Relocation Is On The Horizon For Stone… What’s Next For Metal Odyssey?


I did mention back in the Fall of 2012 (both here and on twitter) that my family and I were in the beginning phases of relocating to Ohio. It’s time to report that we are now in the mosh pit of relocating. Things are crazy around here with schedules, packing and basically uprooting our lives to another state. My love and commitment to my family has and always shall be #1, while my everlasting devotion to Metal will never exit my soul.

From now until the beginning days of March (2013) there may not be as many posts launched on Metal Odyssey that you are normally used to. Days and perhaps (worst case scenario) weeks may go by without seeing a new feature or post launched on this site. In the meantime, there will be posts launched throughout January and the archives of Rock N’ Metal will forever be at your reach; right here at Metal Odyssey. Please enjoy them, any or all!


During the down periods of posting on Metal Odyssey, I will make every attempt to get on twitter to communicate my Metal thoughts and non-sensical blab to the world! You can always communicate to me on twitter, 24/7 and I will be grateful for your Metal support.

Here’s where you can follow and/or leave a message for (me) Stone on twitter; just copy and paste into your browser:

* The Metal Odyssey contact email will not change! Bands, PR, Record Companies and Metal Buddies can always reach me (in the meantime) via my email, by clicking on this link below:

*Want your music reviewed or to be interviewed by Stone?

I extend my sincerest Metal apologies to everyone for this temporary curve in the Metal road and promise to all of you that Metal Odyssey is NOT closing Metal shop! In fact, Metal Odyssey will once again be back for the Metal attack… and there’s no looking back! Plus, I have a ton of writing to do still once I jump in full-tilt for Hard Rock Nights. Ring that relocation bell and tell all the posers to go straight to hell. Metal be thy name.

YOU come to Metal Odyssey cause YOU are a DEFENDER OF THE FAITH and YOU ROCK.




Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small






11 Responses to “Relocation Is On The Horizon For Stone… What’s Next For Metal Odyssey?”

  1. All the best with the move, hope it all goes well.

  2. Good luck – moving is a pain.

  3. Wishing you all the best with the move my friend – hope all goes well, and your Ohio life rocks! \m/\m/

  4. Good luck my friend \m/

  5. […] Relocation Is On The Horizon For Stone… What’s Next For Metal Odyssey? […]

  6. […] Relocation Is On The Horizon For Stone… What’s Next For Metal Odyssey? […]

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