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Lair Of The Minotaur - Godslayer EP - Promo Cover - 2013

LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR – If you crave your Metal brutal, grinding, extreme and so intensely serrated that it can carve out the souls of the damned and make them cry for centuries, then this 2 song Metal offering from Lair Of The Minotaur is for you. Just these 2 songs alone on Godslayer are so viciously potent, that after each listen, I feel I’ve been taught an Extreme Metal lesson by this Metal trio from the badass city of Chicago.

Steve Rathbone on guitar and vocals excels at fronting these songs; supplying the anger charged pulse that could frighten away a swarm of Spider Wasps. Lethal drumming from Chris Wozniak, coupled with the tremor inducing bass playing of Nate Olp, makes me realize that underground Metal bestows some of the finest musicians within our Metal universe. Lair Of The Minotaur have captured an extreme formula of Metal that they can valiantly call their own.

It’s not the big name record label we buy, my Metal brethren; it’s the Metal artists that we support and buy into. Lair Of The Minotaur is worth every Metal cent and Metal second of your valuable Metal time. Metal be thy name.

Lair Of The Minotaur – Godslayer was released back on April 20th, 2013, via The Grind-House.


GODSLAYER EP – Track Listing:


The Black Heart of the Stygian Drakonas


For more info on LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR, click links below!

Facebook: Lair of the Minotaur

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ANA KEFR – Parts Ways With Two Band Members

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Ana Kefr - Large Logo - B&W

Frontman of American extreme prog outfit ANA KEFR (Arabic, “I am Infidel“), Rhiis Lopez, has issued the following statement regarding the recent parting ways with lead guitarist Brendan Moore and drummer Shane Dawson:

“After 3 years of working together, recording the digi-single “Tonight We Watch the Children Fucking Burn” and our critically acclaimed second full-length album “The Burial Tree (II),” we have decided that it would be in the best interests of all involved to let Brendan and Shane pursue their own different musical paths. The reasons all boil down to a conflict of personal interests, but the parting has been on amicable terms and we genuinely wish them the absolute best in their future endeavors. It has been a good ride these past 3 years!

At the moment, ANA KEFR is focused on the future and writing, for a strong return in 2013. We are extremely excited about the new material and can’t wait to share it with everyone!”

ANA KEFR released their second full-length album in 2011, The Burial Tree (II) (Muse Sick), which climbed to #3 best-selling death metal album on Amazon for 2 consecutive weeks – the only independently released album in the top 50. Shortly after the album’s release and a brief American West-coast tour with NEKROGOBLIKON, the band organized and financed their first 32-date nationwide tour, The Zephyr US Tour 2011.

Bringing their unique brand of extreme metal to over half of the continental United States, ANA KEFR subsequently supported SABATON‘s North American release of “Carolus Rex,” and vocalist Rhiis Lopez appeared on “Blessed He With Boils,” the upcoming debut full-length record (December 21, 2012) from cinematic black metal outfit XANTHOCHROID. ANA KEFR completed the cycle of The Burial Tree (II) with a finale performance at the California Metalfest VII festival, alongside KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and others.

ANA KEFR- official website:


(Source: Sundisc PR)

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SUICIDE SILENCE – SIGN TO NUCLEAR BLAST! New Album Targeted For Summer 2013 Release!

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2012-09-12 – SUICIDE SILENCE are proud to announce that they have inked a deal with Nuclear Blast. As one of the leaders of the Extreme Modern Metal movement, it is only fitting that their new home be one of the biggest Metal labels on the planet. It’s a union that is sure to bring much success to both parties in the not so distant future.

“I’ve been following SUICIDE SILENCE since their debut album and immediately grew to love their music,“ commented Nuclear Blast CEO, Markus Staiger. “I knew we had to work with this amazing band and today is the day to finally welcome one of the most brutal bands on Earth to the Nuclear Blast family. The next SUICIDE SILENCE album will no doubt push boundaries once again.“

“I am thrilled to have such an innovative and unique band like SUICIDE SILENCE as the first signing to Nuclear Blast Entertainment,” added NB Entertainment (a newly formed division of Nuclear Blast) President Monte Conner. “Even though I was totally blown away by their last album, The Black Crown, I am certain the band’s best music is still ahead of them.”

Guitarist Mark Heylmun commented:
“I and all of SUICIDE SILENCE are proud to announce that we have signed a worldwide deal with the one and only Nuclear Blast. It wasn’t a tough decision, Nuclear Blast has been a huge part of Heavy Metal for decades and we couldn’t be happier. This is a new beginning for us and we’re ready as all hell! Let Chapter 2 begin now!”

“I am beyond stoked to be signing to the sickest of all Heavy Metal record labels,” continues bassist Dan Kenny. “It has been a dream of mine since I was a youngster with Nuclear Blast posters on my bedroom wall”

North American Label Manager Gerardo Martinez concluded: 
“It’s pretty amazing when you hear SUICIDE SILENCE talk about the Nuclear Blast bands they love. It puts all of us on the same level – we are all music fans here. Super stoked to be a part of history with this Californian bunch!”

SUICIDE SILENCE’s Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut is tentatively scheduled for a Summer 2013 release!

Music Video:
“You Only Live Once”:



Mitch Lucker – Vocals

Chris Garza – Guitar

Mark Heylmun – Guitar

Alex Lopez – Drums

Dan Kenny – Bass


(Source: Nuclear Blast)

For more info on SUICIDE SILENCE, click on the links below!…




IMPENDING DOOM – ‘Baptized In Filth’ Is A Heightened Listen Into Some Absolute Extreme Metal

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IMPENDING DOOM – Releasing on March 13th, 2012, via eOne Music is Baptized In Filth from Riverside California’s – Impending Doom. Extreme. Extreme Metal. You’re getting a magnitude of Extreme Metal with Impending Doom. This band is not sheepish on keeping the level of intensity atop a colossal barrage of blast beats, searing guitar leads, chunky riffs, quaking bass lines and wrathful vocals. Extreme. Metal.

Does Impending Doom stare down the ominous shadow of redundancy? Sure they do. Their convincing as hell when it comes to playing this fast and furious. I can feel this band’s unrestrained aggression come through quite loud and clear on Baptized In Filth, that is for sure. It takes commitment to write and play Metal this enraged. Hell yes it does. To sing as brutal as Brook Reeves does takes some Metal passion, I myself would begin to choke after singing this way for twenty seconds.

Steering away from labeling Impending Doom with “multiple genre” tags is useless. (Christian Metal and Deathcore can be thrown about). Extreme. Metal. That’s all my fellow Metal brethren need to know. This album accentuates a great deal of positives for this band, these guys have a keen sense for how an album should flow for these songs really do stack-up together fittingly. Their musicianship and obvious energy shows signs of greater things to come and yet Impending Doom have a damn fine album of songs here and now.


One thing Impending Doom should realize is “toning it down” as they did with My Light Unseen, makes sense and adds a stylistic quality about them other than full-throttle. I’d like to hear more of this side to Impending Doom in the future. This song is still hard and heavy, even with its tempo turned down a few notches. I really welcome this sound from Impending Doom, with both clean and Extreme vocals existing together.

Exploring dark themes lyrically and putting the anti-God doctrine on the witness stand, with an obvious unrelenting and aggressive musical identity, Impending Doom has created quite the heightened listen with Baptized In Filth. This being their fourth full-length, I will predict that Impending Doom will be around for many more albums to come. There’s a genuineness in this band’s collective sound that I can appreciate.


Baptized In Filth – Track Listing:


For the Wicked

Chaos: Reborn


Falling Away

Absolute Horror

Angry Letters to God

Baptized in Filth

My Light Unseen

Death. Ascension. Resurrection

Brook Reeves – Vocals

Cory Johnson – Guitars

David Sittig – Bass

Brandon “Btown” Trahn – Drums


For more info on IMPENDING DOOM, click on the links below:…




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STONE: Recently, Boris Randall contacted Metal Odyssey and it is appreciated. Boris is a veteran of Punk and Extreme Metal Music, being a pioneer, in his own right, in the Horror Metal genre. A song writer, vocalist and lead/rhythm guitarist who really adheres to Rock ‘N’ Roll’s true roots, (Boris lists Elvis Presley, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Ramones as influences), he is a musician that is self-made and moving forward. Albeit underground or on Coffin Records, the music of Boris Randall has made some noise in the Heavy Music world over the last twenty + years. Boris has given Metal Odyssey, to share with fans, his career breakdown of bands he has founded and what he is up to at the moment. Here is what Boris Randall had to say and share:

BORIS: First off, I’d like to thank you for supporting Hallowmas and my music. Let me give you some history on myself and how Hallowmas came to be and where it stands now.

In 1989 I formed my first hardcore/punk band called THE SPLATTEPUNKS. We released several albums locally and underground. Complete do-it-yourself. We were relatively popular for what we were doing, and the fact that we were the ONLY punk/hardcore band with a horror image and horror lyrics within an 80 mile radius! (remember, in 1989 there was NO “horror punk” genre either) THE SPLATTERPUNKS kicked unholy ass until 1999 when I felt like it was time to move on. Our final release was an anthology that spanned our 10 years. Two cds, 76 songs, and a 28 page booklet that included lyrics and artwork.


In 2001 I formed HALLOWMAS. The idea was to take up where I left off with THE SPLATTERPUNKS, but to bring even more elements into it. And I did. I even brought a few of The Splatterpunks’ songs into Hallowmas. Hallowmas was a VERY busy band between releases, shows, interviews, videos, etc. The first Hallowmas release (on a real label) was in 2004 on Coffin Records. The album was called “October Burning.” It sold very well and continues to. It also received great reviews. The follow up was the ep you have called “The Road To Hallows Eve.” We went into the studio in 2006 and recorded our next full-length release, but the band broke up. That album, which I called “Autumn’s Soft Decay,” was never released even though it was finished and is in my possession. It also got leaked on the internet, so search the title and see if you can find it. The complete album is 18 tracks.


HALLOWMAS – classic promo group photo:

In 2006 I also released a solo disc called “Season Of Death: The Last Halloween.” I limited it to 50 copies, which lasted about 4 weeks. I filled the time from 2007 to now by working with various bands, writing background music for the Rue Morgue Radio show, did the music for a Rue Morgue Radio video promo, and wrote the score for the Bill Hanzman’s Night Of The Living Dead stage play.

Currently, I’m playing lead guitar in the extreme metal band NECROPHAGIA. If you’re well versed in metal I’m sure you know who they are. We’re in the studio right now working on our new album.

I’ve also got my own band that will have a debut release very soon, but I’m keeping the whole thing under wraps for right now.

That’s pretty much the light detail version of my history. Here’s a more detailed “time line” from my bands and their releases:

1989 “Rat Boy”
1990 “It’s Only Murder”
1993 “The Ghoul Rock Session”
1994 “Live In Wellsville”
1996 “The Devil’s Empyrean”
1997 “1997 B.C.”
1999 “The Demonology” (anthology)

2002 “Zodiac” (single)
2002 “From Beyond” (single)
2003 “Unholy Autumn” (ep)
2004 “Dead And Buried” (ep)
2004 “October Burning” (Coffin Records)
2005 “Death Comes In Threes” (split full length)
2005 “The Road To Hallows Eve (Coffin Records)
2006 “Autumn’s Soft Decay” (STILL UNRELEASED)

This was a side project with Hallowmas bassist, Johnny Coffin. We made one release:
2003 “Demos”

2006 “Season Of Death: The Last Halloween”

I’ve also made guest appearances on:
Nokturne “Kruelty Kampaign”
Necrophagia “Goblins Be Thine”
Morgue Wagon “Morgue Wagon”
Garbage Pail Kids “Lover’s Lane”

I think that about covers it…….so far. I’ve got tons more music on the way. If you like Hallowmas I can’t wait for you to hear what I’ve got cooking. Plus, I hope you’ll enjoy my work in Necrophagia.

Thanks for your interest and support,
stay evil,

Metal Odyssey Note: Thank you Boris. It is always a thrill to get the “story straight” directly from the source. You and all of your bands are always welcomed at Metal Odyssey! Plus… I have a sinister suspicion I’m gonna like your work with Necrophagia’s new album… Deathtrip 69.


From left to right: Boris Randall (guitar), Killjoy (vocals), Undead Torment (guitar), Shawn Slusarek (drums), Damien Matthews (bass).

* For even more info on Boris Randall and Necrophagia, just click the links below:

Boris Randall (solo) – myspace music page

NECROPHAGIA – myspace music page

* In case any visitor missed it, check out the album review I did on Hallowmas – The Road To Hallow’s Eve, back on September 25, 2009, by clicking on the link below:

HALLOWMAS – “The Road To Hallow’s Eve” Is Horror Punk To Scream For



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KATAKLYSM – Originating from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Kataklysm is a Death & Extreme Metal Band, that packs a multi-potent blast of energy within the framework of their creativity. Kataklysm will be releasing their eleventh studio album – Heaven’s Venom, on Nuclear Blast Records, on August 20th in Europe and August 24th in North America. Check out the new album artwork above! If this imagery and art for Heaven’s Venom is any indication of just how strong, dark, heavy and extreme the songs within are… then my Metal anticipation for this new Kataklysm album is at the highest Metal level. Whoa. Whoa again. I’m predicting Heaven’s Venom will easily be a Metal Odyssey’s top twenty album pick for 2010… just where it winds up in the list is to be determined.

Since Kataklysm’s 1993 EP release – The Mystical Gate of Reincarnation, this band has 18+ years of bringing their brand of Metal carnage to the masses… with absolutely NO signs of slowing things down for nuthin’. This new album, coupled with Kataklysm’s touring on Ozzfest, should catapult this veteran band to even larger Metal heights, while recruiting new fans along the way.






* The track listing for Heaven’s Venom is not yet fully released. I would not want to give any song titles away on Metal Odyssey without the appropriate credibility.

Kataklysm is also on the OZZFEST TOUR 2010. The Ozzfest Tour gets started on August 14th, in San Bernardino, California. Kataklysm is a second stage act, along with Black Label Society, Skeletonwitch, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Drowning Pool, Goatwhore and Saviours. This is one blistering second stage at Ozzfest 2010! The Ozzfest main stage acts are: Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Halford, Devildriver and  Nonpoint.

* You can get more info on OZZFEST 2010 by clicking the link below:


* For more info on KATAKLYSM, click the very important link below!

KATAKLYSM – MySpace Music Page

Back on January 4, 2010, I posted about my Kataklysm – Prevail picture disc… and the Prevail album too. You can read it by clicking the ultra-large header below:





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EYES OF FIREDisintegrate is the debut EP released by Eyes Of Fire, back in 2003, on Century Media Records. This is a three song EP that is emblazoned with a mixture of Metal threads. From Doom and Stoner undertones to an all out Sludge Metal assault that takes the upper Metal hand. This debut EP may just have three songs, still, it is a very good Metal barometer of exactly how Eyes Of Fire see, feel, write and play their brand of Heavy Music. It’s EP’s like this, that gives fans a taste of what a band is about… and Eyes Of Fire is about bringing the Sludge Metal hammer down.

Eyes Of Fire is without question, an extremely heavy Sludge Metal Band, only they can create some songs that are entwined with a true semblance of melodic moments. Hopeless is just that song which does capitalize on the heavy side of the Sludge spectrum, yet this song has guitars and keyboards that emphasize key melodious balance throughout.

Disintegrate opens up with the guitar hitting on shades of Peter Buck of R.E.M. fame… only this song dislocates itself very quickly from any musical familiarity with that alternative sound. The guitar intro is more like a sound trap that sucks you into the Sludge Metal pit to the extreme. Tough, anti-mellow and raw, this song forms it’s heaviness around it’s chaotic and speed driven tempo.

Anyone begins with a soft segue, blanketing the atmosphere with tantalizing and head turning progressive tendencies. Not to get fooled though… Eyes Of Fire kicks it into Sludge Metal gear within the blink of a Metal eye, transcending Anyone into a thickly heavy, emotional and angst driven song. Anyone easily is my top pick out of the three songs on Disintegrate, based on it’s credible heaviness and emotion scorched vocals.

* Metal Odyssey gives Eyes Of Fire – Disintegrate EP, 3.5 Metal Fists out of 5.

Some Eyes Of Fire notes of interest:

* My Metal research has found, that Eyes Of Fire were formed back in 1998 and went by the band name – Shiva.

* The songs Hopeless and Anyone were later included on the Eyes Of Fire full length studio album – Ashes To Embers, released in 2004 on Century Media Records.

* Before the formation of Eyes Of Fire, Dan Kaufman (vocals & guitar) and Matt Fisher (vocals & bass) were the founding members of Mindrot, a mid to late ’90’s Doom Metal Band once signed to Relapse Records.

* Eyes Of Fire originated from Orange County, California.

* As it is stated on their MySpace Music Page… Eyes Of Fire are currently on hiatus.

* A Power/Thrash Metal Band from Kenosha, Wisconsin, goes by the same name – Eyes Of Fire. Their record label is called: Musical Orgasms Publishing.

Eyes Of Fire – Ashes To Embers (studio album from 2004)

Eyes Of Fire – Prisons (last studio album from 2006)

Track Listing For Disintegrate EP:




For more Metal info on Eyes Of Fire, click the cool link below:

Eyes Of Fire – MySpace Music Page


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