Humanity. It’s Not Just A Word, It’s What We Should Cherish

As I write these words, I’m still in shock of today’s horrific event that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. An evil coward decided to end the lives of innocent children and educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The number of children and educators killed is mind numbing. 20 children in all. I am extending my heartfelt condolences to their families and friends; while praying for each innocent victim and those directly affected.

As a parent, I was touched like never before by the news and video footage of this unthinkable event. I was an educator myself, during a brief moment of my life. I know first-hand the responsibility that comes with being an adult guardian inside an elementary classroom. Children lean upon their teachers for not just learning, they lean upon them for safety as well. All the teachers and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School are incredible heroes, to me.

As I was tweeting away tonight, I sent out a favorite message of mine that I like: Metal unites us all. Then, seconds later, a friend replied to this tweet with: Humanity unites us all. How immensely true was this reply. Humanity. What are we all here for? What is our purpose on Earth? With wars, violence and hate dominating our world news on a daily basis, It is so very difficult to understand the negative/evil side of civilization.

I thank God for my family, friends and faith. I then thank God for the inspiration and healing affects of music; only on this day (Friday) I couldn’t enjoy the sounds of any song that I tried to listen to. This extremely sad event in Newtown, Connecticut wrapped around my soul like a black blanket. As this day draws to an end, it’s a new beginning and a new day will be upon us all. I will continue to pray to God above and draw inspiration from both my faith and beloved Metal music. I will see my family and friends again; only in an entirely new light, cherishing each and every one of them like never before.

No one can predict the future. No one can make sense out of the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We can talk about gun control and stricter legislation regarding firearms; only political rhetoric won’t bring back the precious lives lost from this terrible event. The “bad guys” will (unfortunately) always find a way to obtain guns or any means of weapons. Regardless of that reality check, there is hope, kindness and love in this world. We just need to reach out for it and spread it around like never before. Humanity. It’s not just a word. It’s a gift that each and every one of us should never take for granted.




3 Responses to “Humanity. It’s Not Just A Word, It’s What We Should Cherish”

  1. Stone, despite the sad truth that there have been so many before this one, the tragedy that unfolded at Sandy Hook has gone very deep within my soul. Perhaps it’s the age of the children, the proximity to Christmas, I don’t know…. perhaps it’s more likely that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Humanity does indeed unite us all, but the value of a human life in this sorry century has now plummeted like a bankrupt company’s shares on Wall Street, and we need to address that. One single human life is the most precious thing on this planet. It is above greed, revenge, hate and despair. It needs to be cherished. Cherish one, cherish them all. And in the words of one of my favourite songwriters, XTC’s Andy Partridge: ‘melt the guns and nevermore to fire them’.

  2. God Bless you Stone. You are a man with a Heart Full of Soul. I share your shock, pain, and sadness. Evil lurks in the soul of a man who can do something so terrible. It is indeed not about gun control, although who really needs an automatic weapon? You are a credit to the metal community.

  3. Of course, this sad and shocking event was on the news even on this side of the world.

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