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REBEL MEETS REBEL – 2006 Supergroup And Album Of David Allan Coe And Cowboys From Hell – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Rebel Meets Rebel - DAC - CFH - promo cover pic - #123


During breaks from their full-time touring and recording, from 1999 to 2003, three-quarters of the iconic PANTERA (Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown and Dimebag Darrell) joined Metal forces with the legendary Country Outlaw, David Allan Coe, to form a band and record an album appropriately called: Rebel Meets Rebel  (Big Vin Records). D.A.C. and CFH (Cowboys From Hell). A new brand of Metal was born!

I remember like it was yesterday, when I bought Rebel Meets Rebel! I was happier than a farm hog in a pit of stinky hot mud, as I trotted out of my local Super Walmart with this CD in hand. Hell, this was a CD that boasted the guitar prowess of (the late) Dimebag Darrell! From the first moment Nothin’ To Lose started playing, I knew this supergroup was beyond special! I played this CD multiple times everyday, for at least a year! That’s how much I enjoyed this CD and STILL DO enjoy it!

Crank Up Nothin’ To Lose!! Hell Yeah!!

Rebel Meets Rebel is a keeper for life, for me. This CD is so rich with the spirit, vibes and sounds of Country/Southern Metal that it’s dizzying to put into words! Believe me, I consider it a blessing that these four legends decided to record these twelve songs together. It’s just so sad that Dimebag Darrell was not here to see Rebel Meets Rebel released; as it was truly embraced by his fans and climbed the Billboard Album Charts.

From many a PANTERA interview and article I’ve read over the years, combined with this CD’s liner notes, Dimebag Darrell was a huge fan of David Allan Coe. I can understand why. David Allan Coe’s resume speaks for itself and his rebellious songs are stuff of Country Music legend. David Allan Coe’s vocals just comes across as his being one tough son-of-a-bitch and gritty Rock ‘N Roll outlaw, while he surely savored every moment, on every song this CD has to offer! David Allan Coe is credited with writing all the lyrics for these songs as well.

Rebel Meets Rebel - DAC - CFH - promo cover pic - #123

Dimebag Darrell is superb on guitar, his licks and riffs being so freaking heavy as shit! When anyone ever asks me what Country Metal is, I respond: Rebel Meets Rebel and D.A.C. with the CFH! Vinnie Paul and Rex Brown are (of course) terrific on drums and bass, respectively. Man, as I write this, I get so pissed off that Dimebag Darrell was taken from us all; he never deserved to die so young and so violently by a psychopath. As fans, we are truly blessed to have the music that Dimebag Darrell has left for us.

My favorite song (out of favorite songs) on Rebel Meets Rebel is: Cowboys Do More Dope. I just love, love that song! It’s a song that puts me in a freaking great mood in a micro second! It may not be the fastest Metal song ever; yet it’s one of the heaviest of Metal songs I’ve ever enjoyed, time and again! To paraphrase what David Allan Coe writes in the liner notes: this was to be the first time that the Country and Metal genres were to fuse in such a circumstance; however, Metallica and Garth Brooks get credit for doing it first. It figures. Despite how the timeline of events happened, as David Allan Coe wrote in the CD’s liner notes: “we are the real deal as they say, we are the Cowboys From Hell, that’s for real.”

Rebel Meets Rebel - DAC - CFH - promo cover pic - #123

This Rebel Meets Rebel CD is the real Metal deal; it’s a thick and potent slice of imperative Metal history that can never be forgotten!

Metal be thy name. – Stone

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SWAMP PEOPLE – Hit Reality Series Has Its Own CD Out, Via Rounder! Whoa!

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Swamp People - Large CD cover promo - 2013

SWAMP PEOPLE – Excuse me, while I take a detour from METAL for just a moment and blab about… SWAMP PEOPLE. This reality show and all of its (real life) characters absolutely kicks ass! I’ve been a fan of this Southern cooked show about alligator hunters since day one. I’m hooked. I watch the repeats and still see stuff I didn’t notice the first (or second) time around!

The main character (or so it seems) is Troy. He’s the dude on the CD cover y’all see at the top of this post. Troy is one legitimate bad ass of the swamps; yet he comes across as a the neighbor I’d want to have around as well. SWAMP PEOPLE aires new shows on Thursday nights, at 10/9c on History (channel). The repeats seem to be on a whenever basis; which is all good by me.

I came across the CD for SWAMP PEOPLE at Walmart this week; it was released on May 21st, via Rounder. I didn’t buy it; still I wanted to showcase it here cause I can! Maybe I’ll get this CD down the road. Why not? This CD isn’t Perry Katy, Dustin Leiber or ABBA for Metal sakes. Metal be thy name.


This SWAMP PEOPLE CD features the music of: the Neville Brothers, Tony Joe White, Buckwheat Zydeco, Jumpin’ Johnny Sansone, Hank Williams, Beausoleil with Michael Doucet and several others. Whoa!


HEY! There’s even a whiz-bang bobble head of Troy that fans of SWAMP PEOPLE can buy as well! That’s it below! Whoa!

Swamp People - Troy - Bobble Head - promo pic

You can purchase this Troy bobble head by clicking the link below:


For more info on SWAMP PEOPLE, click the links below! Whoa!

facebook: Swamp People on History…

Rounder (Records) - Logo - B&WROUNDER (Records):

facebook: Rounder Records

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MOTHER’S DAY 2012 – Yes, Mother’s Day is upon us. Mothers Rock. On May 13th, 2012, the U.S. will be celebrating Mothers Day. There are different dates for Mothers Day, depending on where you live in the world. I hope you all can give your mother a big hug and thank you on this special day. I’ll be blowing a kiss to the sky this Mother’s Day, to my mother up in heaven.

While compiling this groovy list of mother songs and albums; my research kinda went astray. It happens. You see, I’m not too sure if all of these choices on this list will actually… Rock. Some actually make me laugh just looking at the covers. Sorry, that’s just me, I do tend to have a sense of Metal humor. A couple of albums below came from Metal Odyssey visitor’s suggestions: Queen and Every Mother’s Nightmare.

Hopefully this list of mother songs and albums will provide a definitive starting point for your Mother Album Collection. If not, maybe you can share a laugh or two with me. If you find this list boring, by all means you can go watch an ABBA concert DVD instead and get psyched-out by some live Dancing Queen. Metal be thy name.

Queen – A Day At The Races

Yes, this Queen album Rocks! Tie Your Mother Down is the opening track too. This album comes highly recommended by Stone.

Mum’s The Word – 60 Fabulous Songs Your Mother Should Know

Um, this is a “2 CD set” as well. What if your mother doesn’t know these songs? Then what?

 Mother’s Finest –  The Very Best Of – Not Yer Mother’s Funk

Mother’s Finest for all intents and Metal purposes… ROCKS.

Within Temptation – Mother Earth

Within Temptation ROCKS. ‘Nuff said.

Mother Mother – Oh My

Uh… I have absolutely, positively no idea. It’s an album though.

Every Mother’s Nightmare – (self titled)

This band and their 1990 debut album… ROCKS.

Country Songs For Mother’s Day

I doubt there are any Rockin’ kick-ass songs on this one. Then again, you just never know.

Mama’s Hand – Bluegrass And Mountain Songs About Mother

Whoa! I don’t know which is funnier! The title of “Mama’s Hand” or the picture on this album cover! My interpretation of this album’s picture: Mama blew a nasty cheese fart and her daughter is not amused.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Mother’s Milk

ATTENTION: Red Hot Chili Peppers… ROCK! This album is highly recommended by Stone.

Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song – Ancient Mother

I am leaning towards this being a picture of an ancient fertility statue? I think? I have no idea what the music sounds like on this album. Maybe chanting? I did research some: Robert Gass is a classically trained musician and he directs the vocal group On Wings Of Song.


Well, that concludes the 2012 edition of Metal Odyssey’s Mother’s Day Songs & Albums To ROCK YOU! Thank you for visiting and sticking around to the end. Happy Mother’s Day to all you cool mothers out there.

Back in 2010, I compiled the first installment of Metal Odyssey’s Mother’s Day Songs. It is a Metal Must if you’ve missed it. Check it out if you like, by clicking the large link below! Whoa!




The word “groovy” was used in this post.


Wanna Know The Details About My First “Live” Concert Experience?

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The time has arrived. Yes it has. Time for what Stone? It’s time to reveal my very first “live” concert experience. Oh, it was a dandy. No, The Partridge Family wasn’t my first live concert experience. They are mentioned in this post though. I was a youth when I attended my first live concert. I believe I was about eight or nine years old. Hell, I didn’t have a favorite Rock band at that age. This was around 1974 – ’75. While I was growing up that age, wiffle ball, baseball cards and Hot Wheels were all I cared about. For crap sakes, I was into whatever the AM radio dial was playing in the family station wagon, back then.

Needless to say, I make no excuses by revealing my not having a clue about real Rock, Hard Rock or anything remotely close to Heavy Metal at this young age. KISS was “mentioned” to me at Burger King and Pizza Hut birthday parties and that is as close as it came folks. Hell, there were The Partridge Family songs that ignited my adrenaline at age 8 and 9 for shit sakes. Metal as my witness, I’m not ashamed to admit that anymore. My (late) sister had that exact greatest hits album by The Partridge Family (shown at top of post).


Those were different times, man. It was all about accessibility and exposure during my childhood, with obvious limited technological access to music back then, compared to today. Okay, onward with my first live concert experience. Enter… Nelson’s Campground in East Hampton, Connecticut. Yes, this family friendly campground located in the wooded serenity of East Hampton, along the Connecticut shoreline, was where it would all happen for my first plunge into loud, live and rowdy music.

My Dad, Mom, Sister and I headed for this gargantuan field, in the middle of Nelson’s Campground, as it became dusk. There were easily a few hundred fellow campers all assembling in this field as well. I remember being psyched just to be outside, running around and chasing lightning bugs. I easily recall, like it was yesterday, my Dad being “pumped-up” to see this band and they called themselves: The Mozark Mountaineers. Once this band hit the stage, I was a child that was simply awestruck.


The lead singer was a mammoth of a man to my young eyes. He was wearing a stain strewn white t-shirt, with holes cut out to reveal his… nipples. At that moment, I realized I was witnessing something I’ve never seen before. Before this band started to play any music, this same mammoth frontman held up a shotgun to the night sky and fired it off! If I knew the line then, as I know it now, I would have exclaimed: Metal be thy name!

Think about this for a moment, how many bands are you aware of today, that are legally allowed to fire off a shotgun on stage? Did this shotgun fire off “blanks”? From remembering what this band looked like and knowing what I know now… that had to be live ammo. As The Mozark Mountaineers began to play their music, I jumped around and acted silly as a child should. The loud sounds of the banjo and fiddle filled the evening’s air and swirled about this campground field. Laughter and good times I vividly remember, as it stirred up among the campers, all due to this hillbilly band of raucous musicians.

If there is that one song that reminds me of that night which I experienced so many years ago, it is Steamer Lane Breakdown by the legendary Doobie Brothers. Loving that song is just a matter-of-fact for me. Reliving this childhood moment by writing about it, reminds me of where I came from and I could never lose sight of that.

* The Partridge Family – At Home With Their Greatest Hits was released back in 1972 on Bell Records.

* Steamer Lane Breakdown can be heard on the 1978 (Warner Bros.) Doobie Brothers album Minute By Minute.

* Nelson’s Family Campground still exists! Click the link below:

Nelson’s Family Campground

This post is dedicated to my Mom and Sister. May they both rest in peace, up in heaven.


Rest In Peace, Joel “Taz” DiGregorio, Keyboardist, Charlie Daniels Band

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As reported on CNN Entertainment, Friday, October 14, 2011:

CNN – Joel “Taz” DiGregorio, keyboardist and original member of The Charlie Daniels Band, died Wednesday night from injuries he suffered in a single car wreck in Cheatham County, Tennessee. He was 67.

“I am in shock now, Taz was one of my best friends,” Charlie Daniels said in a statement. “The CDB family has lost a great friend and musician.”

DiGregorio was a member of the band for more than 40 years and co-wrote its signature song,”The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

Funeral arrangements are pending.

DiGregorio was on his way to meet the band’s tour bus when his car crashed near Nashville. Details about the wreck were not immediately available.

Because of his death, the band canceled a Thursday night concert in Georgia and a show Saturday night in Connecticut.

“We traveled many miles together and shared so many nights on the road. We’re going to miss you buddy,” Daniels said. “You were one of a kind and will never be forgotten.”

CNN’s Ric Ward contributed to this report

Metal Odyssey expresses condolences to the family and friends of Joel “Taz” DiGregorio. Condolences to The Charlie Daniels Band and their fans as well.

Rest In Peace, Joel “Taz” DiGregorio.


Mötley Crüe and Kid Rock To Headline Cheyenne Frontier Days – July 2011!

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CHEYENNE FRONTIER DAYS – Held in beautiful Cheyenne, Wyoming, is the Cheyenne Frontier Days. This ten day super event will begin on July 22nd and ends on July 31st. Cheyenne Frontier Days has rodeo, Championship Bull Riding, lot’s O’ fun and… Rock ‘N’ Roll! From Country to Heavy Metal, the schedule of events for Frontier Nights (see below) say it all! Whoa… Cheyenne Wyoming is gonna ROCK for ten days straight! What am I saying? Cheyenne Wyoming already ROCKS!

Check the dates below for Mötley Crüe and KID ROCK!

* For more info on Cheyenne Frontier Days, (including ticket info), click on the link below! It’s a very cool website that will tell you more about this 10 day event than I ever can!

Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo – The Daddy Of Em All

* Below is the concert & event schedule for Frontier Nights, with shows starting at 8:00 p.m.!

July 2011 Schedule:

July 22 – KID ROCK

July 23 – Jason Aldean

July 24 – The Charlie Daniels Band

July 25 & 26 – Championship Bull Riding

July 27 – Mötley Crüe

July 28 – Darius Rucker with Sara Evans

July 29 – Zac Brown Band

July 30 – Toby Keith with Eric Church

KID ROCK – Born Free was released on Atlantic Records, on November 16, 2010.

* For more info on Mötley Crüe and Kid Rock:


KID ROCK – Official Website

And… for more info on The Charlie Daniels Band:

The Charlie Daniels Band – Official Website






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BRET MICHAELS – Bret Michaels did not leave us… thank you God and all the Rock ‘N’ Roll angels for that. Now, Bret Michaels has his brand new solo album Custom Built out, released on July 6, 2010, on Poor Boy Records Inc. and it is built on Rock ‘N’ Roll diversity. Anyone expecting a full-throttle Hard Rock album should prepare for a little bit o’ Country, a little bit o’ Club Mix and some acoustic music from Bret Michaels on Custom Built. Not to worry though… there are a couple of decent Hard Rock moments on this new Bret Michaels album too. Just because Bret Michaels wants to exhibit his fondness for some other music genres shouldn’t make this Custom Built album any less desirable for fans of Bret, Poison and good ol’ Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Am I thrilled by the Club Mix of Go That Far”? (Club Mix by Jason Miller of Godhead). Nope. Not a chance. It’s not my cup o’ Rockin’ tea. With that said, it grooves enough for someone to dance to, wiggle to, or whatever to. At this point in Bret Michaels life, I feel he can basically do whatever he damn well feels like with his music anyways. You only live once. Plus, there are probably gonna be hordes of fans that will dig “Go That Far”. Just because I don’t dig it, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Open Road is a Country Rock song to relish however. Bret Michaels can really sing Country. He sings Country like it’s his second nature and I’m buying into it. Open Road” has some classic Country lyrics to go along with it too… it’s upbeat in both it’s music and lyrics. Rock’n My Country” is… you guessed it. Country! Hey, if I am to see Bret Michaels live someday and he sings this song, I’m gonna be doin’ my sneaker kickin’ (or is that boot kickin’?) stomp with one hand held high. My other hand shall have a cold one in it. Maybe two cold ones. A fun Country Rock song is “Rock’n My Country”.

“Nothing To Lose (Bret Only Demo)” is an acoustic gem. What a cool and mellow listen this song is. Lyrically moving and yes, inspirational. Is it a kleenex song? Maybe… only I’m too damn tough for that. Excuse me please… while I blow my nose and wipe my eyes now. Yes, yes, yes… the duet version of “Nothing To Lose” with Miley Cyrus is on this album too. Hey, it’s a good song and that’s what writing and playing good music is all about. Plus, Miley Cyrus has come of age in doing this song with Brett Michaels… in my Metal opinion. No, no, no… my eyes are not welling up. Stop it… and leave me alone. Gee whiz. Someone pass me a damn beer. Um, please.

I’d Die For You is a raw and downright non-commercial song that Rocks. It’s the last song on Custom Built and ends this album on a pretty Hard Rockin’ note. Plus, Bret Michaels sounds pretty bad ass singing this song too. Riding Against The Wind is the album opener and it falls somewhere between Hard Rock and Hard Rock Country. It’s a song that lyrically flirts with some patriotism and flourishes with undeniable emotion and reflection. Yes, this song I would raise the horns in the air to with Rockin’ glee.

Lie To Me is the bona fide Hard Rock song on “Custom Built”. Hell yeah… this song is a heavy hitter. Bret Michaels made the right move in adding this song to the mix… plus a psyche-you-out mini guitar solo doesn’t hurt “Lie To Me” either. Wasted Time” is a Hard Rock song that wastes no time in grabbing my attention. This Rocker leans more towards being a tough Power Ballad, as it sounds semi-raw with Bret Michaels adding a sandpapered tone to his vocals, to enhance it’s overall heavy appeal.

My recommendation is buy “Custom Built”, listen to the songs on it and celebrate a musician who loves music. This is an album of songs, regardless if I don’t happen to like any Club Mix or not, it’s a song too… a song for someone else. Bret Michaels isn’t going anywhere anytime soon… there is just too much Rock ‘N’ Roll, Hard Rock and Country in his veins and “Custom Built” proves it.

Track Listing For Bret Michaels – Custom Built:

Riding Against The Wind

Lie To Me

Nothing To Lose (Featuring Miley Cyrus)

Wasted Time

What I Got

Every Rose (Country version featuring Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down, Chris Cagle, Mark Wills)

Go That Far (Club Mix by Jason Miller of Godhead)

Driven (Rock Mix)

Open Road

Rock’n My Country

Nothing To Lose (Bret only demo)

I’d Die For You

Long Live Bret Michaels! Only… the Club Mix has to go.


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