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RON KEEL BAND – New Album Details Revealed

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South X South Dakota

RON KEEL BAND led by the legendary front-man Ron Keel (Steeler, Keel) has a new album coming out titled ‘South X South Dakota’ on April 24th via HighVolMusic. The new album is a collection of 11 tracks of some the best southern rock music ever recorded.

Ron Keel explains: “​​Most of these tracks happened very organically in the studio as we were working on the “Fight Like A Band” sessions or just having fun. I found out later that producer Mike Dresch was actually recording those jams, and upon hearing some of the tracks it was obvious we had the makings of something special. ​​Whether you grew up on this stuff like I did or not, there’s a common thread here that ties it all together – toughness and twang as Metal and Country collide on sacred southern ground.” 

Track listing:

Train Train
Rockin’ Into The Night
Don’t Misunderstand Me (featuring Jasmine Cain)
Red White & Blue
Flirtin’ With Disaster
Ramblin’ Man
Fire On The Mountain
Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Ghost Riders In The Sky (produced by Henry Paul)
Creedence Medley LIVE

Pre-order packages are available at

As previously reported, the RON KEEL BAND signed with HighVolMusic in January 2020. The deal reached includes multiple albums, management and representation.



Ron Keel’s Heartfelt Statement On His Wife Renee’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis – How We Can All Help

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As reported on on December 30th, 2016:

Many of you already know my wife/partner/best friend Renee Keel has been diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. She will undergo 4-6 months of chemo which begins next week, followed by extensive surgery including a mastectomy.

We are so very thankful for all the kind words, support, love and outpouring of prayers and well wishes that have come our way.

Renee is the strongest and toughest woman I’ve ever known, and we both remain positive as we begin this battle together. Since we met, she has been my strength and inspiration – if she hadn’t come into my life when she did, there would have been no KEEL reunion, no “Streets of Rock & Roll,” no Metal Cowboy. Now I have the opportunity to prove myself worthy of her love and support.

I plan to aggressively apply all my energy and resources to her treatment and recovery. Obviously I have adopted a new hairstyle to show my support and as a physical and visual representation of what this means to me.

In the weeks and months to come I will be doing everything I can to generate revenue to help pay the massive medical expenses that are quickly piling up. I will be liquidating most of my primary assets, from our Nevada property (10 acres in the Sierra Nevada Mountains) down to every last $5 autographed 8×10 photo I can sell – and everything in between. I will be launching and releasing new musical products, merchandise, and selling unique vintage memorabilia from my career collection. So when you see me online pimping my products and personal items, you’ll know why.

Our dear friends at Hoy Trial Lawyers, where Renee has been working part time these past few months, have stepped up to lead the charge by establishing the Renee Keel Benefit Account/Cancer Fund for those who wish to help. They’ve made it super easy: you can donate by PayPal directly by CLICKING HERE (or login to your PayPal and send to – and you can walk into ANY US Bank in the country, coast to coast, and just deposit directly into the “Renee Keel Benefit Account” – you won’t need the account number or any other details. Scott and Char Hoy have generously offered to match the first $5000.00 with a donation from Hoy Trial Lawyers and Renee and I are forever grateful for their friendship and compassion.

I also plan to work my ass off on stage and off, doing every gig, session, or appearance that makes sense. I will carefully juggle any travel dates around Renee’s condition and treatment. So whether it’s BHB, solo acoustic shows, Keel, or the Metal Cowboy serving as DJ for your wedding reception, I’m going to do whatever I can do. The music will not stop, because she wants me to do what I do – it makes us money and it makes me happy, which in turn makes her happy.

I will also of course be continuing as your Master of Mid-Day Mayhem on KBAD 94.5 Monday-Friday at 10 AM CST, rocking your radio harder and better than ever. I will miss time here and there to be with Renee on the tough days – like next week when her chemotherapy starts – and I thank my amazing co-workers at KBAD for their support and for covering for me on those days.

My endless appreciation goes out to all the fans who have given me the chance to entertain you while living my dream and finding the love of my life. It’s good to know you’ve got my back while Renee and I begin this fight.


God Bless Renee And Ron Keel.


KING KOBRA, RON KEEL, REVERENCE, CIRCLE II CIRCLE – To Perform At Rock Harvest II 2013 > Updated List Of Bands Performing!

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King Kobra - Promo Group Pic - 2013 - #1

HERE IS THE UPDATED LIST OF PERFORMERS FOR RHII; Bands will be spread out over three days, November 7 – 9, 2013, with more acts to be named. VIP and General Admission Tickets on sale NOW at:

Venue is: House Of Rock 11445 Pulaski Hwy White Marsh, Maryland 21162


ROCK HARVEST II is an all-day/multi-day Rock & Metal concert that benefits the police non-profit, Fallen Blue.

For more info on ROCK HARVEST II 2013:

facebook: Rock Harvest

For more info on Fallen Blue:






Russ Dwarf

Ron Keel

Mitch Malloy

Xander Demos


Silent Rage

Modern Superstar

King Kobra



Edge Of Paradise


Tango Down

Michael Angelo Batio


Twisted Tower Dire

Seven Kingdoms

Ghost of War


Alloy 20

Mystic Force

Order of Nine

A Sound of Thunder

Hangmans Cry

Line of Fire


Circle II Circle


Ron Keel - Promo Pic - 2012 - #1

For more info on RON KEEL:

Circle II Circle - promo group pic - 2012 - #1

For more info on CIRCLE II CIRCLE:

facebook: Circle II Circle

Reverence - Rock Harvest II - promo pic - 2013

For more info on REVERENCE:

facebook: Reverence


For more info on KING KOBRA:

facebook: Official King Kobra

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





RON KEEL “Alone At Last” – Solo Acoustic Album From 2006 Is Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

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RON KEEL –  The first solo album from Ron Keel, Alone At Last, was released back in 2006. This is an all acoustic album. For me, Ron Keel displays a sincere and inspiring performance on Alone At Last, with both his voice and acoustic guitar. One of the most renowned Hard Rock vocalists from the 80’s (and back at it again in 2010) with his band Keel, this album showcases a lighter side to Ron’s voice and approach to his music.

I bought Alone At Last on iTunes a few years ago and with 0% regret. This is an album of 12 songs to simmer down to or retool your spirit with. Does Ron Keel come across as sappy on Alone At Last? Nope. If anything, he shares his voice and guitar with eloquence and reverence for the song… his songs. With Ron Keel’s vocals giving a nod towards his affection towards Rock, Hard Rock and Country, Alone At Last has always kept me listening. This isn’t an album to pull out the tissue box for and it isn’t going to light up the keg party either.

I would imagine it takes a ton of guts for any Hard Rock hero to make an acoustic album; the door opens for criticism from Heavy Music loyalists that don’t want their music tempered down. That old mellow is for an aging fellow school of thought can easily creep in, once the “A” word (for acoustic) is uttered. However, with the album closer Die Fighting, Ron Keel reminds any doubters that he still can’t restrain his strong vocals from airing out its natural-born Hard Rock persona (even on an acoustic album).

Revisiting his bands Keel and Steeler on an acoustic welcome mat with (Calm Before The Storm) and (Serenade), respectively, Ron Keel proves that the song never remains the same. Any song can become an acoustic creation, only Ron Keel gives these two songs an acoustic overhaul that makes them shine on with newfound emotion. If I’m to choose my favorite song from Alone At Last, it’s Dreams Are Not Enough. I strongly feel, Ron Keel lets it all pour out from his soul on Dreams Are Not Enough, a captivating vocal performance it is.

Back in February of 2010, I had the opportunity to interview Ron Keel for Hard Rock Hideout. As expressed to me during that interview, here are Ron Keel’s most personal thoughts on Alone At Last:

“It was the biggest and most personal music achievement of my career. I sang the best of my career on Alone At Last. I want my next generation to listen to it and know that grandpa gave this to them, to know that I am at my happiest when by myself with a guitar and song. Alone At Last was the single most demanding project that I have ever done in my life. My fingers literally bled while making that album. Alone At Last is driving at night songs, through the desert.”


ALONE AT LAST – Track Listing:

Private Lies

The Time Of My Life

Hillbilly Heavy Metal Rock N Roll Soul

Dreams Are Not Enough

Give Me All Your Love Tonight


Haunted Saloon

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Calm Before The Storm

Last Call

You Can Have What’s Left Of Me

Die Fighting


For more info on RON KEEL, click on the links below!



KEEL “Larger Than Live” From 1989 – A Vinyl Find I’d Like To Show You…

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KEEL – That’s it at the top! I recently found this 1989 KEEL album, Larger Than Live, at an antiques mall. I paid $4 for it (U.S.). Usually I’ll go to this antiques mall about once a month or so. There are a few record dealers there to visit; typically I can find and (sometimes) buy at least one or two albums on each trip. Condition always is critical with used albums; therefore I find myself passing on many potential purchases.

Passing on buying this KEEL album was not an option for me, on this day. I always listened to KEEL over the years and Ron Keel made quite a comeback with his band too; with 2010’s Streets Of Rock & Roll (Frontiers Records) proving to be an excellent Hard Rock album for my ears. Overall, this album is in excellent shape, both the jacket and vinyl. After all these years, I never owned Larger Than Live. I do own it now… and it’s on vinyl.

KEEL – 1989 Lineup:

Ron Keel – vocals & guitar

Kenny Chaisson – bass guitar & vocals

Dwain Miller – drums, vocals & percussion

Tony “The Kid” Palmucci – lead guitar

Scott Warren – keyboards & vocals

Bryan Jay – lead guitar

Larger Than Live – Track Listing:

Two new live tracks were picked for the album: Hard As Hell (Live) and Private Lies (Live).

The LARGE side represents six new studio tracks.

LARGE (All New):

Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty

Riding High

Die Fighting

Dreams Are Not Enough

So Many Good Ways To Be Bad

Fool For A Pretty Face


Hard As Hell (new)

Rock And Roll Animal

Private Lies (new)

Rock ‘N Roll Outlaw

The Right To Rock

Larger Than Live – (back cover)

Not much to it. The track listing and some liner notes are printed on this back cover.


Some Larger Than Live liner notes:

Larger Than Live was released on Gold Castle Records.

Larger Than Live was produced by Ron Keel with Allen Isaacs.

The LIVE side was recorded during 2 sold out shows at the Roxy in Hollywood by Westwood One Mobile Recording, March 18th, 1989.

The LARGE side was recorded at Sound City, Van Nuys, by Allen Isaacs.


For more info on KEEL, click on the links below!



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