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Rest In Peace, Sid Haig, Horror Film Icon

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Legendary film actor Sid Haig passed away on September 21, 2019, at the age of 80. Sad news, indeed. I’m no expert on the entire film career of Sid Haig; however, his role as Captain Spaulding featured in Rob Zombie‘s House Of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects has left a terrifying impression on me which will last forever.

For me, Captain Spaulding epitomizes the ultimate demonic character I’ve ever witnessed on film. That says a ton and again it’s my opinion. His serial killer role came across to me as being too real; where so many other villains of film are either too outlandish or cartoonish. I’ve yet to see the newest addition to Rob Zombie’s trilogy of terror: 3 From Hell. Without a doubt, I will see this new film of bloody gore! The Rob Zombie films aside, I am eager to look back on other Sid Haig films which I have missed over the years. May Sid Haig rest in peace or continue his soul journey, wherever he may be. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Top photo: Night Of The Living Dead 3D (2006)

Bottom Photo: The Devils Rejects (2005)


On This Day In METAL History – October 28th… From HORROR MOVIES To BORN OF OSIRIS

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Possession - promo movie poster - 1983 - #MO6633MNSS

On October 28th, 1983 – The Horror film POSSESSION (1981 film) opened at the Rivoli and other theaters in New York City. This B flick stars Isabelle AdjaniSam Neil (of Jurassic Park fame) and Heinz BennentPossession was written and directed by Andrzej Zulawski.

Stargate - promo movie poster pic - #MOSSNM9940337OT

On October 28th, 1994 – The Science-Fiction film STARGATE was released to wide-screen theaters in the USA. This film stars the legendary Kurt Russell and James Spader. I absolutely love this movie! I recommend STARGATE tremendously! This movie is not difficult to find; I am now in the mood to watch it again!

If you are addicted to the Ancient Aliens series that is currently airing on the History Channel, you’ll fall head over heals for STARGATE! By the way, I once met James Spader at a wedding I attended in Long Island, New York. This chance encounter took place back in the 90’s. Pretty cool, huh?

Saw II - promo movie poster pic - #MO77744993300

On October 28th, 2005 – The super gory and horrific SAW II was released to wide-screen theaters in the USA, via Lions Gate Films. SAW II was directed by the great Darren Bousman.

Born Of Osiris - Soul Sphere - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #MO990303

On October 28th, 2015 – The newly released studio album, Soul Sphere, from Chicago’s BORN OF OSIRIS is at #1, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Holy shit and yeah! This album is scathingly extreme and whoa! Soul Sphere receives the Metal Odyssey Seal Of Extreme Metal Approval. My eardrums are truthfully scarred from this album and Metal Be Thy Name!


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




Philip H. Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Festival Returning For Year Three

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Housecore Horror Festival - November 2015 - promo flyer - #111315MOPHA

Legendary metal frontman and Housecore Records founder, Philip H. Anselmo, is bringing his horror-themed film and metal festival back for a third year. After a great ride in Austin, the festival will kick off in San Antonio, Texas at the Aztec Theater on November 13th – 15th, 2015.

The decision to return was driven by the desire to honor his friend and festival co-founder, Corey Mitchell, who tragically passed away last October. Mitchell was the driving creative force behind the festival’s success and Anselmo believes there is no better way to pay tribute to his friend than to carry on for a third year.

“I’ve got a great team in place to help make this what Corey and I wanted it to be,” he says. “There are a lot of mixed emotions here because no one can replace him. But, we know he would want this to continue and so that’s what we’re going to do. We miss him and think about him every day.”

Bands already confirmed to play are Suffocation, AutopsyCripple Bastards, Nails, SYk & Dalila KayrosYOBEyehategod, Child BiteWarbeast and many more to be announced soon. Maryland Deathfest co-founder Ryan Taylor will be booking bands this year and will help Anselmo craft a musical lineup that would make Mitchell proud.

In addition to showcasing the best in extreme metal, the festival will screen film gems from the personal vaults of both Anselmo and Mitchell. Horror filmmakers are encouraged to submit their films and winners will be selected in various categories and given the coveted Rot-Scar Award. “When Corey and I started this thing, it was important to us that we help independent filmmakers get their incredible work discovered,” Anselmo continues. “Nothing has changed, in that respect.”

Tickets to go on sale soon! Stay tuned for additional announcements.


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On This Day In METAL History – March 13th… Horror Movie Special Edition!

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The Fun House - promo poster pic - 1981 - #810313MO

On March 13th, 1981The Fun House was released to wide-screen theaters, via Universal. The legendary Tobe Hooper was the director for this horror film and Lawrence Block was the writer. I remember watching this movie quite a few times on HBO, back in the day, during an era when the R rated movies were only shown after ten o’clock at night. This creepy film shows why you should not stay overnight at a traveling carnival. Whoa!

Higway To Hell - promo movie poster pic - 1992 - #0313HTHMO

On March 13th, 1992Highway To Hell was released to wide-screen theaters, via Hemdale. A young American couple are warned not to sleep after the second tree on a certain back road, while traveling to Las Vegas to get married. After fueling up their car and falling asleep, (the girlfriend) Rachel gets arrested by a Hellcop and (the boyfriend) Charlie now has to go to hell to rescue his fiancé.

I love the AC/DC title to this movie and its subtitle Where The Toll Is You Soul is classic! This film was directed by Ate de Jong.

The Last House On The Left - promo movie poster - 2009 - #0313TLHOTLMO

On March 13th, 2009 – The super scary thriller, The Last House On The Left, was released to wide-screen theaters, via Rogue Pictures. The iconic Wes Craven directed and produced the original version of this movie, back in 1972. Wes Craven returned to produce this remake with Sean Cunningham. This film took in over 45 million (U.S. dollars) at the box office. I suppose if a house looks creepy enough, don’t go near it. ‘Nuff said.

It Follows - promo movie poster pic - 2015 - #0313IFMO

On March 13th, 2015It Follows is released to wide-screen theaters. Written and directed by David Robert Mitchell, this horror film centers around a 19-year-old girl named Jay and the terrifying situation she finds herself in, after a sexual encounter with another teenage boy. Apparently a supernatural force follows her every step since her sexual encounter and this same evil force can be passed along to another person, via a sexual situation. This movie is obviously pretty darn sexual? Metal be thy name, I’m confused.






On This Day In METAL History – January 6th…

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The Devil Inside - promo movie poster pic - Horror - #2012 - 0206TDI

I always state that Horror and Paranormal movies are Metal. I cannot help feeling that way. The Devil Inside is no different, being a Horror movie that was promoted with posters that can rival many evil Metal album covers, both past and present. The Devil Inside was released on January 6th, 2012, via Paramount Pictures.

Just looking at the demonic nun on the top movie poster is like opening a jar of evil whoop-ass! This movie poster has Black Metal imagery screaming from every crevice! The Devil Inside movie poster below is almost just as abominable to look at; I feel the imagery portrays both Black Metal and Death Metal. Do you feel the same way?

The Devil Inside - Horror movie poster pic - #2012 - 0206DI

Based on a true story, The Devil Inside is about Maria Rossi; a confessed killer of three people. Maria Rossi has been locked up for twenty years, inside a hospital for the criminally insane, located in Italy. Her daughter Isabella seeks to find the truth about her mother’s murderous night. Isabella asks two Exorcists to help her mother overcome evil possession. Then… well… they all find out that four pissed-off demons are possessing Isabella’s mother, Maria Rossi. Whoa and unholy crap!

The Devil Inside was written and directed by William Brent Bell and stars Suzan Crowley as Maria Rossi and Fernanda Andrade as Isabella.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




Happy Metal Halloween From Metal Odyssey! 2012 Edition: Here Are Some Of My Favorite Spooky Albums & Movies…

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HAPPY METAL HALLOWEEN! Today is October 31st and Halloween 2012 is finally here! As you’ll see below, I’ve selected some of my all-time favorite spooky albums and movies, especially for all you Metal ghouls, monsters, witches, zombies and goblins out there. Enjoy!

The scary album cover at the top of this post is Orange Goblin’s fourth studio album Coup De Grace. Released back in 2002 via Rise Above Records, I highly recommend Coup De Grace from the solid-as-steel discography of Orange Goblin. This isn’t a Horror Metal album, yet it is lyrically filled with plenty of strange stories. Monkey Panic is a true Horror themed song, however. Coup De Grace contains a sensationally cool mix of Stoner Metal, Doom and a cover of the Misfits classic We Bite, (a song which adds a potent moment of Horror Punk to this album).

As with many of you out there, my favorite King Diamond album is Abigail. One of the greatest Metal concept albums ever written, structured and performed, in my Metal opinion! Released back in 1987 via Roadrunner Records, Abigail also features current and longtime Motörhead drummer Mikkey DeeAbigail is the crème de la crème of the King Diamond discography, without any Metal doubt in my mind.

What would a Metal Halloween be without the super-duper legendary IRON MAIDEN? For that matter, what would Halloween be like without IRON MAIDEN’s iconic mascot Eddie? I cringe at the thoughts! IRON MAIDEN without question, has the greatest assemblage of album covers in Heavy Metal history. Thanks to artists Derek Riggs and Melvyn Grant, Eddie’s mascot celebrity within the world of Metal is second to none.

Back on March 25th, 2010, I posted a feature titled: My Favorite Heavy Metal Album Cover Is… and you can read all about it by clicking the link below! Hint: It’s IRON MAIDEN.



Here Are 2 Of My Favorite All-Time Scary Movies:

Directed by the ultra-legendary John Carpenter, They Live was released back in 1988 and is distributed by Universal Studios. This is a Science Fiction-Horro Film that essentially shows what our world would be like if taken over by elitist aliens. Uh, huh. Filthy rich space aliens want to take over the world!

My favorite professional wrestler of all-time is the star of They Live: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. I feel his performance in They Live was stellar, just like his wrestling career. Rowdy Roddy Piper gives plenty of hurtin’ on these white-collar space aliens, before he, um… I won’t give the ending of this fabulous movie away.

Shout! Factory will be releasing, on November 6th, 2012, a “collector’s edition” of They Live, on both DVD and Blu-ray. Check out Shout! Factory here:

Another Science Fiction thriller directed by John Carpenter! This creepy Sci-Fi film takes place in 1997 and New York City is a maximum security prison! Once you’re put inside this NYC prison, you never come out… unless you’re Snake Plissken.

Legendary actor Kurt Russell is phenomenal in his role as Snake Plissken; his mission is to rescue The President of the United States (Donald Pleasence) from this horrible prison. It’s detailed as to how this all happened! Just get this movie at all Metal costs, if you already haven’t.

Escape From New York was released back in 1981 and  distributed by AVCO Embassy Pictures.

Escape From New York also stars such other notable actors: Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Adrienne Barbeau and Isaac Hayes as The Duke of New York.

I once met the producer for Escape From New York! Debra Hill was introduced to me at a wedding I attended (somewhere) in Long Island, (sometime) back in the ’90’s. A very quick “hello” and (I think) handshake and that’s about it. That’s my “brush with fame” when it comes to this unreal terrific movie!






The words “super-duper” were used in this post.


MONSTERS RULE! Wanna See My 12 Creature Feature Trading Cards From 1973? They’re Really Cool…

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CREATURE FEATURE TRADING CARDS – Monsters rule. Monsters are Metal. Don’t believe me when I say Monsters are Metal? Just ask Rob Zombie, Glenn DanzigJerry Only, Wednesday 13, Skeletonwitch, Lizzy BordenOrange Goblin or the mega-legendary KISS, Iron Maiden, King Diamond and Alice Cooper if Monsters are Metal! Monsters are to Metal, what hops is to beer. They just go super swell together.

Back in 1973, Topps Chewing Gum released some very scary and very cool trading cards called Creature Feature. I remember vividly, watching Creature Feature on Saturday mornings with my sister. We both were psyched out of our minds to see the black and white film classics of: Frankenstein, The Bride Of Frankenstein, The Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Wolfman, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The Invisible Man and ALL the King Kong and Godzilla flicks too! Whoa!

Okay, I’ll throw in the original War Of The Worlds film from 1953 and The Blob from 1958 as being childhood favorites of ours as well. In my opinion, the special effects seen in any of these old-time Horror films deserves an applause! Hell, there were no computers back then to assist in any SFX, like we all know exists today.

Night Of The Living Dead – Original Movie Poster (No, I don’t own this poster… wish I did though).

If I had to name my favorite Horror film stars from the golden years of Hollywood, they would be (in no particular order): Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Sr., Lon Chaney Jr., Bela Lugosi and of course Boris Karloff. Horror film icons all. My favorite Horror film of all time? Why, it’s a tie. Here they are: The Phantom Of The Opera (1925 silent film) and George A. Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead from 1968.

I would share these cards with my sister and we would laugh at the corny jokes that are printed on the backsides of them. The “sayings” on the card fronts are a hoot as well! Here are 9 of my Creature Feature trading cards:

The Frankenstein card in the center reads: “Would Somebody Tell Me A Scary Story?”

Grand memories these Creature Feature cards produce for me. I so often wish my sister was still alive; I miss talking about ghosts, monsters and the paranormal with her. My sister was never at a loss for words when it came to these scary topics! My sister also had a small quantity of Creature Feature cards too. While growing up, we weren’t surrounded with money, therefore, building a complete set of Creature Feature was not even a thought to us.

Here are 3 more of my Creature Feature trading cards:

Here are the backsides of my Creature Feature cards:

On the back of card #93 (shown above) reads the joke:

“Why are you so surprised that I shot a werewolf last night in my pajamas?” 

“I didn’t think a werewolf could fit in your pajamas.”


I’d like to give a BIG thank you to my Metal Buddy over at ATOTHEWR.COM for prompting me to write about and show off my Creature Feature cards. Please check out his very, very cool site! From movie reviews, books and music to running, you’ll be in for a surprise by stopping by there! Plus, I believe he’s a KISS fan too! Tell ’em Stone sent you. Now, to end with a quote from ATOTHEWAR:

“Metal And Monsters Be Thy Name”


Rest In Peace, Christine. I Miss You So Much.


This Halloween, Wild Eye invites you to bang your head against the movie screen with a rare, 35mm screening of 1986’s Heavy Metal classic Trick Or Treat – Plus a slash n’ grind trailer show!

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Prepare to get caught in a 35mm mosh pit as Wild Eye Releasing presents The Heavy Metal Horror Show! Appearing at Brooklyn’s own Nitehawk Cinema for two nights only: Friday, October 21st and Saturday, October 22nd, starting at Midnight.

Headlining the bill is the 1986 head banging Horror Classic, Trick Or Treat, directed by Charles Martin Smith. Experience the mysterious death and backwards record-induced return of Rock n’ Roll superstar Sammi Curr (Tony Fields) as he haunts his biggest fan Skippy, er, we mean Eddie (Mark Price).  Watch as Curr shreds till everyone on-screen is literally dead, with special guest appearances by Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons.

And as if that isn’t enough to satiate your sick minds, make sure to show up early to catch opening act The Ghost Of The New York Grindhouse Trailer Show performing a full hour of spine tingling horror and exploitation trailers from the ’60s and ’70s that will raise your hair, but without that can of Aquanet.

So cancel your Dungeons & Dragons game and raise your devil-horns as we bring heavy metal to the silver screen in its purest form, with the entire evening’s events being screened from original 35mm prints and the volume turned up to 11.

Avoid price-gouging scalpers and get your tickets now! Advance tickets are available at the Nitehawk Cinema box office and at

(Source: Earsplit PR)

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