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DANGER DANGER Returns To Japan!

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Danger Danger - Japan Tour 2019 - tour flyer - #33MO33ILDGSO

DANGER DANGER – 30th Anniversary JAPAN TOUR 2019

2019/12/10 Tokyo – Shibuya @ CLUB QUATTRO
2019/12/12 Osaka – Umeda @ CLUB QUATTRO

DANGER DANGER 新規公演決定!】 デビュー・アルバム『デンジャー・デンジャー』の30周年を記念したDANGER DANGERのジャパン・ツアーが決定!

Ticket info:

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Pink Velvet Krush is pleased to announce that they will be supporting Danger Danger on Saturday August 30th at Revolution in Amityville, NY. Danger Danger will be performing a 25th Anniversary Reunion Show featuring Ted Poley, Andy Timmons, Steve West, Bruno Ravel, and Kasey Smith. This show is the only U.S. show to feature the original band. Tickets are $20 and available at this location.

August 30th will mark the debut performance for Pink Velvet Krush who recently announced their formation featuring former Bulletboys, Britny Fox, Steelheart and Vaudeville members.


Danger Danger - Pink Velvet Krush - promo concert flyer - 2014


* For more info on Pink Velvet Krush:

Facebook: Pink Velvet Krush


HighVolMusic - banner logo - #1 - 2013

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





Funniest Heavy Metal Album Covers… Here’s Five!

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FUNNIEST HEAVY METAL ALBUM COVERS – It’s time to laugh out loud or at least crack a smile… or maybe two. I have always been a fan of memorable album covers. From Horror themes to dragons and every flaming Flying V guitar in-between, I find album artwork to be a representation of the respective musician or band’s music heard within. This may not always be the case, however, it is more often than not a pretty good gauge when caught up in a “blind purchase”. Funny album covers are out there as well and there are perhaps a countless variety of them.

I dug up five funny album covers recently, just to throw out to the world for some Metal lightheartedness. Drop a comment about any other funny album cover you want to laugh about. I hope you get a chuckle out of ’em like I have. If these funny album covers don’t have you cracking even the slightest smile, well, then, your most likely constipated and it is making you grouchy.


PRIMUS – Frizzle Fry

No matter how you slice it, Les Claypool and his Funky band PRIMUS do belong in the Heavy Metal family. This “head thing” in the frying pan, on the 1990 album cover for Frizzle Fry, always has me laughing out loud. Plus, there have been times, where an omelette I’ve cooked slightly resembles this grotesquely funny atrocity. This is not the type of thing you want to find, staring up at you from a port-O-potty toilet at the country fair.


Ugly Kid Joe – America’s Least Wanted

Another Funky Heavy Metal band, Ugly Kid Joe’s kid mascot always put’s a grin on my face. This time around, on America’s Least Wanted, (their 1992 debut full-length), that cartoon mascot kid can’t bug on any adult conversation.


Scorpions – Lovedrive

Released back in 1979, on Mercury Records, this is a classic Scorpions album, even if it doesn’t boast a Top 40 ballad or an MTV smash hit video. Coast To Coast and Holiday are two songs worth the price of picking up this album alone. Now, can someone explain to me, how a dude can get caught in a pickle like this? What makes it so funny to me, is it’s visually bizarre… plus, seeing a huge sticky wad of bubble gum, being pulled from this ballroom babe’s breast is downright funny!


NOISY MAMA – Everybody Has One

Released back in 1991, on ATCO/Atlantic Records, this NOISY MAMA album cover is simply a funny classic. The album cover illustration was created by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, who created the iconic hot-rod mascot of the 1960’s and ’70’s known as Rat Fink. “Big Daddy” opened the door to custom automotive cartoon art. As a custom car builder, he helped to create and innovate Kustom Kulture. Ed “Big Daddy” Roth passed away back in 2001, still, his legendary custom cars, album artwork and illustrations for the hot-rod community live on. It’s album artwork like you see here, that makes it so damn cool to buy the physical CD and have the liner notes to enjoy. Take that mp3’s.

For all Metal intents and purposes, this NOISY MAMA band knew how to play some good-times, Hard Rockin’ songs. Everybody Has One… ROCKS! You can hear for yourself, by clicking on the link below. This link will take you to a myspace music fan page for NOISY MAMA, where there are some of their songs streaming to ROCK OUT to!

NOISY MAMA – myspace music fan page



From 1991, it’s DANGER DANGER with Screw It. This was their second studio album, released on Epic Records. A while back, best Metal buddy Scott Coverdale reminded me of this hilarious album cover, which in turn, prompted me to revisit it and take in these songs from Screw It! once again. I’m telling you, that gorilla is funny, while he is holding that jungle hottie while she is ready to devour that lucky banana! In my Metal opinion, this is an excellent Hair Metal album from Danger Danger. Screw It! is definitely worth owning. The only drawback, is Yeah, You Want It! is a Rap/Metal song that stinks like skunk poop that’s roasting in the hot Summer sun.



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