IWREASTLEDABEARONCE – An Avant-Garde Metal Band, they do not disappoint on the Extreme whatsoever. Just one listen to You Ain’t No Family will prove this point… very clearly. I always like wandering regularly, into the Extreme Metal side of the Universe. IWREASTLEDABEARONCE has caught my Metal attention and I really do not know how this band could become any heavier or more extreme. Is IWREASTLEDABEARONCE the future of Metal? In my Metal opinion, nope. However, this amazingly Extreme Metal Band is gonna make a run… at being at least a part of the future of Metal!

If you have neighbors that have been really annoying you lately, just turn the volume up very high on You Ain’t No Family, with the repeat button within reach, with your house windows up. This will make anyone aware instantly, that Extreme Metal exists and is not going away anytime soon!

I hope you enjoy this song and video of You Ain’t No Family as much as I do!

WARNING: This video and song is not meant for ABBA fans.

IWREASTLEDABEARONCE released their first full-length studio album – It’s All Happening on June 2, 2009, on Century Media Records. You Ain’t No Family is on this album. IWREASTLEDABEARONCE utilizes an array of music styles, from Metalcore to mellow interludes, only the end result is still the same… Extreme Metal. Avant-Garde, yes, only very Extreme!




  1. I think u just want to “wrestle” that bear cub chic’a’dee in the video! 😉

    Avant-Garde =? sounds like they are “trying” achieve that, but it’s strained IMO.

    decent chops.

    Go check out some old PESTILENCE albums (esp. “Malleus Maleficarum”, released in 1988, although they were bangin’ this in 1986 already when every one else was busy copying METALLICA riffs) for something technical + avant garde (well in the thrash metal realm at least) …

    or their latest release: “Resurrection Macabre”, not bad for a 16 year hiatus. It’s not something you wanna’ hear all of the time, but put some good headphones on and crank that !

    Let me know how that rubs you afterwards…


    Demolish HQ

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I just knew this one was gonna grab your Metal attention! It’s not like i”m “completely” into this band… they just are entertaining as hell and downright F’n Extreme. Plus, the band name gets a smirk out of me too. I guess the band got the name from a Gary Busey quote from some Comedy Central episode.

      Everything I read about IWREASTLEDABEARONCE has the tie-in tag – Avant-Garde. I know what you mean with the ?… sure, this band is “different” from the majority of Metal out there, yet Metal certainly has a way of repeating itself.

      Plus… this band and song/video is quite a detour from what I usually blab about, it “mixes” things up a Metal bit!

      As always… thanks for the Metal tips of the bands you mentioned.

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