Winter of 2011: Two Album Titles of “Winter” That Sums It Up Best

So far, the winter of 2011 has been very, very, very, very, very, very, extremely, positively, absolutely, F’n cold, icy and snowy. If you live in the Midwest, New England or the Mid Atlantic States then you MUST know what I’m talking, um, complaining about. Eastern/Central Pennsylvania has not been immune from the ravaging cold, ice and snow from this 2011 Winter season.

I can recall, about a week ago, driving my kids to the bus stop, (yeah, it was too damn icy and cold to walk), when I looked down at the temperature gauge in the car… minus 7 degrees fahrenheit. MINUS 7 DEGREES! Tonight, the temperature is going to be in the “single” digits. I realize there are places on this planet that have much colder temperatures, I’m just letting out a tiny Winter rant right now. Call it a “touch” of the Winter bluesMetal be thy name.

Here art two very cool, (get it, cool?), album titles that best sum up this nasty Winter of 2011:

SAVATAGE – Dead Winter Dead (1995)

O.k., so I used this same SAVATAGE album title and cover to complain about the Blizzard of 2010… “Part II” last year. So what. This album title and cover gets my Metal point across. Plus this album kicks Metal butt too.

Cinderella – Long Cold Winter (1988)

Yup, just as this 1988 Cinderella album title states, it has been a Long Cold Winter. I feel like taking a Gypsy Road straight down to where there’s some warmer weather. Then again, as my loving/late mother used to say to me when I was a young lad: If You Don’t Like It, then tough.

I guess I’ll just count my blessings and be glad that I’m just alive… and put up with this Winter of 2011 for a little while longer. Heck, that damn otter, um, ground hog didn’t see his shadow this year either. That’s good news. I’ll bank on what that oversized squirrel didn’t see and be done with it.





8 Responses to “Winter of 2011: Two Album Titles of “Winter” That Sums It Up Best”

  1. Excellent, I have always been a big Savatage fan and I got both of my sons into Savatage as well. Dead Winter Dead is in my opinion, their second best album with Edge of Thorns taking the top spot.
    On a personal note, I have left a message for you on our chat on the six new bands blog.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      You won’t get an argument from me on your top 2 Savatage albums. I’ve always been a huge fan of “Hall Of The Mountain King” too. Jon Oliva’s Pain and Trans-Siberian Orchestra RULES as well. 🙂

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I’m trying Metal Mark… now I have a sore throat too… whaaaaaaaaaaa! I’ve been a big Metal crybaby today! 😦

  2. Both are great metal albums, just the title track of Cinerella’s album reminds me of winter.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Yes, the title track is a reminder of Winter… yet the Cinderella logo atop the all white cover reminds me of those two words I’ve grown tired of already… “white snow”. Maybe if I was a skier I would be happy about the snow. Instead, I shovel snow and try to drive in it too. I’m just a grumpy Metalhead about the weather lately. 😦

  3. 80smetalman Says:

    I know this is a bit morbid, but with all of the great rockers we lost in the past 12 months has made me reflect. In 1993, we lost a great guitarst in Chris Oliva. If his life hadn’t been so tragically shortened, I’m sure he would have been ranked among the best.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I agree tremendously with your thoughts on Criss Oliva. It is Savatage fans of yesteryear and new fans of today that honestly know what a brilliant guitarist he truly was. Guitar players know who Criss Oliva was and still is through the music of those Savatage albums, from “Sirens” to “Edge Of Thorns”.

      Your not being morbid at all. It is Rock & Metal historians like yourself that celebrate the legendary names that have left our Metal and “music” family for a much better place. Criss Oliva’s music should always be remembered and celebrated! Savatage lives on through Trans Siberian Orchestra… and the memory of Criss Oliva lives on through his songs and chatting about him right now. 🙂

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