TRIXTER “New Audio Machine” – 100% ROCKS! TRIXTER IS BACK!

TRIXTER – After reuniting back in 2007, the original lineup of TRIXTER have performed at Rocklahoma (2008) and the 2010 M3 Rock Festival, (to name a couple), therefore they have stayed relevant and in the scene in recent years. The last studio album from New Jersey’s TRIXTER was Hear!, released back in 1992 on MCA Records. It’s been a long time for patient fans of TRIXTER to finally sink their Hard Rockin’ ears into a new studio album from this band… the  wait is over!

New Audio Machine will be released on April 20th (Europe) and April 24th (North America) on Frontiers Records. For longtime fans of TRIXTER, this new album has been well worth the wait! This is the second time this week I will state: Sound the Hard Rock bells of glory, tell your children this story and open the flood gates to AOR & Melodic Hard Rock euphoria! With both the new TYKETTO and TRIXTER albums crossing my path this week, I feel like I’ve hit the Melodic Hard Rock lottery.

(One of) my favorite tracks on New Audio Machine is Physical Attraction. The Arena Rock vibes overflow from this entire album, only Physical Attraction just turns up the psyche-out meter to a combustion level for me. With songs like Get On It and Ride, I fully realize that TRIXTER has tapped into their gold selling past and made certain to make a song that resonates both relevancy and old school Hard Rockin’ glory.

I’m very impressed by each and every song on New Audio Machine. Forget about any “instantly memorable song” here. This entire album is instantly memorable. This new album from TRIXTER should be marketed as a Hard Rock & Good Times Companion. Lead vocalist Peter Loran sounds reborn. The entire band plays like a Hard Rock mission statement that reads: “We shall ROCK your faces off and you shall beg for more!”

Yes, I am begging for more. The all-inclusive Melodic Hard Rock vibes and power that is generated from this album comes across very real to me. Big guitar riffs, leads and solos ablaze throughout this album. Psche-you-out chorus abounds from every turn. A booming rhythm section. An all-encompassing blanket of super-charged Hard Rock bliss is thrown upon me from New Audio Machine.

If you’re a TRIXTER fan, get ready to celebrate or keep that celebration going for this superb comeback album. For other fans of Melodic Hard Rock, Classic Rock and AOR… don’t make the foolish mistake of passing over New Audio Machine. As TRIXTER puts it best: “Rock ‘N Roll will save your soul.” My mission is done here now. The rest is up to you… just remember… TRIXTER IS BACK!!

Metal be thy name.



Peter  Loran– lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Steve Brown– lead guitar, harmonica, backing vocals

P. J. Farley– bass guitar, backing vocals

Mark “Gus” Scott– drums, percussion, backing vocals

New Audio Machine – Track Listing:

Drag Me Down

Get On It

Dirty Love


Live For The Day


Physical Attraction

Tattoos & Misery

The Coolest Thing

Save Your Soul

Walk With A Stranger


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4 Responses to “TRIXTER “New Audio Machine” – 100% ROCKS! TRIXTER IS BACK!”

  1. Tell you what Stone, FRONTIERS records deserve a big hard rockin’ hand for keeping the rock flag flying almost single-handedly giving a string of great artists a voice once again!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Agreed Kev! Frontiers Records has caught Hard Rock lightning in a bottle, more times than I can count the last few years!

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