NOVEMBERS DOOM’s Paul Kuhr and Mike Feldman Launch CHARRED OWEN Vinyl Label

Paul Kuhr and Mike Feldman of U.S. Death/Doom pioneers NOVEMBERS DOOM have officially launched CHARRED OWEN, a record label catering to vinyl enthusiasts and collectors. Below is a statement from Paul about the label.

Having a mutual love for what is collectable and a vinyl format now considered classic, Novembers Doom members Paul Kuhr and Mike Feldman have brought to life a newly formed record label. CHARRED OWEN was created out of nostalgia and a desire to see our own work released on a timeless format, vinyl. Not only is it collectable, but no other format has even been able to capture the full beauty of cover art, along with a tonal warmth only vinyl could bring.

We will start with a collaboration with The End Records to release select Novembers Doom titles, starting with “APHOTIC” available June 19th,  but we won’t stop there. Plans for other releases in the future are already in the works, with other bands in consideration.

As musicians in the Metal industry and fans of the same genre, our goal with CHARRED OWEN is to create collectable quality vinyl, from talented bands. We have many plans for the future, and we’re looking forward to seeing it all come to life.

For more information and pre-order information please visit: CHARRED OWEN


(Source: ClawHammer PR)




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