SCARS ON BROADWAY. Daron Malakian, (guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, organs and vocalist) and John Dolmayan, (drums), need no formal introduction, due to their legendary careers with System of a Down. The debut and self titled album Scars On Broadway was released back on July 29, 2008. The single from their debut album – They Say was also released as a 7″ picture disc back in 2008. My picture disc version of They Say, is shown below – both sides. (There is a U.K. version that is limited to 2,000 pressings, with a different image as well) (My picture disc version of They Say has no exact number to it’s limited pressing, to the best of my Metal knowledge). This picture disc was released by Velvethammer with the song licensed to Interscope Records.

As for the song itself… great song! I simply get into this song like there is no tomorrow! The lyrics of They Say basically speaks exactly how I feel about the nightly news and all the depressing information and disinformation, that is fed into the minds of people, on a constant, daily basis. Through the lyrics of They Say, Daron Malakian is honestly stating that the world’s news isn’t all peaches and cream. Lyrical reality about society can and does exist in Metal and Hard Rock songs. When expressed in matter of fact language, such as They Say, the points are driven home and are related quite easily for my interpretation. Sure, They Say Rocks hard and gets me psyched out… yet it also makes me stop to think – about the reality of the world we live in. In my Metal opinion, this song is riveting.

Check out, if you so choose, the still music video for They Say below. It is a still video, showing the debut/self titled album cover – Scars On Broadway, with this great song being played with NO lyrics being edited… crank it LOUD!

Here is what my 7″ picture disc looks like, Scars On Broadway – They Say:

Daron Malakian is pictured on the left, John Dolmayan is pictured on the right of this picture disc photo.

*This picture disc version contains They Say on both sides.

I bought this picture disc sometime back in 2008… guess where? Hot Topic. If you guessed Office Depot or Walgreens Pharmacy… you were way off.

* For more info, music, videos, news and images of Scars On Broadway, click on the link below for a direct visit to their official website:


As for the entire debut and self titled album – Scars On Broadway, I will praise it on a future post… it’s that darn good! Here’s what the Scars On Broadway album cover looks like:

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  1. Thanks for the post. I had not heard this before.

    I am not a big S.O.A.D. fan so I guess that’s why it slipped below my radar.

    Love the GTR (and nasty tone) at the intro, but when the whole band comes in it gets lost and buried slightly in the mix. That’s a shame too because this rocks. Vox are SUPER loud over these parts too…

    The guitar fills on the breaks are loud and clear though and killer parts!

    Daron’s vox are cool! I likee….

    man, I wish I could get him to sing on some of my datasphere productions. This is just the unique voice that I need on some tracks.

    *I would love to hear this live through THE MELVIN’s p.a. system after a few Tripel Karmeliet’s. yikes….

    Nice find – krank it!

    The Demolish (Monk)

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks Curt… I like this song so much for it’s Punk “meets” metal meshing going on. The vocals are unreal… Daron’s are different from what “Metal” is used to. This whole album is quite diverse is in it’s totality. “They Say” just makes me grin, the lyrics are simple, yet they drive a message. Anger fused, ridden with attitude and fast… just the way I like it.

      In Metal –


  2. cool, I will have to check out the whole album.

    some of that grunge, dirty guitar reminded me of a slight KYUSS sound. I like their first few releases.

    That’s a good band for you to post about. I have been down prior to their “debut”, not a Queens…bandwagon jumper.

    *check your “ptd” email in box bro…! 😉

    Curt King

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