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New York Comic Con - October - 2013 - logoMisfits Records - turntable - logo - 2013

Fiends attending NY COMIC CON Thursday through Sunday October 10th – 13th at the Javitz Center in NYC be sure to stop by and visit the Misfits Records booth (#522) located in “The Block”!

The Misfits’ JERRY ONLY and Osaka Popstar’s JOHN CAFIERO will be appearing as special guests of NYCC throughout the 4-day event to meet and greet fans and sign autographs. The Misfits’ DEZ CADENA (guitar) and ERIC “CHUPACABRA” ARCE (drums) are scheduled to join the fold on Saturday.

Misfits Records also unveils its brand new logo designed by artist Tom Whalen and launches new T-shirts, tote bags, turntable mats & more featuring the new label logo. Look for these fiendish new items available for the first time anywhere at NYCC. The Misfits Records booth will also have a diverse supply of T-shirts, hoodies, silk-screened prints, vinyl records, CDs, vinyl toys and more including a small stash of rare sold out items—while supplies last.

Free postcards at the booth will reveal the B-side of the upcoming Misfits “Descending Angel” 12-inch and break news of the next two Misfits Records releases coming out in November and December 2013!

CLICK HERE to visit the NYCC website to check out the complete roster of guests from music, film, comics and animation appearing there throughout the weekend.

The booth will be up and running from opening through closing of the event, but to ensure you get something signed by the guys and meet them in person, drop by booth #522 during the designated signing schedule below.


Jerry Only (Misfits) & John Cafiero (Osaka Popstar)

Thurs. Oct 10th: 6pm – 8pm

Fri. Oct 11th: 12pm – 2pm AND 4pm – 6pm

Sat. Oct 12th: 2pm – 5pm Jerry Only (Misfits) John Cafiero (Osaka Popstar) + Dez Cadena (Misfits, Black Flag and Osaka Popstar) and Eric “Chupacabra Arce (Misfits)

Sun Oct 13th: Schedule TBD

Misfits Records - turntable - logo - 2013

* For More Info On MISFITS:

Facebook: Misfits

* For More Info On OSAKA POPSTAR:

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SWAMP PEOPLE – Hit Reality Series Has Its Own CD Out, Via Rounder! Whoa!

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Swamp People - Large CD cover promo - 2013

SWAMP PEOPLE – Excuse me, while I take a detour from METAL for just a moment and blab about… SWAMP PEOPLE. This reality show and all of its (real life) characters absolutely kicks ass! I’ve been a fan of this Southern cooked show about alligator hunters since day one. I’m hooked. I watch the repeats and still see stuff I didn’t notice the first (or second) time around!

The main character (or so it seems) is Troy. He’s the dude on the CD cover y’all see at the top of this post. Troy is one legitimate bad ass of the swamps; yet he comes across as a the neighbor I’d want to have around as well. SWAMP PEOPLE aires new shows on Thursday nights, at 10/9c on History (channel). The repeats seem to be on a whenever basis; which is all good by me.

I came across the CD for SWAMP PEOPLE at Walmart this week; it was released on May 21st, via Rounder. I didn’t buy it; still I wanted to showcase it here cause I can! Maybe I’ll get this CD down the road. Why not? This CD isn’t Perry Katy, Dustin Leiber or ABBA for Metal sakes. Metal be thy name.


This SWAMP PEOPLE CD features the music of: the Neville Brothers, Tony Joe White, Buckwheat Zydeco, Jumpin’ Johnny Sansone, Hank Williams, Beausoleil with Michael Doucet and several others. Whoa!


HEY! There’s even a whiz-bang bobble head of Troy that fans of SWAMP PEOPLE can buy as well! That’s it below! Whoa!

Swamp People - Troy - Bobble Head - promo pic

You can purchase this Troy bobble head by clicking the link below:


For more info on SWAMP PEOPLE, click the links below! Whoa!

facebook: Swamp People on History…

Rounder (Records) - Logo - B&WROUNDER (Records):

facebook: Rounder Records

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Davy Jones – Rest In Peace

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The Monkees – from back to front: Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and Davy Jones.

DAVY JONES – It’s been widely reported, from numerous reputable sources, that Davy Jones has passed away today. Davy Jones was 66 years old. As is being reported, Davy Jones succumbed to a massive heart attack, in Indiantown, Florida.

Davy Jones was catapulted into stardom as a vocalist, tambourine player and television actor for The Monkees. This Pop Rock sensation of a band formed back in 1966, went on to sell multi-millions of records, while having their likeness on everything from bubble gum cards to lunch boxes.

I remember watching The Monkees television show (re-runs especially) when I was a young lad. It was a favorite of mine to watch with my sister. Those songs The Monkees played on their television show grabbed my attention at such a young age… and Davy Jones with his mannerisms and comments made me laugh too. There wasn’t a Disney Channel nor Nickelodeon back in those late 60’s or seventies, instead, we had television shows like The Monkees.

Different times decades ago, compared to today. Davy Jones entertained me on that old black and white television set my family shared. I was exposed to those fun songs from The Monkees before I ever knew about Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Yes, I grew up watching and listening to Davy Jones and The Monkees. There’s no lying about that on my part.


(Source: USA

(Photo: The Monkees/self-titled, Colgems Records & RCA Records – 1966)

Rest In Peace, Davy Jones.

December 30, 1945 – February 29, 2012


Whitney Houston – Rest In Peace

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WHITNEY HOUSTON – It’s enormous and sad news when a prolific name in the world of Popular Music, such as Whitney Houston, passes away at the extremely young age of 48. I first read the news early evening Saturday, on twitter, via a tweet from 99.1 WPLR FM (a New Haven, Connecticut radio station I grew up listening to). This was during the very first moments of this dismal news. I was beyond shocked, for the entertainers of the world always seem to be invincible, regardless of how many times a high-profile figure of the music world leaves us too soon.

Putting my steadfast allegiance for Metal Music aside for just a moment, I do listen to a wide representation of music. I listened to Whitney Houston throughout the 80’s and beyond. Whitney’s voice was always unrivaled to my ears, (although Celine Dion can sing her heart out). Whitney Houston had that captivating voice that was difficult for me to ignore. Whenever any song of Whitney’s came on the radio, I found it challenging to turn off, for her voice had that ability to carry me away.

As years passed along and Whitney received numerous awards, I looked upon her as the epitome of a deserving female vocalist. Whitney always came across to me as the crème de la crème of female Pop vocalists of her era. Compared to today’s sea of Pop Music lip synchers and one-hit wonders, Whitney absolutely cannot be spoken in the same sentence with any of these spoiled and wide-eyed Disney, Nickelodeon and American Idol youngsters. As I always gravitate to the bands and musicians who’ve always made an honest attempt to keep it real with their music, Whitney Houston was no exception.

As I always love to end my posts with “Long Live _”, this post says goodbye to an American icon of Popular Music who influenced and brought joy to an impressive cross-section of musicians, vocalists and music lovers worldwide. Whitney Houston helped give the Pop Music world an identity that shall never be duplicated. There will never be a voice like Whitney’s ever again and her songs I will forever consider timeless. Whitney will still continue to stop me in my tracks with her beautiful voice… and I’m certain I am not alone.

Rest In Peace, Whitney Houston.

1963 – 2012


Happy Metal New Year From Metal Odyssey! 2012 Shall ROCK! \m/

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Metal Odyssey would like to THANK ALL OF YOU who come to visit all year, sharing the same passion for Rock, Hard Rock and… METAL! Throughout the past year, Metal Odyssey receives support in ways too numerous to mention. However, there are those “thank yous” that I need to mention, If I leave anyone out, believe me, you are included.

THANK YOU to all the super cool PR people and record companies that have made it possible for Metal Odyssey to deliver the METAL news and album reviews! Each and every one of you ROCK beyond belief! Without them, I am in the dark.

THANK YOU to all the bands and musicians that have been mentioned, featured and/or interviewed here on Metal Odyssey this past year. Without them, life would suck big time. Really.

THANK YOU to all my Metal Buddies around the world! You know who you are and I don’t take any of you for granted.

THANK YOU to Best Metal Buddy/Metal Researcher Scott Coverdale & staff photographer Tom Coderre.


THANK YOU to KINGER at Demolish Fanzine – 1980’s Heavy Metal Revival

THANK YOU to Metal Mark at Heavy Metal Time Machine

A very, very, very special THANK YOU to Metal Chick.

Now, here are some Metal thoughts, um, ramblings from Stone:

The world will NOT end in 2012. Sorry. If I’m wrong and the dreaded doomsday does come to pass this year, I will hopefully be with my family while any ORANGE GOBLIN album is blasting LOUD around me.


Cause… Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill are… BACK!

Cause… KISS is releasing a new studio album titled: MONSTER.

Cause… KING DIAMOND is better and… back in action! Just ask Metallica.



The New York Yankees will win the 2012 World Series.


There are so many that are too boring to list. Okay, here’s two:

I shall eat less potato chips and listen to MORE METAL \m/


I wish for an end to world hunger and human suffering of any kind. May there be world peace? On a smaller scale, I wish that Motörhead would receive a deserved “Lifetime Achievement Award” from The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

I wish CHEAP TRICK would follow Metal Odyssey on twitter. If this happens, I will write, without hesitation, a positive article on ABBA and feature it right here on Metal Odyssey for the world to read and see. I’m honestly not kidding. CHEAP TRICK F’n RULES.


Would you like more album reviews? Short or long album reviews? More/less Metal news? Classic Rock news? Are you demanding more band interviews? Are “lists” good or bad? More or less of Stone’s ramblings? Let your thoughts and feelings be heard by leaving a comment! Man, it would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you to my Metal Buddy down South, for that thoughtful package of CD’s and videos after the hurricane struck. You know who you are.


Archie Meets KISS – Comic Book Is Out Now!

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This is the Archie Meets KISS comic book that was released on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011. This is issue #627 and it sells for $2.99 (U.S.). The complete title of this comic is Archie Meets Kiss Part 1: Riverdale Rock City. The story for this comic was written by Alex Segura. Other credits: penciler – Dan Parent and Inker – Rich Koslowski.

I haven’t purchased this comic yet. Being the KISS Kollector that I am, it is inevitable that I will hunt this comic down this weekend. It’s not a pricey KISS Kollectible either and that makes it all the more attractive in adding it to my KISS Kollection.

My late sister used to collect Archie comic books (when she was a kid) like there was no tomorrow. Man, I can vividly remember her listening to KISS Double Platinum with me, back when the 70’s were coming to a close. She would have gotten quite a kick out of seeing this Archie Meets KISS comic. I’m certain she is still seeing it though, from where she is. Metal be thy name.

* For more info on Archie Comics, click here: Archie

* For more info on KISS, click here: KISS


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