CINDERELLA – Since their 1986 debut album – Night Songs, I have been a fan of Cinderella. Be it Rock, Hard Rock, Hair Metal or good ol’ Heavy Metal… Cinderella can play it extremely well and with a classy touch of the Blues. Cinderella is slated for performing at the 2010 M3 Rock Festival, in Columbia, Maryland, on June 19th. Their set time is from 7:40 – 8:40 pm on the Pavilion Stage. They are the last band on the Pavilion Stage to perform before… the ultra legendary Scorpions headline and close out the night!!! I’M THERE! I literally am counting down the hours to this cool festival of Hard Rock ‘N’ Roll and so is my Best Metal Buddy… Scott Coverdale. This will be the third time I will have seen Cinderella live and it has been quite a few years since I’ve seen them last.

To pick my favorite Cinderella album, (there are four studio albums in all), is really not that easy. Metal truth be told, each Cinderella album is uniquely great, in it’s total Rockin’ totality. There is that one Cinderella album, however, that I turn to more often to listen to… Heartbreak Station from 1990. Bluesy, Hard Hittin’, American Rock ‘N’ Roll at it’s finest is the best way to sum up Heartbreak Station. My favorite song from this album is Shelter Me. Man, if there ever was a song that justifies why Cinderella is as genuine as a freshly minted and non-circulated, gold dollar coin… it’s this one. The lyrics of Shelter Me resonate with strong relevance, a song that can surely be adapted to today’s nightly news bull crap. Plus, Cinderella took a fine swipe at the censorship machine known as the PMRC within the lyrics of Shelter Me as well, which makes me very proud as a fan.

The More Things Change is another example of lyrical relevance, coupled with Bluesy Hard Rock excellence. This song opens up Heartbreak Station and truly signaled that Cinderella was more than just merely an inappropriately tagged – Hair Metal Band. For anyone to pigeonhole Cinderella into just the Hair Metal genre is nonsensical… this is an American Rock ‘N’ Roll Band that has proven their Rock diversity through four studio albums, the proof is in their music. Throw in a clear fact that Cinderella has not released a studio album since 1994’s Still Climbing, all the while maintaining a level of popularity that puts them second to the Scorpions on the M3 Rock Festival bill and the word impressive comes to mind.

Cinderella is a perfect example of quality and talent over quantity… their four studio albums hold up against the sands of time. The songs on these Cinderella albums are not just fad infused… these songs were and still are Hard Rockin’ genius. The word relevance keeps popping up as I write this, only it is so applicable to Cinderella. One of the items on my Metal wish list, is for Cinderella to make another studio album sometime soon. Then again, I’m just psyched this great band is still around and still touring, affording me the opportunity to see them live once again at M3!

* Heartbreak Station was released in 1990, on Mercury Records.

Track Listing For Cinderella – Heartbreak Station:

The More Things Change

Love’s Got Me Doin’ Time

Shelter Me

Heartbreak Station

Sick For The Cure

One For Rock & Roll

Dead Man’s Road

Make Your Own Way

Electric Love

Love Gone Bad

Winds Of Change

* Cinderella NOW and as they appeared on Heartbreak Station:

Tom Keifer – lead vocals, guitar, piano

Eric Brittingham – bass

Jeff LaBar – guitar

Fred Coury – drums, percussion, backing vocals

* For more info on Cinderella, click on the link below:

CINDERELLA – Official Website

* For more info on the M3 Rock Festival 2010, just click the link below:

M3 Rock Festival 2010




  1. “Cinderella is as genuine as a freshly minted and non-circulated, gold dollar coin”

    have you been watching Pawn Stars Stone?! ha ha…

    I still like their debut the best. I remember when it came out and I loved it even more than the Ratt’s, the Motley’s and the Dokken’s etc. at that time.

    Remember their “flashy” GTR slinger-mode they did on stage? Everyone and their brother started doing that after these East coast rockers did that.

    Tom is actually starting to LOOK like Steven Tyler these days.

    Man I wish I was going to the show with you guys this weekend. Party hard and have a great + safe time.

    Rock on!


    • metalodyssey Says:

      Hey Kinger –

      First… I am an avid fan of the show “Pawn Stars” on the History Channel. Maybe that is where I got the idea for the “gold coin” comparison… gee Metal whiz. Plus, I will never, ever, deny the Metal fact that I am… a corn-dog. Sometimes, that corn-dog comes out in my writing. I feel now, well, semi-embarrassed. What was I thinking? .:

      I second that last thought of yours… it would be very cool to have you on board for M3 too, Midwest Metal buddy. Look for the “Metal Skinny” on everything that I see and hear at M3 in the week(s) after!


  2. I never thought it was fair to lump Cinderella with hair metal bands, this guys after the first album had a touch of blues and more then a little influenced by the Rolling Stones. Great band and severly under rated even by metal fans.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I agree totally on all counts. Cinderella’s “sound” is blues influenced and fused. This is a band that is still so popular, even without having a new studio album for so many years… they shall never be under-rated by me! By the sounds of it, they shall never be under-rated by you either. 🙂

      I saw Cinderella live in the late ’80’s and now in 2010… they ROCK better than ever today!


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