SLIPKNOT. PYSCHOSOCIAL. This unreal great Metal song is from the 2008 Slipknot album – All Hope Is Gone. This song is my 2nd favorite Metal song of all-time. Back on January 13, 2010, I stated in a post that A Touch Of Evil from the 1990 Judas Priest album – Painkiller is my #1 favorite Metal song of my entire Metalhead life. So now, the entire world knows which Metal song is my 2nd favorite of all-time… and I really felt the world should know this too. Below is the music video for Slipknot’s incredible Metal song – Psychosocial… I hope you crank it LOUD and enjoy it as much as I do. Psychosocial… unreal great.



  1. yup the track jams!

    ha ha!

    nice to see that you have nailed down some actual titles/songs etc. for
    your top/”best of” lists.

    **also glad to see you picked another excellent Midwest Metal ex-port.

    And you sure cannot get ANY more “midwest” than Des Moines,Iowa folks!!!

    Dr. Curt King
    Mid-West Metal Preacher

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Seriously, I firmly believe, that Slipknot was one of the bands that kept Metal Music in the limelight when the genre needed it most. Korn, regardless of their “nu-ness” with their Metal, can also be put into this same sentence too… in my Metal opinion. I admire both bands mentioned greatly.

      • I am not sure about all of that.

        I think the REAL lean Metal years was 1990-1995 wasn’t it?

        and in that time all of the “nu-metal (or worse)” hybrids were starting to brew.

        I know there were some decent releases here and there but correct me if I am wrong but it was PANTERA (and I guess METALLICA to some extent w/the Black LP only) who flew the “Real Metal” flag during those lean years and helped spawn a lot of bands.And I know Machine Head was out and about when Slipnot was crawling onto/into the scene.

        Personally I crawled back into my shell during the whole: Limp Bizkit, Korn, Slipknot, Lincoln Park, Deftones + System of A Down.

        Since I have well over 5,000 cd’s and albums in my collection. that wasn’t that hard to do.

        *I wouldn’t really call Slipnot a “one trick pony” and say that are straight up “nu-metal” either, but they were certainly caught up in it and I hated their silly image.

        I know there have been some silly bands/gimmicks and images over the years that I could (coughs, clears throat) over look, but for some reason this is one that I always had a hard time shaking off for some reason…don’t know why.

        Curt King
        Cornfused in the Midwest

        • metalodyssey Says:

          If you look back at my comment, I state: “Slipknot was one of the bands that kept Metal Music in the limelight” – “one of”

          I also stated – “when the genre needed it most” – I never stated it as “lean years” – (that ’90’s decade).

          The people that surround me in my life know and understand just how special PANTERA was and still is to me.

          Without a doubt, PANTERA was the leader of Metal during the “lean years” of the ’90’s and BEYOND. I sometimes wonder what would have really happened, if not for PANTERA existing during the real “lean years” of the ’90’s.

          Since my focus was on Slipknot with this post, I did not “list” all of the “other” Metal bands that kept Metal in the limelight, along with Slipknot… from 1999 to 2005, (the years I was referring to but did not disclose), I felt fans of Slipknot would already know their debut year of 1999 anyways.

          I sincerely hope I rectified any confusion… Metal is not supposed to be confusing! Then again, the “timelines” of Metal can become intricate. I try my hardest to choose my words carefully, with integrity, on Metal Odyssey.

          Thanks Curt for bringing up PANTERA, this band is so legendary and important. Dimebag. Rex. Big Vin. Phil. Legends.

          • yeah I read it, everyone is entitled to their own “metal” opinion. 😉

            BTW I wasn’t picking on ya’ and or trying to one up and or “correct” in any way just so you know. like you said “metal time lines can get intricate”.

            I just had a “knee-jerk” reaction when I read it and I felt that PANTERA was way more important for what they did and when they did it…that’s all.

            Plus when I reply, I am thinking in terms of all Metal Odyssey readers and potential bloggers out there who peep this, not necessarily you directly.

            Yeah it would be interesting to see what would have happened without PANTERA. There were hundreds of bands that site them as a major influence and or the reason they started playing heavy music.

            I would tend to think more negatively and say it might not have been the same story as it happened. Who knows though, there will always be a “pivotal” band connected to a “pivotal movement”.

            It was an interesting time for me as I had already been listening to all of the previous 4 Pantera records before “Cowboys from Hell” made it’s “debut” splash (as 99% of the population believed it to be).

            Being in bands myself, it always cracks me up when people claim “over night success” and or peeps actually think a band like Pantera just came outta’ no where and recorded “Cowboys from Hell”…

            I also love showing them pics of their “super-tough” idol/front man Phil when he looked just like all of the other glam and or cheese rock/metal image.

            Anyway, back to SLIPKNOT….thanks for posting about this trivial and important band!

            Rock on…

            Curt “crusher” King
            Midwest Metal HQ

            • metalodyssey Says:

              It’s all METAL good! The beginning of last decade for Metal was not as HOT as the last half of the decade… no? That is where I have felt Slipknot was important… (I’m not trying to beat a dead Metal horse to death here, just trying to “micro-metal-analyze” the whole time-line theory behind my Metal Madness. (phew).

              Stone – follows the 9

  2. one of my most hated bands ever. sorry.


    • metalodyssey Says:

      It’s all good… the “Metal menu philosophy” is always in effect on Metal Odyssey. One should never have to like or listen to everything on it. I just really get into the “extreme” side of Slipknot, plus every time I drive by a corn field in the late Summer/early Fall, they are the first Metal Band that comes to my mind for some odd reason… what makes this more odd is that I don’t think of Korn first.

    • right or wrong I was right there with you, all the way up until their last album, which I actually *listened too.

      While listening, I thought there were some decent songs. But again, I was still turned off by “looking at them” during that process.

      I noticed that I like some of the more “technical” and or tight drum grooves throughout.

      Other than that, I must confess I own 0 of their albums and I never ever listened to more than 1-2 songs of their material prior to that (again, exception being the latest LP).

      **I did like some of Roadrunner All Stars material, that I hope you all are familiar with! If not, get the CD and live companion DVD.

      “Korn-field” Metal, now there is a another genre tag for you. yikes…

      Curt Kinger
      Metal Farmer

      *BTW I was forced (at gunpoint) to record a DVD-R of KORN at Woodstock for a big time Korn fan recently and i thought they were terrible. As a mater of fact most of that entire show was crappy. I think my friend paid big time bucks for the entire 2-3 day special on DrecTV.

  3. Coverdale Says:

    I don’t get this band!! I never could get into them!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      The “Metal menu philosophy” is in effect for you as well. I like Slipknot. Plus, if Slipknot knew me… I think they would like me too.

  4. yes, I give kudos to Korn for “creating” something a bit different for the time. And yes, at least it was better than crappy Top 40, rock/pop, hip hop etc.

    They had some heavy moments, decent beats, and somewhat (interesting) bass guitar that was tuned really low. To what, like “D” or something -Sean?

    To show my age (and not afraid of it), what get’s me and “got-me” back then was all of the silly jumping up n’ down (in place) during shows and or supposed HEAVY bands! this just “irks me”!!!!!!!!

    I come from the era of a REAL damn Mosh Pit and or even crazier at a Hardcore or crossover show. I guess the kiddos now could look at that and say it looked stupid too, but it was “physical”, REAL & or alive… standing there like a “limp biscuit” and jumping up and down like a little sissy is just redic. to me….too “passive”.

    Now, I have noticed with all of the old school metal and or thrash revival as of late that some kids are starting a “real pit” (albeit very small one), so I guess it’s getting better? Who knows?

    Maybe now, all of the fans of “Nu-Metal (one of the worst genre tags ever too IM-“humble”-O) are somewhat grown up with their own kids and are sitting back watching all of the “new bands” complaining about them because they are not “nu” anymore. 😉

    To sum up this (espresso-fueled) long-winded post:

    Everything goes in circles I guess. I am just thankful that it’s come full circle back to some of the original metal and or power metal, thrash bands etc. that I enjoy from the late 80’s.

    I guess James always summed it up best with the “METAL UP YOUR ASS” slogan.

    I think i might go dig that shirt out of the Demolish Vaults and wear it this weekend when I go play drums with some ex-band members from 15 – 20 years ago!

    BTW our impromptu “set-list” will probably include: Iron Maiden “Aces High”, “Two Minutes to Midnight”, Metallica “Am I Evil” and “Seek & Destroy”, some RATT, DOKKEN, VAN HALEN, PRIEST, SCORPS and
    probably ACCEPT.

    Rock on and everybody have a great weekend and listen to much Metal!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I really don’t enjoy using all the “genre labels” that I do in my posts. The only reason I do, is to avoid calling every band – “Heavy Metal”… that just wouldn’t sound good. It’s the old damned if you do, damned if you don’t philosophy in blogging about Metal Music. Based on the history of comments from other people, it’s all about personal interpretation I’m guessing.

      I research constantly, I never label a band a genre that has never been given to them before. I hate the Nu-Metal tag as well, it just never sat right with me. To this day, there are magazines and “professional writers” out there that call Disturbed – Nu-Metal??

      There has to be specific genres, the “sound” of these different genres differ from one another and are clear as day.

      Slipknot “All Hope Is Gone” as a total album of songs is just an unreal listen… for me. Their debut album is very different from “the norm”… yet Mr. Bungle was different too. “Disco Volante” from 1995 is very experimental… as was the first Slipknot album. It took me quite a few listens – many, many listens, to finally understand and actually “get into” Mr. Bungle. Yet, that is me… everyone is different.

      My Metal point is: Slipknot was not the first to “experiment” and be different, both musically or with costumes. Slipknot will definitely NOT be the last band to try new things either.

      Have a great weekend as well Curt… I hope the RATT songs you play this weekend really disrupts the surrounding neighbors too.

  5. yeah, I see what you mean about all of the genre tags. I always hated to use tags when I reviewed bands and or interviewed them. It was always a “touchy subject” too with some bands.

    I would sheepishly follow the other writers of the day (or prev.) and use the tags and some bands would get riled up about it.

    Looking back, I can certainly see why now. However, (but like you said) it’s a catch 22 because you have to call them SOMETHING at some point. And “Heavy Metal” is not fitting for most bands in the late 80’s that I was speaking too.

    I would be curious to know (in a private email perhaps) how you feel that SLIPKNOT is so different musically and or what they did that was “experimental” in their music on say their first two releases.

    Remember I do NOT own these and have not heard them. Just curious as my “impression” (from seeing various live clips here and there on TV and whatnot) is vastly different than what you are describing and or experiencing.

    Curt King
    “Corn-fused in the Midwest”


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