Stone’s Relocation Files: Part Three – My CD Collection Is A Mess!

CD Stack - 2013 - Stone's Relocation Files

Okay, so there are worse things in life to worry about. I know that. I am thankful my family and I are all alive and healthy after our big relocation to Ohio; via Pennsylvania. Still, I am floored by how messed up my CD collection has become, since the unpacking commenced! I, like so many of my fellow Metal brethren, have always strived for some sort of “system” to the way I group my CD collection. I’m far from being a perfectionist, however, I’ve come close to it, when it comes to my CD organization skills.

Part of my CD collection used to be in alphabetical order. Other parts of my CD collection used to be divided up into bands and genres. Now my CD’s are just divided up into a where is it? collection! You see, I was told not to pack my CD’s by the moving company; they were hired to do all the packing of all our possessions for us. I should have packed my own CD’s. Glory be to the Metal Gods, I should have!

Eventually, I’ll have my “systems” all back into place and my CD collection will be back to normal. For now, I’ll just get by with having my Hatebreed and Electric Light Orchestra CD’s next to each other. I’ll ignore that my Venom CD’s are on top of my Santana CD’s too. I’m certain that these CD’s will all get along with each other; unless the Venom CD’s have something to say about it! Metal be thy name.


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2 Responses to “Stone’s Relocation Files: Part Three – My CD Collection Is A Mess!”

  1. Good luck. That would drive me crazy.

    • Thanks Metal Buddy… I need all the luck I can get when it comes to opening up these boxes! I am rising above it all by telling myself it’s just stuff. The only thing is… it’s my METAL & Rock ‘N’ Roll stuff! There’s a difference! LOL! \m/

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