DORO – Meeting Doro Pesch Was My Metal Dream Come True: Columbus Ohio, Ace Of Cups, February 9th, 2013

DORO - Publicity Pic - Raise Your Fist - 2012 - #6

DORO – It all took place last Saturday night (February 9th) at a tidy venue called Ace Of Cups in Ohio’s capital city of Columbus; which also has the distinction of being Ohio’s largest city. This Ace Of Cups club is happening and downright cool to the Rockin’ core. Sometimes, as that old saying goes: grand things come in small Rock ‘N’ Roll clubs. On that Saturday night, a grand thing did happen for me at Ace Of Cups; one I’ll never forget for the rest of my Metal life. I met DORO. I met the Queen Of Heavy MetalDoro Pesch.

To state that meeting DORO was a Metal dream come true for me is an understatement of mega-magnitude. We all have that list of Rock & Metal legends we need to meet before we die. DORO was #1 on my list, replacing the late Ronnie James Dio  whom I never did get to meet; yet I was fortunate to see DIO in concert. I guess this entire Metal dream come true wouldn’t have even happened if it wasn’t for… Rob Rockitt of HARD ROCK HIDEOUT fame. Here’s how it all unfolded:

I was staying at a Holiday Inn Express in Dayton, Ohio, with my family, while we were waiting to move into our new home on February 11th. A text came from Rob Rockitt stating: “too bad you can’t get out here earlier, you could go see DORO with me.” My reply text to Rob Rockitt was: “I’m already here, in Dayton.” The rest is Metal history! Rob Rockitt drove up from Kentucky to pick up my Metal and DORO lovin’ ass at the Holiday Inn Express I was staying at; even after I gave him the wrong directions to the wrong Holiday Inn Express, which was across town. Good going Stone. Sometimes I can be a legitimate dumb-ass.

DORO - Raise Your Fist - Large Promo Cover Pic!!

Hanging out with Rockitt was filled with Metal chatter and good-times laughter, both during our drive to Columbus and inside Ace Of Cups. We both could have talked non-stop to each other, cause we had tons to catch up on about our lives. We drove around for a short while looking for a parking spot near Ace Of Cups and hit pay-dirt; finding a parking spot just a couple of blocks away. When the two of us entered Ace Of Cups, we noticed the stage was just a dozen or so footsteps from the front door! Whoa! Needless to say, for standing room only, there wasn’t a bad spot in the house.

With a few regional bands opening the night of Metal memories, Phantom 13 and Sister Sin followed before DORO hit the stage. I really dug the set from the Shock Rockers/Horror Punk band Phantom 13 and Sister Sin’s live set was a Metal knockout! Sister Sin’s vocalist Liv Jagrell is a Heavy Metal Queen in the making… yes, Liv is that good. When DORO finally took the stage, it was as if my life was overtaken by the happiest vibes from Metal la-la land. There she was… in person… working the crowd of her adoring fans, inside this club that felt like home to me… there was Doro Pesch!

This being my first time ever seeing DORO live, it all felt so amazing to my senses. There’s something magical about the way that DORO came across on stage; it’s as if she truly made everyone in attendance feel like an important part of her life, if only for this one live night of songs. DORO has stage presence that should be taught to every up and coming Rock musician in the world today. There’s no denying that DORO’s voice and look are 100% Heavy Metal; only experiencing DORO live is witnessing this dedicated performer in all of her glorious Heavy Metal essence. I would relive this live performance from DORO thousands of times over, if it were possible!

Doro - Portrait Promo banner - nuclear blast

There were numerous moments when I’d swear DORO made eye contact with every fan while she performed… then again… I was in Heavy Metal euphoria. DORO’s musicians are world-class and proved it during each song. I can’t state it any better than that. Four highlights from an entire live set of highlights (for me) were: Raise Your Fist In The Air, Hero, Breaking The Law and All We Are. Did I mention I was mesmerized by seeing DORO perform live?

As DORO’s set came to a close, I was still reeling from hearing DORO sing Hero. Feeling the vibe of true love and respect for the late Ronnie James Dio, as it swirled around the fans and myself, inside Ace Of Cups, was a tender Metal moment for me. It’s called Metal family and there’s no better way to describe it than that. The Queen Of Heavy Metal signed a few autographs from the stage and was eventually escorted by security to the DORO merch table for a meet and greet with her fans. Rob Rockitt and I gladly waited in line to meet DORO for (at least) 40 or so minutes. I recall feeling an exhilaration like none other, as I waited in line (anxiously) with my Metal buddy. All I kept thinking (and saying out loud to Rob Rockitt) was: I’m gonna really meet her!

Doro - Publicity Photo - 2012 - #1!

I’ve interviewed a good number of Hard Rock and Metal (celebrity) musicians in my day; only these interviews have taken place by phone and email. Actually meeting DORO face-to-face is a whole different Metal ballgame, my Metal brethren. Rob Rockitt was just as determined and happy to meet DORO as I was. When our turn came to meet the Queen Of Heavy Metal, Rob Rockitt took my picture with her; as I returned the favor for him. DORO was very sweet, polite, friendly and… down to earth. I never would have imagined her any other way.

For all the millions of words I thought of saying to DORO, I wound up spilling out this babble to her: “DORO, I want to thank you for making my life better through your music.” DORO responded with: “Thank you, that means so much.” I also said: “DORO, I will forever cherish this night and meeting you.” DORO smiled at me, gently patted my right arm and responded with: “Awwwww.” I’ll never forget that brief exchange I had with DORO. Simply priceless, timeless and iconic is the Queen Of Heavy Metal.

I then walked away from my brief meeting with DORO and thanked Rob Rockitt several times on the way back to his car. We both were fortunate to have DORO autograph her Raise Your Fist CD for us as well. As we approached the car, Rob Rockitt put his arm around me and said: “Welcome to Ohio, Stone!” I looked at him and realized to myself 2 things: Metal Buddies and Metal are forever. Metal be thy name.

Doro and Stone - Feb. 9 - 2013

DORO and Stone

(Photo Credit: Rob Rockitt)

DORO’S  Setlist – Ace Of Cups – February 9th, 2013:

01. I Rule The Ruins

02. Burning The Witches

03. Fight For Rock

04. Running From the Devil

05. True As Steel

06. Raise Your Fist In The Air

07. Metal Racer

08. East Meets West

09. Earthshaker Rock

10. Für Immer

11. Hero

12. Revenge

13. Breaking The Law

14. All We Are

15. Unholy Love

16. Metal Tango


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facebook: Sister Sin Official

For more info on ACE OF CUPS, click on the link below!


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15 Responses to “DORO – Meeting Doro Pesch Was My Metal Dream Come True: Columbus Ohio, Ace Of Cups, February 9th, 2013”

  1. Oh man, THATS what I call a memorable Metal night out! Meeting Doro and catching up on all things metal with Rob – nice one! \m/\m/

  2. Tremendous! Always great to meet one of your idols… especially if you don’t embarrass yourself too much! Good times!

    • Thanks Metal Buddy! Yeah… I made a promise to myself not to be a big Ol’ sap in front of DORO… LOL!

      I’ll cherish the memory of meeting The Queen Of Heavy Metal 🙂 \m/\m/

  3. You are livin’ the dream man! Congrats!!!!

  4. All I can say is good on you Stone! You got to meet the Queen of Metal, I hope you remembered to bow, lol. It sounds like a fab night throughout.

  5. Awesome mate! \m/

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