Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten HARD ROCK Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012!

Jeff Scott Soto (Courtesy of Frontiers Records)

I’ve decided to extend another kind Metal deed upon my Rockin’ brethren this week. This time around, it’s Ten Hard Rock albums you NEED for the Summer of 2012! Whoa! Please notice the large link below each album chosen for this list; these links will take you directly to my review for that respective album. Enjoy and… Metal be thy name.


TRIXTER has underscored the meaning of comeback. New Audio Machine is a thrill a second! If you’ve never listened to even one TRIXTER album from their brief past, this is THE album of theirs to start with. New Audio Machine is Hard Rock that is once again colorful, melodic, loud and (oops) fun!

TRIXTER “New Audio Machine” – 100% ROCKS! TRIXTER IS BACK!


It’s a year of Hard Rock comebacks and Van Halen is a BIG participant! How can any red-blooded Rockaholic deny their ears A Different Kind Of Truth? It just can’t happen! No matter how you slice or dice it, a David Lee Roth fronted Van Halen album = instant classic. At least I think so!

VAN HALEN ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’ – The Truth Is… This Album ROCKS!


Joe Lynn Turner could release an album of Barbara Streisand cover songs and I would still listen with glee. With that said, Joe’s Sunstorm project returns and the Melodic Hard Rock ride on Emotional Fire is worth taking… again and again. Yes, my name is Stone and I’m a Joe Lynn Turneraholic.

SUNSTORM – ‘Emotional Fire’ – The Legendary Joe Lynn Turner and A Melodically Rockin’, Solid Album of Songs


Australia’s My Dynamite are all about meat and potatoes Rock ‘N Roll. Nothing fancy, no smoke and mirrors, just Hard Rock played the old-fashioned way! There’s some striking influence of The Black Crowes and 0% influence of Air Supply with My Dynamite. This is a band I NEED to see live in a club, before doomsday.

MY DYNAMITE – 5 Reasons To Buy This Solid Rockin’ Debut / ST Album Showcasing These Australian Rockers


I’ve come to the realization that Jeff Scott Soto is a good vocalist. Scratch that. Jeff Scott Soto is a world premiere vocalist! The bonus with Damage Control is that the band behind Jeff ROCKS like their lives depend on it. Melodic Hard Rock that’s superbly memorable  = Damage Control.

JEFF SCOTT SOTO “Damage Control” – 5 Reasons To Buy This Sterling Album


They’re from Barcelona, Spain and they sound like Bon Scott era AC/DC. Sound cool to you? Well, ’77 and their sophomore album, High Decibels, has become a contagious listen for me! This band has reinvented the raw and hard Rock ‘N Roll wheel and I’m sticking to that.

’77 ‘High Decibels’ – Hard Rock That’s Old School & Damn Cool!


Look! Right behind you! It’s another successful Hard Rock comeback story of 2012! Which one are we talking about now Stone? Why none other than… TYKETTO. Dig In Deep is an album that surprised the Hard Rockin’ hell out of me and I’m ringing that TYKETTO Melodic Hard Rock bell!

TYKETTO – Triumphs With Comeback Album “DIG IN DEEP”


Yes, the legendary Sweet has recorded an album of cover songs. Yes, these Rock historical songs have been covered by Sweet with: ROCK AUTHORITY! Whoa.

SWEET “New York Connection” – Cover Song Album Transcends and Celebrates The Classics Of Rock


I feel the new Jorn album can be placed on a Hard Rock or Metal list of albums. I’ve decided to place Bring Heavy Rock To The Land on this list. Jorn won’t mind. If you buy this fabulous album and play it respectfully LOUD through its entirety, you’ll realize just how much Jorn Lande means to our Heavy Rock community.

JORN “Bring Heavy Rock To The Land” – Some Metal Thoughts On This Heavy Rock Keeper


Dario Mollo and Tony Martin are a formidable Heavy Rockin’ duo! At least that’s what I believe. This is old school Heavy Music that’s spray painted with heavy-duty relevancy. This album belongs. Period. When two talents  the likes of Dario Mollo and Tony Martin join forces, the resulting album is nothing short of a mandatory buy and keep.

MOLLO / MARTIN ‘The Third Cage’ – 5 Factors Spotlighting This Notable Album Of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal


Thank you for stopping by and checking out this list of Hard Rock albums you NEED for this Summer of 2012! Wether you NEED all ten Hard Rock albums above or just one, I hope my album reviews served to assist your Hard Rockin’ needs. Rock Steady and… give a hoot, don’t pollute!

Metal Be Thy Name.



The word “hoot” was used in this post.


10 Responses to “Metal Odyssey Presents: Ten HARD ROCK Albums You NEED For This Summer Of 2012!”

  1. atothewr Says:

    I honestly didn’t know Trixter was still around. I didn’t think what they put out in the eighties was strong enough to carry them through to this day and time.

    Do you know if the original lineup is there? So many bands from way back when try to carry on without the group that got them there. Not a big Trixter fan, but curious minds want to know.

    Nice post and nice to see Van Halen kick it up again.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Thanks for asking! This is an all original lineup of TRIXTER \m/\m/

      Trust me, this is the best TRIXTER album!

  2. Is your list sponsored by Frontiers records? I am with you on JSS and Sunstorm. Maybe Van Halen too, even though half of it is re-recorded demo tracks from the 70’s. The Jorn album is good, but the same old thing for him. The Tyketto album is surprisingly good. The Trixter album is unsurprisingly bad. 77 was good, but how many AC/DC copycat bands have we heard? Have not heard the others.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Yeah, I thought the same thing when I finished this list, with 6 Frontiers Records being on it. I pulled the actual albums that I reviewed and liked and it turned up that way.

      Frontiers Records does have an impressive client list and It’s impossible for me to ignore; with so many of their bands being tied to the 80’s & early 90’s.

      I didn’t think I would like the Trixter album so much, before I listened to it. Thanks for expressing your thoughts.

  3. Got the new Tyketto album and I must say it is good! Also I realise I need my metal radar seriously tuned. I never knew the line up of Tyketto so I didn’t know that Danny Vaughn was the lead singer. One of my favourite albums of this century (2000+) is Vaughn’s album “Soldiers and Sailors on Riverside.” An ultimate melodic rock/metal album.

  4. I have the VH album and Third Cage – both excellent releases in my opinion – the guy that infers Frontiers sponsorship is missing the point, namely, that as a label they are really cornering the market in great rock. What it says is, the other labels are doing a terrible disservice to the genre. I’ll be buying the Trixter, Tyketto and JSS albums too, judging by what I’ve heard.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Well spoken Kev. When it comes to Metal, Century Media, Candlelight and Metal Blade are fantastic labels at pushing Metal of “all” extremes. Hard Rock is not remotely close to being as abundant, on any other label like you’ve pointed out.

      You’ll surely dig those albums Kev!

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