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IMPENDING DOOM – ‘Baptized In Filth’ Is A Heightened Listen Into Some Absolute Extreme Metal

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IMPENDING DOOM – Releasing on March 13th, 2012, via eOne Music is Baptized In Filth from Riverside California’s – Impending Doom. Extreme. Extreme Metal. You’re getting a magnitude of Extreme Metal with Impending Doom. This band is not sheepish on keeping the level of intensity atop a colossal barrage of blast beats, searing guitar leads, chunky riffs, quaking bass lines and wrathful vocals. Extreme. Metal.

Does Impending Doom stare down the ominous shadow of redundancy? Sure they do. Their convincing as hell when it comes to playing this fast and furious. I can feel this band’s unrestrained aggression come through quite loud and clear on Baptized In Filth, that is for sure. It takes commitment to write and play Metal this enraged. Hell yes it does. To sing as brutal as Brook Reeves does takes some Metal passion, I myself would begin to choke after singing this way for twenty seconds.

Steering away from labeling Impending Doom with “multiple genre” tags is useless. (Christian Metal and Deathcore can be thrown about). Extreme. Metal. That’s all my fellow Metal brethren need to know. This album accentuates a great deal of positives for this band, these guys have a keen sense for how an album should flow for these songs really do stack-up together fittingly. Their musicianship and obvious energy shows signs of greater things to come and yet Impending Doom have a damn fine album of songs here and now.


One thing Impending Doom should realize is “toning it down” as they did with My Light Unseen, makes sense and adds a stylistic quality about them other than full-throttle. I’d like to hear more of this side to Impending Doom in the future. This song is still hard and heavy, even with its tempo turned down a few notches. I really welcome this sound from Impending Doom, with both clean and Extreme vocals existing together.

Exploring dark themes lyrically and putting the anti-God doctrine on the witness stand, with an obvious unrelenting and aggressive musical identity, Impending Doom has created quite the heightened listen with Baptized In Filth. This being their fourth full-length, I will predict that Impending Doom will be around for many more albums to come. There’s a genuineness in this band’s collective sound that I can appreciate.


Baptized In Filth – Track Listing:


For the Wicked

Chaos: Reborn


Falling Away

Absolute Horror

Angry Letters to God

Baptized in Filth

My Light Unseen

Death. Ascension. Resurrection

Brook Reeves – Vocals

Cory Johnson – Guitars

David Sittig – Bass

Brandon “Btown” Trahn – Drums


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