscene Extreme Festival in August (all dates listed below).

“Seeing the new version of the band and having a chance to play one show with them already back in March, I had no other options than joining when the chance came up! The new members do a great job helping capture the essence of what Aggression is supposed to be. Seeing them perform brought me right back to the early days. Of course it is nice to be reunited with Denis “Sasquatch” Barthe too!” – comments bassist Yves “Dug” Duguay.

‘Canadian C.H.U.D. Invasion Tour’ 

June 5 – Vancouver, BC – Wise Hall & Lounge –  Event Details here.

June 6 – Victoria, BC – The Cambie – Event Details here.

June 12 –  Calgary, AB – Overtime Sports Bar – Event Details here.

June 14- Ryley, AB – Farmageddon Open Air Festival – Event Details here.

August 14 – Vanderhoof, BC – Metallion Festival – Event Details here.

August 20 – Quebec City, QC – Bar La Source De La Martiniere

August 21 –  Montreal, QC – Obscene Extreme America Festival – Event Details here.

August 22 – Jonquiere, QC – Le 4 Barils – Event Details here.

August 23 – Trois-Rivieres, QC – Rock Cafe Le Stage



Formed in 1985 under the original moniker “Asylum” to be later changed to AGGRESSION, the speed metallers unleashed their 1986 demo “Forgotten Skeleton”, (which saw an album release in 2005) and their debut full length “The Full Treatment” in 1987, which lead them to become one of the most popular bands to rise out of the Quebec and Canadian metal scene. With their manager at the time (Johnny Hart), AGGRESSION quickly became a household name with their concerts sold out everywhere and a fan base that grew from hundreds to thousands in no time.

Other bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Exodus, Hallow’s Eve, Destruction and others all wanted to see the beast for themselves during tour stops in Montreal. Playing numerous concerts with bands such as Anvil, Celtic Frost, Voïvod, Nuclear Assault, Agnostic Front, D.R.I., Possessed, Dark Angel, Crumbsuckers, Sacrifice and others, AGGRESSION decided to call it quits in 1989 due to external influences.



*band line up for recordings was Denis Sasquatch Barthe (guitar and backup vocals), Botcher (vocals), Burn (guitar), Dug (bass) and Gate (drums and backup vocals).

*1985 – *4 track demo

*1986 – *Live (14 track live album)

*1986  -* 4 Track demo

*1986 – Forgotten Skeleton (originally recorded in 1986 and later released in 2004)

1987 – The Full Treatment (full length) – band lineup for The Full Treatment was Denis Sasquatch Barthe (guitar and backup vocals), Cactus Pete (vocals) Dug (bass and backup vocals) and Gate (drums and backup vocals)


For more info on Aggression, please visit the following links:



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vod Releases ᑑᕐᖓᐃᑦ (Tuurngait)

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VOD - new studio album - promo cover pic - 2015

New album now available via Bandcamp

After a few delays, Quebec’s vod are proud to announce that they have finally released their album ᑑᕐᖓᐃᑦ. The album, also known as Tuurngait, contains 8 tracks of unique music that has been described as drone music mixed with Meshuggah. The music is entirely bass driven with no guitars present.

The album is now available for download on Bandcamp and each download contains a free booklet of bass tabs for the songs.

Download and listen to the album at this location:

Praise for vod:

“One of the best releases from a newer band this year. – Headbang or GTFO

“Overall, this is a solid and unique album” – Metal for Music Majors

“This entire album seems to be a deliberate attempt to do something far outside the norm or known” – Direnotes


Source: Dewar PR

vod online:




Long Live vod.

Long Live Canada.


ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN – Announce Alberta Show Dates

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Arrival Of Autumn - promo band pic - #2015AOAMO

Shaking up the Canadian prairies with their heavy riffs, hooky vocals and speed demon double kicks, Grande Prairie, AB’s ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN announce they will be performing Alberta dates in Red Deer on Feb 13th and Calgary on Feb 14th, in support of their latest release ‘Shadows’, which is now streaming at the following link here.

Feb 13 – Red Deer – The Vat – Eye of Horus/Earth’s Ashes, Arrival Of Autumn, & Terrorfist – Show Info

Feb 14 – Calgary – The Blind Beggar –  David Kemick, Day I Die, The Archon Prophecy, and Arrival Of Autumn

Album Stream – Purchase Shadows:

Arrival Of Autumn - Shadows - promo cover pic - #AOA2014SMO

Track Listing – Shadows

  1. DanmnedNation (3:08)
  2. Selfish Sanity (4:25)
  3. Labryinth (4:21)
  4. Forget Me Now (3:32)
  5. Endless Nights (4:19)
  6. Like Fire (3:22)
  7. The Court Of Owls (4:10)
  8. Shadows (5:01)
  9. There’s No Angels Here (3:57)
  10. Fall In Ashes (4:28)

Song Stream – Labyrinth:

About Arrival Of Autumn:

A band name inspired by Opeth lyric’s (thanks to drummer Ty Fox) and influenced by various genres ranging from melodic death to groove metal to progressive to rock n’ roll, AOA’s catalogue has grown rapidly with two self-releases in 2014. First it was their debut EP ‘Endless Nights’ in March followed by their ten track full length ‘Shadows’ in September.

Touching on personal issues to triumphing demons as a band, ‘Shadows’ with a dash of dark lyrics and tracks such as The Court Of Owls to There’s No Angels Here to the infectious chorus of Like Fire demonstrates AOA are not just evolving, but are a live force raging to be discovered by the masses.

For more info, please visit


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FREE DOWNLOAD – Hammer Smashed Radio Releases Annual Xmas Compilation

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Hammer Smashed Radio - Christmas Compilation - promo cover pic - #2014HSR

Hammer Smashed Radio, on Ottawa’s CKCU 93.1 FM’s flagship Metal program has released their second annual Xmas Compilation featuring 26 tracks of underground Canadian Metal.

“This year we decided to expand the compilation beyond just bands from our scene, which was really fun. Adding in Untimely Demise, Bookakee, Samskaras and Unbreakable Hatred, plus some less extreme though equally punishing bands like Alaskan and Greber, had allowed us to put together a compilation that really showcases the talent and variety of underground metal that Canada has to offer.” comments Hammer Smashed Radio host and Accursed Spawn/Mortor drummer Jay Cross.

Free download:

Hammer Smashed Radio - Christmas Compilation - promo cover pic - #2014HSR

Track List:

Insurrection – Prototype

Killitorous – George Costanza’s Father’s Son

Bookakee – Return of the Loving Dead

Accursed Spawn – Clotheshanger Abortion

Samskaras – Consecrate

Deformatory – Dehumanized

Dark Century – Gore on my Snare

Unbreakable Hatred – Religious Intervention

Fuck the Facts – Endless Emptiness

…From the Deep – Labyrinth (Of Melting Thoughts…)

Greber – Fredricton

Alaskan – Inferno

Norlisk – Japetus

Endemise – Nocturne

Untimely Demise – Spiritual Embezzlement

Venator – The Weapon of Fear

Garbage Can – What Are You Waiting For… Christmas?

Fumigation – Craniofacial Duplication

Accursed Creation – Arcane Divide

Outrage A.D. – New Blood

Agony Spawn – Lexie’s Song

Descendant – Speed Run Rudolph

Muffler Crunch – Chickadee

Vyc Vypr – A Hero’s Grave

Criticull – Fifty Shades of Brown

Angry – Regressive


For more info on Hammer Smashed Radio, please visit the following link:


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