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ANGEL WITCH – Live Concert For Charity, December 14th > The Unicorn In London

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Angel Witch - '78 Re-Visited - concert flyer - December 2012

As stated on the Facebook page of Angel Witch:

Angel Witch used to play this place all the time in the 1970’s when it was called The Brecknock (so did Sampson, Maiden, Urchin and all the others…) – so we thought we’d come back and re-live it.

£4.00 on the door – for charity

For more info on this Angel Witch live event, click on the link below:


Angel Witch - As Above So Below - cover promo pic - x-large!

As Above, So Below is the comeback studio album from the legendary Kevin Heybourne and his band Angel Witch. This MUST Metal album was released back in March of this year, via Metal Blade Records / Rise Above Records.

To read Stone’s Metal excitement over As Above, So Below – click on the link:

ANGEL WITCH “As Above, So Below” Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!


* For more info on ANGEL WITCH, click on the link below!

facebook: Angel Witch

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



ANGEL WITCH “As Above, So Below” Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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ANGEL WITCH – One Metal release I couldn’t wait to get my ears into this year is the new studio album from London’s True Metal ambassadors known as Angel Witch. As Above, So Below is the newly forged Metal release from Angel Witch (and 5th overall) released back on March 26th, via Metal Blade Records. What a Metal album! Whoa!

It doesn’t bother me one bit if some material I hear on this album was written years ago… this is pure, 100%, with no fillers added Metal. Old School, raw, tough and dark is this new Metal offering from Angel Witch. This is just the way I (and countless other fans) wanted and needed it from Kevin Heybourne and his band!

To say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this Angel Witch release is as truthful as it gets. Kevin Heybourne on vocals and guitar is stellar! Andrew Prestiedge on drums and Will Palmer on bass are equally stellar! Angel Witch are NWOBHM pioneers and Metal legends. I couldn’t put it any more simple than that. This is a Metal band that deserves any and all the Metal applause they have received this past year and I’m right up front jumping up and down.

The consistent thought among fellow Metal Music writers has been what could have been with a more expansive discography from Angel Witch over the decades. I myself wish that Angel Witch could have been more of a powerful force, however, this is the here and now and Angel Witch is alive and well in 2012. Angel Witch is as important to our Metal world today as they were in the early 80’s. Our underground world of Metal has their pit bull back and As Above, So Below is rabid proof of this. Metal legends such as Angel Witch thrive and they’ve risen once again.


Side Note: I was fortunate to receive a brand new hard copy of As Above, So Below from a long-distance Metal Buddy named Mike. This very cool Metal Buddy knew I was having difficulty locating it at the retail store level where I live and he hooked me up by ordering it at his local record shop! I very much appreciated this old school gesture from Metal Buddy Mike. I’ve always said: Metal unites us all. (I’ve stopped purchasing CD’s online cause I’m trying to curb (some) spending with my credit card(s). Every little bit of cutting back on the plastic does help, I say!)


As Above, So Below – Track Listing:

Dead Sea Scrolls

Into The Dark


The Horla

Witching Hour

Upon This Cord




Album cover artwork is titled: “The Last Judgement” – created by English Romantic Painter John Martin.

For more info on ANGEL WITCH, click on the links below!

facebook: Angel Witch


Thank You, Metal Buddy Mike!


ANGEL WITCH – Live Evil “Into The Dark 2012” UK Tour – Dates & Venues Listed

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As reported on Angel Witch facebook:

Since we have restricted our UK dates to London shows (plus the occasional Bloodstock or Hard Rock Hell) we thought it was about time we did some out of town dates.  So we have teamed up with the Live Evil crew to present their first run of actual tour dates: “Into the Dark 2012”.

We are very happy to be bringing ENFORCER over from Sweden to join us on this run – we’ve played with them a number of times all over Scandinavia and have always had a great time both watching their set and having a pint.

To Open proceedings – AGE OF TAURUS slow motion heavy metal from London town with riffs galore.  Anyone who saw them recently with Electric Wizard can attest to the fact that Doom Metal really is not dead.

Next tiime – Scotland, Wales & Ireland, eh?

LIVE EVIL “Into the Dark 2012”

Wednesday 7th November 

Newcastle ::: The World Headquarters

Thursday 8th November

Manchester Academy 3

Friday 9th November

Birmingham Temple

Sunday 11th November

Bristol Fleece


Stone Says: The brand new ANGEL WITCH studio album As Above, So Below was released on March 26th, 2012, via Metal Blade Records. This new Metal offering from ANGEL WITCH receives the highest Metal recommendation from Metal Odyssey. If you don’t own this must Metal album yet, pick it up! Metal be thy name.


For more info on ANGEL WITCH, click here: Angel Witch





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