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HEADCRUSHER – Signs To Spora Recordz – New Coke Bottle Green, 150gm Vinyl Album “Black Burning Skies” Releasing Soon!

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Headcrusher - Black Burning Skies - promo cover pic - 2013

Metal From the Mountains of Columbia! HeadCrusher signs to Spora Recordz. Spora will be releasing HeadCrusher’s new album titled, “Black Burning Skies” on 12″ coke bottle green 150gm vinyl, along with their previous release, “Let The Blood Run” as a double LP, double album release.

Check out below, a music video from the upcoming album, “Black Burning Skies” titled, “Swimming in a Sea of Death.” Release dates and pre-order info will be announced soon.

Stream “Let The Blood Run” here:

Headcrusher - Let The Blood Run - promo cover pic - 2013


(Source: Spora Recordz)

* For more info on HEADCRUSHER:

Facebook: HeadCrusher


Spora Recordz - logo - 2013


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TRIDROID RECORDS – Releasing On Limited Vinyl: TYRANTS BLOOD “Into The Kingdom Of Graves” This October

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Tyrants Blood - Into The Kingdom Of Graves - promo cover

Don’t forget to pre-order the vinyl album here NOW, as it’s only limited to 500 copies:


Tridroid Records is pleased to announce that we will be handling the vinyl release of the new Tyrants Blood album Into the Kingdom of Graves.

Tyrants Blood were conceived in late summer 2005 , and solidified its original lineup in January of 2006. Started by ex Witches Hammer/Blasphemy guitarist Marco Banco (traditional sodomizer of the Goddess of Perversity) and local drummer Kevin Volatile, the group now consists of Marco Banco, ex Abuse drummer Matt Blood Modder, Infernal majesty vocalist Brian Messiah Langley and Bass/vocalist Vinnie Borden.

Their début album was released by Morbid Moon records out of Montreal Quebec in late 2006. Then in 2007 they were signed to Ireland’s main metal company Invictus records, where they released both the 2007 EP titled Prophecy and their latest full length album from 2009 titled, Crushing Onward Into oblivion. This latest release has also been picked up by Mutilation records out of Sao Paolo Brazil for distribution in South America.

Since their inception, Tyrants Blood have supported their efforts with live shows throughout western Canada, South America and Europe. The band recently released their latest album Into the Kingdom of Graves on CD and will be releasing the vinyl version on Tridroid Records in October 2013.


(Source: Tridroid Records)

* For More Info On TYRANTS BLOOD:


Tridroid Records - Logo - B&W - 2013


Facebook: Tridroid Records

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Unholy Anarchy Records - large logo - B&W

In conjunction with At War With False Noise (UK), Jerkoff Records (USA) and Blackseed Records (USA), Unholy Anarchy Records is set to release a brand new split 7-inch featuring Belgian grind gods AGATHOCLES and HOGRA.

AGATHOCLES have been around for over 25 years and in that time have appeared on well over 100 split 7-inch releases, as well as numerous comps, EPs, demos and full-length albums. This release sees the legendary trio take an unexpected departure from their traditional and patented mincecore style of grind and unleash two tracks that were written to compliment the power electronics of Pittsburgh’s HOGRA, who have built a solid catalog of splits, tapes and EPs over the past year.

The split is scheduled for an early September release. For ordering information, visit

Agathocles - Hogra - split - promo cover pic

A1. AGATHOCLES – “I Don’t Wanna See You (No More)”

A2. AGATHOCLES – “From Grey… To Black”

B1. HOGRA – “Vomica”

B2. HOGRA – “Bezoar”


Straight from the underground comes the newly launched Unholy Anarchy Records and Distro. Launched in the summer of 2013, Baltimore-based Unholy Anarchy is guided by the philosophy to release quality underground extreme music without boundaries – the only criteria being quality music from great bands.

Run by true Metal fans for true Metal fans, Unholy Anarchy focuses primarily on vinyl releases, but is open to a variety of mediums from acts that share a similar vision. The label’s first release will be a seven-inch split with Belgium’s AGATHOCLES and Pittsburgh, PA’s HOGRA. Due out in early August, the split will be a co-release with Blackseed Records, Jerk Off Records and At War With False Noise.

On the distro side of things, Unholy Anarchy has hundreds of titles on picture disc, 12″, 10″, 7″, CD and cassette formats in stock. Unholy Anarchy always offers free shipping on any order over $50.

Unholy Anarchy is an independently owned and operated family business that focuses on maintaining the importance of physical music formats, especially vinyl. The label was founded with the hopes of delivering quality underground Metal, Punk and Hardcore from artists and labels we respect.  They are dedicated to helping the scene, the bands, and delivering music to you. Unholy Anarchy has made every effort to stock rare imports and hard to find albums for our U.S. customer base, and hope you find Unholy Anarchy a collective that you can stand behind.


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

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KEEL “Larger Than Live” From 1989 – A Vinyl Find I’d Like To Show You…

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KEEL – That’s it at the top! I recently found this 1989 KEEL album, Larger Than Live, at an antiques mall. I paid $4 for it (U.S.). Usually I’ll go to this antiques mall about once a month or so. There are a few record dealers there to visit; typically I can find and (sometimes) buy at least one or two albums on each trip. Condition always is critical with used albums; therefore I find myself passing on many potential purchases.

Passing on buying this KEEL album was not an option for me, on this day. I always listened to KEEL over the years and Ron Keel made quite a comeback with his band too; with 2010’s Streets Of Rock & Roll (Frontiers Records) proving to be an excellent Hard Rock album for my ears. Overall, this album is in excellent shape, both the jacket and vinyl. After all these years, I never owned Larger Than Live. I do own it now… and it’s on vinyl.

KEEL – 1989 Lineup:

Ron Keel – vocals & guitar

Kenny Chaisson – bass guitar & vocals

Dwain Miller – drums, vocals & percussion

Tony “The Kid” Palmucci – lead guitar

Scott Warren – keyboards & vocals

Bryan Jay – lead guitar

Larger Than Live – Track Listing:

Two new live tracks were picked for the album: Hard As Hell (Live) and Private Lies (Live).

The LARGE side represents six new studio tracks.

LARGE (All New):

Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty

Riding High

Die Fighting

Dreams Are Not Enough

So Many Good Ways To Be Bad

Fool For A Pretty Face


Hard As Hell (new)

Rock And Roll Animal

Private Lies (new)

Rock ‘N Roll Outlaw

The Right To Rock

Larger Than Live – (back cover)

Not much to it. The track listing and some liner notes are printed on this back cover.


Some Larger Than Live liner notes:

Larger Than Live was released on Gold Castle Records.

Larger Than Live was produced by Ron Keel with Allen Isaacs.

The LIVE side was recorded during 2 sold out shows at the Roxy in Hollywood by Westwood One Mobile Recording, March 18th, 1989.

The LARGE side was recorded at Sound City, Van Nuys, by Allen Isaacs.


For more info on KEEL, click on the links below!



NOVEMBERS DOOM’s Paul Kuhr and Mike Feldman Launch CHARRED OWEN Vinyl Label

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Paul Kuhr and Mike Feldman of U.S. Death/Doom pioneers NOVEMBERS DOOM have officially launched CHARRED OWEN, a record label catering to vinyl enthusiasts and collectors. Below is a statement from Paul about the label.

Having a mutual love for what is collectable and a vinyl format now considered classic, Novembers Doom members Paul Kuhr and Mike Feldman have brought to life a newly formed record label. CHARRED OWEN was created out of nostalgia and a desire to see our own work released on a timeless format, vinyl. Not only is it collectable, but no other format has even been able to capture the full beauty of cover art, along with a tonal warmth only vinyl could bring.

We will start with a collaboration with The End Records to release select Novembers Doom titles, starting with “APHOTIC” available June 19th,  but we won’t stop there. Plans for other releases in the future are already in the works, with other bands in consideration.

As musicians in the Metal industry and fans of the same genre, our goal with CHARRED OWEN is to create collectable quality vinyl, from talented bands. We have many plans for the future, and we’re looking forward to seeing it all come to life.

For more information and pre-order information please visit: CHARRED OWEN


(Source: ClawHammer PR)




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