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THIN LIZZY – ICON Greatest Hits: 11 Songs Of Timeless, Classic Hard Rock

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THIN LIZZY – Released on June 21st, 2011, via Mercury Records is the Icon series of greatest hits installment of the ultra-legendary: Thin Lizzy. There are 11 songs on this Thin Lizzy compilation. Timeless, Revered, Classic Rock songs all. This past week, I bought this CD for two reasons: 1. I really dig Thin Lizzy and 2. I do not have every Thin Lizzy album on CD. Stone still swims among his vinyl and cassettes, therefore, Metal be thy name and ring that Old School F’n bell.

This Thin Lizzy CD set me back $7 (U.S.) and I’m happier than a pig in murky, stink ridden mud now that I own it. How can any of these Thin Lizzy classics ever grow stale? Impossible I say! These Thin Lizzy songs are the reason why the word “Classic” was put in front of the word “Rock”.

It is a difficult task in choosing which is my favorite Thin Lizzy song on this CD. I’ll go with Cowboy Song for now, then an hour later it is Jailbreak. Tomorrow it’s The Boys Are Back In Town as my top choice. You get the Metal picture.

Thin Lizzy – Icon Track Listing:

Whiskey In The Jar

The Rocker

Still In Love With You


The Boys Are Back In Town


Cowboy Song


Don’t Believe A Word

Bad Reputation

Dancing In The Moonlight (It’s Caught Me In It’s Spotlight)

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Rest In Peace, Phil Lynott and Gary Moore.


AEROSMITH – Revisiting Their Greatest Hits Album From 1980

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AEROSMITH – If I had a buffalo nickel for every good-time moment I had, while this 1980 Greatest Hits album from Aerosmith played, I’d be a wealthy Metal lovin’ dude. Then again, the wealth of good-time memories that I’ve accumulated from listening to Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits can’t be taken away from me… like money can. Sometime in the early 80’s I bought this album due to my not owning every Aerosmith album at the time, it just made good sense to have their hits all in one shot.

If my Metal memory serves me correct, just about every keg party and date I experienced through high school had this Aerosmith album playing in the background. Granted, it was not the only cool Rock ‘N’ Roll being played, yet it was played. In all Metal honesty, I had my cassette copy of Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits in my car, straight through my college years. Whenever I listen to this album today, I can vividly picture cruising in my 1985, dark blue, Cutlass Supreme… and driving in my 1984 Dodge Charger 2.2… looking for a party and chicks. Not hot rods were my cars back then, only they got the Metal job done. Ah, Metal youth and easy daze. Um, I mean easy days.

This Aerosmith album was released back when a “greatest hits” was truly just that. These were days when bands actually had ten or more solid hits to compile for their fans both old and new. All ten of these Aerosmith songs were FM radio hits and not supposed hits, b-sides or rarities, like many of today’s greatest hits albums boast. The ten songs on this album are undisputed classics, crossing through the Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal genres. Steven Tyler’s vocals and Joe Perry’s guitar are as identifiable as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards or Steve Perry and Neal Schon. Icons all.

Little did I know back in 1980, that the legendary guitar duo of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford would not be on the following 1982 Aerosmith studio album (and seventh overall) Rock In A Hard Place. Brad Whitford did play guitar on Lightning Strikes, which is my favorite song on Rock In A Hard Place. I do remember the “buzz” being written regarding the departure of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford back then, in Hard Rock magazines such as Creem and Hit Parader. As soon as 1985 came around, Aerosmith released Done With Mirrors with Joe Perry and Brad Whitford back in the saddle again, (no pun intended).

Regardless of the time edited versions of Same Old Song and Dance, Sweet Emotion, Kings and Queens and Walk This Way, I never balked at this greatest hits. Heck, back in those days I didn’t know the damn difference anyways! As decades have passed since this album’s release date, there have been at least ten more greatest hits compilations from Aerosmith, with a 2004 revised version of this 1980 classic as well.

With more than ten million copies sold, this 1980 Greatest Hits has been certified Diamond by the RIAA. Any greatest hits album that becomes certified Diamond must be a tried and true collection of exemplary songs, which stand the test of time. At the end of my Metal day, the one real Aerosmith Greatest Hits is this memories filled and certified Diamond from 1980.

* Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits was released on Columbia Records.

Track Listing For Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits:

Dream On

Same Old Song and Dance

Sweet Emotion

Walk This Way

Last Child

Back In The Saddle

Draw The Line

Kings and Queens

Come Together

Remember (Walking In The Sand)

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AEROSMITH – Official Website



BON JOVI and POISON – Who Cares About Their Recycled “Greatest Hits” Collections Anyways?

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BON JOVI/POISONMetal be damned their back. I’m not talking about the bands Bon Jovi and Poison themselves, I’m talking about their recycled, re-mastered, decades old “hits” that everyone on planet Earth already owns. Yes, both bands have reintroduced to the world, once again, their sacred “hits” and have now decided to call them… “collections”. The sole purpose of these “collections” being released now, is for their being purchased as holiday gifts, the timing could not be any more prosperous for Bon Jovi and Poison.

Some poor dude out there is gonna get this Bon Jovi The Ultimate Collection as a Christmas present this year…  just because he probably mentioned once, during a family reunion picnic, that he digs the song Bad Medicine. That’s so damn unfortunate. Some poor Hard Rock chick (who owns every Poison album already) is gonna receive this Poison Nothin’ But A Good Time Collection as a holiday grab bag gift at work… all due to her saying she has dug Poison her whole life to someone at the company cafeteria. Terrible thought, I know.

Any fan of Poison or Bon Jovi already owns every damn studio album, live album and greatest hits as it is. I don’t think either band is hurtin’ in the big pay day department either… still, it’s all about the $$$ and no remote care in the world for the long-time fans who want “new” studio recordings of songs. This is Bon Jovi’s fourth “greatest hits” album… hello, egomaniacs anonymous? Maybe these new “collections” from both bands are fitting for younger fans who are just getting into their music, I will concede that. Plus, I’m certain there are a ton of Democrat politicians who have been voted out of office this November that will buy this new Bon Jovi “Collection” as well. Those soon to be former Democrat politicians owe Bon Jovi for his supporting them… so there is always that new market to tap into.

How many times does Poison need to release a “greatest hits”? It’s been eight long years since Poison released a studio album of “new” songs, the last being 2002’s Hollyweird. Four “new” songs on Bon Jovi’s Ultimate Collection is like giving their loyal fans a bagged fart, disguised as a secret toy surprise, in the middle of bland tasting cheerios. Oh, I forgot, This Bon Jovi band is too “busy” to make a full-length album these days. This is as perfect an example, as I can point out, to two different bands becoming so commercial and worldly popular, that anything they decide to refry and belch out, is to be automatically accepted by the Rock listening and buying public. NOT!

Seasoned Rock and Hard Rock fans worldwide, save your hard earned money this holiday season and do yourself an “ultimate” favor by staying away from these “ultimate” collections. I’m not taking away from either band being solid and great in their own musical regards, that is not my intent. I really, really, dig Poison, always have and will. However, giving a little extra more money to the Salvation Army kettle, this holiday season, sounds like a much more valiant way to expend any more disposable income that I already don’t have.

Metal be thy name.


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