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Metal Merch: AC/DC Bottle Opener/Keychain

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That’s my AC/DC bottle opener/keychain. I don’t have a clue as to how I obtained it. It’s just one of those mystery items that you come across while clearing out boxes of stuff. I’m happy I found it, I will say.

The box I found this in I had not opened in over (at least) 8 years. I’ve been to a couple of AC/DC concerts many, many years ago; yet I don’t believe I bought any merch at those shows. Who knows, it was so long ago. I was probably lit anyways. Thanks for checking it out and… “have a drink on me!”

Long Live AC/DC.

On This Day In Metal History – October 15 – From Jimi Hendrix To Van Halen

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October 15, 1965 – Rock icon Jimi Hendrix signed a recording contract with Ed Chalpin. The contract was for three years.

October 15, 1984 – An EP of previously released songs, 74 Jailbreak, was released by the invincible AC/DC, via Atlantic Records.

October 15, 1987 – Guitar wizard Joe Satriani released his second studio album, Surfing With The Alien, via Relativity Records. This proved to be Joe Satriani’s breakout album, with the title track receiving world-wide commercial success.

October 15, 1988 – Hall Of Fame band Bon Jovi saw their fourth studio album, New Jersey, reach #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Whoa.

October 15, 1995 – The mighty Van Halen performed at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Los Angeles California. Van Halen were touring in support of their tenth studio album: Balance.

Rest In Peace, Eddie Van Halen.


AC/DC (BRIAN JOHNSON Era) – Metal Odyssey’s Staff Picks Their Top 5 Songs!

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Embed from Getty Images

AC/DC – The Brian Johnson era of AC/DC may have come to a close, only an untold number of Brian Johnson fans will forever celebrate his 36 year tenure, as the iconic vocalist for the band. No one can replace Brian Johnson as the lead singer for AC/DC and Scott Coverdale and myself are surely not alone with this sentiment. Long Live Brian Johnson!

Today, Scott and I have released our Top 5 Brian Johnson Era of AC/DC songs, respectively. Take a look below and agree or disagree. Please feel free to comment and leave your Top 5 Songs from this historical era of AC/DC. We’d be psyched to see what you have to say! Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone

ACDC - The Razors Edge - promo album cover pic - #900MY

Stone’s Top 5 Songs From The Brian Johnson Era:

  1. Hells BellsBack In Black (1980)
  2. Let’s Get It UpFor Those About To Rock We Salute You (1981)
  3. Back In BlackBack In Black (1980)
  4. Guns For Hire Flick Of The Switch (1983)
  5. Money TalksThe Razors Edge (1990)

ACDC - For Those About To Rock We Salute You - promo cover pic - #1981BJAY

Scott Coverdale’s Top 5 Songs From The Brian Johnson Era:

  1. Shoot To ThrillBack In Black (1980)
  2. Guns For HireFlick Of The Switch (1983)
  3. HeatseekerBlow Up Your Video (1988)
  4. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) – ” (1981)
  5. Hells BellsBack In Black (1980)






AC/DC – Any New Singer Now Would Make The Band DC/AC

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ACDC - Classic Band Logo - #10014

Let’s skip over all the he said/she said baloney and get right to the Metal point here. A new lead singer for AC/DC, at this stage of the game, would be nonsense. Give me a fu*%ing break, please. Back when the legendary Bon Scott passed away and Brian Johnson came on board, the band was young, dynamic and had decades ahead of them to take over the world; as they eventually did. Back in 1980, the Hard Rock world was still evolving by the day, where now Hard Rock has stalled with creativity like a 1972 Ford Pinto.

Without the great Brian Johnson on the mic, AC/DC is over, Angus Young, whether you want to admit it or not. Guest vocalist doesn’t cut it here; it would still be a new vocalist whether we all like it or not. There comes a time in life when you realize it’s over and even Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter figured that out. It is what it is and AC/DC pretty much was.

ACDC - Back In Black - promo album cover pic - #1980

Drummer Phil Rudd got himself in hefty legal trouble and is no longer with the band, while Malcolm Young has health issues and is no longer with the band too. To top it all off with a brand new singer, AC/DC would just become DC/AC. Sure, there was Van Halen having Sammy Hagar step in; only any fan knows that band was really Van Hagar. Van Halen III was an anomaly and (good guy) Gary Cherone is certainly not at fault for that. Queen has proven to me that they are just a super all-star band without the iconic Freddie Mercury. Brian May couldn’t leave well enough alone, in my Metal opinion.

I absolutely love Queensrÿche and when super-talented Todd La Torre replaced the enigmatic Geoff Tate I was stunned. Still, that lead singer change made perfect sense (IMO) due to the surrounding circumstances of that time and Queensrÿche is not Led Zeppelin, KISS, The Who or The Rolling Stones either. Queensrÿche have more than paid their dues and are back stronger than ever. Again, it was different circumstances. A new lead singer for AC/DC in 2016 would equate to the New York Yankees moving to Nebraska. It’s just not a good idea at all.

ACDC - For Those About To Rock We Salute You - promo cover pic - #1981BJAY

I could go on and on with comparisons of world-famous bands changing lead singers; only it would not change my mind about AC/DC saying adios to Brian Johnson. I have my incredible memories of seeing AC/DC live and own their entire (U.S.) discography. I grew up with AC/DC and this band’s music has done wonders for me, through thick and thin! I am not about to embrace an AC/DC Part III now, even if the lead singer were to be someone famous and that I respect dearly. In the end, a new/guest singer for AC/DC would make this iconic band into a revival band of themselves. How do you feel about this? Leave a comment or a rant. Get it off your Metal chest. Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone





AC/DC – 7 Cool Facts About This Iconic Band You NEED To Know!

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AC:DC - Rock Or Bust - World Tour - promo flyer - 2015 - #0733MOMNMSS

As reported on the AC/DC Facebook timeline:

AC/DC is ready to rock stadiums this summer. The ‪Rock Or Bust North America Tour rolls into Gillette Stadium – home of the ‪‎New England Patriots – on August 22nd and concludes five weeks later at ‪‎Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California.

ACDC - High Voltage - promo album cover pic - #33331114NBSMS

After the release of ‘High Voltage’ in the summer of 1976, AC/DC headlined London’s legendary Marquee Club seven times between June and August.

ACDC - Back In Black - promo album cover pic - #1980

In England, ‘Back In Black’ sold 10,000 copies a day in its first week of release.

ACDC - Monsters Of Rock - 1981 - promo festival flyer - Whitesnake - #MONCMSSOT

AC/DC have headlined the Monsters Of Rock Festival more than anyone else: four times in 1981, 1984, 1991 and 2010.

ACDC - For Those About To Rock We Salute You - promo cover pic - #1981BJAY

The 1982 tour for ‘For Those About To Rock We Salute You’ was one of AC/DC’s biggest and the first to feature their signature firing cannons on stage.

ACDC - The Razors Edge - promo album cover pic - #900MY

The five-leg, year-long Razors Edge World Tour was one of AC/DC’s most successful, becoming one of the highest-grossing tours of 1991.

ACDC - Live - promo album cover pic - #03031407MNBMSS

In 1992, AC/DC released ‘AC/DC Live’ – their first live album recorded with vocalist Brian Johnson.






On This Day In Metal History – February 19th, 1980 – The Passing Of The Legendary Bon Scott

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ACDC - Highway To Hell - promo album cover pic - #19BSMO

Above is AC/DC Highway To Hell studio album from 1979. From L to R: Malcolm Young, Cliff Williams, Phil Rudd, Angus Young and Bon Scott.


February 19th, 1980 – The legendary Bon Scott passed away, at age 33. To think that Bon Scott died way, way too young is an understatement. Back in 1980, I only knew of one song from AC/DC and that was Highway To Hell, due to my local  (Hartford, Connecticut) FM radio stations (WCCC, WHCN, WPLR) playing it and the late, great Casey Kasem spinning it on his American Top 40 syndicated radio program. This was a time when I was discovering Heavy Rock and not realizing AC/DC had a mother load of incredible albums with Bon Scott. Man, did I learn very fast as to who Bon Scott was; it was immediately following his death, unfortunately.

Bon Scott - Classic Rock Magazine - promo cover - UK - July 2004 - #33BSMO

Above: Classic Rock Magazine – UK / July 2004

I can remember my Mother (God rest her beautiful soul) saying to me, upon my holding the Highway To Hell album at our local Caldor department store: not in my house, no sir, bub. Funny thing is, she bought me both Back In Black and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap on 8-track tapes, upon their releases! What a difference an album cover makes! My Mother probably thought it was an entirely different band on those 8-tracks too. As I’ve stated many times before, my Mother eventually became the most embracing soul for Metal that I could have ever dreamed for.

Bon Scott - ACDC - Classic Rock magazine cover - #2014BSMO

Above: Classic Rock Magazine – Germany / January 2014

The eventual release of AC/DC’s Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, in the USA, only super solidified that the late Bon Scott was a tried and true Hard Rock legend and his legacy was to live on forever. This great album finally hit American shores in September of 1981. As the FM radio stations began to play this album’s title song and Big Balls, it was as if Bon Scott never left us at all! Yes, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap was released earlier in 1976 for AC/DC’s homeland of Australia and (maybe) other countries; yet this album released within fourteen months of Back In Black and I easily became a simultaneous fan of both AC/DC eras.

Hard Force Magazine - Bon Scott - Fr- Jan - 1990 - #33BSMO

Above: Hard Force Magazine – France / January 1990

To this day, I will listen to the Bon Scott era of AC/DC just as much as the Brian Johnson era. In my Metal heart, I do believe Bon Scott to be the better vocalist, out of the two. My favorite Bon Scott sung AC/DC song of all-time is: Touch Too Much. This unreal great song is featured on Highway To Hell. Touch Too Much never received the FM radio airplay it deserved; at least not in Connecticut where I grew up. There are dozens of other songs that psyche me out that Bon Scott sings; not listing them all here doesn’t make a difference at all. My main Metal thought of today is remembering the late and great Bon Scott and thanking him for all his timeless music and unique voice. Bon Scott can never be equalled. Rest in peace, Bon Scott. – Stone



Rest In Peace, Ronald Belford Scott.


AC/DC – To Perform At 57th Grammy Awards; Some METAL Thoughts…

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ACDC - 57th Grammys - promo flyer - #2015FEB8

The super legendary AC/DC are returning to U.S. network television for the first time in over 14 years, to perform at The 57th GRAMMYs, on CBS this February 8th. Whoa! If you’re like me, I will tune in to see AC/DC on The Grammys, for this awards show never has our beloved Hard Rock or Metal heroes perform onstage; very few and far between it has historically been. Crap, it’s about time the mainstream world witnesses a Hard Rock band perform on the world stage other than Foo Fighters. You know?

I wonder how much stage time AC/DC will be given? The Grammys usually gives the three-quarter naked singers and creepy dancers all the time they need to perform like dumb dumbs, every year. It would be (gulp) great if AC/DC were to perform a couple of songs, maybe a new song from their Rock Or Bust album and a timeless classic? Man, how cool would it be to see the great Angus Young drop his britches and moon all of those plastic-faced Grammy elite?

Then again, I’m sure there is a tape delay for this broadcast anyway. Who knows. If the puppet masters of The Grammys downgrade the AC/DC performance to just a medley, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit, cause we are talking about mainstream television, after all. Metal be thy name. – Stone


* For more info on AC/DC:


* For more info on THE GRAMMYS:

Facebook: The GRAMMYs





ANGUS YOUNG Of AC/DC – Is Guitar World Cover Feature For January 2015 Issue

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Guitar World - January - 2015 - Angus Young Issue

As reported by Guitar World:

Guitar World’s January 2015, Malcolm Young was the heart and soul of AC/DC until he was sidelined by devastating illness. Angus Young speaks of his brother and the bands triumphant new album Rock or Bust.

This January 2015 issue is on sale now and can be ordered by clicking the link below:

ACDC - Rock Or Bust - promo album cover pic - 2014 - #12

AC/DC ROCK OR BUST released on December 2nd, 2014, in North America, via Columbia Records.


* For more info on AC/DC:






AC/DC “ROCK OR BUST” – Releasing December 3rd; Title Track Streaming Now!

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ACDC - Rock Or Bust - promo album cover pic - 2014 - #12

AC/DCRock Or Bust, the highly anticipated new studio album from Australia’s legendary band, will be released on December 3rd, 2014, via Columbia Records. It will be the band’s fifteenth internationally released studio album and the seventeenth to be released in Australia. This is the first studio album of new AC/DC magic, since the multi-platinum Black Ice, which was released back in 2008.

AC:DC - publicity band photo - October 16 - 2014 - #1006

Rock Or Bust was recorded in the Spring of 2014, at Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia and has AC/DC once again teaming up with producer Brendan O’Brien and mixer Mike Fraser. Founding member and guitarist Malcolm Young did not play on Rock Or Bust, due to his heartbreaking struggle with dementia. The nephew of brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, Stevie Young, played rhythm guitar on the new album.

Crank UP The Volume For Rock Or Bust!

ROCK OR BUST – Track Listing:

  1. Rock or Bust
  2. Play Ball
  3. Rock The Blues Away
  4. Miss Adventure
  5. Dogs of War
  6. Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
  7. Hard Times
  8. Baptism By Fire
  9. Rock the House
  10. Sweet Candy
  11. Emission Control


Pre-order “Rock Or Bust” digitally and get downloads of “Rock Or Bust” and “Play Ball” instantly:


AC/DC on Rock Or Bust:

Brian Johnson – lead vocals
Angus Young – lead guitar
Stevie Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Cliff Williams – bass guitar, backing vocals
Phil Rudd – drums, percussion


* For more info on AC/DC:

Facebook: AC/DC





AC/DC “Rock or Bust” – Highly Anticipated New Studio Album Releasing On December 2nd, 2014; “Play Ball” Preview Music Video Posted!

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ACDC - Classic Band Logo - #10014

As reported on The Official AC/DC Website:

Rock or Bust, the highly anticipated new studio album from AC/DC, will be released December 2, 2014. Featuring 11 new tracks and recorded in Spring 2014 at Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC, ‘Rock or Bust’ finds AC/DC once again working with producer Brendan O’Brien and mixer Mike Fraser.

“Rock or Bust” is the first AC/DC album in the band’s 41 year history without founding member Malcolm Young on the recordings. Earlier this year AC/DC released a statement explaining that due to illness, Malcolm would be taking a break from the band. Unfortunately, due to the nature of Malcolm’s condition, he will not be returning to the band. AC/DC will undertake a world tour in support of ‘Rock or Bust’ in 2015. Stevie Young, nephew of founding members Angus and Malcolm Young, plays rhythm guitar on ‘Rock or Bust’ and will accompany the band on tour.

Starting September 27, Turner Sports will provide fans a sneak peek of the new track ‘Play Ball’ as part of the 2014 Major League Baseball Postseason campaign.






Brian Johnson, Vocalist Of AC/DC, To Host New TV Series “Cars That Rock” – Airing In The UK, Spring 2014

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AC:DC - large logo - red & black!

As reported on the AC/DC Facebook page:

Coming up next year is a fantastic new series hosted by Brian Johnson. Cars that Rock will air in the UK in Spring 2014 on Quest, Freeview Channel 38. Cars are a life long passion of Brian’s as evidenced by his fantastic book and audio book “Rockers and Rollers”, and this series takes his interest in the coolest cars to the next stage. Stay tuned to for more details.


* For more info on AC/DC:


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



AC/DC ‘Live At River Plate’ – 2-CD & 3-LP Red Vinyl Releases On November 20th

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AC/DC Live At River Plate was recorded in Buenos Aires in December 2009 when nearly 200,000 fans (over 3 sold-out nights) thunderously welcomed AC/DC back after a 13-year absence from Argentina. AC/DC Live At River Plate captures the legendary grandeur, excitement and energy that AC/DC’s live performances are renowned for. This ultimate live recording chronicles one of the largest shows from their massively successful Black Ice World Tour (where they performed to over 5 million fans in 108 cities in over 28 countries).

* Live At River Plate is the first live album for AC/DC in twenty years!


AC/DC Live At River Plate – 2-CD Track listing:

Rock N Roll Train

Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be

Back In Black

Big Jack

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Shot Down In Flames


Black Ice

The Jack

Hells Bells

Shoot To Thrill

War Machine

Dog Eat Dog

You Shook Me All Night Long


Whole Lotta Rosie

Let There Be Rock

Highway To Hell

For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)



AC/DC Live At River Plate will also be available on 3-LP Red Vinyl.

Both CD and Vinyl versions release on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012.

AC/DC Live At River Plate will release via Columbia Records.

For more info on AC/DC, click on the link below!



Wanna See My AC/DC Dodge Ram Toy Truck Collectible? It’s Really Cool…

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AC/DC – That’s it at the top! That’s my AC/DC Dodge Ram Toy Truck Collectible and it’s really cool. I suppose you can consider this an AC/DC collectible that is affordable, versus owning an autographed guitar from Angus Young. As you can see, I’ve kept it sealed and mint-in-package. I really don’t know what it’s worth; I collect this stuff for enjoyment only.

This AC/DC truck collectible is 1:64 scale and is suggested for ages 8+. I guess I’m just about old enough to own it. The sticker on the side of the truck is the album cover for Fly On The Wall; which was released back in 1985 on Atlantic Records. I’ve always dug that AC/DC album and Sink The Pink is my favorite song from it. Danger comes in at a very close second for me; that song chugs along like a welcomed earth tremor. I do have Fly On The Wall on CD and it’s a digipak with fabulous liner notes. Yes, I once owned it on vinyl…

In case you’re unfamiliar with this AC/DC album, here is what the full album cover for Fly On The Wall looks like:

I always and forever will appreciate that psychotic looking fly. Unreal.

Muscle Machines is the trademark on the packaging of this truck (and) is the registered trademark of Funline Merchandise Co., Incorporated. The date printed on the back packaging is 2005. I remember buying this AC/DC goody sometime around 2006. Guess where I bought it? Super Walmart, where else? There were other AC/DC album versions of this truck for sale at the same time as well; with High Voltage (1976) coming to mind.



Angus Young – guitar

Malcolm Young – guitar

Brian Johnson – vocals

Phil Rudd – drums

Cliff Williams – bass


For more info on AC/DC, click on the link below!


The word “goody” was used in this post.


AC/DC – The Wine – Is Now Available In Sweden!

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AC/DC – What do AC/DC fans and wine connoisseurs in Sweden have in common? Answer: AC/DC – The Wine. Yup. It’s only fitting, in my Metal opinion, that this beyond legendary Hard Rockin’ and Heavy Hittin’ band of magnificent Rock ‘N Roll influence should have their own wine named after them. Metal be thy name.

AC/DC – The Wine is now available in Sweden. AC/DC partnered with Australian winery Warburn Estate and originally launched their brand of wine in their native homeland of Australia, back in 2011.

You can order AC/DC – The Wine in Sweden by visiting here:


(Source: The Official AC/DC Site)

For more info on AC/DC, click on the link below:



AC/DC – Stern Pinball Machine: AC/DC Pro You MUST Check Out!

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AC/DC – Whoa. Check out this very, very cool AC/DC pinball machine manufactured and sold by Stern Pinball. The details on this AC/DC pinball machine are unreal! This new AC/DC pinball machine not only looks like it’s gonna be a thrill to play, it also looks like a piece of art! Metal be thy name. Yes, I’m an AC/DC fan… who isn’t? Or so it seems. Maybe if I start saving some money and buy less potato chips, I can maybe get this sensational AC/DC pinball machine… down the Metal road.

Stern Pinball has the company slogan: “The only maker of REAL pinball games on the planet!!”. From looking at this AC/DC pinball machine, they aren’t kidding.

Check out the specs for this amazing pinball machine below:

AC/DC Pro Model Features:

• 1 Ramp Mounted Magnetic Diverter For Cannon Loading

• High Definition Color Cabinet and Decal Artwork

• Motorized Rotating Ball Cannon, Player Controlled

• 3 “Thunderstruck” Standup Targets w/ Super Bright Flash Lamps

• 4 “ROCK” Standup Targets (on right)

• Lit Start/Fire Cannon Button w/ Laser Cut S/S Trim Plate

• Back Panel Jukebox Song Selector w/ Flashing Red Horns

• Posi-Lock Ball Ejector and Electric Top Gate

• 2 Molded Super Speed Ramps

• T.N.T. Explosion Butyrates In Key Locations

• 2 High Powered Slingshots

• 3 Super Bright LED Jet Bumpers

• 1 “Greased Lightning” Spinning Target

• Traditional Country-Specific Coin Door

• 8 Inch Cabinet Speaker with bold, enhanced sound quality

• QR Codes

• Molded “Hells Bell” Toy, Fixed, W/Standup Target

• Fixed T.N.T. Detonator

• Band Member Butyrate Display

• 5 AC/DC Standup Targets (on left)

• 3 T.N.T. Standup Targets (center)

• Black ABS Lower Arch

• “Latch” Lockdown Bar

* Thanks to Metal Buddy Dan, on the heads up for this story.

* For more info/visit Stern Pinball by clicking on the link below:

Stern Pinball




Metal Odyssey Says: Happy Metal Birthday Scott Coverdale!

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HAPPY METAL BIRTHDAY SCOTT COVERDALE! – Metal Odyssey would like to wish contributing writer and Metal Researcher, Scott Coverdale, a Happy Metal Birthday! Yes, Scott turns (?) old today, March 24th, 2011. Let’s just say that Scott is “old enough” to “somehow” remember going to the 1988 Monsters Of Rock Festival in Foxsborough, Massachusetts and NOT “old enough” to remember watching the Beatles make their historical debut on the Ed Sullivan Show.

I would like to thank Scott Coverdale for his contributions, fact finding research and digging through CD’s for Metal Odyssey. Remember, my best Metal Buddy Scott… it’s all done in the name of METAL!

I chose the 1988 album cover of AC/DC – Blow Up Your Video (top of post) due to the Metal memories it provides me. You see, this 1988 AC/DC concert is single handedly, the most obnoxiously funny time I’ve ever had with Scott Coverdale at any we went to together. AC/DC Rocked the hell out of the Hartford Civic Center that night too! 1988 was a very cool Metal year indeed. Heatseeker! Uh… Metal be thy name.




Rock Jamberoni – A Dream Album Of Classic Rock, Southern Rock and Heavy Metal Jams!

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ROCK JAMBERONI – Have you ever wished for that one day, when you were handed the golden keys to a record company by being named it’s Chief Executive Officer? With this newly bestowed title, you are now able to create that one Rock ‘n’ Roll album that forges your name alongside the legends of Rock ‘n’ Roll history? Well, yesterday I received word via email that my Rock ‘n’ Roll wish has been granted. For today only, I have been officially designated as the CEO and producer for Coverdale Records.

Given my new found Rock ‘n’ Roll power, I’ve decided to take up the fun task of compiling an album of legendary songs. These songs feature kick ass Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal jams! These jams aren’t just merely a guitar solo heard at the beginning or during the middle of a song, these are full-throttle instrumental jams that last more than a minute with total band participation. Below is the album track listing of such legendary jam songs… and I’m titling this revved-up album – Rock Jamberoni. The expected release date is March 24, 2011. Enjoy!

Rock Jamberoni – Track Listing:

Green Grass and High Tides – The Outlaws

Fall of the Peacemakers – Molly Hatchet

Highway Song – Blackfoot

Freebird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Working Man – Rush

Whole Lotta Rosie – AC/DC

Wasted White Boys – W.A.S.P.

Hallowed Be Thy Name – Iron Maiden

Fade To Black – Metallica

Beyond the Realms of Death – Judas Priest

Layla – Derek and the Dominos

Diamonds For Eyes – Whitestarr

* Bonus Track:

Hocus Pocus – Focus

Life Is One Gigantic Jam Session!

Scott Coverdale.

Some Rockin’ Albums To Get You Through An Ice Storm Warning!

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Well, it’s coming… back for round II. On Tuesday, February 1st, round I came through Pennsylvania and it was enough to cause plenty of headaches and anxiety attacks. As it is, round I was just a teaser compared to the impending “round II”, which is supposed to be bigger, badder and more potent than ever. What is “it”? I can almost see the concerned look on your face, as you begin to mutter: what was round I and what could round II possibly be? What is Stone unravelling about now? An ice storm. Another F’n ice storm. Metal be thy name, ice storms are not fun. Ice storms for all intents and purposes are dangerous to life, liberty and the pursuit of Metal happiness.

I have my snow shovel, yet what can that actually do when it comes to ice? My nearly 4 foot long ice chopper will come in handy though. Rock salt… yup, I have about 15 pounds of it, only it’s not gonna be enough probably. Will we lose our power due to the ice storm’s brutality to tree limbs and power lines? Maybe. Losing power when the temperature outside is below freezing is not something I welcome with open Metal arms.

What can any one of us do when it comes to a raging ice storm? The damn ice storm warning put out by the National Weather Service says it all! With big jack-o-lantern grins on their faces, my late/great uncles (Uncle George and Willard) always used to say to me when I was a young lad: you can’t control or predict Mother Nature. They were not mistaken. All that the Mid-Atlantic and Southern New England States can do now is wait. Wait. Wait for this ice storm to cometh… and…


Below is a list of five albums that are somehow linked to that very cold three letter word… ICE. Be it the band name, song or album title, the reference to ice is there. WARNING: This list just might serve you right. Each album is recommended by Stone for your listening Rockin’ pleasure during – Ice Storm Round II of 2011.

Foreigner – debut/self titled (1977)

Their Classic Rock gem – Cold As Ice is as fitting as any song to listen to during Ice Storm Round II. If these lyrics to Cold As Ice speak to me correctly, this song has some pissed off attitude happening. That’s perfect! For I am pissed off at this ice storm. By the way, this Foreigner debut album is a Classic Rock masterpiece.

Yngwie Malmsteen – Fire & Ice (1992)

Göran Edman is the lead vocalist on Yngwie Malmsteen’s sixth studio album. I’ve always liked this Fire & Ice album and consider it to be one of those best kept secrets from the early 90’s. Can you keep a secret? I still have… Fire & Ice… in mint condition… on cassette. No, it’s not for sale.

AC/DC – BLACK ICE (2008)

If any band in this great land has the ability to cheer me up, especially during Ice Storm Round II of 2011, it’s gonna be AC/DC. This album’s title and it’s title track have those two words no driver wants to hear during these winter months – Black Ice.

Frozen Ghost – The Essentials (2005)

If you dig Night Ranger, Nelson and Survivor, then you just might dig Frozen Ghost. Their melodic and well crafted songs were tailor made for Rock accessibility. This Canadian AOR band released three studio albums from 1987 to 1992. Here’s a Rockin’ fun fact: Frozen Ghost spelled their band name as Frōzen Ghōst on their first and third album covers, (their second album from 1988, Nice Place To Visit, had the spelling Frozen Ghost). Frozen Ghost broke up in 1993 and their mainstream Rock still resonates relevancy to my ears.


Since their 1990 debut and self-titled album, Iced Earth has been an American Heavy Metal Band that has never buckled down to music trends or watered down their music for any mainstream acceptance… thanks to the legendary Jon Schaffer (founding member/guitarist/songwriter). Matthew Barlow is the lead vocalist on this live gem from Iced Earth.

Alive In Athens bestows some solid production, capturing Iced Earth’s Heavy Metal energy as they play their classics to a fired up mass of fans in Athens, Greece. I can’t ever find myself keeping this CD out of arms reach. Plus, what other band has a name so fitting for an ice storm? On Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011, when I wake up from my Metal slumber… a visible Iced Earth will be awaiting me outside, courtesy of Mother Nature. My great uncles are smiling down on me now.

By now, many of you are asking: hey Stone, what about that album cover at the top of this post? Is that a cool album to listen to during Ice Storm Round II of 2011? My answer is very simple. Yes, The Crucible Of Man: Something Wicked Part 2 is a Metal recommendation for any ice storm. It receives Stone’s Metal stamp of approval the whole year long too.





My favorite AC/DC song of all time is…

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main-150AC/DC – they are not just Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, this band is an elite institution of heavy music. I always pondered throughout the years… which song from the extensive catalog of AC/DC albums, is my favorite of all time? Is my favorite song from the Bon Scott era? Man, the late Bon Scott was unique, his vocals were and always will be legendary. The Brian Johnson era is power packed with amazing songs, could I take the easy route and pull my favorite tune off of the “Back In Black” album? That would be way too easy for me, it seems like choosing “Hells Bells”, “Back In Black” or “Have A Drink On Me” as my favorite AC/DC song, would be particularly predictable. I will not argue the fact it is a historical album, “Back In Black” surely paved the way for Heavy Metal commercial acceptance. Besides, I personally am forever grateful for AC/DC appointing Brian Johnson to succeed the late Bon Scott. “Back In Black” will forever be on my all time favorite album list.

Well, after all these years, probably since around 1979, (in which I was first aware that AC/DC existed and heard the classic “Highway To Hell” single on FM radio), my personal choice, for favorite AC/DC song ever is… “Touch Too Much” – from the “Highway To Hell” album, (released in 1979). Whew, do I get the AC/DC fever when I hear this song. I do not care how many times I have listened to this classic, this song rocks. Even after so many years have passed by, I still feel that certain rush go straight through my face each time “Touch Too Much” is cranked up. Yeah, you know, that psyched out feeling that engulfs your whole body, like you just drank a 2 liter bottle of happy sauce. This song does it for me – thank you very much. This song hits me from the opening note… I do not believe there is one nano second that is not cool on this song. Sure, the single “Highway To Hell” received all of the attention from this sacred AC/DC album, yet in my Metal opinion, “Touch Too Much” is a song that embodied a core heaviness that signified of continuous great things to come from this band. 

I am certainly not alone in saying that I revere both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras of AC/DC. Choosing a single favorite song from this band, is like choosing which day of the week is my favorite… I am just happy to be alive and be in the position to enjoy each day of the week, for Metal sakes. Going back to “Touch Too Much”, as the old saying goes… the more things change, the more they stay the same… really listen closely the next time you hear this song, then imagine if it were to be released for the first time in 2009. “Touch Too Much” is a song that blows away at least half of the newly released Hard Rock or Heavy Metal songs that do get commercial FM or satellite radio play. Angus Young on guitar, Malcolm Young on rhythm guitar, Cliff Williams on bass guitar and Phil Rudd on drums and of course, Bon Scott on vocals, made this song happen and groove in a way that has affected me for life. This is my Metal opinion – long live AC/DC and this enormous song.

DC "Highway To Hell" large pic

What is “dated” music anyway?

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metalodyssey1I cannot apply myself to the acceptance of dated music as having any existence. If, there does exist dated Heavy Metal, Rock, etc., then, what would Classical music be considered as? Classical music would have to be called dark ages-super dated. Please note, that I do not consider Classical music to be dated whatsoever. The building blocks of all popular music we listen to today are from Classical music! What makes me shake my head in wonderment is, the professionally paid critics and experts that are out there consistently using the terminology of dated sound – dated music in their respective reviews. It has become so common place, such the norm recently, that I actually state in my unpaid – unprofessional Metal reviews that a particular album or band does not sound dated!

I would never consider the thought to ever, not in a million Metal years, say to the likes of legendary bands such as AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and Motorhead –  that they sound dated. AC/DC and The Rolling Stones really have not changed their style for decades and they will still fill arenas and stadiums, playing all of their classic tunes from decades ago. Not to get off the Metal highway, however, I do have the upmost respect for legendary, contemporary recording stars like Tom Jones, Smokey Robinson and  Tony Bennett. These three gentleman, to this day, draw an audience that knows NO boundaries when it comes to age, race and gender. Are there pro-paid experts and critics out there who would dare say these three timeless vocalists are dated? 

I embrace the old adage – what once was old is new again. I am no fashion guru, yet when I stroll around the mall and see what is being worn by people of all ages, there are times when you do feel like it is 1974, 1985 or 1991 all over again. Why should that be so bad? If anything else, music can and has been trendy, that is a more realistic observation. Are denim jeans dated? What about new televised game shows? Are rubber tires on an automobile dated too, just due to the fact that rubber tires have been around for decades? Are The Boston Red Sox dated because they play their home games in the historic Fenway Park? Not too shabby a team this past decade for being dated. Is planet Earth dated? Heck, this big blue globe we live on has been around for quite some time and it just keeps on doing the same stuff, like spinning around in the solar system constantly.

To sum up my main point, the next time you read a paid expert’s review declaring how the new and veteran Metal bands sound dated, that Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal have been recycled enough, just snicker and pity these writers out there who have yet to find a clue. Gee, I am worried now, am I dated? 

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