HAVOK – Point Of No Return – 4 Song/2 Video EP Blazes With A Thrash Metal Assailment

HAVOK – Releasing on May 22nd, 2012, on Candlelight Records, is the Point Of No Return EP from the Thrash Metal pack from Colorado, world known as HAVOK. This EP includes four songs and two music videos from Time Is Up, the band’s critically acclaimed Candlelight Records release from 2011. Two songs are brand new, along with two cover songs: (Sepultura) Arise and (Slayer) Postmortem/Raining Blood.

These young guns of Thrash Metal are one of the reasons why I feel confident about our beloved genre’s future. HAVOK plays their brand of Thrash Metal with abundant old school bite, while still sounding hellishly relevant. HAVOK admirably captures an aggressive sound with solid (not over-polished) production. These Thrashers come across with a commanding Metal presence, their astuteness with their instruments, coupled with the vocals of David Sanchez, allows their songs to sound so incredibly strong.

If you were blown away by the last full-length from HAVOK, you shall find this EP to be quite the Thrashing companion to that album. The intensity level that HAVOK plays at, on all four songs I’ve been consuming from this EP, is seriously riveting to my Metal senses. The title track alone is a Thrash Metal gemstone. Both Point Of No Return and From The Cradle To The Grave are guaranteed to ignite the adrenaline levels of any Thrash Metal connoisseur out there. I swear by that statement.

Just the thought of covering songs from superior Metal legends such as Slayer and (Classic) Sepultura makes me shudder. Timeless Thrash songs are just that. However, HAVOK rips and tears into Sepultura’s Arise and Slayer’s Post Mortem/Raining Blood. I admire the Thrash Metal allegiance that HAVOK has bestowed upon these classics and David Sanchez sings them with an air of reverence, in my Metal opinion.

A scorching listen and an absolute must buy is Point Of No Return from HAVOK. With the two videos as a bonus, this EP is yet another mandatory Metal recommendation that I am passing onto my fellow Metal brethren. Metal be thy name.


David Sanchez – lead vocals/guitars

Jesse De Los Santos – bass/vocals

Pete Webber – drums

Reece Scruggs – lead guitar/vocals


Point Of No Return – Track Listing:

Point Of No Return

From The Cradle To The Grave


Postmortem/Raining Blood

Covering Fire (Video)

D.O.A. (Video)


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