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Hurricane Sandy – How Will This Storm Affect Metal Odyssey?

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HURRICANE SANDY – I live in Central/Eastern Pennsylvania, right near the border of New Jersey. Therefore, the impact of Hurricane Sandy is very real to me and my family. As was the case last year, with Hurricane Irene, taking safety precautions and hunkering down is my #1 concern. I’ve been trying to make sure no items are left in the yard that will become dangerous flying debris; while checking off our list of necessities: batteries, first-aid supplies, radio, non-perishable food, gas for the car and of course… bottled water.

It’s a very melancholy mood for us right now, while awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. I’m sure anyone living on the East/Northeast Coast knows what I mean. What’s so outrageous and creepy is just last year, we all endured the wrath of Hurricane Irene and a major ice storm (back-to-back); both storms left their mark, that’s for certain.

Apparently, Hurricane Sandy will make her presence known sometime around Sunday night, with her outer bands of wind and rain. The “main impact” of this hurricane will be felt here on Tuesday. I hope and pray that life and property are not impacted as heavily as the forecasters predict. Life is precious and my main concern is for family, friends and Metal Buddies.


I have drafted some posts in advance of this hurricane and have scheduled them to launch throughout this coming week of Halloween. In the event you see posts begin to cease come next weekend or I’m not leaving reply comments on the posts and emails go unanswered, then that means our power is out. I surely hope we don’t lose power. Predictions for power outages are being discussed in the news by length of “weeks” and not days!

That’s the update thus far, on what to expect from Metal Odyssey’s coverage of Rock N’ Metal this coming week. I wish everyone living on the East/Northeast Coast to stay safe and strong, through this awful ordeal that Mother Nature has once again dealt us. Meteorologists have been calling Hurricane Sandy the storm of the century, the perfect storm and even… Frankenstorm. Scary times indeed. Metal be thy name.


Surface wind image/map at top of post from:

For more up to the second info on Hurricane Sandy, click on the link below!





Winter of 2011: Two Album Titles of “Winter” That Sums It Up Best

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So far, the winter of 2011 has been very, very, very, very, very, very, extremely, positively, absolutely, F’n cold, icy and snowy. If you live in the Midwest, New England or the Mid Atlantic States then you MUST know what I’m talking, um, complaining about. Eastern/Central Pennsylvania has not been immune from the ravaging cold, ice and snow from this 2011 Winter season.

I can recall, about a week ago, driving my kids to the bus stop, (yeah, it was too damn icy and cold to walk), when I looked down at the temperature gauge in the car… minus 7 degrees fahrenheit. MINUS 7 DEGREES! Tonight, the temperature is going to be in the “single” digits. I realize there are places on this planet that have much colder temperatures, I’m just letting out a tiny Winter rant right now. Call it a “touch” of the Winter bluesMetal be thy name.

Here art two very cool, (get it, cool?), album titles that best sum up this nasty Winter of 2011:

SAVATAGE – Dead Winter Dead (1995)

O.k., so I used this same SAVATAGE album title and cover to complain about the Blizzard of 2010… “Part II” last year. So what. This album title and cover gets my Metal point across. Plus this album kicks Metal butt too.

Cinderella – Long Cold Winter (1988)

Yup, just as this 1988 Cinderella album title states, it has been a Long Cold Winter. I feel like taking a Gypsy Road straight down to where there’s some warmer weather. Then again, as my loving/late mother used to say to me when I was a young lad: If You Don’t Like It, then tough.

I guess I’ll just count my blessings and be glad that I’m just alive… and put up with this Winter of 2011 for a little while longer. Heck, that damn otter, um, ground hog didn’t see his shadow this year either. That’s good news. I’ll bank on what that oversized squirrel didn’t see and be done with it.





Some Rockin’ Albums To Get You Through An Ice Storm Warning!

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Well, it’s coming… back for round II. On Tuesday, February 1st, round I came through Pennsylvania and it was enough to cause plenty of headaches and anxiety attacks. As it is, round I was just a teaser compared to the impending “round II”, which is supposed to be bigger, badder and more potent than ever. What is “it”? I can almost see the concerned look on your face, as you begin to mutter: what was round I and what could round II possibly be? What is Stone unravelling about now? An ice storm. Another F’n ice storm. Metal be thy name, ice storms are not fun. Ice storms for all intents and purposes are dangerous to life, liberty and the pursuit of Metal happiness.

I have my snow shovel, yet what can that actually do when it comes to ice? My nearly 4 foot long ice chopper will come in handy though. Rock salt… yup, I have about 15 pounds of it, only it’s not gonna be enough probably. Will we lose our power due to the ice storm’s brutality to tree limbs and power lines? Maybe. Losing power when the temperature outside is below freezing is not something I welcome with open Metal arms.

What can any one of us do when it comes to a raging ice storm? The damn ice storm warning put out by the National Weather Service says it all! With big jack-o-lantern grins on their faces, my late/great uncles (Uncle George and Willard) always used to say to me when I was a young lad: you can’t control or predict Mother Nature. They were not mistaken. All that the Mid-Atlantic and Southern New England States can do now is wait. Wait. Wait for this ice storm to cometh… and…


Below is a list of five albums that are somehow linked to that very cold three letter word… ICE. Be it the band name, song or album title, the reference to ice is there. WARNING: This list just might serve you right. Each album is recommended by Stone for your listening Rockin’ pleasure during – Ice Storm Round II of 2011.

Foreigner – debut/self titled (1977)

Their Classic Rock gem – Cold As Ice is as fitting as any song to listen to during Ice Storm Round II. If these lyrics to Cold As Ice speak to me correctly, this song has some pissed off attitude happening. That’s perfect! For I am pissed off at this ice storm. By the way, this Foreigner debut album is a Classic Rock masterpiece.

Yngwie Malmsteen – Fire & Ice (1992)

Göran Edman is the lead vocalist on Yngwie Malmsteen’s sixth studio album. I’ve always liked this Fire & Ice album and consider it to be one of those best kept secrets from the early 90’s. Can you keep a secret? I still have… Fire & Ice… in mint condition… on cassette. No, it’s not for sale.

AC/DC – BLACK ICE (2008)

If any band in this great land has the ability to cheer me up, especially during Ice Storm Round II of 2011, it’s gonna be AC/DC. This album’s title and it’s title track have those two words no driver wants to hear during these winter months – Black Ice.

Frozen Ghost – The Essentials (2005)

If you dig Night Ranger, Nelson and Survivor, then you just might dig Frozen Ghost. Their melodic and well crafted songs were tailor made for Rock accessibility. This Canadian AOR band released three studio albums from 1987 to 1992. Here’s a Rockin’ fun fact: Frozen Ghost spelled their band name as Frōzen Ghōst on their first and third album covers, (their second album from 1988, Nice Place To Visit, had the spelling Frozen Ghost). Frozen Ghost broke up in 1993 and their mainstream Rock still resonates relevancy to my ears.


Since their 1990 debut and self-titled album, Iced Earth has been an American Heavy Metal Band that has never buckled down to music trends or watered down their music for any mainstream acceptance… thanks to the legendary Jon Schaffer (founding member/guitarist/songwriter). Matthew Barlow is the lead vocalist on this live gem from Iced Earth.

Alive In Athens bestows some solid production, capturing Iced Earth’s Heavy Metal energy as they play their classics to a fired up mass of fans in Athens, Greece. I can’t ever find myself keeping this CD out of arms reach. Plus, what other band has a name so fitting for an ice storm? On Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011, when I wake up from my Metal slumber… a visible Iced Earth will be awaiting me outside, courtesy of Mother Nature. My great uncles are smiling down on me now.

By now, many of you are asking: hey Stone, what about that album cover at the top of this post? Is that a cool album to listen to during Ice Storm Round II of 2011? My answer is very simple. Yes, The Crucible Of Man: Something Wicked Part 2 is a Metal recommendation for any ice storm. It receives Stone’s Metal stamp of approval the whole year long too.






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What gives with all the snow falling down in the Mid-Atlantic States this year? The New England States too. Hey, Al Gore… where are your speeches on global warming lately? Uh… Al, Pennsylvania is awaiting it’s SECOND BLIZZARD of February 2010! That is TWO BLIZZARD’S in one month… see what happens once the temperature begins to rise! Greenhouse effect? Um, try freezer effect. Or, try something better than that… it’s the good ol’ North Atlantic Oscillation, (NAO), and/or the same damned historical pattern of weather that has been happening in the Mid-Atlantic and New England States for centuries. Oh, Al, we poor people, you know, (the people who can’t afford those green cars that only politicians, spoiled major league athletes and celebrities can afford), well, we know a blizzard when one hits us. Gee whiz, I really could use a lecture on greenhouse gases and how hot the climate is right about now. I could use a hearty laugh.

Hey Al, what do BLIZZARDS and HEAVY METAL have in common? Neither one YOU can prevent or ban! Try censoring a BLIZZARD… nice try. Put a parental advisory sticker on a BLIZZARD? Nope. I’ll handle this second BLIZZARD by turning up my heat and running up my electric bill… then kick back and listen to Metal Music… LOUD. I’ll then shovel my family and I out once this BLIZZARD passes by… should I wear a thong when I do shovel the snow? It is supposed to be so hot outside with all of this climate change happening, isn’t it?

This great album cover from Savatage sums it up best, when describing the Winter weather that has taken it’s toll on the Mid-Atlantic States in 2010.

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