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KISS KOLLECTIBLES – Wanna See My KISS Mini Lunch Box Christmas Ornament? It’s Really Cool…

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KISS - Mini-Lunch Box - ornament - frontside!

KISS KOLLECTIBLES – That’s it at the top! That’s my really cool KISS mini lunch box Christmas ornament! I was fortunate enough to have received this KISS Kollectible as a Christmas gift from my family, along with the KISS PEZ gift tin. I’m going to keep the paper tag attached to this whiz-bang KISS Kollectible; the klassic KISS logo on that paper tag makes it too difficult to take off and throw away!

Here’s what the other side of this KISS mini lunch box looks like:

KISS - Mini-Lunch Box - Ornament - backside!


To read about and see my KISS PEZ gift tin, click on the link below!

KISS KOLLECTIBLES – Wanna See My KISS PEZ Collectible Gift Tin? It’s Really Cool…

For more info on KISS, click on the links below!

facebook: KISS

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



KISS Kollectibles – Wanna See My PETER CRISS Johnny Lightning Die-Cast Race Car? It’s Really Cool…

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KISS KOLLECTIBLES – That’s it at the top! That’s my KISS Peter Criss (Johnny Lightning) die-cast race car I bought many years ago. Each member of the Klassic KISS lineup was featured on a die-cast in this Johnny Lightning series. This series was featured as “Racing Dreams” and referred to by Johnny Lightning as “the greatest race cars that never were!”

Stone Notes: Yes, as any loyal visitor to Metal Odyssey knows, I keep most of my KISS Kollectibles sealed in their original packaging… unless they’re CD’s, magazines, comic books or books. Uh, you get the Metal point.

A (Johnny Lightning) KISS trading card was also a part of this package (see above photo). My Peter Criss car came with an Ace Frehley trading card; it is #20 of a 50 card set. Along with being card #20, “Ace… ready for a good time!” is the card designation within the set. I do own 1 die-cast of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley from this Johnny Lightning series as well.

I don’t own the complete trading card set from this line; maybe someday I’ll track the set down (for a reasonable price) and buy it. The year of issue for this really cool die-cast was 1997 (the date is found on the back of the packaging). Remembering which retail store I bought this KISS Peter Criss die-cast is fuzzy; Walmart or Kmart would be my best guesses for I’ve bought many die-cast cars at both locations, over the decades. Metal be thy name.

Depicted on the hood of this die-cast car is the Peter Criss solo album portrait:

KISS Peter Criss – Casablanca (1978)


Here is what the back of the packaging looks like:


For more info on KISS, click on the link below!




Wanna See My IRON MAIDEN Mouse Pad and The Final Frontier Mission Edition CD? They’re Really Cool…

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IRON MAIDEN – That’s it at the top! I acquired this cool Iron Maiden mouse pad from purchasing an issue of Metal Hammer (magazine) back in the Summer of 2010. This mouse pad came with a huge Iron Maiden poster too; all inside the plastic wrapper with the magazine. Metal Hammer has done many far-out giveaways with selling their issues over the years and this one is fun stuff.

I don’t use this mouse pad for it would get ruined over time. Instead, I’ve treated this as an Iron Maiden collectible, standing this mouse pad upright against a couple stacks of CD’s on a shelf.

The Final Frontier album release had a strong marketing campaign to bolster its popularity and sales. Metal Hammer obviously had a tremendous Metal hand in bringing massive attention to Iron Maiden’s 15th studio album. I received The Final Frontier on vinyl as a gift, a short while after its release. I’ll most likely take a picture of that album (it’s a gatefold too) and post about in the future.

I did buy The Final Frontier – Mission Edition on CD the week of its release. This “Mission Edition” is basically the CD and liner notes that are stored inside a light-weight metal container, with a circular see-through plastic front that looks like a spacecraft’s window. Another Iron Maiden collectible, if you will. If you haven’t seen one yet, here it is:

The Final Frontier – Mission Edition (Front)

The Final Frontier – Mission Edition (Back)

I bought this Mission Edition of The Final Frontier on one of my trips to Connecticut, at a very cool record store called Music Outlet. Located in Enfield, Connecticut, Music Outlet sells plenty of Metal related CD’s, vinyl, DVD’s, posters, tickets for local concerts and other cool stuff. Best Metal Buddy, Scott Coverdale, introduced me to Music Outlet. I look forward to visiting Music Outlet again someday. Metal be thy name.



Wanna See My AC/DC Dodge Ram Toy Truck Collectible? It’s Really Cool…

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AC/DC – That’s it at the top! That’s my AC/DC Dodge Ram Toy Truck Collectible and it’s really cool. I suppose you can consider this an AC/DC collectible that is affordable, versus owning an autographed guitar from Angus Young. As you can see, I’ve kept it sealed and mint-in-package. I really don’t know what it’s worth; I collect this stuff for enjoyment only.

This AC/DC truck collectible is 1:64 scale and is suggested for ages 8+. I guess I’m just about old enough to own it. The sticker on the side of the truck is the album cover for Fly On The Wall; which was released back in 1985 on Atlantic Records. I’ve always dug that AC/DC album and Sink The Pink is my favorite song from it. Danger comes in at a very close second for me; that song chugs along like a welcomed earth tremor. I do have Fly On The Wall on CD and it’s a digipak with fabulous liner notes. Yes, I once owned it on vinyl…

In case you’re unfamiliar with this AC/DC album, here is what the full album cover for Fly On The Wall looks like:

I always and forever will appreciate that psychotic looking fly. Unreal.

Muscle Machines is the trademark on the packaging of this truck (and) is the registered trademark of Funline Merchandise Co., Incorporated. The date printed on the back packaging is 2005. I remember buying this AC/DC goody sometime around 2006. Guess where I bought it? Super Walmart, where else? There were other AC/DC album versions of this truck for sale at the same time as well; with High Voltage (1976) coming to mind.



Angus Young – guitar

Malcolm Young – guitar

Brian Johnson – vocals

Phil Rudd – drums

Cliff Williams – bass


For more info on AC/DC, click on the link below!


The word “goody” was used in this post.


Wanna See My Vintage Metal Blade Records Button? It’s Really Cool…

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METAL BLADE RECORDS – That’s my vintage Metal Blade Records button right above! You can’t beat that vintage logo, with the blood dripping! Whoa. I’m honestly amazed that this button is still in my possession after all these years! Back around 1983/84 is when I obtained this button too. Here’s the Metal story:

I vividly remember ordering (via mail-order) from Metal Blade Records the debut full-length, Show No Mercy, from the legendary Slayer. I also ordered the debut full-length, Be My Slave from Bitch. This Metal Blade Records button came inside the package with the two albums. Strange as it sounds, both of these vintage vinyls are no longer in my Metal collection; yet this button is! Don’t worry… I do have Slayer’s Show No Mercy on both cassette and CD still. Hell, yes I do! I never replaced that Bitch album though.

This is what the Metal Blade Records logo looks like in 2012.

I kinda chuckle now, at how stuff was ordered back in the “old days” and I shudder at the thought. Back in those early 80’s there was no internet. There was no QVC. It was “snail mail” or bust, baby! I remember requesting a Metal Blade Records flyer via “snail mail” and weeks later it arrived. That’s how it was done. Patience was a virtue for us pre-internet Metalheads and/or Rockaholics. Hell, yes it was!

I guess I’ll continue to keep this cool button and sell it down the Metal road for a ton of money. Just kidding about the ton of money part. Wait a Metal minute. No I’m not. Metal be thy name.

Metal Blade Records was founded by Brian Slagel, back in 1982.


Slayer – Show No Mercy (1983)

BITCH – Be My Slave (1983)


For more info on METAL BLADE RECORDS, click on that link below!






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Back in April of 1989, W.A.S.P. released The Headless Children, this proved to be THE album that really made me a lifetime fan of Blackie Lawless and his band. My best Metal buddy Scott, he is to blame for getting me into this album to begin with, I thank him for that. Sometime in 1989, (I can’t remember the exact month for Metal sakes), I bought the 12″ vinyl single of The Real Me from a back stabbing and obnoxious record dealer in very expensive Connecticut. The price back in ’89 for this W.A.S.P. record was $9.98. I could not resist the purchase, it was the only copy in that decrepit record store, it’s W.A.S.P. and the collectible side of my Metal brain always wins out in the end… especially when an item doesn’t cost a ton of dough. As a bonus, this 12″ single is enclosed inside a very, very, large W.A.S.P. poster, (see pics below). Back in ’89, I was still living at home, (with my parents), so my living space was a very small bedroom with walls already adorned with Metal posters… posters I just could not take down due to my loyalty and allegiance to so many bands. I am now glad I never hung this poster years ago, it’s basically in mint condition still.

The Real Me is a cover song from The Who, written by Pete Townshend… undisputed Rock legends. This song is found on The Headless Children album:

Here is what The Real Me 12″ single – record poster/jacket looks like when folded up flat:

The B – Side (or) Side Two Songs On The Real Me Single Are:

Lake Of Fools and War Cry

Lake Of Fools and War Cry are later found on the 1998 reissued CD version of The Headless Children.

The Real Me 12″ single was put out on Capitol Records. 1989 Sanctuary Productions Inc. is also printed on the back of this poster/cover.

Made In England is found on this same back poster/cover, (it appears to be rubber stamped). So, needless to say… this 12″ single of The Real Me is an import.

Please excuse the quality of my images below. Besides, being perfect is NOT Metal.

Here is the front side of this W.A.S.P. – The Real Me poster/record jacket:

The caricatures of Blackie Lawless, (guitar, vocals), Johnny Rod, (bass), Chris Holmes, (lead guitar) and Frankie Banali, (drums) are fun stuff. It’s Old School Heavy Metal. I probably won’t attempt to hang this poster up today… it’s just too vintage to ruin now. (Unless I find a poster frame large enough to hold it). Besides my picture disc of The Headless Children, this is the only other cool W.A.S.P. record I have, that is considered a limited vinyl collectible. I know I say this often, still, I’m just thankful for the stuff I did get ahold of and kept after all these years. Maybe I’ll find another W.A.S.P. vinyl collectible down the road, on one of my Metal hunts.

Here is the backside of this W.A.S.P. – The Real Me poster/record jacket:

The photo’s of W.A.S.P. on this poster are really cool and nostalgic to me. 1989 was a moment in Heavy Metal time that will never be forgotten by Metal Odyssey… I’m sure I speak for throngs of Metalheads worldwide.


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I am always keeping a keen Metal eye out for Heavy Metal collectibles. Picture discs of my favorite bands are an irresistible item for me, with their usual low print run and display appeal. Picture discs are vinyl records, they come as either 7″ or 12″ and have graphics and/or images actually printed on the vinyl itself. Sometimes, picture discs can be found that are die-cut as well, making for an even more unique Heavy Metal collectible. Recently, I have been unearthing some of my Heavy Metal picture discs from years/decades passed, while picking up some new picture disc finds as well. I try not to spend a ton of money on these picture discs either, getting a great Metal deal is my long standing goal. One particular picture disc I purchased this past year is a Maria Brink/ In This Moment – Prayers 7″ and it is hand numbered 292/600. That is a very limited print run… just 600 of these picture discs exist! Um, I would lean towards this picture disc being considered rare. This picture disc was originally released in 2007. I bought this fine Maria Brink/In This Moment picture disc at Century Media Records online or CM Distro… for a whopping five dollars. Five dollars!

The two songs on this picture disc are taken from the In This Moment debut album – Beautiful Tragedy. The two songs are: prayers and daddy’s fallen angel.

This is the Maria Brink/In This Moment – Prayers 7″ Picture Disc I Bought Earlier In 2009:

Maria Brink is the lead vocalist for In This Moment, a Metalcore Band that released their U.S. debut album Beautiful Tragedy on March 20, 2007. Maria Brink delivered some of the heaviest vocals I have ever heard from a female lead Metal vocalist, her Death Metal growls caught my attention very quickly on this terrific album. Don’t be fooled however… Maria Brink can sing lights out, make no Metal mistake about it. This album I highly recommend, especially for fans of Metalcore and Metal female vocalists. Honestly, Beautiful Tragedy should pacify any yearning Extreme Metal fan.

The second album from In This Moment, features much more diverse and matured vocals from Maria Brink. A tremendously more commercial path In This Moment took, with The Dream. Released in the U.S. on September 30, 2008, The Dream not only took me by surprise with it’s 180 degree Metal Music turnaround, it is also one of my favorite albums from that year. The Dream in my Metal opinion, is a top ten Heavy Metal album from 2008. Maria Brink delivers harmonious and melodic vocals on The Dream. Her soothing and ultra emotional vocals on The Promise: Into The Light are beyond memorable for me.

You can read a more detailed album review I wrote on The Dream, by clicking here: IN THIS MOMENT – THE DREAM

Maria Brink has an amazing voice and is an extremely talented lyricist, in my Metal opinion. In 2009, In This Moment re-issued an expanded edition of The Dream, with several new bonus tracks. The one new song, (bonus track), that caught my Metal attention the most is the cover song Call Me from the legendary/Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee… Blondie. You can read more details I wrote about this song by clicking the heading below:

IN THIS MOMENT – Covers “Call Me” with Heavy Metal respect

A cool CD single I picked up from In This Moment is titled Prayers. I bought it due to my needing anything and everything that Maria Brink’s vocals are on. Plus, I am a collector of this band, so getting ahold of this CD single for only two bucks is a Metal deal of the century. Yes, this CD single was on the clearance rack at Century Media Records online… CM Distro.

Two other In This Moment CD singles are out there that I do not own, yet I will eventually. They are:

Beautiful Tragedy – released in 2007

Forever – released in 2008

I can’t say enough about the musicianship of the entire In This Moment band… both past and present members. After just two studio albums, this is a Metal Band that can only get even better… and I will be as eager as ever to listen. Maria Brink has already elevated herself to the very top of today’s female Metal vocalists, that is my Metal opinion and I am not bashful to admit it.

If anyone out there knows of any other Maria Brink and/or In This Moment picture discs, imports or CD singles that exist, feel free to comment… it would be appreciated with the highest Metal gratitude.

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