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L.A. GUNS & MASS – Sharing The “Live Stage” On September 12th, 2013!

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L.A. Guns - Mass - concert flyer - September - 2013








For more concert info, as it comes, click on the links below!

facebook: Mass

facebook: L.A. Guns

l.a. guns - band logo - promo - #1


Phil Lewis – vocals

Steve Riley – drums

Michael Grant – guitar

Scotty Griffin – bass

MASS - Curren Group Promo pic - 2011


Louis St. August – vocals

Gene D’tria – guitars

Mike Palumbo – bass

Joey “Vee” Vadala – drums


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JUDAS PRIEST “EPITAPH” Blu-ray And DVD Releasing On May 28th 2013!

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Judas Priest - Epitaph - DVD cover promo pic




Blu-ray or separate DVD available everywhere May 28, 2013, through Legacy Recordings


Judas Priest, the heavy metal legends whose influence on generations of musicians and metalheads is incalculable, celebrate their 40th year as recording artists this year with the release of the live concert EPITAPH. A unique live career retrospective, EPITAPH will be released on Blu-ray and separate DVD on May 28th through Legacy Recordings, a division of SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. This release precedes a new studio album by Judas Priest which the band are working on now.

Judas Priest’s current lineup comprises lead singer Rob Halford, lead guitarists Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner, bassist Ian Hill, and drummer Scott Travis.

Heavy metal historians will regard EPITAPH as the most far-reaching live concert recording in the band’s career. The set revisits the climactic closing date of the 50-week “Epitaph World Tour,” captured live at London’s HMV Hammersmith Apollo on May 26, 2012. Adding to the drama is the fact that this was Judas Priest’s final large-scale world tour ever. EPITAPH’s 23 tracks represent at least one song from every one of the band’s 14 studio albums, from 1974’s Rocka Rolla (“Never Satisfied”) to 2008’s Nostradamus (“Prophecy”).

In the special case of British Steel, four songs are featured: “Rapid Fire,” “Metal Gods,” “Breaking The Law,” and perennial set closer, “Living After Midnight.” Others exempted from the one-song-quota are the LPs which appeared before and after British Steel. The first of these is 1979’s Hell Bent For Leather (UK title: Killing Machine) which lends the title song as well as “The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown).” The other LP is 1982’s Screaming For Vengeance, source of “The Hellion,” “Electric Eye,” and “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.”

“They have epitomized the genre with their Harley riding frontman, rapid-fire guitar assaults, and spectacular stage shows,” wrote journalist Bryan Reesman in his liner notes for 2004’s leather-bound, metal-spiked Metalogy box set. “Influential, innovative, and exuberant in expression,” he wrote, “they are the true Metal Gods who have been as unwavering in their desire to expand the boundaries of their music as they have been in crossing international borders to deliver it to their disciples.”

“Unabashedly committed to their cause, and unrepentant in proclaiming themselves a true heavy metal band even when others have shied away from the term, Judas Priest have forever been defenders of the faith.”

Judas Priest - Epitaph - DVD cover promo pic


(Columbia/Legacy: Blu-Ray 88765481119, DVD 88883715539)

Selections: 1. Battle Hymn (L) • 2. Rapid Fire (F) • 3. Metal Gods (F) • 4. Heading Out To The Highway (G) • 5. Judas Rising (M) • 6. Starbreaker (C) • 7. Victim Of Changes (B) • 8. Never Satisfied (A) • 9. Diamonds And Rust (C) • 10. Prophecy (N) • 11. Night Crawler (L) • 12. Turbo Lover (J) • 13. Beyond The Realms Of Death (D) • 14. The Sentinel (I) • 15. Blood Red Skies (K) • 16. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown) (E) • 17. Breaking The Law (F) • 18. Painkiller (L) • 19. The Hellion (H) • 20. Electric Eye (H) • 21. Hell Bent For Leather (E) • 22. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming’ (H) • 23. Living After Midnight (F).

Album Index:

A – from Rocka Rolla (originally issued 1974, on Gull Records)

B – from Sad Wings Of Destiny (originally issued 1976, on Gull Records)

C – from Sin After Sin (originally issued 1977, on Columbia Records)

D – from Stained Class (originally issued 1978, on Columbia)

E – from Hell Bent For Leather (originally issued 1979, on Columbia; aka Killing Machine in UK)

F – from British Steel (originally issued 1980, on Columbia)

G – from Point Of Entry (originally issued 1981, on Columbia)

H – from Screaming For Vengeance (originally issued 1982, on Columbia)

I – from Defenders Of the Faith (originally issued 1984, on Columbia)

J – from Turbo (originally issued 1986, on Columbia)

K – from Ram It Down (originally issued 1988, on Columbia)

L – from Painkiller (originally issued 1990, on Columbia)

M – from Angel Of Retribution (originally issued 2005, on Epic Records)

N – from Nostradamus (originally issued 2008, on Epic)



For more info on JUDAS PRIEST, click on the links below!

facebook: Judas Priest

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MASS – Boston’s Heavy Metal Legends To Perform At 2nd Annual Narcissus Heavy Metal Reunion

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Narcissus - 2nd annual reunion - 2013 - promo flyer

MASS – Boston’s Hard Rock Legends MASS will be performing at the 2nd Annual Narcissus Heavy Metal Reunion this Spring, in Malden Massachusetts! Check out all the cool info you need from the concert flyer (at top) and from the write-up (below).

As reported on the facebook page of 2nd Annual Narcissus Heavy Metal Reunion:

It’s that time again everyone! The 2nd Annual Heavy Metal Reunion! This years event is gonna ROCK! The confirmed bands so far are *in no particular order* Pieces, Kid Crash, Jim Gray from Maximum with Jet Black Motorcade, Jealous Dogs, Sweet Cheater, Mass, Fortune, Shout and Flesh. There may be other additions we will keep you posted if there are!

**Tickets can be purchased at

MASS - Curren Group Promo pic - 2011________________________________________________

For more info on MASS, click on the links below!

facebook: Mass

For more info on this event, click on the link below!

2nd Annual Narcissus Heavy Metal Reunion

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DORO – Meeting Doro Pesch Was My Metal Dream Come True: Columbus Ohio, Ace Of Cups, February 9th, 2013

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DORO - Publicity Pic - Raise Your Fist - 2012 - #6

DORO – It all took place last Saturday night (February 9th) at a tidy venue called Ace Of Cups in Ohio’s capital city of Columbus; which also has the distinction of being Ohio’s largest city. This Ace Of Cups club is happening and downright cool to the Rockin’ core. Sometimes, as that old saying goes: grand things come in small Rock ‘N’ Roll clubs. On that Saturday night, a grand thing did happen for me at Ace Of Cups; one I’ll never forget for the rest of my Metal life. I met DORO. I met the Queen Of Heavy MetalDoro Pesch.

To state that meeting DORO was a Metal dream come true for me is an understatement of mega-magnitude. We all have that list of Rock & Metal legends we need to meet before we die. DORO was #1 on my list, replacing the late Ronnie James Dio  whom I never did get to meet; yet I was fortunate to see DIO in concert. I guess this entire Metal dream come true wouldn’t have even happened if it wasn’t for… Rob Rockitt of HARD ROCK HIDEOUT fame. Here’s how it all unfolded:

I was staying at a Holiday Inn Express in Dayton, Ohio, with my family, while we were waiting to move into our new home on February 11th. A text came from Rob Rockitt stating: “too bad you can’t get out here earlier, you could go see DORO with me.” My reply text to Rob Rockitt was: “I’m already here, in Dayton.” The rest is Metal history! Rob Rockitt drove up from Kentucky to pick up my Metal and DORO lovin’ ass at the Holiday Inn Express I was staying at; even after I gave him the wrong directions to the wrong Holiday Inn Express, which was across town. Good going Stone. Sometimes I can be a legitimate dumb-ass.

DORO - Raise Your Fist - Large Promo Cover Pic!!

Hanging out with Rockitt was filled with Metal chatter and good-times laughter, both during our drive to Columbus and inside Ace Of Cups. We both could have talked non-stop to each other, cause we had tons to catch up on about our lives. We drove around for a short while looking for a parking spot near Ace Of Cups and hit pay-dirt; finding a parking spot just a couple of blocks away. When the two of us entered Ace Of Cups, we noticed the stage was just a dozen or so footsteps from the front door! Whoa! Needless to say, for standing room only, there wasn’t a bad spot in the house.

With a few regional bands opening the night of Metal memories, Phantom 13 and Sister Sin followed before DORO hit the stage. I really dug the set from the Shock Rockers/Horror Punk band Phantom 13 and Sister Sin’s live set was a Metal knockout! Sister Sin’s vocalist Liv Jagrell is a Heavy Metal Queen in the making… yes, Liv is that good. When DORO finally took the stage, it was as if my life was overtaken by the happiest vibes from Metal la-la land. There she was… in person… working the crowd of her adoring fans, inside this club that felt like home to me… there was Doro Pesch!

This being my first time ever seeing DORO live, it all felt so amazing to my senses. There’s something magical about the way that DORO came across on stage; it’s as if she truly made everyone in attendance feel like an important part of her life, if only for this one live night of songs. DORO has stage presence that should be taught to every up and coming Rock musician in the world today. There’s no denying that DORO’s voice and look are 100% Heavy Metal; only experiencing DORO live is witnessing this dedicated performer in all of her glorious Heavy Metal essence. I would relive this live performance from DORO thousands of times over, if it were possible!

Doro - Portrait Promo banner - nuclear blast

There were numerous moments when I’d swear DORO made eye contact with every fan while she performed… then again… I was in Heavy Metal euphoria. DORO’s musicians are world-class and proved it during each song. I can’t state it any better than that. Four highlights from an entire live set of highlights (for me) were: Raise Your Fist In The Air, Hero, Breaking The Law and All We Are. Did I mention I was mesmerized by seeing DORO perform live?

As DORO’s set came to a close, I was still reeling from hearing DORO sing Hero. Feeling the vibe of true love and respect for the late Ronnie James Dio, as it swirled around the fans and myself, inside Ace Of Cups, was a tender Metal moment for me. It’s called Metal family and there’s no better way to describe it than that. The Queen Of Heavy Metal signed a few autographs from the stage and was eventually escorted by security to the DORO merch table for a meet and greet with her fans. Rob Rockitt and I gladly waited in line to meet DORO for (at least) 40 or so minutes. I recall feeling an exhilaration like none other, as I waited in line (anxiously) with my Metal buddy. All I kept thinking (and saying out loud to Rob Rockitt) was: I’m gonna really meet her!

Doro - Publicity Photo - 2012 - #1!

I’ve interviewed a good number of Hard Rock and Metal (celebrity) musicians in my day; only these interviews have taken place by phone and email. Actually meeting DORO face-to-face is a whole different Metal ballgame, my Metal brethren. Rob Rockitt was just as determined and happy to meet DORO as I was. When our turn came to meet the Queen Of Heavy Metal, Rob Rockitt took my picture with her; as I returned the favor for him. DORO was very sweet, polite, friendly and… down to earth. I never would have imagined her any other way.

For all the millions of words I thought of saying to DORO, I wound up spilling out this babble to her: “DORO, I want to thank you for making my life better through your music.” DORO responded with: “Thank you, that means so much.” I also said: “DORO, I will forever cherish this night and meeting you.” DORO smiled at me, gently patted my right arm and responded with: “Awwwww.” I’ll never forget that brief exchange I had with DORO. Simply priceless, timeless and iconic is the Queen Of Heavy Metal.

I then walked away from my brief meeting with DORO and thanked Rob Rockitt several times on the way back to his car. We both were fortunate to have DORO autograph her Raise Your Fist CD for us as well. As we approached the car, Rob Rockitt put his arm around me and said: “Welcome to Ohio, Stone!” I looked at him and realized to myself 2 things: Metal Buddies and Metal are forever. Metal be thy name.

Doro and Stone - Feb. 9 - 2013

DORO and Stone

(Photo Credit: Rob Rockitt)

DORO’S  Setlist – Ace Of Cups – February 9th, 2013:

01. I Rule The Ruins

02. Burning The Witches

03. Fight For Rock

04. Running From the Devil

05. True As Steel

06. Raise Your Fist In The Air

07. Metal Racer

08. East Meets West

09. Earthshaker Rock

10. Für Immer

11. Hero

12. Revenge

13. Breaking The Law

14. All We Are

15. Unholy Love

16. Metal Tango


For more info on DORO, click on the links below!

For more info on SISTER SIN, click on the links below!

facebook: Sister Sin Official

For more info on ACE OF CUPS, click on the link below!


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IRON MAIDEN – “Maiden England ’88” Concert To Be Released On DVD, March 25th!

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Iron Maiden - Maiden England '88 - promo DVD cover pic

As reported on

EMI are proud to announce the highly anticipated release of the Double Disc DVD MAIDEN ENGLAND ‘88 on 25 March. Now available for the very first time on DVD, this live show was filmed across two sold-out nights at Birmingham N.E.C Arena, UK in November 1988 during the band’s “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son World Tour”. Disc one contains the concert which has been specially upgraded and extended from the existing 1989 longform VHS release and now includes three previously unreleased encores: Running Free, Run To The Hills and Sanctuary thereby completing the full concert with a total running time of 110 minutes . Maiden’s own Film Producer and Director Andy Matthews went back to the 1988 edit and painstakingly remastered each shot digitally; colour correcting and grading to give the image the best possible look from that time.

As well as the VHS stereo sound track by Martin Birch, the band’s producer between 1981 and 1993, the DVD also includes a brand new 5.1 audio surround mix by Maiden’s current producer Kevin Shirley. The concert was meticulously directed and edited by bass player and founder member Steve Harris, so as to capture the performance from a fans-eye view of the stage, focusing fully on the music, the elaborate stage production and the lighting. Add into the mix an electrifying set list and of course Eddie, and Maiden England now offers a snapshot of a bygone era in which the band, as they continue to do today, devote their all in delivering the ultimate live experience for their fans.

Disc two is an extensive bonus disc featuring an exclusive documentary charting Part 3 in the History of Iron Maiden. This 40-minute film comprises recent interviews with the five band members and manager, Rod Smallwood. Picking up the story in the aftermath of the ‘84/85 World Slavery tour, this interesting and insightful documentary sees the band speak candidly about their memories of an exciting and occasionally turbulent period from which would emerge the albums Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. As the Eighties began to draw to a close, so did another chapter in Maiden’s compelling history.

Other special extras on the bonus disc include Twelve Wasted Years. First released as a longform VHS in 1987 and available for the first time on DVD, this documentary runs for 90 minutes and includes archive interviews and dynamic live footage from the band’s beginnings in the now legendary Ruskin Arms pub, via London’s Marquee club and three World Tours. Five promo videos for the singles from the aforementioned albums are also featured and have been carefully restored and improved upon from the original films using the very latest software with the audio remastered in digital stereo.

Iron Maiden - Large Classic Logo!

Set List:


The Evil That Men Do

The Prisoner

Still Life

Die With Your Boots On

Infinite Dreams


Can I Play With Madness

Heaven Can Wait

Wasted Years

The Clairvoyant

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

The Number Of The Beast

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Iron Maiden

Run To The Hills*

Running Free*


*previously unreleased.


The History Of Iron Maiden – Part 3

12 Wasted Years

Wasted Years promo video

Stranger In A Strange Land promo video

Can I Play With Madness promo video

The Evil That Men Do promo video

The Clairvoyant promo video


For more info on IRON MAIDEN, click on the links below!

facebook: Iron Maiden

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Scott Coverdale.

TWISTED SISTER & FRIENDS – December 16th Concert To Be Held For Hurricane Sandy Relief

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Twisted Sister - Concert For Sandy Relief - Dec 16 - 2012

As stated on Twisted Sister Facebook:

Sunday, December 16: Help us help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


As stated on Adrenaline Mob Facebook:

Twisted Sister & Adrenaline Mob – Dec. 16th at The Emporium!! TS presents “A Very Special Christmas Show/Hurricane Sandy Relief Benefit”. 9 Railroad Avenue, Patchogue,NY. For Tickets & info visit:!

Twisted Sister - Adrenaline Mob - Dec 16th Concert - 2012 - hurricane sandy


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ANGEL WITCH – Live Evil “Into The Dark 2012” UK Tour – Dates & Venues Listed

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As reported on Angel Witch facebook:

Since we have restricted our UK dates to London shows (plus the occasional Bloodstock or Hard Rock Hell) we thought it was about time we did some out of town dates.  So we have teamed up with the Live Evil crew to present their first run of actual tour dates: “Into the Dark 2012”.

We are very happy to be bringing ENFORCER over from Sweden to join us on this run – we’ve played with them a number of times all over Scandinavia and have always had a great time both watching their set and having a pint.

To Open proceedings – AGE OF TAURUS slow motion heavy metal from London town with riffs galore.  Anyone who saw them recently with Electric Wizard can attest to the fact that Doom Metal really is not dead.

Next tiime – Scotland, Wales & Ireland, eh?

LIVE EVIL “Into the Dark 2012”

Wednesday 7th November 

Newcastle ::: The World Headquarters

Thursday 8th November

Manchester Academy 3

Friday 9th November

Birmingham Temple

Sunday 11th November

Bristol Fleece


Stone Says: The brand new ANGEL WITCH studio album As Above, So Below was released on March 26th, 2012, via Metal Blade Records. This new Metal offering from ANGEL WITCH receives the highest Metal recommendation from Metal Odyssey. If you don’t own this must Metal album yet, pick it up! Metal be thy name.


For more info on ANGEL WITCH, click here: Angel Witch





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