Wanna See My Vintage Metal Blade Records Button? It’s Really Cool…

METAL BLADE RECORDS – That’s my vintage Metal Blade Records button right above! You can’t beat that vintage logo, with the blood dripping! Whoa. I’m honestly amazed that this button is still in my possession after all these years! Back around 1983/84 is when I obtained this button too. Here’s the Metal story:

I vividly remember ordering (via mail-order) from Metal Blade Records the debut full-length, Show No Mercy, from the legendary Slayer. I also ordered the debut full-length, Be My Slave from Bitch. This Metal Blade Records button came inside the package with the two albums. Strange as it sounds, both of these vintage vinyls are no longer in my Metal collection; yet this button is! Don’t worry… I do have Slayer’s Show No Mercy on both cassette and CD still. Hell, yes I do! I never replaced that Bitch album though.

This is what the Metal Blade Records logo looks like in 2012.

I kinda chuckle now, at how stuff was ordered back in the “old days” and I shudder at the thought. Back in those early 80’s there was no internet. There was no QVC. It was “snail mail” or bust, baby! I remember requesting a Metal Blade Records flyer via “snail mail” and weeks later it arrived. That’s how it was done. Patience was a virtue for us pre-internet Metalheads and/or Rockaholics. Hell, yes it was!

I guess I’ll continue to keep this cool button and sell it down the Metal road for a ton of money. Just kidding about the ton of money part. Wait a Metal minute. No I’m not. Metal be thy name.

Metal Blade Records was founded by Brian Slagel, back in 1982.


Slayer – Show No Mercy (1983)

BITCH – Be My Slave (1983)


For more info on METAL BLADE RECORDS, click on that link below!





7 Responses to “Wanna See My Vintage Metal Blade Records Button? It’s Really Cool…”

  1. Too fucking metal! Metal Blade records remains of the only smaller record companies out there still flying the metal flag AND having success. Now with Roadrunner being absorbed I don’t think there are many others. That is one pretty cool pin and I’ve never seen that older logo on it. On the side note, I think their most recent logo is a pirate skull with swords: http://www.metalsucks.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/metal_blade_records_logo_09.jpg

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Yup… Metal Blade Records uses the skull & pirates swords to this very day too. I plumb forgot it! Whoa.

      Thanks RattRocker for bringing it to the Metal table \m/\m/

  2. Wow!!! that is awesome!!! 🙂

  3. Harry Overcoat Says:

    Nice! You are correct, we always tossed some buttons and stickers in with the orders. If you got that in the early days I probably sent it to ya.

    Smart to hang on to that.

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