LITA FORD “Out For Blood” – Revisiting Lita’s 1983 Debut Album

LITA FORD – First, let me point out that this debut album from Lita Ford is out of print. Yes, Out For Blood is not going to be purchased on the cheap. Brand new CD’s of Out For Blood are selling on, with currently four to choose from. The price range for a “new/unopened” copy of Out For Blood is $99.82 to $193.96. (U.S. funds). Plus, you have to add $2.98 in shipping cost! Whoa, who would have thought this debut album from Lita Ford would be this rare on CD? I’m certain finding Out For Blood in mint condition on vinyl is no easy Metal task either. Vinyl is listed at with a price range of $4.78 to $19.98, (U.S. funds), depending on condition.

There is a light at the end of the Metal tunnel though… used copies of Out For Blood are available at and there is a price range once again! Are you ready? Here it is: $17.98 to $91.48. Again, add $2.98 for shipping. I’ll say this much, I’m very much at peace with owning the cassette version of Out For Blood… for now. My Out For Blood cassette plays just fine and it’s in Metal mint shape too. Before you run over to Itunes… let me warn you… Out For Blood is not for sale there. “Out of print” often times covers the digital download retail world too.

Out For Blood was released on Mercury Records, back in 1983. Lita Ford’s new solo career following her five year years with The Runaways had just begun! The Runaways had formed in 1975 and broke up in 1979. Heavy Metal and Hard Rock was obviously on Lita Ford’s mind and in her heart. From 1983 to 2009, Lita Ford released seven studio albums and her catalog of music does back up her obvious loyalty to the heavier side of Rock. Certainly, one can point at the album cover (both versions) for Out For Blood and state this exemplifies Hair Metal of the early 80’s. Lita Ford can very well be considered a pioneer of the Hair Metal genre… no argument from Stone here.

Besides looking like a sexy Heavy Metal goddess on this Out For Blood album cover, I always felt the real deal about Lita Ford was the music heard within these songs. Back in 1983, there wasn’t an abundance of female Heavy Metal vocalists out there… especially one’s that played some lean and mean guitar like Lita. I took to Lita Ford from the onset and no, it wasn’t all due to her looking so hot. (Well, it did help). Hey, a hot blooded seventeen year old Metalhead in 1983 is gonna have his fantasy crushes and Lita Ford caused quite abuzz amongst my buddies too back then. Heck, with the likes of Ozzy, Angus, Lemmy and Cronos staring at me from the pages of mags and posters back then, seeing Lita Ford grace an album cover was much more easier on my eyes! Metal be thy name.

After all these years, um, decades, there has never been any question with me that Lita Ford can sing and play some slick guitar licks. This Out For Blood album is where Lita Ford catapulted herself into the Heavy Metal realm. Out For Blood is still a (gasp) fun and Rockin’ listen for me today. For all the Hair Metal and 80’s Heavy Metal/Arena Rock maniacs out there: not owning this Lita Ford album is a tragic misfortune. Listening to Out For Blood in 2011 brings me back to those days, when I was being mesmerized by the hour from a never ceasing influx of Heavy Metal bands. I’ll say it again in different words, Lita Ford really lets loose some melodic leads and cool riffs while not being shy of laying down some psyche-you-out solos.

Any Metalhead from this early 80’s era who says they never played some air guitar to a Lita Ford album is, well, their nose is growing by the second. It’s time to come clean, my fellow Metalhead air guitar brothers. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinion to the contrary, Lita Ford and Out For Blood represents an important and historic chapter in Heavy Metal and Hard Rock history, in my Metal opinion. Lita Ford, along with her former Runaways band mate Joan Jett, (and I can never forget) Pat Benatar, all made me realize those many years ago, that yes, girls can really… ROCK.

* My mentioning in this and other posts is not my endorsing them. The same goes for Itunes. Metal Odyssey receives nothing in return from or Itunes, whenever they are mentioned in any post. I just feel that makes for a fair and realistic measuring “device” to see what these classic albums/CD’s are selling for in the current marketplace.

Above: The original 1983 album cover of Out For Blood. The album cover shown at the top of this post is the re-released version. My cassette of Out For Blood is the re-release version.

* Out For Blood was produced by Neil Merryweather. The executive producer was Artie Ripp.

The Lita Ford Band:

Lita Ford – guitars & lead vocals

Neil Merryweather – bass, harmony and backing vocals

Dusty Watson – drums & backing vocals

Out For Blood Track Listing:

Side One/18:10

Out For Blood

Stay With Me Baby

Just A Feeling

Ready, Willing And Able

Die For Me Only (Black Widow)

Side Two/17:05

Rock ‘N Roll Made Me What I Am Today

If You Can’t Live With It

On The Run

Anyway That You Want Me

I Can’t Stand It



14 Responses to “LITA FORD “Out For Blood” – Revisiting Lita’s 1983 Debut Album”

  1. It is funny, this is one that has been on my list for a while too. They came out with a 2 fer edition that has Out For Blood, and Dancin’ on the Edge, but I would rather have the original disc.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks for the “Metal Heads Up” Rockitt! That “2 fer edition” of “Out For Blood” and “Dancin’ On The Edge” is available at for $14.72… new. I guess the “original” or “lone” CD version of “Out For Blood” is mighty costlier! It does not make sense sometimes… then again, it’s all about supply and demand I always remind myself.

      That “2 fer edition” looks like a great deal, especially if your not into the “collectible” side of this “Out For Blood” CD. Heck, your still getting the complete album on CD… with “Dancin’ On The Edge” with it! Still, landing an “original” copy just ROCKS all the more… especially if you find it somewhere at a low price. 😉

  2. and Girlschool for metal! \m/ great post.

  3. 80smetalman Says:

    Yes, Lita Ford is brilliant! Wan’t she engaged to Tony Iommi for a bit? However, on the subject of hot metal chicks, Lee Aaron was always number one for me.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Lee Aaron was a pretty gal back then… I’m not saying she isn’t good looking now, I just have not seen any “recent” promo photos of her like I have with Lita Ford.

      Lee Aaron has had some “hot” album covers during her career. I’ve made Metal Mark all mad in the past because I’ve picked on Lee Aaron’s album cover “Metal Queen” from 1984. 🙂

      Doro Pesch is MY Metal Queen and/or Heavy Metal Queen! 😉 Metal be thy name, I feel like I’m sitting in a high school study hall back in 1985 due to the “contents” of my comment!

  4. Man, I found a used copy of this CD at a pawnshop for $2 I knew I was fortune it but had no idea how fortune it!!! I am surprised some reissue company like Rock Candy has not reissued this classic slab of classic 80’s metal.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I’ll give you $2.50 for it! You can make a 50 cents profit and I’ll be a Metal Buddy and pay for shipping too! 🙂

      All kidding aside… two words for Manny… YOU LUCKY.

  5. I have the two for edition, but had both of her first two releases on cassette back in the day. Most of her albums after Dancin’ on the edge are pure crap. Out for blood is hit and miss, but mostly decent. Dancin’ on the edge is a much better album.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I won’t disagree with your Metal assessment. I still admire that Lita Ford kept the Heavy Rock ‘N’ Roll in her soul! Man… I really, really, really, hope her next album revisits that “old school” sound she once captured and played so great.

  6. I’m glad you did a right up on Lita (especially on her early career), but you really didn’t discuss the music on this album. ‘Out For Blood’ is a rather unmetal album. It’s a blues rock album. It’s got more in common with Bob Segar than Metallica. Now the title track “Out For Blood” is definitely a killer heavy metal song, but sadly the rest of the album does carry that energy. That first song is worth buying the album for, but I doubt anyone will care about the rest of it. Her follow up ‘Dancin’ On The Edge’ is 100x better.

    p.s. If you watch the music video for “Out For Blood”, notice that the bass player is playing a LITERAL axe!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks for commenting, it’s appreciated… I sometimes get behind on comments, my bad. When I “revisit” an album, often times I will revisit those “feelings” it gave me years ago and revisit “the times” of when it was released. What one person hears in an album will differ from another’s… it’s all good. This Lita Ford album “Rocked” as an album from “that year” for me. Heck, I now consider this album “mainstream U.S.A.” compared to where Heavy Metal has gone over the decades! (But I still like it).

      What was once considered “Heavy Metal” all those years ago, like this Lita Ford album, is now considered “Hard Rock” by today’s standards… IMO. I understand your point… plus this album cover is more “Metal” than the songs!

  7. I’d like to know if anybody knows how many of Lita Fords’ Out For Blood was made with the guitar blood in vinyl. I’ve got one that I bought at a music store in Schweinfurt, Germany in 1990. If anyone has any info about the record, I’d appreciate it very much. The record’s never been taken out of the sleeve and never played.

  8. It’s nice to know that someone else heard of Doro Pesch, besides me. I’ve seen her in twice in Germany and she kicked ass both times. Her and Lita are Goddesses.

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