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Eddie Van Halen – Forever

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Guitar World – February 2009

I express my condolences to the family, friends and fans of Eddie Van Halen. What else can be written about Eddie Van Halen which has not already been written or said? He was beyond incredible playing the guitar, writing songs and pioneering entirely new and wondrous sounds to Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal combined.

The Van Halen albums are like baseball and apple pie, to me. American made, West Coast Hard Rock. Historically speaking, Van Halen dominated Hard Rock during those very late seventies and stretching well into the early nineties. A music icon, is Eddie Van Halen. I, like countless others, have accepted the sounds of Eddie Van Halen’s guitar like it is an appendage. Eddie Van Halen’s guitar playing always sounds so familiar, comforting, inspiring, exhilarating, personal and monumental, all rolled up together like a sacred security blanket.

Rest and Rock in peace, Eddie Van Halen. Thank you for sharing your musical magic with the world; to be enjoyed by generations forever.

I still cannot wrap my head around this year thus far; it has been a nightmare directly from hell. – Stone

Eddie Van Halen – Is Cover Feature For Guitar World June 2015 Issue

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Eddie Van Halen - Guitar World - promo cover pic - June 15 - 2015 issue - #6684EVHMO

From Guitar World:

Guitar World’s June 2015 issue features Eddie Van Halen. In this exclusive interview, Eddie chronicles the making of Tokyo Dome Live in Concert, Van Halen’s first official live recording with David Lee Roth. Also, EVH resurrects Ed’s mysterious Star guitar as part of its Stripe Series.

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Van Halen – Diver Down: Revisiting A Good Times, Summer Vibe Album

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VAN HALEN – I can recall the day I bought Van Halen’s Diver Down. It was during my Summer vacation in 1982, my sophomore year of high school was over. I was just getting my Hard Rockin’ taste buds delighted by the Van Halen catalog of albums during this time period. I remember borrowing the first four albums from friends all the time, therefore, Diver Down was my first Van Halen album that I owned.

The album cover didn’t resonate that Van Halen mystique, still I didn’t really care. The diver down flag album cover… it is what it is. The back cover to this album is more like it though, with a panoramic picture of Van Halen live and onstage. Plus, there are four live concert photos of each band member shown as well. Like I used to do with so many album covers (and still do), I held it and stared at the back cover and inside record sleeve in pure awe at the band I was listening to.

My favorite song on Diver Down is the cover of The Kinks classic: Where Have All The Good Time Gone. I swear I played this song on it’s own hundreds of times over… it is what it is and Metal be thy name. What’s amazing is that I have never grown tired of this song either, wether it’s The Kinks original or this Van Halen cover. Simply amazing.

(Van Halen – Diver Down: back cover)

The record sleeve had a very cool group photo of Van Halen, just a vintage shot, in my Metal opinion. I laugh now at the memory of my liking the striped shirt that Alex Van Halen was wearing in this group photo. I liked that striped shirt so much, that I went searching for it at every department store or any store that sold teen clothing. I never found it.

This fifth album from Van Halen may never be considered their best work, yet that doesn’t matter much to me. Diver Down was a good times Hard Rockin’ album for me back in 1982 and it still holds that same vibe for me in 2011. Metal be thy name.

* A long time ago, in a Metal world far, far, away, I once wrote a concise review on Diver Down. Click here to read it: VAN HALEN – DIVER DOWN
You might just like it.



Eddie Van Halen – Happy Metal Birthday From Metal Odyssey!

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EDDIE VAN HALEN – Back on January 26, 1955, one of the greatest guitar players that has ever roamed the Rock and Heavy Music landscape was born. This icon of Rock is also a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer as well. Incredibly documented and noted for his superior guitar wizardry, that in turn has made him become a most influential musician spanning Rock ‘N’ Roll generations is – Eddie Van Halen. Happy Metal Birthday Eddie! The legendary founding member and lead guitarist for Van Halen turns a young 56 today! Whoa… YEAH!

(VAN HALEN I – 1978/Warner Bros. Records)

Van Halen I and Van Halen II are both albums that made my eyeballs widen and my jaw drop to the ground when I was just a young lad. All I can remember was thinking to myself… what is this? This music, this Heavy sound, THAT guitar! I would confidently venture to guess, that I’m not alone in that Rock ‘N’ Roll memory. This was 1978 and 1979 when these first two Van Halen albums were released respectively. Van Halen’s wide-open Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal sound and vibe created some excitement, that was and still is damn amazing to my ears to this very day!


Guess what? Guess who else shares their birthday with Eddie Van Halen on this 26th day of January? Need some hints? He’s a Metalhead lifer. The dude writing this. Stone. That’s me! YEAH! Happy Metal Birthday to me! I turn a very young 18 today! Um, alright… maybe I’m not 18 after all. Just add “27” to “18” and you win the Metal prize… which is the answer to my real age! The older I get, the more Rock ‘N’ Roll I need… and Metal is my all natural elixir.

(VAN HALEN II – 1979/Warner Bros. Records)





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