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A Rock N’ METAL Thanksgiving – What I’m Thankful For! WHOA!

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KISS – debut/ST (1974 – Casablanca Records)

A Rock N’ METAL Thanksgiving – It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. and I’m thankful as always for my family, friends, Metal Buddies, faith, country and the freedom I’ve grown so accustomed to since being alive. I’m thankful for our U.S. troops that protect us here at home and abroad. The Rock N’ Metal that inspires me each and every day, I am absolutely giving thanks for as well. (See below!)

I’m giving thanks for this clear Metal fact: I’ll be catching up with Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale this Thanksgiving weekend… over a couple of cold brews and plates of wings as we discuss… Metal and NFL news.

Now, let’s begin: A Rock N’ METAL Thanksgiving – What I’m Thankful For!

I am thankful for ALL the pioneers of Heavy Metal, aka, Metal. I give Metal thanks to the 1969 debut/ST from Led Zeppelin, with the 1970 debut/ST album from Black Sabbath to follow. I am also thankful for 1974’s KISS debut/ST (see at top of post). Moving forward to 1979’s No Mean City from Nazareth and every other seminal and not so famous Heavy Rock album from those building block years of Metal – I declare my Metal thanks!


From Saxon to Iron Maiden and from Motörhead to Diamond Head, I give Metal thanks. Believe me, if I could list every single band and musician that has psyched-me-out throughout my Metal lovin’ life, I would!

I am thankful for ALL the pre-Heavy Metal history; a Rock and Roll and Classic Rock History that includes all the pioneering bands and musicians that paved the path for Hard Rock and Metal.

I am very, very, thankful for these albums & bands: (A very short list, of course!)

LIZZY BORDEN – Best Of (1994 – Metal Blade Records)

SATYRICON – The Age Of Nero (Koch Records)

DIO – Holy Diver (1983 – Warner Bros.)

SOUNDGARDEN – Down On The Upside (1996 – A&M Records)

SOULFLY – Enslaved (2012 – Roadrunner Records)
















(2012 – J&R Adventures)

3 INCHES OF BLOOD – Long Live Heavy Metal

(2012 – Century Media)

BLACK SABBATH – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

(1973 – Warner Bros.)

QUEENSRYCHE – Operation Mindcrime (1988 – EMI)

What and/or who are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day? If you’re thankful for a favorite band and/or musician… let it be known by commenting! Whoa!






Turkey Day Album Suggestions From Metal Odyssey

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Happy Thanksgiving America! It’s been a weird 2011 thus far for weather, that is for certain. (I just had to blurt that out). There are many reasons for my being thankful this Thanksgiving. My family, friends, Metal buddies (worldwide) and of course all the bands I listen to and write about I give thanks for. I’ve decided to compile a list of ten “listening suggestions” for anyone who is in need of an album title with “turkey” in it for Thanksgiving.

No, this is not a list of Heavy Metal albums, instead these are diverse titles that I discovered and at times rediscovered while researching for this post. Honestly, how many Heavy Metal albums are out there with the word “turkey” in the title anyways? Hopefully you may find these suggestions beneficial for your turkey festivities. Without further delay, I am very happy to present to you, the following ten turkey album suggestions for your ears:

Terry Lieberstein – Turkey Burps And T-Ball

I dunno. I found this album cover and it looks kinda fun. Um, it may be geared towards toddlers I would imagine. Then again, any politician out there should find this as a listening adventure for it’s slightly above their intellect.

John Lee Hooker Jr. – Live In Istanbul Turkey

A multi-grammy nominee and son of the legendary/late John Lee Hooker. This album looks pretty cool. I don’t own it nor have I listened to it… and I’m sure I’ll track it down eventually.

100 Miles Per Hour – Backsliding Turkey Kuts

I have no idea. If someone does know, please share your knowledge on this mystery album. If you like to experience Turkey Day in the fast lane, this seems to be a logical choice.

The Arrogant Worms – Christmas Turkey

A musical comedy trio from Canada are The Arrogant Worms. Apparently they parody music genres too. Sounds like a cool party to me.

Wild Turkey – Battle Hymn

Formed back in 1971 by former Jethro Tull bassist Glenn Cornick. Last I checked, Wild Turkey is still around too. By the way, any Wild Turkey album shall suffice as a suggestion. Drinking some Wild Turkey on Turkey Day is always another option.

Dre Towey with Sugar On Top – Turkey Bop

Once again, I dunno. Well, if you like turkey and want to bop, then I strongly urge you to give this one a serious listen. Metal be thy name.

Julia Marvel – The Turkey Sessions

Um, whatever. Is this a spoken word CD? A band? Stop the presses! I do know what “The Turkey Sessions” is all about! This is about the recent Deficit Reduction Committee! You know, those scholarly & economic versed politicians who were overpaid to find ways to cut U.S. government spending… and they accomplished… TURKEY!

National Lampoon – Gold Turkey (Radio Hour/Greatest Hits)

Obviously this album’s title sums up what you are going to hear. Comedy I imagine. Gold Turkey quality too. It must be pretty decent, as I have always enjoyed the National Lampoon movies over the years.

The Turkeys – Every Night’s The Same

This is the debut album from The Turkeys. The genre is Rock Americana. The Turkeys style: Bluegrass, Folk Rock and Blues. This album was released in 2007. That’s it, no more gravy about The Turkeys. I’ve given you enough information already and don’t want to spoil your turkey surprise.


All right now. Now we’re talking. Finally a suggestion I feel psyched about. I guess I’ve saved the best for last here. Beki Bondage and her solo album released in 2000: Cold Turkey. This album boasts 13 cover songs, from Thin Lizzy (The Boys Are Back In Town) to Nirvana (Smells Like Teen Spirit). Beki knows a thing or two about Rock ‘N Roll & Punk Rock. Take my Metal word for it…  the legendary Beki Bondage ROCKS. Beki is the singer, songwriter, guitarist and founding member for Vice Squad.

* For more info on Beki Bondage, click the link below:

BEKI BONDAGE – facebook




Turkey Fart Public Awareness Announcement From Metal Odyssey

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CAUTION: Turkey Farts are an extreme public safety concern, when inhaled in a confined living room, with no air circulation, amongst a large gathering of relatives, friends and/or total strangers that ate like famished farm goats on Thanksgiving Day. Do not light a match or lighter in this extreme situation either, Turkey Farts are incredibly flammable. Any door marked “bathroom” within a Thanksgiving feast setting should also be avoided… unless you are equipped with a certified industrial gas mask.


*NEVER move to a higher level of the house/apartment to escape a Turkey Fart… as with all nasty farts, they are fueled by excessive heat which only makes them rise farther into the air. Survivors of Turkey Fart inhalation will tell you, move to lower ground and make certain you bring enough beer with you. Beer Farts are not known to be as toxic as a Turkey Fart, therefore, the Beer Fart is the lesser of two evils.

* NOTE: You can escape a Turkey Fart by going outside; only the NFL games, assorted pastry, party platters, cheese, crackers and refreshments are all readily available… inside your own/hosts dwelling. Also, it is not far fetched to walk/run into an invading “Turkey Fart Thunder Cloud” from another neighborhood dwelling that is engulfing an entire street or city block… that is a whole other Turkey Fart nightmare for another day. Instead, be wise and refer back to  “lower dwelling evacuation procedures.”


In the extreme event you begin to hear a relative/friend/stranger utter: “gobble, gobble”, they are experiencing what is known as Turkey Fart hallucination. Get as far away from this person as you can! This is a tell tale sign that this Turkey glutton has eaten more turkey than their body can handle, resulting in toxic Turkey Fart emissions.

* Stay clear from any relative or immediate family member who exclaims upon finishing their Thanksgiving meal: “gosh, all I want to do right about now is lie down.” This person is a carrier of  Turkey Fart fever! Within 2 to 4 minutes, this dangerous individual will be letting loose Turkey Farts so potent and bizarreyou will wish you were standing in the middle of the Arctic Circle… with some cold beer and Black Metal blasting, of course.

Keep it safe this Thanksgiving and beware of Turkey Farts.

If you or someone you know, is a Turkey Fart inhalation survivor, please feel free to comment about it. Letting your story be heard, is the first step towards defeating your Turkey Fart anxiety.


What I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving of 2009

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Happy Thanksgiving to all from Metal Odyssey. Yes, I will eat whatever the heck I feel like eating today, plus the quantity of food I eat is my own personal business too. To all the people who watch what other people eat and tell others how and what to eat… go eat rice cakes today and stare at yourselves in the mirror, you artificial and pompous fools.

I am thankful for:

My incredible wife and beautiful twin daughters… and our new cat toby.

My courageous and strong father.

My Mother and Father In-Law


My sister and brother in-law and their two daughters. (And their dog too).

My Best Metal Buddy Scott and his fine family.

My sister is in Heaven and I am thankful for her son and daughter.

My mother is in Heaven too… I am thankful for all the love and memories.

My faith, God and all of the guardian angels who have worked overtime for me and my family.

For all my cousins, aunts and uncles who are the good ones. In other words, the ones who are not self absorbed in their own minds, non materialistic and know I still exist.

Good friends and helpful neighbors.

My country – The United States of America, The Land of the Free… I hope and pray it stays this way.

Armed Forces of The United States of America – these men and women in uniform protect us all every minute of every day.

Rock and Roll – especially Heavy Metal and all of it’s genres.

Punk Rock

Motorhead, Misfits, W.A.S.P. and Slayermy top four.

Lynyrd Skynyrd and their 2009 album – God & Guns

Cheap Trick and ELO

Anthony Bourdain and No Reservations

Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures

World Champion New York Yankees and the New York Giants

Planet Earth… the best and only planet we can all live on. If only we all could get along…

I’m very thankful for being introduced to this album by The Everly Brothers, (Don and Phil Everly), as a child. My mother had this album and it was my first introduction to the amazing world of Rock and Roll. This 1958 album was a true enjoyment and will forever be an unreal lifetime memory.

I’m extra thankful for being alive to be thankful for all of the above.

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