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GRAVE NEXT DOOR – Release “Charnel House” Video

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Just in time for Halloween, doom metal band GRAVE NEXT DOOR have released a spooky video for their track “Charnel House”. The song is from their album Sanctified Heathan which was recently relesaed via Black Doomba Records.

The band comments: “‘Charnel House’ was inspired by Henry Miller’s book Tropic Of Cancer. Miller used the archaic term ‘Charnel House’ in this sentence: ‘The cradles of civilization are the putrid sinks of the world, the charnel house to which the stinking wombs confide their bloody packages of flesh and bone.’

The song is about being trapped in a tomb of the past by one’s own mistakes and misery. The tortured soul seals his own fate by not forgiving himself and living in the past no matter how bad he wants to be free he can not free himself from his past and has therefore destroyed his future by not letting go and moving forward. At the same time he is dead and he doesn’t even realize it. He is the quintessential tortured soul rotting in his own tomb of self inflicted misery.”

Watch the video:

Formed back in 2018 by brothers Patrick and Anthony Salerno, and aptly named after the graveyard situated next to their home, GRAVE NEXT DOOR delves into the dark and macabre. Drawing from the iconic sounds of BLACK SABBATH, BLACK FLAG and even CREAM, all blended with the trio’s individual edge. Sanctified Heathen sees the band deliver brutally heavy distortion, doom grooves and powerful vocals. A morbid exploration awaits with lyrical themes of addiction, mortality, war, and their own personal experiences seeping through the album.

Track Listing:

  1. Thor
  2. Bloody Nuns
  3. Witch Head
  4. As Heavy As Texas
  5. Charnel House
  6. Sanctified Heathen
  7. Sand in the Blood
  8. Nuclear Winter
  9. Bloody Nuns (Live Bonus Track)

Line Up:
Patrick Salerno
Anthony Salerno
Travis Soleski


Source: C Squared Music

THE ORIGINAL MISFITS – With Very Special Guest ALICE COOPER – October 29th In Dallas Texas! Info You Need!

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From Misfits Records:

Calling all Fiends…

SEE the ORIGINAL MISFITS headline Halloween Weekend at Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas, TX, Saturday, October 29, 2022!

Featuring Original singer/songwriter GLENN DANZIG and Original bassist JERRY ONLY with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein on guitar.

The ORIGINAL MISFITS LIVE in concert joined by very special guest, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer ALICE COOPER, and The Distillers.

Tickets ON SALE NOW at

Don’t miss this hybrid moment in the Misfits legacy of brutality…


Metal Odyssey’s Halloween METAL Pick Of The Day Is: MISFITS “MONSTER MASH” Cover Song

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Misftis - Project 1950 - promo album cover pic - 2003 - #MO - NMMSSOTC9393399








Misfits Records - Classic Logo - #0001

This MISFITS cover version of Monster Mash is featured on Project 1950; a studio album of early Rock ‘N Roll cover songs performed by MISFITS, released back in 2003, via Misfits Records.

Monster Mash - Bobby Boris Pickett and The Crypt Kickers - promo album cover pic

Monster Mash was originally recorded by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. The single was released back in 1962.







Creepy Crap I Have To See, While On My CD And Records Hunting Trips

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Creepy Face Head - Antique Mall - 2015 - #MO330NMSS8

Above: WTF is this used for and why?

I find enormous pleasure in hunting for older records and CDs. My expeditions take me to antique malls, flea markets and second-hand stores on a frequent schedule. I very often come home empty-handed or with spending only a colossal five dollars or so. These past several years, I’ve found and purchased many exciting vinyl, CD and miscellaneous treasures that I’ll be boasting about on Metal Odyssey, as part of a consistent series of posts. I promise. Yes, it’s been too long since I have shared such cool stories.

In the meantime, I want to share with you via this post all the Creepy Crap I Have To See, While On My CD And Records Hunting Trips. It really sucks to witness such macabre objects that are lurking around corners of the establishments I patronize; many times I stand in awe at the creepy crap that people are trying to sell. On one recent trip, I decided to document this creepy crap through the lens of my iPhone.

WARNING: Some or all of the images that appear above and below may be unsuitable for people who take life way too seriously.

Creepy Mannequin - Antiques Mall - 2015

This mannequin gal looks like she needs a cigarette after a wild night of doing “the wild thing” and assorted narcotics many times over. WTF!?

Creepy Pumpkin Dude - Antiques Mall - 2015 - #MONMSSC33

Sorry if I find this pumpkin troll (thing) as creepy crap. I query: WTF is up with the stick it is holding? What does this pumpkin thing want to do with that stick?

Creepy nude mannequin - antiques mall - 2015 - #MO337099

Yup. This above photo speaks for itself. A nude and headless female mannequin. Wearing a hat. That is a super WTF!!! Needless to say, I did get a couple of disgusted looks from fellow shoppers, as I took this photo.

Creepy face - Antiques Mall - 2015 - #660699MO

This looks like it belongs on a fountain, due to its mouth? Hell, I don’t know. It’s creepy crap, okay? WTF.

Evil Jester Thing - Antiques Mall - 2015 - #MO6673399NMSS

Oh, look, a cute evil jester from grandma’s possessed attic!

headless thing - antiques mall - 2015 - #3306609MON

Looks like Cousin It had offspring. WTF!!

ABBA records - Antiques Mall - 2015 - #MO0000RB

Above is the creepiest crap on this entire post. Stumbling upon an ABBA Greatest Hits album is NO laughing matter. Shit, I was traumatized for at least fifteen minutes after taking this photo. Not cool and WTF.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1



On This Day In METAL History – Halloween Edition – October 31st…

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Halloween Banner - scary pumpkin - promo - #201431H

Today is October 31st, 2014 and thus it’s Halloween, here in the United States! Through the centuries, Halloween has also been known as: All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints Eve and Allhalloween. Enough with the history lesson, Halloween is a day to enjoy all things spooky, dress up as monsters or serial killers and (if you’re a kid) knock on strangers doors and beg for candy, in the dark of night. Below are events that have taken place on Halloween during decades of METAL history. Onward, my METAL brethren, shall we…?

Led Zeppelin - III - promo cover pic - #1970JP

On October 31st, 1970Led Zeppelin’s third album, Led Zeppelin III reached the top of the Billboard 200 Albums Chart for the beginning of a four-week run at #1. This was Led Zeppelin’s second number one album in the United States.

Pretty Things - Silk Torpedo - vinyl promo pic - Swan Song Records

On this day in 1974 – The mighty Led Zeppelin officially celebrate the UK launch of their record label Swan Song, with a party at the Chislehurst Caves in Kent, UK. This Halloween gala was attended by the likes of label mates Bad Company, The Pretty ThingsRoy Harper, strippers, magicians and fire-eaters.

Cheap Trick - Promo Album Cover Pic!

On October 31st, 1974Cheap Trick made their live debut at Charlotte’s Web, in their hometown of Rockford, Illinois. Long live Cheap Trick!

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody - promo cover pic - 1974FM

On this day in 1975 – The legendary Queen released Bohemian Rhapsody, which at the time of its release was the most expensive single ever recorded. The song would reach number one in the United Kingdom on two occasions. This iconic song hit the top ten in the United States; twice peaking at #9 in 1976 and thanks to Wayne’s World, Bohemian Rhapsody peaked at #2 in 1992. Rest in peace, Freddie Mercury.

Faith No More - promo band label card - 1990 - #FNM1

Billy Idol - Charmed Life - promo album cover pic - #1990

On October 31st, 1990 – Before his concert in Seattle, the legendary Billy Idol decided to dump 600 dead fish in the dressing room of opening act Faith No More. Faith No More reciprocated by streaking onstage during Billy Idol’s set. Whoa!

Kiss - Psycho Circus - Dodger Stadium - 1998 - guitar pic patch promo

On this day in KISSTORY, October 31st, 1998 KISS kicked off their tour in support of their 18th studio album: Psycho Circus. This was (supposedly) the first (full) album with their original lineup in 18 years. The famed Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles was where this KISS tour began. The Smashing Pumpkins opened for KISS. This was the first KISS concert tour to have 3-D visual effects.

Misfits - Jasta - The Reserve - Meriden - CT - concert promo flyer - Oct 31- 2014

On October 31, 2014 – The legendary MISFITS with special guests JASTA will be performing at The Reserve, in Meriden, Connecticut. Metal be thy name!

ABCs of Death 2 - promo movie poster pic - October 31 - 2014

On this day in 2014 – The Thriller/Horror film ABCs Of Death 2 is released in U.S. theaters. Whoa!

Happy Birthday - promo banner - #2014BD

Mikkey Dee - Drum! Magazine - promo cover - #2013211


On Halloween, October 31st, 1963, Mikkey Dee was born. Happy Birthday, Mikkey! Whoa yeah, man, you ROCK! Mikkey Dee is the legendary drummer for Motörhead. Mikkey Dee has also been a drummer for legends: King Diamond, Don Dokken and Helloween. Above photo is the Mikkey Dee cover feature for the January 2014 issue of DRUM!.

Halloween - scary pumpkin patch - promo banner - #312014






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Misfits - Devils Rain album promo pic

MISFITS – The Devils Rain (2011 – Misfits Records)


To ALL of you gouls, fiends, hell rats, maggots, Metalheads, Punks, children of the damned, underground dwellers and evil ambassadors from the dark side…

Pinhead - Hellraiser - promo pic - #1 - 2013





Helloween - Classic Band Logo - #119 - 2013


Iron Maiden - Large Classic Logo!Venom - Large Classic Band Logo - B&W


I married a monster from outer space - promo movie poster - 1958

I Married A Monster From Outer Space – Original 1958 Movie Poster (Paramount Pictures)


1. Crank up some MISFITS.

2. Crank up some KING DIAMOND.

3. Crank up some WEDNESDAY 13.

4. Crank up some SIX FEET UNDER.

5. Crank up some SATYRICON.

6. Crank up some KISS.

7. Eat as much damn candy as you wish and party safe.

8. DO NOT be a fool and drink and drive.

9. Watch super scary-as-hell slasher movies.

10. Go outside at/after midnight and look for Bigfoot, ghosts and/or UFO’s.


Witch Cross - Classic Logo - Large - B&W!!


Phantom 13 - Out For Blood - 5 Phantom Thirteen Bucks_________________________________________________________

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small








SNOW WHITE’S POISON BITE – “Featuring Dr. Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show” – Album Review

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Snow White's Poison Bite - Featuring Dr. Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show - promo cover

3.5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

Metal Fists - 3 and a half - Metal Odyssey

SNOW WHITE’S POISON BITE – Somewhere along my Metal life, the combination of Horror and Rock ‘N Roll has snagged a part of my Metal soul and refuses to leave. Cool. Case in point: this past Summer, I picked up the new CD from Finland’s Snow White’s Poison Bite, with its lengthy (yet cool) title: Featuring Dr. Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show (Victory Records). I bought this CD without hearing a single note from it; the cover artwork sold itself!

If there is one dilemma I have with Snow White’s Poison Bite, it’s I wish they would settle on what sound they truly want to be famous for. These guys play (and Jeremy Thirteenth sings) Punk, Alternative, Extreme and Metal very well; only it’s the mixed bag of genres that distracts me; I sincerely want to be floored by this CD, only the change in musical styles has me asking: how does this band want to be labeled? If this Horror Crew wanted to just play straight-up (toasted cheese sandwich and beer) Horror Punk, saving the extremity and slivers of emo vocals for another day, then I’d do a naked jig clear across the beautiful state of Ohio. Yup.

Snow White's Poison Bite - Featuring Dr. Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show - promo cover

For the Metal money, this is a (gasp) FUN CD to listen to and the song titles should pretty much give that away. I am totally down with what Snow White’s Poison Bite have done with the marketing of their band, from the artwork to their Horror Punk attire and makeup. This is a rowdy CD, which adds an important plus to my liking it. I absolutely dig the creepy spoken words on both the intro (track 1) and ending (track 10) to this CD.

The legendary (former) Misfits frontman, Michael Graves, is featured on Zombie Romance. The (unexpected) 1950’s Doo Wop and Shoo Bop experience this song initially introduces only gives way to an even more delectable dish of creepy Horror Punk, making this song my favorite of the track list. At the end of my Metal day, I do recommend this CD to Horror Punk fans and Alternative (Heavy Rock) fans alike. Metal be thy name.

Track Listing:

1. Gruesomely Introducing: Dr. Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show 2. The Gruesome Gory Horror Show 3. There’s A New Creep On The Block 4. Will You Meet Me In The Graveyard? 5. Halloween Means Death 6. Count Dracula Kid 7. Dr. Gruesome 8. Zombie Romance (Feat. Michael Graves) 9. Lurking Inside Of You 10. The Show Must Gruesomely End

snow white's poison bite - promo band pic - #6 - 2013

Jeremy Thirteenth – Vocals

Bobo – Bass

August – Guitar

Hoker Dine – Drums


New album available NOW from:



Direct (CD/Vinyl):


* For More Info On This Band:

Facebook: Snow White’s Poison Bite

Victory Records - Large Logo!

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



KISS – Halloween Pumpkin Contest Is Underway! Enter To WIN!

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Kiss - Halloween Pumpkins - promo pic - 2013 - Kiss Pumpkin Contest

As reported on the KISS Facebook page:

Hey Fans – Halloween is fast approaching and here is your chance to join in the KISS Halloween fun.

Grab a pumpkin and your creative spark and carve the KISS logo and/or the band’s likeness into it and send a photo our way using Instagram and the hashtag #kisspumpkin.

We’ll showcase the best entries on the KISS Facebook page and choose a random winner to take home a $100 Amazon gift card and a Monster CD.

For MORE info and contest rules:


* For More Info On KISS:

Facebook: KISS

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





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12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

MISFITS – That’s right Fiends, the ‘fits will debut two all-new studio recordings for the first time anywhere on a special limited edition 12-inch maxi-single this Halloween!

90’s era Misfits ‘fiend’ fav “Descending Angel” has been re-recorded with a brand new 2013 treatment by the “Devil’s Rain” lineup (Jerry, Dez and Chupacabra). The new single features wicked cover art by Jeff Zornow (Fright Rags, IDW’s Godzilla comics & more). Here’s a first glimpse of the old-school inspired, one-color sleeve art, compliments of Misfits Records. (Shown above).

More news will follow, including details on the flip side track, (hint for die-hard fiends…you’ve only heard the ‘fits perform this track live, but a studio version will soon debut). Also keep your evil eyes peeled for advance word on pre-ordering, highly limited exclusive variant vinyl colorways, and how to get your copy before it even arrives in stores!

This and lots more, coming VERY soon from Misfits Records. Stay tuned…


(Source: Misfits Records)

* For More Info On MISFITS:

Facebook: Misfits

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




Happy Metal Halloween From Metal Odyssey! 2012 Edition: Here Are Some Of My Favorite Spooky Albums & Movies…

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HAPPY METAL HALLOWEEN! Today is October 31st and Halloween 2012 is finally here! As you’ll see below, I’ve selected some of my all-time favorite spooky albums and movies, especially for all you Metal ghouls, monsters, witches, zombies and goblins out there. Enjoy!

The scary album cover at the top of this post is Orange Goblin’s fourth studio album Coup De Grace. Released back in 2002 via Rise Above Records, I highly recommend Coup De Grace from the solid-as-steel discography of Orange Goblin. This isn’t a Horror Metal album, yet it is lyrically filled with plenty of strange stories. Monkey Panic is a true Horror themed song, however. Coup De Grace contains a sensationally cool mix of Stoner Metal, Doom and a cover of the Misfits classic We Bite, (a song which adds a potent moment of Horror Punk to this album).

As with many of you out there, my favorite King Diamond album is Abigail. One of the greatest Metal concept albums ever written, structured and performed, in my Metal opinion! Released back in 1987 via Roadrunner Records, Abigail also features current and longtime Motörhead drummer Mikkey DeeAbigail is the crème de la crème of the King Diamond discography, without any Metal doubt in my mind.

What would a Metal Halloween be without the super-duper legendary IRON MAIDEN? For that matter, what would Halloween be like without IRON MAIDEN’s iconic mascot Eddie? I cringe at the thoughts! IRON MAIDEN without question, has the greatest assemblage of album covers in Heavy Metal history. Thanks to artists Derek Riggs and Melvyn Grant, Eddie’s mascot celebrity within the world of Metal is second to none.

Back on March 25th, 2010, I posted a feature titled: My Favorite Heavy Metal Album Cover Is… and you can read all about it by clicking the link below! Hint: It’s IRON MAIDEN.



Here Are 2 Of My Favorite All-Time Scary Movies:

Directed by the ultra-legendary John Carpenter, They Live was released back in 1988 and is distributed by Universal Studios. This is a Science Fiction-Horro Film that essentially shows what our world would be like if taken over by elitist aliens. Uh, huh. Filthy rich space aliens want to take over the world!

My favorite professional wrestler of all-time is the star of They Live: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. I feel his performance in They Live was stellar, just like his wrestling career. Rowdy Roddy Piper gives plenty of hurtin’ on these white-collar space aliens, before he, um… I won’t give the ending of this fabulous movie away.

Shout! Factory will be releasing, on November 6th, 2012, a “collector’s edition” of They Live, on both DVD and Blu-ray. Check out Shout! Factory here:

Another Science Fiction thriller directed by John Carpenter! This creepy Sci-Fi film takes place in 1997 and New York City is a maximum security prison! Once you’re put inside this NYC prison, you never come out… unless you’re Snake Plissken.

Legendary actor Kurt Russell is phenomenal in his role as Snake Plissken; his mission is to rescue The President of the United States (Donald Pleasence) from this horrible prison. It’s detailed as to how this all happened! Just get this movie at all Metal costs, if you already haven’t.

Escape From New York was released back in 1981 and  distributed by AVCO Embassy Pictures.

Escape From New York also stars such other notable actors: Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Adrienne Barbeau and Isaac Hayes as The Duke of New York.

I once met the producer for Escape From New York! Debra Hill was introduced to me at a wedding I attended (somewhere) in Long Island, (sometime) back in the ’90’s. A very quick “hello” and (I think) handshake and that’s about it. That’s my “brush with fame” when it comes to this unreal terrific movie!






The words “super-duper” were used in this post.


Metal, Heavy Rock Bands + Spiders = A List Of Creepy Crawling Cool Albums!

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Black and Yellow Argiope (Argiope aurantia)

Metal, Heavy Rock Bands + Spiders – Take a look at that spider above! Whoa! Apparently, this Black and Yellow Argiope is harmless to humans. Harmless! I’ve encountered this scary looking spider throughout my entire life; in my dad’s and uncle’s gardens and eventually my very own garden; this intimidating spider has appeared, time and again.

I remember catching this spider in mayonnaise and peanut butter jars when I was a young lad. I remember how I would chase my sister around the yard, while holding this spider captive in my jar. Metal be thy name, what was I thinking? Good times, nonetheless. (Maybe that wasn’t quite the case with my sister).

Okay, I’ve introduced you to this creepy crawler and now I shall introduce you to a list of Creepy Crawling Cool albums! The bonus is they are all Metal and Heavy Rock albums too! I own each album (and 1 CD single) you’ll see below, (with just 1 exception at the end of this list). I’ve slapped together examples from the legendary King Diamond, COLD and an appearance from… Ravage.

Just in time for Halloween, this list may be a first-time introduction and/or a reintroduction to what I consider to be excellent albums to own. If you know of other Metal or Heavy Rock album covers that features spider themed artwork, feel free to comment! Enjoy this list and… let the Halloween season spin its spooky vibes around you!

KING DIAMOND – The Spider’s Lullabye (reissue cover version)

Metal Blade Records (2009)

KING DIAMOND – The Spider’s Lullabye (original cover version)

Metal Blade Records – (1995)

RAVAGE – The End Of Tomorrow

Metal Blade Records – (2009)

COLD – Stupid Girl (CD Single)

Geffen – (2003)

COLD – Year Of The Spider

Geffen – (2003)

COLD – Superfiction

Eleven Seven Music – (2011)


Okay… cause you were so cool to stop by and stick around to the end, here is a…


This is an album from the UK’s BLACK SPIDERS. I’m gonna eventually buy volume and it will serve me right. These Stoner Rockers have the ultimate band name for this list I’ve compiled here too.






Rest In Peace, Christine. I So Badly Miss You.


Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Sunday, September 30th, 2012

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Wanna know what recently released album has psyched-me-out-of-my-Rock-‘N-Metal-mind? Just look at the above album cover! No, it’s not just the cover that has me psyched; it’s the Hard Rockin’ sonic bliss that The Darkness are playing on Hot Cakes that has put me in such a whirlwind of glee! What an album of instantly memorable songs!

This is the third studio album from this amazingly fun British band from Lowestoft and it’s a gem to feed my ears with. This Hot Cakes album has me believing that good, old-fashioned Glam/Hard Rock is alive and well once again. Do yourself a favor and buy Hot Cakes, especially if you like your Hard Rock that kicks the politically correct school of thought right in the ass!

It’s hard to believe we will be entering October tomorrow! To me, it feels like Summer was put on fast forward. With that said, I am a huge fan of Autumn and the spooky swirls of Halloween. With Halloween falling on a Wednesday (hump day) this year, it will obviously fall within two days of two weekends. I imagine that’s pretty cool, especially if you’re planning a Halloween party; you’ll basically have two weekends to choose from for your ghoulish get-together!

Once Autumn and the Halloween season begins, there are select bands and/or albums that I’ll gravitate to all the more for those creepy Rockin’ vibes! One such band is Helloween and their 1985 full-length debut: Walls Of Jericho. A Helloween classic and a classic within the pages of Heavy Metal history, this album is, in my Metal opinion.

Everything about DANZIG just screams Halloween. Seriously. From Glenn’s music, to his band logo and album artwork. I once encountered a wise-old Metal troll along a treacherous and densely wooded path in the Northern woods of Pennsylvania. This troll stated to me: “Stone, y-y-you best g-g-get some DANZIG into y-y-your F’n ears d-d-during Halloween s-s-season.” I’ll have to admit, that wise-old Metal troll was no dumb-ass.

Other albums and bands that I’ll listen to in ushering in the Halloween season: King Diamond, the 1970 debut and self-titled album from Black Sabbath, MISFITS, Iron Maiden (especially their first 3 albums), White Zombie, Rob Zombie, Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse, Zombiefication, Angel WitchSatyricon and… well, you get the Metal point!

Here’s a Metal news item of importance for all you REVERENCE fans out in Europe:

As reported on REVERENCE facebook on September 29th:

Reverence Cancel’s European Tour: To all the fans, promoters and venues, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we are being forced to cancel our upcoming European tour. We were looking forward to playing for our fans and making new ones. This is something we don’t take halfheartedly and want you to know this is not the end of Reverence, we will definitely be heading to Europe in 2013. Although this seems like bad news we are taking this opportunity to begin writing new material for the next release and various other things to be heading your way in the months to come.”

Stone Says: REVERENCE is such a grand Classic Metal band! True Metal. If you haven’t picked up their debut album, When Darkness Calls, you are hereby told to do so! REVERENCE has easily earned themselves the “top-spot” for Greatest Metal Surprise Of 2012. Metal be thy name.


* For more info on the bands featured here, click on the links below!







This Halloween, Wild Eye invites you to bang your head against the movie screen with a rare, 35mm screening of 1986’s Heavy Metal classic Trick Or Treat – Plus a slash n’ grind trailer show!

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Prepare to get caught in a 35mm mosh pit as Wild Eye Releasing presents The Heavy Metal Horror Show! Appearing at Brooklyn’s own Nitehawk Cinema for two nights only: Friday, October 21st and Saturday, October 22nd, starting at Midnight.

Headlining the bill is the 1986 head banging Horror Classic, Trick Or Treat, directed by Charles Martin Smith. Experience the mysterious death and backwards record-induced return of Rock n’ Roll superstar Sammi Curr (Tony Fields) as he haunts his biggest fan Skippy, er, we mean Eddie (Mark Price).  Watch as Curr shreds till everyone on-screen is literally dead, with special guest appearances by Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons.

And as if that isn’t enough to satiate your sick minds, make sure to show up early to catch opening act The Ghost Of The New York Grindhouse Trailer Show performing a full hour of spine tingling horror and exploitation trailers from the ’60s and ’70s that will raise your hair, but without that can of Aquanet.

So cancel your Dungeons & Dragons game and raise your devil-horns as we bring heavy metal to the silver screen in its purest form, with the entire evening’s events being screened from original 35mm prints and the volume turned up to 11.

Avoid price-gouging scalpers and get your tickets now! Advance tickets are available at the Nitehawk Cinema box office and at

(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info, click on the links below:




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MISFITS. Jerry Only, Dez Cadena and Robo. Punk Rock royalty. Horror Punk Royalty. Yup, I am a fan, excuse me if you please. I bought the brand spanking new… Land Of The Dead maxi single off of itunes on Halloween. I deliberately waited to buy these two new songs on Halloween too… it is only fitting and it has served me right. The two new Misfits songs are: Land Of The Dead and Twilight Of The Dead, both songs paying tribute to the Geoege A. RomeroLiving Dead movie series. Land Of The Dead clocks in at 2:13 and Twilight Of The Dead clocks in at 2:45. I will take this five minutes of new Misifts Horror Punk and thank my damn lucky dark skies, that this legendary band still Rocks in 2009. Jerry Only has taken his Misfits and Horror Punk into a fourth decade, recruiting new generations of fiends along the way.

Yes, the lyrics are Horror themed… blood runs cold… ’nuff said. Yes, Jerry Only sounds outrageously great on lead vocals and bass. Yes, Dez Cadena delivers the licks as profusely solid as ever. Yes, Robo is on drums and hits the skins with vintage Punk beats. In comparison to past Misfits sound, both new songs follow in the Misfits Punk footsteps of their Project 1950 album. The Horror Punk and Roll of Misfits is alive and well in 2009. I am so gloriously thrilled to have these two new Misfits songs in my personal collection. You too can serve yourself right this Halloween weekend by snagging these two new Misfits songs off of itunes – they are only 99 cents each!!!! Hell, that is way less expensive than a damn large fry, burger and milk shake from a plastic fast food chain! Plus these Misfits songs are not a detriment to your health either! Make your life that much better and GET THESE NEW MISFITS SONGS TODAY! I’m not bashful about any of my recommendations, obviously. Happy Halloween Weekend – fellow Fiends.

For those who are new to Misfits and need to know more about their spooky background, check out their MySpace Music page

Misfits "Land of the Dead" large album artwork


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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! To all of the visitors both past and present to Metal Odyssey, may this Halloween of 2009 be the spookiest, creepiest and darn right darkest it has ever been in your entire life. Halloween is also a time to celebrate the greatest music that exists… METAL. Pick your Metal genre and blast it louder than HELL this Halloween. So to all of my fellow Metalheads worldwide – horns up!

Obituary "Darkest Day" little album picMetal Odyssey’s Metal Album Recommendation For Your Halloween Listening Enjoyment: OBITUARY – DARKEST DAY – These Death Metal Legends are not fooling around with their June 30th, 2009 release. Darkest Day is without Metal hesitation, one of my top three albums of 2009… spanning all the Metal genres.


Slayer small logoPlus, the Grim Reaper wants to warn you all… the brand new SLAYER album World Painted Blood gets released on Tuesday, November 3rd. I am counting down the minutes in my Metal mind to this great moment in Slayer history.

Grim Reaper x-large image!!


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Misfits has reported, (on Saturday, October 10, 2009), that the first NEW Misifts songs since their 2003’s Project 1950 album, will be released on October 27, 2009! The title of this new 2 song maxi-single is Land Of The Dead. The two songs are: Land Of The Dead and Twilight Of The Dead. Both of these songs will be available to purchase and download for 99 cents each at itunes on 10-27-09. I am extremely thrilled beyond Metal belief, that new songs from the Misfits are on the way! The extra special release being the week of Halloween, makes it a true gift from the Misfits to their fans! Jerry Only and the Misfits are titanic legends of Punk Rock – Horror Punk Rock. Halloween 2009 just got fiendishly better and spookier with the news of new Misfits songs coming out! F’n Yeah!

Here is the breakdown for the vinyl – 12″ version of Land Of The Dead:

* Clear Red Vinyl Version1st pressing is limited to 1,000 pieces! This red vinyl 12 inch version will be available exclusively at the Fiend Store and Misfits Records online store. From the way in which this news release reads, there will be record stores that will carry the vinyl of Land Of The Dead, however, it may not be the first pressing.

*Clear Orange Vinyl Tour Edition – limited to only 1000 pressings! This clear orange vinyl 12 inch will be available exclusively at Misfits shows – *it will not be available in stores.

* Front Cover Artwork – this fiendish new cover painting was created by Arthur Suydam. This new rendering of the Fiend Skull by Arthur Suydam is unreal great and Misfits Horror Punk imagery – at it’s ultimate level.

* Both new songs were written by Misfits founding member and bass guitarist – Jerry Only, in tribute to world famous director George A. Romero and his Living Dead movie series.

Misfits are: Jerry Only on bass guitar, Dez Cadena on guitars and Robo on drums.

Misfits "Land of the Dead" large album artwork

John Fogerty – “Eye of the Zombie” a 1986 Creepy & Rockin’ Halloween Song

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John Fogerty "Eye of the Zombie" small album picHere I go again… pulling out another great and scary Rock song that is just eerily perfect for the Halloween season. In 1986, the ever legendary John Fogerty released his solo album – Eye of the Zombie, (on Warner Bros. Records). The cool release date of October 1st made this song all the more fitting for Halloween too. I was introduced to this song and album by my late sister, back in ’86, she knew this particular song was right up my Metal alley. With all of my time being occupied by Metal Music back in the ’80’s, I knew I could always count on my sister, to hook me up to some very cool mainstream Rock albums and songs from time to time. If my Metal memory serves me correct, the video for Eye of the Zombie, (which MTV played frequently then), was damn spooky and cool too. Just the way in which John Fogerty sings this song gets the creep out meter moving. Musically, this song Rocks in a very unique and spooky way.

As for the entire album of Eye of the Zombie, I don’t find it difficult to recommend to any Classic Rock or Rock Music fan at all. This song and album may not have been the blockbuster of John Fogerty’s career, still, Eye of the Zombie is a song and album that I reflect upon for it’s originality and cool Rock vibe. Too many times, it is the Rock album and/or song that does not find chart success or critic praise that turns out to be the true Rock and Roll wild card of a musicians career. Change in the Weather was the song talked about most from this album, with it’s Creedence Clearwater Revival roots, yet it is the allure of the song Eye of the Zombie that had me listening to the entire album itself. The front cover album artwork for this album is a visual nightmare image of a horrible looking creature… a zombie perhaps, only to me it appears to be more of a half man, half lion monstrosity. Very cool image nonetheless, something you would expect on a Metal Band’s album cover. In the end, if it has always been construed that John Fogerty took a Rock Music risk with this album, then I will be Metal bound to say it was a fabulous risk to take. The song Eye of the Zombie is one not to miss listening to this Halloween season… nor is it not a risky bet to get into the rest of this album any time of the year.

Here are the lyrics to this great song, if this doesn’t spook you out then you are too cool:

Eye of the Zombie

Hoo! Oooooh!

Shadows on the mountain,
And the night begins to fall;
Gather up the children,
‘Fore the darkness takes us all.
Tribe has come together,
Standin’ naked against the night;
Twenty feet from the fire,
The evil waits with zombie eyes.

Eye-eye-eye eye of the Zombie!
Eye-eye-eye eye of the Zombie!

Oh! Sneakin’ through the long grass
On leopard feet silently,
A beast already dead comes
To join the dance on the zombie.
Ooh! Time has come again
Again the moment of truth;
The terror is at hand,
And there’s nothin’ you can do.


Oh! Hoo! Aaa-aah! Hoo! Aaa-aaa-aaaah!

From out of nowhere he’s there,
Flashing hideous teeth,
Panic in the crowd,
We’re brought to our knees.
Back to the darkness,
Back on the mountain he stands,
You can’t fight a shadow,
You can’t kill a dead man.

[Chorus x4]

John Fogerty "Eye of the Zombie" large album pic

The Charlie Daniels Band – “The Legend of Wooley Swamp” is one scary, cool song

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The Charlie Daniels Band "Full Moon" small album picBack in 1980, sometime towards the Fall season, The Charlie Daniels Band released the studio album Full Moon, (Epic Records). I can remember this like it was yesterday, my late sister and I would sit around and listen to this great Charlie Daniels album and get the biggest thrill out of it. One song in particular, The Legend of Wooley Swamp was our favorite. This song evokes great memories of my late sister, with us being brought together through the music of the Full Moon album. This song scared the heck out of us back in 1980, it still gives me the jitters today. Talk about a cool and scary song… this one I should have put on my list of Scary Halloween Songs I posted recently. I really do not know how this legendary song slipped my Metal mind while compiling that list. Here is the story of The Legend of Wooley Swamp:

The Charlie Daniels Band "Full Moon" small album picThe lyrics tell the story of Lucius Clay, a greedy old man who would love and care for money more than people. Lucius Clay stored all of his money in mason jars, burying the jars all around his yard. On Summer nights, if the moon was right, Lucius Clay would dig these money filled – mason jars out of the ground. He would empty the jars of money on the floor of his shack and run his greedy fingers through it. Three young men named “the Cable boys” were trouble, they knew of Lucius Clay and all of his money. One night the oldest Cable brother decided he and his two brothers would go down to the Wooley Swamp and get the Lucius Clay money. Well, these brothers did find Lucius Clay, as he was digging up mason jars of money under a full moon. They beat Lucius Clay and threw his body into the swamp, watching as he was sucked down. As these Cable boys tried to run away with the jars of money, they realized they were being dragged down in quicksand themselves. As the Cable boys sunk to their death, they could hear the old man, (Lucius Clay), laugh. As Charlie Daniels relates the spoken word at the end of The Legend of Wooley Swamp – It’s been fifty years ago and you can go by there now. There’s a place in the yard in the back of Lucius Clay’s shack where the ground is forever wet. On summer nights, when the moon is right, down by the dark footpath, you can hear three young men screaming and you can hear one old man laugh.

This story as told in the song by Charlie Daniels, with his band behind him, is vintage. Yes, it is one hell of a scary song too. The Legend of Wooley Swamp makes for a perfect song to get ahold of for this Halloween season. Aw, heck, get ahold of the entire Full Moon album for Metal’s sake, it’s worth every penny. I am one Metalhead that is proud to admit my total fondness for this album, and the upmost respect for The Charlie Daniels Band and the music Charlie Daniels has created for five decades running. Call this song Country, Rock Country or call it Southern Rock. I like to call this song and the entire Full Moon album by The Charlie Daniels Band an American Classic.

You can find The Legend of Wooley Swamp on the Full Moon album, of course. This song is also found on many of The Charlie Daniels Band – Greatest Hits albums as well or on itunes. (I actually bought an extra copy of this song off of itunes myself). Regardless of what Rock genre you hold allegiance to, The Legend of Wooley Swamp and the Full Moon album is worth many, many, listens.

For a great look into the history of The Charlie Daniels Band, with tons of cool stuff, be sure to check out The Charlie Daniels Band website:

The Charlie Daniels Band "the collection" large album pic

HALLOWMAS – “The Road To Hallow’s Eve” Is Horror Punk To Scream For

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Hallowmas small album picI first stumbled across Hallowmas – The Road To Hallow’s Eve on the Century Media Records online store – CM The CD cover artwork took my Metal breath away, I am a huge Metal sucker for the scary and horrific album covers… this goes back decades for me. You cannot always judge a book, uh, album by it’s cover. In the case of my purchasing The Road To Hallow’s Eve based on the artwork and song titles, well, I proclaim a Horror Punk victory! This album is on Coffin Records, a recognized label notorious for underground talent. Hallowmas released this album back in 2005, I bought it about one year ago, during one of my Halloween spirited moods. Cutting to the Metal chase here, this is one dandy of a Horror Punk Band, a terrorizing thrill a second is The Road To Hallow’s Eve. It’s all good… Horror Punk style. I have numerous times, since buying this CD, have tried to read and/or find out more about this cool Hallowmas band… all in vain however. The only trail I find on the world wide web about them are the basics I found in the liner notes of this very album. Hallowmas is without question an underground Horror Punk band. I sincerely hope they resurface and continue their Horror Punk path… The Road To Hallow’s Eve makes for an intense foundation for them to build upon.

Lead singer Boris Randall does remind me of the Misfits era Glenn Danzig… strikingly similar, still there was and always will be only one legendary Glenn Danzig. Hallowmas plays tight enough to forge together quality Horror Punk Rock songs, all the while giving off the impression that this is as uncommercial a band that will ever be. To say that this album Rocks is a Metal understatement of the facts… this album leaves me wanting more, much more Hallowmas please. The center spread photo of the band, within the liner notes, shows them donning skeleton costumes and skeletal makeup. Between the music Hallowmas plays, along with their persona, it would be too easy to dismiss them off as copycats of the Misfits. By comparison, look at how many Death Metal bands that share the same characteristics of their peers – how many Glam/Hair Metal bands that sported the same look as their peer bands. As a devout fan of the Misfits, I personally am flattered when other Punk or Horror Punk bands take on the style of such a historical and legendary band.

The more I listened to The Road To Hallow’s Eve, the easier it was for me to break into the shell of the Hallowmas Horror Punk and hear some spirited originality. Each song is Rock and Roll rooted, from the pulsating rhythm section to the attention grabbing guitar riffs, a fine mixture of Old School Punk meets dark infested Horror Punk this album is. The only song (based on the info in the liner notes), that Hallowmas did not perform or write on this album is Road To Hallow’s Eve. This is a gothic influenced and spooky instrumental, (keyboards), that was written and performed by Killjoy and Sigh’s Mirai Kawashima… I find the vocals to be quite haunting, almost like a chant you would not want to hear alone in a remote and dark forest. In my Metal opinion, Hallowmas and The Road To Hallow’s Eve is another devilishly cool Horror Punk CD that I will turn to often… especially this Halloween Season!

Hallowmas as they appeared on The Road To Hallow’s Eve:

Boris Randall – vocals

Damien Matthews – guitar

Johnny Coffin – bass

Drew Blood – drums

The Road To Hallow’s EveTrack Listing:

The Hanging Girl

Twins Of Evil

Planet X

Miss Devil Doll

When You’re Blue

The Road To Hallow’s Eve

Pagan’s Night

Hallowmas Large album pic

Some SCARY SONGS to Search Out for this Halloween Season

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Misfits "Cuts From The Crypt" large album pic








Halloween is coming and there are scary songs aplenty out there, to get me in the spooky spirit. I came up with a list of my favorites, each song a true Classic in it’s own frightful right. Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Punk Rock are all represented here well with cool and frightening songs… go ahead… peruse and enjoy this list – if you dare!

Monster Mash – Misfits – I really get a kick out of the Misfits cover version of this 1962 Bobby “Boris” Pickett original. The Misfits cover version can be found on their albums Project 1950 and Cut’s From The Crypt. The Bobby “Boris” Pickett original version of Monster Mash reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart on October 20, 1962. I covet the original version just as much as the Misfits cover.

Werewolves of London Warren Zevon – this song is originally found on Warren Zevon’s 1978 album Excitable Boy.  I just bought the live version of Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London on itunes a week ago… the live version is unreal good. Since I first heard this song in 1978, it never ceases to put me in the Halloween mood, no matter what time of year I listen to this great song.

Godzilla – Blue Oyster Cult – this song is found on the Blue Oyster Cult album Spectres, released in 1977. The live version of Godzilla is found on their 1978 album Some Enchanted Evening… I lean towards liking the live version more, always have. The live version just seems to have more total heaviness – a Classic Rock gem.

HalloweenHelloween – alright, now we are talking about some serious Metal here. The 1987 album Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1 is where you can find this song, truly an amazing Power Metal epic… at 13 minutes & 18 seconds long, yet every second is Metal brilliance. This song exploits the vocal excellence of Michael Kiske, he was an incredible singer for Helloween, period.

Boris The Spider The Who – Released in 1966 (the year that I was, gulp, born) – A Quick One is The Who album where this legendary song is found. A short song, at 2 minutes & 29 seconds, the late John Entwistle gives this creepy little song it’s Rock character through his bass and vocals too.

The Number of the BeastIron Maiden – Whoa, this song gets better each time I hear it… I am sure I am not alone in stating that. Released on the Number of the Beast album from 1982, it seems like yesterday to me.

Old Carver’s BonesCKY – From the 2009 CKY album Carver City, this song is scary with multiple exclamation points. The music and lyrics of this song makes the creep out meter catch on fire.

Dead Skin MaskSlayer – In 1990, Slayer released Seasons in the Abyss – just the title of this song says enough… F’n Slayer rules.

This Is HalloweenMarilyn Manson – I practically inhale this song every late September up until Halloween night. This Is Halloween sung by the legendary Marilyn Manson, can be heard on the re-release of The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack, (re-released in 2006). Metal truth be told, this is probably my most favorite Marilyn Manson song ever… and I like a ton of Marilyn Manson songs a great deal. Marilyn Manson sounds so damn mean, nasty and scary on this song that it creates a thunderstorm in the sky above, wherever it is played.

FrankensteinOver Kill – this Thrash Metal cover of the Edgar Winter original is frighteningly unreal good. An instrumental, there is no need for lyrics… the music is alarmingly spooky to the maximum. I embrace the Edgar Winter original as much as the Over Kill cover version… bear in mind the Over Kill cover version is damn heavier!! The Over Kill cover version is found on their 1991 album Horrorscope. The Edgar Winter Group original version of Frankenstein is on their 1972 album They Only Come Out at Night.

Black SabbathBlack Sabbath – from the debut self titled album Black Sabbath, (released in 1970), the song Black Sabbath carries me through a nightmare that I never mind revisiting. Everything about this song spells chillingly scary… from Ozzy Osbourne’s vocals to Tony Iommi’s doom laden riffs, the godfather of creepy Metal songs without a doubt in my Metal mind.

I could go on until Doomsday with a master list of scary and horror laden songs that get me pumped for Halloween. These songs are the ones that I seem to listen to the most, (or so it seems). Maybe you agree with this list of shock and scream songs, maybe you have a song to add to this list too… don’t hesitate to give your suggestion or two for songs that are just as frightening or more so. Happy Halloween.

Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath" large album pic

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