Stone’s Relocation Files: Part Two – It’s The Final Countdown!

Europe - The Final Countdown - promo cover pic!

Stone’s Relocation Files: Part Two – Back on January 2nd and February 8th, I wrote about how my family and I are relocating to Ohio. Leaving the Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania and embarking on an entire changeover to Ohio is no easy task! Therefore, there may be some interruption with my covering the Metal news, album reviews, interviews and random Metal blabbing that you’ve become accustomed to on Metal Odyssey.

I have scheduled some kick-ass posts that will run through the third week of February (just in case there’s a bottleneck in getting the internet into our new home).

As you read this, my family and I are now official residents of Ohio! Whoa! We are now residents of the Buckeye State! 

Have no fear, Metal Odyssey is not going anywhere and I shall get back in the Metal groove, once my family and I are settled into our new home and surroundings in Ohio. In the Metal meantime, I’m crossing my Metal fingers that internet access will be delivered to our new home in a reasonable time frame!

Here’s A BIG METAL THANK YOU to every visitor for your supporting Metal Odyssey!


By now you are probably wondering: why did Stone put the album cover of EUROPE – The Final Countdown at the top of his Relocation Files post? The answer is simple. Ever since this whole relocation gig began to heat up, the title track from this EUROPE album popped into my Metal brain! I just couldn’t shake this (very popular) song from my sub-conscious! Therefore, as each day passed and our relocation to Ohio became more of a reality, it all became a final countdown feeling to this entire life changing journey.

I never would have predicted that this (very huge 80’s hit) from EUROPE would become a theme song for me, as it represents such an important chapter in my Metal life. Metal be thy name.


DID YOU KNOW: EUROPE will be playing a very special gig at this year’s Sweden Rock Festival, on June 7th; celebrating their 30th Anniversary as a world-wide successful Hard Rockin’ band! Whoa!

Europe - Sweden Rock Festival - 2013 - promo banner - 30th Anniversary


Back on January 2nd, I wrote about the relocation that would be taking place in the live’s of my family and I. You can read all about it by clicking that handsome link below! Whoa!

Relocation Is On The Horizon For Stone… What’s Next For Metal Odyssey?


EUROPE – The Final Countdown was released back in the Spring of 1986, via Epic Records.

For more info on EUROPE, click on the links below!

facebook: Europe

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small






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  1. one of my favourite albums is by Europe’s guitarist John Norum, featuring Glenn Hughes on vocals – called ‘Face the Truth’. Features some great original tracks plus a wicked cover of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Opium Trail’.

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