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BURY TOMORROW – To Visit hmv To Celebrate The Release Of Their New Album ‘Earthbound’.

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Friday, January 29 – 6pm – hmv 363 Oxford Street, London – Tickets available at

One of the UK’s premier purveyors of Metalcore, Bury Tomorrow visit hmv to perform live and sign copies of their new album ‘Earthbound’.

Bury Tomorrow release their eagerly anticipated new album ‘Earthbound’, the follow up to 2014’s UK rock chart number 1 record ‘Runes’. Frontman Dani Winter-Bates says of ‘Earthbound’, “To me, it feels like the distillation of everything we’ve ever wanted this band to be about. We wanted pace, we wanted heaviness, and for me, personally, I wanted to write a record which was the sonic embodiment of a circle pit. I think we’ve done that.” But while fans of the heavy stuff will find plenty to grasp onto here, it’s the now trademark interplay between Dani and guitarist/singer Jason Cameron which sets ‘Earthbound’ apart. “We’ve always wanted to be like one vocalist in two parts and I think we’ve achieved that here.” Says Dani.

Bury Tomorrow’s ethos has always been a threefold focus on unswerving passion, unrelenting hard work and remorselessly driving, slash ‘n’ burn riffola. They’ve come far from small to 1,000+ capacity venues, but their values remain the same. Dani explains: “To me nothing has changed. I still want to meet every kid who is there, get a picture if they want one and sign something if they want it signed. That’s just the kind of people we are – that’s just the kind of band we are.”


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WE CAME AS ROMANS “Fade Away” – #2 In A Series Of Celebrating Peace And Hope On Metal Odyssey

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We Came As Romans - Tracing Back Roots - promo cover pic

Within this week marking the anniversary of the horrific events that occurred in the U.S.A. on September 11th, 2001, I will be featuring songs of hope, love, inspiration, positive vibes and goodwill towards man. These songs will be pulled from the Hard Rock and Metal genres too. Hopefully, an attack like that will never happen again upon any country.

There currently is way too much conflict and suffering happening in the world today; our life on Earth is too short for such carnage and despair. War is not the answer and I cherish life, family, music and of course… Metal Buddies. Metal be thy name.

Below is the official music video for Fade Away, from Detroit, Michigan’s very own We Came As Romans. A Metalcore band that features both a melodic and Hardcore sound, We Came As Romans have recently crashed the charts with their Billboard top-ten studio album: Tracing Back Roots. The inspiring lyrics to Fade Away are nothing short of personal perseverance and hope filled. Below, listen to and watch Fade Away by We Came As Romans:

We Came As Romans - Band Logo - white

Dave Stephens – vocals

Kyle Pavone – vocals/keys

Joshua Moore – guitar

Lou Cotton – guitar

Andy Glass – bass

Eric Choi – drums

Keep Calm And Spread Some Hope - promo pic - Metal Odyssey_____________________________________________________

* Tracing Back Roots was released on July 23rd, 2013, via Equal Vision Records.

* For More Info On WE CAME AS ROMANS:

Facebook: We Came As Romans

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





BUST A MOVE – Releasing New Full-Length Via Bastardized Recordings

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It’s official: Bust A Move will release their full-length There’s no 
Place like Home on October 19th 2012 on Bastardized Recordings! They 
are very stoked and super happy to finally release this beast! More 
information coming soon!



Marc A. – Vocals

Phil N. – Guitar

Dimi T. – Guitar

Lasse W. – Bass

Dominik S. – Drums


(Source: Massacre Promotion / News)

For more info on BUST A MOVE, click on the links below!



COME THE DAWN – Currently Finishing Album; ‘Daily Gnargoyles’ Song Streaming Now!

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COME THE DAWN are from Cincinnati, Ohio and have garnered enormous national attention; while recently playing Summer Slaughter, Warped Tour and Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. Sharing the stage with Metal icons the likes of Slayer, Slipknot, Anthrax and Motörhead is impressive, Metal be thy name.

Currently finishing up their album, COME THE DAWN will be announcing a producer in the near future. If you dig The Devil Wears Prada and Asking Alexandria (like I do) then you’ll have no problem embracing the Metal that COME THE DAWN plays. I can hear a respectable level of Slipknot influence in this band’s Metal and that’s very cool to me. Damn cool.

This Metal/Electronic band turns up the dial on Extreme impressively well, with hardcore vocals, pummeling rhythm and punishing speed on all counts. Take a listen to their song Daily Gnargoyles below and hear the Metal of COME THE DAWN for yourself!


 Marcus Barber – vocals

Samuel Morelock – guitar/programming

John Bobinger – guitar/vocals

Brad Ferguson – bass

Josh Sexton – drums


For more info on COME THE DAWN, click on the links below!



SHADOWS FALL “Fire From The Sky” – A First-Rate Metal Execution, From New England’s Metal Ambassadors

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SHADOWS FALL – The seventh studio album, Fire From The Sky, from Shadows Fall was released back on May 15th, 2012, via Razor & Tie. I bought my (unedited) copy at Super Walmart. That’s correct. Super Walmart. There are no cool and independent record stores anywhere near where I live, thus Super Walmart is my Metal pimp. I’ll have to admit I like Fire From The Sky a great deal and I’ll tell you why, (here and there).

I’ve always gravitated towards Shadows Fall’s sound. Enjoying their catalog of albums has come about quite easily for me. Maybe it’s cause I like quality Metal. Maybe it’s due to my being born and raised in New England? Over the years, I’ve never seemed to find anything that I dislike about the Metal of Shadows Fall. Even if there is some loyalty to the Boston Red Sox within the Shadows Fall band, I still feel they kick legitimate Metal ass. Their Metal has never failed to raise my adrenaline level a notch or two.

I have read many positive reviews for Fire From The Sky and deservedly so. A few reviews I’ve read have made me chuckle. A consistent “negative” jab at this new Fire From The Sky album has been that it’s “nothing new” and “it’s the same old” from Shadows Fall. Whoa. Stop right there. For decades, the likes of RUSH, Iron MaidenAC/DC and Motörhead have essentially stuck to their musical blueprints and have released “the same old” too. Therefore, I am guessing that Shadows Fall are in legendary Metal company then, huh? Sometimes the “let’s change for change sake” school of thought in Metal is better left for another day.

What do some people want nowadays? Did they expect Shadows Fall to release an album that sounded like Men Without Hats meets KROKUS? Do these same critics want Tony Bennet to record an Industrial Metal album? I’ve never bought into the “same old club” and never will. It’s like that ancient Metal troll that lives deep in the Pennsylvania wilderness once told me: “Stone, if it ain’t broke, d-d-d-on’t f-f-fix it”.

Shadows Fall have evolved musically as a band and that’s change alone. One only needs to listen to their albums in succession to understand that. Critics who’ve only listened to Fire From The Sky and no other Shadows Fall album and decide to use the words “same old” only allows their Metal credibility to stick out like a swollen and sore thumb.

The beefy Thrash Metal sound meets (melodic) Metalcore is what I jump up and down for most from Shadows Fall. Yes, there are Melodic Death Metal tendencies/vocals, only Shadows Fall is not Amon Amarth for crap sakes. (Amon Amarth Rules, by the way). Shadows Fall rules on Fire From The Sky and this is yet another album that finishes and I’m like: “What the F**K, keep going! Don’t end now!”

This is a damn excellent album from a damn excellent band. They’ve sharpened their Metal skills once again. The intensity, heavy grooves, brain imprinting harsh and harmonious vocals, impressive guitar parts (all), eye-popping drumming, smart lyrics and grand song structures are all back from Shadows Fall on Fire From The Sky. I’ll take the “same old” from this band 24/7 and on a month of Sundays. Adam Dutkiewicz has produced and engineered yet another tremendous album and I’m now bestowing this nickname upon him: Modern Metal Marvel. Metal be thy name.



Brian Fair – vocals

Jon Donais – lead guitar

Matt Bachand – guitar/vocals

Paul Romanko – bass

Jason Bittner – drums

FIRE FROM THE SKY – Track Listing:

The Unknown

Divide And Conquer

Weight Of The World

Nothing Remains

Fire From The Sky

Save Your Soul

Blind Faith

Lost Within

Walk The Edge

The Wasteland


For more info on SHADOWS FALL, click on the links below!



FOR TODAY “Immortal” – Releases On March 29th, 2012, Via Razor & Tie; New Single “Fearless” Available Now On iTunes

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FOR TODAY are a Christian Metalcore band (with Hardcore influence) from Sioux City, Iowa that formed back in 2005. Their fourth studio album, Immortal, will be released on March 29th, 2012, via Razor & Tie Records. Immortal will be the band’s debut for Razor & Tie Records, having their prior albums released via Facedown Records.

You can download their new single “Fearless” on iTunes here:

I bought this Fearless single and I’ll have to admit, it’s one heavy song. A very memorable chorus, along with some punishing drums and face-melting hardcore vocals, combines to make Fearless a dominating sonic experience. Metal be thy name.





RYAN LEITRU – Guitar/Vocals




For more info on FOR TODAY, click on the links below!



DIECAST – Announce Spring Tour Dates, Tour Sponsored By

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Boston Metalcore act DIECAST has announced a string of Tour dates for this Spring. The tour will be sponsored by the Metal authorities over at The band is currently working on an upcoming full length. Stay tuned for more DIECAST tour dates to surface soon. Be sure to stay tuned to for tour updates:


DIECAST On Tour Spring 2012:

3/15 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Morgan

3/16 – Trenton, NJ @ Championship

3/17 – Baltimore, MD @ Recher Theater

4/27 – Southbridge, MA @ Mill Street Brews

4/28 – Albany, NY @ Bogies w/ Brick By Brick

4/29 – Long Island, NY @ Broadway Bar

4/30 – Springfield, VA @ Empire (formerly Jaxx)

 5/01 – Fayetteville, NC @ Rock Shop

 5/02 – Savannah, GA @ The Wormhole

 5/03 – Jacksonville, FL @ Brewsters Pit

 5/04 – Cocoa Beach, FL @ 321 Local

 5/05 – St. Petersburg, FL @ The Local

 5/06 – Lake Worth, FL @ Speakeasy Lounge


(Source: Team All About The Music – Publicity, Management, A&R)
For more info on DIECAST:



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